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Hello all and welcome to The Chopblock, Iwaku's Writers Workshop. For those of you who don't know how this works, you submit a piece of whatever you have written, then must sit down and remain silent as we of the forums pick it apart for all it's gracious errors on what we like and dislike about it. The goal is to improve your writing and critiquing skills. So lets lay down some rules.

1: The Author may not respond to any comments made by the critics until the end of the critiquing. PMs are also discouraged...This is to simulate as close to as a real workshop shall be. You are encouraged to take notes on what we say.

2: Everybody is a volunteer here, I'm not paying them to tear you an alphabetical new one. I expect good and bad to come from this...If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

3: Try to be moderate about the things you point out...We don't want people running off in tears unless it really warrants it. We all have our pet peeves with writing but don't chase this poor person who has been forced into silence out the door and into a fire.

4: Remember that the goal of these workshops is not to completely tear a new one in someone's writing style but instead pointing out their flaws and downfalls so they may improve them. If you don't have anything constructive to say then don't say it.

Those are the main guidelines...I shall wait for some critics first before we have the first volunteer post up some work for us to discuss. I hope this turns out well.
Is this alive?
Don't know TK, Sol has been gone for awhile so at the moment no I suppose but we could start something up ;)
This does look very interesting!