The Chosen Few Series

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  1. I am planning on creating a book series and I am asking anyone to contribute. The basics of the book is this. The world is called Seria. Civilization is spread apart throughout the world therefore it takes quite a while for cities to contact each other.

    A thousand years ago the world was scarred by a bloody and brutal way between humans and demons escaping from the dungeons of hell. Humanity fought hard but they were no match. However a now unknown number of warriors who mastered their inner power rose from the ashes and aided humanity in pushing the demons back to Hell.

    Now one thousand and five years later a new empire of demons has escaped hell and is terrorizing the unprepared humans. However the decedents of the old heros still live on. One hero who still lives on will have to teach these inexperienced few how to battle these demons.

    I already have three character name and two of them I have the personality for so if you wish to add characters or take up one I have prepared feel free. All who assist in the creation of this series will be given credit.

    The three characters are:
    Rikko Varacos: He is pretty much an attempted playboy throughout most of the story.
    Rikka Varacos (Rikko's female twin)
    Vahn Dtros: He is the friend of both Rikko and Rikku and who I will be controlling. He is the former hero from 1000 years ago. He is a vampire yet in this world vampires are not hated. There are infact parts of stores for the vampires to buy bags of blood.

    And ahead of time, thank you for all the hard work we will all pitch in to.
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  2. I would like to join.
  3. Great. Would you like to make a new character or use one of the two available?
  4. Hmmm... I would like to make my own character and play as the female twin.
  5. Sounds good. You may have Rikka and whoever your character will be.
  6. Would there be a place for a tribeswoman from a desert clan who are mostly cut off from others, possibly living very near an ancient battlefield which they have their own legends about? And since the demons are returning and their legends tell of mysterious heroes who saved them last time, she travels in search of them?
  7. Indeed there is a place for her.
  8. Have you made an OOC yet?
  9. I'm going to have to ask what that is. Iv heard many definitions of OOC.
  10. An out-of-character thread, for character signups and plot discussion.
  11. This thread will serve as both of those. I have the main one set up in miscellaneous.
  12. Where's the character creation template?