The Chosen Few

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  1. @Nico
    This is an RP that I've tried before on other sites, with zero success. It would either never get off the ground, or no one would even apply. So, I'm giving it another shot on this site with the help of Nico, who is co-writing this RP with me. We are open to any and all constructive criticism on ideas for setting, characters, plot, or mechanics.

    The general plot idea is as follows:

    In another world, there exists a pantheon of gods that rule over a vast and lush realm, teeming with life under every rock and hidden in every forest grove. This realm is also home to a number of sentient races, which each live in harmony with one another, more or less, as they dwell in their respective parts of the world.

    However, something goes wrong, (i.e., world falling out of balance, or some predetermined universal event) and the gods prepare for the impending chaos by selecting champions to represent them in the physical world. Each of these "Chosen Few" are granted divine powers by their patron god, blessings to strengthen them and assist in their quest to find and retrieve special relics that are key to reversing the chaos on the horizon.


    What do you think? A major part of this roleplay is the fact that the pantheon of the gods and the mythology behind them is entirely created by you, the RPers. Should you choose to join, you would control both your Chosen character as well as the god that you contributed to the lore. The gods will take on a more NPC-ish approach, giving advice and, occasionally, additional boons to help the heroes, but they will do little in terms of actively solving the problem. This is due to special 'divine verdicts' that the gods are bound by, but we'll get to that in the RP if you decide to join.

    I've already got a few ideas for races and wildlife creatures, as well as the god that I plan to contribute. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I am open to any constructive criticism.
  2. Oooh, I'd be interested.
  3. I'm quite interested, as long as I can serve the God of Justice.
  4. To clarify, what're the settings and time period? What sort of technology does this RP allow, are there guns, muskets and the like?


    Depending on the answers, I may or may not be interested.
  5. First of all, I can't help but notice you're wearing an oversized pair of boxers over your head. Joking, joking!

    I've been needing a fantasy RP fix for a while now. Pleasure to be aboard, cap'n!
  6. I'd also like to know the time period, to help me nail down the champion I have in mind.

    Also I have an awesome idea for a goddess of war and motherhood...
  7. I too may be interested depending on setting details.
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