The Child From The Sky


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You had gotten lost on your trip to the capital of kingdom , well more like got left behind on the road. Left with little more than a horse drawn cart and some supplies you set off in the direction you were heading on the road in hopes of reaching the next town.

It wasn't long before you came across another caravan traveling I the same direction, after a few days of traveling with them you turned off onto the road the lead to the city, stopping for the night you made camp, just before nightfall the wind suddenly picked up and you heard what sounded like a child screaming. The strange thing was that the scream came from the sky. How could that be? Human doesn't have wings, seconds later a loud crashing sound from the tree line followed by an ear piercing scream.

Leaving the safety of the fire you walked into the forest to find a small child female around 11 or 12 years old holding something on her back tightly and grimacing in pain while doing so. Looking above her there was a clear hole in the canopy where something had come through from above. But how was that possible? Nothing about this situation made any sense but.

When the child realized you were there she jumped back and started to make hissing sounds as if she was an animal protecting itself. As you got closer trying to calm them they opened their wings before rapidly closing them again. Whatever she was she was hurt and needed help. Was it worth it though? You were alone and didn't know what she was or if there were more like her close by.