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  1. "I have been an omnipotent ruler for as long as I remember. I believe its time to pick a new court. But lets make it fun."

    The year is 5689lot. The world has separated into its different cultures and new technologized societies, broken up into four major kingdoms. This was all done with the help of Esperance, the queen. She has led the world with only one knight by her side, interchangeable of course, she is immortal.

    Now that everything is peaceful and orderly, the world is smoldering with left over rage for the damage she caused to each individual society.

    Now that everything is peaceful and orderly, Esperance is ready to retire and wants to play one last game before she does.

    This game will be to seek out the next court of leaders for the kingdoms before she gets herself killed.

    No one can rule it all.


    There are four Kingdoms. They aren't completely leaderless. They're each being run by a corrupt government of beings from the VOID. Esperance bound them to this world so they could help the humans. But they are slowly poisoning them, turning them into greedy bastards and malicious heathens. Esperance must make up for the damage she subtly and unwittingly caused all the while avoiding angry humans.

    She has realized that she must find a ruler, a single human ruler for each Kingdom and defeat the VOID governments before the human race is lost to them forever.


    The governments of the VOID are made up of a court of nine VOID denizens called trolls.

    The Dolorosa
    Porrim Maryam
    Kanaya Maryam
    The Handmaid
    Damara Medigo
    Aradia Medigo
    The Psiionic
    Mituna Captor
    Sollux Captor

    Orphaner Dualscar
    Cronus Ampora
    Eridan Ampora
    Neophyte Redglare
    Latula Pyrope
    Terezi Pyrope
    Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
    Aranea Serket
    Vriska Serket

    The Grand Highblood
    Kuloz Makara
    Gamzee Makara
    Kankri Vantas
    Karkat Vantas
    Her Imperial Condescension/ The Condesce
    Meenah Peixes
    Feferi Peixes

    The Disciple
    Meulin Leijon
    Nepeta Leijon
    Executioner Darkleer
    Horuss Zahhak
    Equius Zahhak
    The Summoner
    Rufioh Nitram
    Tavros Nitram

    (disclaimer---The trolls belong to Andrew Hussie, creator of Homestuck. I'm using them soley for Rp purposes.)​
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