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  1. (Why does every site except this one force you to write in comic sans? If you see the creator of this horrible font that is infecting us.....please tell him/her to jump into a pit! In all seriousness that was a joke.)

    (This RP takes place in the very distant past)
    (Plot start) The gods were displeased with there most prized creation, the humans. Sten, the god of fire has created an entirely new species of sentient creatures to add into the mix of war. The newly created race was a subspecies of dragon that is very intelligent but violent. Draconians, that was the name of the dragon race that began to build an empire out of human ruins. The human race was turned into a army of servants in a matter of years by the Draconians. The "Slaves" are assigned the tasks that are marked as either too small or dangerous for the Draconians. Recently some Humans have formed a group dedicated to freeing the entire Human race by force and killing all Draconians. The group formed by the Humans is named "The cult of secrecy" due to the fact that if it was not a secret the humans that formed it would be burned alive. (Plot end)

    In this RP there will be three Draconians who went out of their way to do something that affected the Human race and three Humans that did something to affect the entire Draconian race. The actions that these six have performed can be good or bad.

    Draconian #1Position #1: @Vyork Ashfin
    Draconian #2Position #2: @El Presidente
    Draconian #3Position #3: @RafaDark

    Human #1
    Position #4: @Gladis
    Human #2Position #5: @CrystalTears

    Human #3


    Human #5

    Position #6: @Sen

    Position #7:

    Position #8
    (Just for so those who don't understand what a Draconian is: They are just humanoid dragons.)

    Right now i am still deciding where to place everyone, like will they start out as slaves and join the cult? And what will the Draconians be?

    Must post once every two days at least.
    No Marry sues!
    No complaining if your character dies...just make a new one and we will work them in.
    No god modding (Do not attempt to control other players without their permission!)
    Swearing and extreme violence is allowed.

    Character sheet:
    Action that affected the opposite race: (If human can substitute for something else!)
    Magical abilities:
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  2. (May I reserve a human?)
  3. (Sure!)
  4. I Already Love this!
    ooh cs incoming!!!

  5. Name: Karkand Solas
    Age: 40
    Personality: Strategic, Outgoing, and Assertive. Karkand's a really good general, and he was always pointed at the goal, no matter what measures are taken to achieve it.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: bisexual
    - Not cautious or wary
    - not good at perception
    - not a fast mover
    Race: Draconian
    + Good at military strategy
    + Good blunt fighter
    + Good at intimidation
    =He may have killed humans, but he doesn't HATE them, a man can change no? Possibly help the cult?
    = He's a draconian General, be prepared.
    = His past life reveals no weaknesses, and no friends, perhaps one can be made?

    Action that affected the opposite race: He started total warfare against the humans, and burned down anything of use..except the humans, instead, he showed the only case of emotion ever affecting him in battle: He spared their lives and let them run away in hopes of escape from slavery, he even commanded his troops to give them supplies to them so that they could fare a better chance, neither side knows why he did this, just that he did. However, this changed nothing as he and his brutal tactics were one of the main reasons for this cult against the draconians to be started

    Magical abilities: None, sadly, besides fire-breath of course

    Education?: Military school, Highly intelligent, if there was a school system in place, he would have a Masters degree in all things military and technology.

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  6. Accepted! Welcome to the RP.
  7. Gokudera.Hayato.full.600995.jpg

    Goes by the name 'Ace'


    Ace is the kind of person who's not afraid of voicing his opinions, no matter how it may affect the people around him. Due to this, he can often come off as rude. He is extremely headstrong, even to the point of stubbornness, and is the kind of guy who not easily gives up. Nevertheless he is at heart a person who would never abandon anyone in need of help. Unless if it's possibly a draconian. He's displayed hatred for the other race on numerous occasions, which most likely has to do with his past. He's afraid to getting attacked to anyone, and generally keeps people at an arms length.



    - Rude
    - Trust Issues
    - Vengeful
    - Is afraid of deep water/does not know how to swim
    - Barely knows how to read/write


    - Agility
    - Unarmed Combat
    - Gunslinger
    - Throwing Knives
    - Cooking
    - Climbing
    - Hiding
    - Cleaning

    Nothing, really

    Action that affected the opposite race:
    He has not yet done anything to largely affect the Draconian race.

    Magical abilities:

    None. He was never allowed to be educated, as he was needed in the household. He is currently trying to teach himself how to read and write, considering that these are very important and useful skills.

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  8. Can i join as a Draconian?
  9. Hello there, I would be quite interested to join as a human, but I would have to know more about their situation (like Gladis stated as well).
    For example, would they be able to receive some sort of education if their master permits it, what would a human be able to do to bring about major changes and could they possible have magical abilities or is that a no-go?
    Sorry for all the questions by the way, I just like to know what I'm getting myself into ^_^'
  10. (Can I reserve a human? Pretty please? Q~Q)
  11. Yes and yes!
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  12. Awesome! I'll work on my CS tomorrow!
  13. A human is permitted to get an education if there master permits it and would be able to use magic, just let me edit the sheet again...
  14. I made changes to the CS sheet so please revisit... sorry!
  15. Name: RafaDark
    Age: 16, but looks older
    Personality: Something between a nerd and a bully.
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: straight
    Flaws?: slow at making contact with others, he don't care too much about the others feelings (just the people he don't know), he just need more time to learn than others.
    Race: Draconian
    Skills: Weapon Master, Shape Shifting and CopyCat
    Other: He hates the slave/master thing about humans and draconians. He just want an end to this all and go home. He loves his human form, is the one he more uses. When on human form he can change his eyes colors to red to show to the draconians he is one of them.
    Action that affected the opposite race: As a infantry soldier he killed many humans and some draconians by his commander demands. That human killing turned to make some draconians hate him, because his job was to kill some of the master draconians slaves.
    Magical abilities: None
    Education?: Normal education
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  16. Thanks for answering my questions Vyork!
    However, I'm afraid that I won't be able to join seeing how Life decided to throw some things in my face that I'm currently not quite able of handling. It's an interesting concept though, so I wish you lot all fun and good! ^_^
  17. -_- oh you...

    I added in those things
  18. Accepted!
  19. Re accepted? Is that even a real thing...anyway accepted!
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