The Children Experiments

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  1. So heres my idea for a rp. If you have any questions please ask :)
    The story will start when the next generation of C.E's finally turn 18. Its their last year before they are either thrown out of the facility to die on earth eventually or are ranked higher, live in the Dyson, or continue serving the EOS eliminating crime on Earth.

    If I get enough people to participate, I will start to come up with the different powers they could have. If you have any ideas for powers I would be interested in hearing them and include what I find interesting onto the list.


    - orbits the Sun (Just like Earth)
    - 65% of the worlds population have moved here
    - humans only moved there because of wars
    - runs on solar power
    - split into 8 different continents
    - started construction in 2050, finished in 2100


    - humans that have no criminal records that stay and live on Earth now live inside of walls (10% of humans)
    - the walls radius is 300 km and is 50 km in height
    - the rest of the humans are forced to live off the land (mostly criminals and the poor - 25%)
    - humans either could not afford or had criminal records and couldn't move to the Dyson
    - crime rules the Earth
    - looks as if an apocalypse happened/run down
    - only few parts of the earth are kept safe (inside the walls)
    - the year is now 2130

    EOS (Earths Only Saviours)

    - A secret facility deep underground where the city Washington used to be
    - Its main purpose is to eliminate war and crime remaining on earth using any means necessary
    - trains children to be soldiers because they believe the success rate is better
    - lets go unsuccessful children into the now corrupted earth
    - only holds room for 110 C.E and 100 government members/soldiers/scientists
    - Founded in 2110

    C.E (Child Experiment)

    - child experiments with specific powers given to them by scientists
    - are ranked by numbers 1-10 are from strongest to least
    - 11 to 99 are ranked in random
    - 100 to 110 are the C.E that were so successful they were allowed to live beyond 18
    - they call themselves by their rank
    - un-wanted children of people living on the Dyson
    - treated like prisoners
    - have small microchips placed in their forearm
    - use their powers to do as they are told.. eliminate crime
    - raised to obey their orders
    - powers are given to them by taking pills before every mission
    - the effects usually wear off 24 hours after they take the pill
    - do their mission without failure or are sent out of the facility
    - once done their mission, they return back to their room in the cellar
    - trained from when they walk until they turn 13
    - are sent out on missions at 13 until 18
    - they have no name.. the only thing they have are their mission
    - the oldest C.E is 20
    - C.E from 1 to 99 are only allowed to have one power
    - C.E 100 to 110 can have two
    - C.E 100 to 110 inject their powers once the are ranked
    - C.E 100 to 110 can live on the Dyson or continue serving the EOS
    - there are currently only 5 C.E's in the 100's rank
    - only 2 C.E's graduated the first year and 3 last year that continued serving the EOS
  2. This is very interesting. I'll join
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  3. Is it ok if I join?
  4. yes you may :)
    I will put the CS up in the sign-up section somewhere this story fits...Misc rp? or Sci-fi?
    I'll figure it out and when I do I'll let you know. I'll most likely get it up tomorrow though and when I get more people to join.
  5. Ok, that is fine with me. I would say scifi
  6. yeah I think your right.
  7. This could be interesting.
  8. Very interesting. I might join
  9. I'm interested as well.
  10. Ok good. I'll have the OOC up in the sci-fi signups at the latest tomorrow.
    But I'll make sure to post the link here.
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