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  1. Rules
    ~Swear as much as ya like. Seriously I don't care.~

    ~Everything up til sexxy sexxy stuff is totally okay with me. Hugs, kisses, hand holding and even a teeny bit of the butt-touches. No front touches or groping or else I crawl through cyber-space and beat you up.~

    ~Stay nice in IRL. If you're being a jackass in the Rp so be it, that's your character. But outside of the Rp is not tay so don't even think about it.~

    ~One liners mean death.~

    ~Gore and graphic violence is A-Okay in the book of 'Shut the fuck up I don't care what you do'.~

    ~If you god-mod, bunny, mary/gary sue I will sell your soul to Hussie. So don't do that shit.~


    ~There are nine spots to be filled~

    Esperance's Current Knight @Levont

    The Ruler of Chessington

    The Knight of Chessington

    The Ruler of Checkeronian

    The Knight Of Checkeronian

    The Ruler of Mancolia @Fujoshi*Girl

    The Knight of Mancolia

    The Ruler of Shoji Na Empire @HollowEastWord

    The Knight of Shoji Na Empire

    (Let's try to keep the amount of boys and girls equal. Also, you're not rulers yet just the future ones ;) So no complaining about ruler-y duties cause you aren't one yet. Hullo normal citizens, at least for now.)



    Age (If you are playing Esperance's Knight, you don't have to be an old man, btw.)


    Appearance (any thing is okay. Also include a small description of things the maybe aren't included in the pic)

    Species(Wow! You mean I don't have to be human?!)

    Personality(Be sure to include flaws)


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  2. Can I have The Ruler and Knight of Shoji Na Empire!
  3. If you want to play both of them, then yah! They're two separate characters you know that right? Should I specify that? @HollowEastWord
  4. No I want only the ruler then if that's okay.
  5. That's totally fine :)
  6. Name:
    Keira; Ruler of Shoji Na Empire



    Appearance: [​IMG]


    Keira is not your usual dainty ruler with a dress and crown,no, Keira is very outgoing, can be a bit rough. She is an amazing fighter and hates having things done for her all the time. She loves her family that is her mother and older brother and would to anything for them. Keira even tho the girl you least expect to be a ruler, she is an amazing leader, strategist and guides everyone well.

    Keira was abandoned as a child, only a baby left to die. Her mother could not care for her and left her bundled up at the gates of Shoji Na Empire.
    She was found by a young wolf, the son of a middles class family. She was taken in and became part of the family. Keira knew that they weren't her blood parents, them being wolves and her a snow leopard, but she loved them no less. Keira grew up and everyone, especially her adoptive father loved her.

    Keira would spend most of her time hanging with her small gang of friends, she the only girl between them. They would always run into all sorts of trouble as most teenagers did only they were the trouble most of the time. Keira spent all her time running wild and living on the edge and she still does.

    The year before Keira turned 17, her father was killed, this sent her life into a whirlpool of darkness, all she could think about was running away all the time. She tried to get away from all the pain by getting a new identity but that never worked. Keira still tries to run away from all her bad memories, but they keep on catching up to her..

    Some of Keira's favourite things to do is Dancing || Fencing || Writing || Drawing ||
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  7. Just tell me if I should ad anything :)
  8. Glad you like it then!....we need people and fast.
  9. hmm. I might be interested in this rp. Especially with the 'no species limit'. I'll try and get a bio up as soon as homework lets me. (aka at the latest, thursday).

    Edit 1: I reserve Esperance's Current Knight
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  10. I think this will be a really cool rp. though I don't know exactly how it will go. Can I play as the Ruler of Mancolia?
  11. Yah! I'll reserve both spots for you guys!
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  12. [​IMG]

    "Buh I purfur Essie doh."

    As old as the planet.
    "Pssht what?! I'm liek ony tweny four!"



    Essie has short fluffy blonde hair and magenta eyes. She's short, at least 5'3, and has ivory skin.

    Spirit Of Solidarity and Isolation.
    "I look human so imma say tats what I is."

    Essie is a childish woman who adores games. And wizards. And science. She acts more like a hyped up five year old than an eons old Queen. But she isn't all sunshine and lollipops. Essie has her demons as well. Years in isolation have left her depressed and loathsome of her existence. She is also constantly fighting voices in her mind, telling her to destroy everything and claim the world for her own.

    Essie doesn't really have a place of origin. She awoke one day and found herself suspended in the time-space continuum surrounded by clusters of stars and pitch black nothingness. She lived like this for eons, floating all alone. It left her scarred with loneliness and self-loathing. But when the human race appeared, she almost completely forgot about that. She presented herself to them as an all powerful being and worked with the generations to build the Four Kingdoms.

    Essie is an alcoholic. She is almost always drunk. Drinking. She does sober up but it leaves her irritable and hard to deal with. Also when she uses her powers, her appearance changes completely and her energy sky rockets to that of a five year old jacked on candy. When she stops using them, she goes through withdrawals, because her powers suck most of the sugar content from her. Her second level of power is more dangerous and hassles her stability. She can transport to different places using the shadows of a VOID. Dangers lurk within the VOID and she cannot spend long there but she can recreate things from the past using the VOID.

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  13. Welp, I put this off long enough.

    Name: Eile Mizer

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Species: Hybrid Tanuki Succubus

    Personality: Eile is not a normal knight. She declares herself a ninja and as such, her playful side allows her to play harmless pranks that brings a smile to those who are feeling down. Of course, many people also enjoy her company due to her cheerful outlook that makes her beloved by the children of the area. When she's on duty, she still have her cheerful outlook, but her playful side is switched to a confident aura that allows her to complete any missions she has to do.

    Background: An orphan by circumstance, Eile Mizer was left to the care of the orphanage of Esperance since birth. Quickly learning how to survive in the harsh world was a tough task for Eile. But she managed to pull through up to the age of 12.

    One of the knights of Esperance walked in on one of her self training and watched in awe as they witness her capability as a fighter of an unorthodox style that utilized an oversize shuriken and what looked like sword with a hole that utilized her overabundance of mana as a projectile (The medieval version of a gun that looks the same in the picture above). The knight soon inquired about her fighting style and soon enough, Eile found herself within the Knighthood.

    Six years later, Eile finds herself as the top ace of Esperance's overall knights with a reputation as one of the most easiest person to approach as well as one of the few people that can fly within the kingdom.

    Other: She loves Anthros and sushi.
  14. I am so soooo sorry it took me so long to put this up. School and work are basically all that I do now a days.

    Name: Elena Alasia (Dragon named: Ho)

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female (Dragon: male)


    Species: Dragon Girl (She can turn into the dragon in the picture.)

    Personality: Elena was brought up to be a lady, and she is. She is polite and a person well respected by her court and subjects. She is sometimes seen as emotionless because when she looses control of her emotions she starts to take on different aspects of Ho. When she is happy, her ears will change. When she is sad, her eyes will glow blue, and she will cry dragon sized tears. When she gets angry, her skin becomes scaly and her claws come out. She is loyal, and brave. Her subjects love her.

    When she is in her dragon form, she has a completely different mind set. She displays her emotions openly and will act almost cocky. She will not back down from a fight, even if the odds are against her. She will use anything possible to win, even if it is trickery.

    Background: Raised by her parents Elena was a well educated and loved child. She always was able to have what she wanted, but she did not get a spoiled attitude. Her parents had tried to arrange a marriage for her, but her dragon side convinced them otherwise. (They were scared into doing it.) Elena became a ruler at age twenty, and she is still trying to learn her way around governing.

    She can talk to her dragon side as well. Ho and she have many conversations in her head, whenever they want. Ho was her first friend. When in battle, Ho will give her views from a different person. He is like her second in command.

    Other: Her dragon has control over Water and Ice. As such Elena hates dry warm places, and tried hard to avoid them.
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  15. I love all your characters, I do but I don't think you guys quite understood what I meant by them not being rulers yet. Could you check out the overview again, because there aren't any kings and queens. The Four Kingdoms are run by a court of nine beings. Just click the signup link at the top of this thread and it will take you to the overview.
  16. I'm sorry, I got a little confused because when I think ruler I think queen and king. I'll change that.
  17. Thanks, I guess I use ruler pretty loosely.
  18. Is the character still alright to use for the story, with the changes I made?