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  1. Parties weren't usually Marty's scene, but they were Jonathan's. She sighed as he held her hand, pulling her into the pulsing home. He was already drunk, and she had one drink. Marty hated to loose control, and this was the worst way to do so. Once they were safely inside, she slid away from Jonathan and excused herself. It didn't really matter, because he was already in search for Mike. "I'll be in the kitchen."

    Marty wasn't one to say whether she liked Mike or not. He always seemed so, mellow, compared to Jonathan. Plus, he was dating a thorny girl, who was probably as rude as she was herself. But, at least Mike was nice. And his father was the head of journalism. Just who Marty wanted to talk to. If she could get some extra opportunities, here and there, it would increase her chances of getting into a prestigious university greatly.

    She pushed her way into the kitchen and quickly poured herself a glass of water to try and clear her mind, giving daggers to anybody who touched her. As she thought about Mike and his father, she had some ideas pop into her head. If there was one way to get her way into his dad's good books, it was to get into Mike's good books. Now, all she had to do, was to figure out how to do so...


    "Hey Steve! Tucker, hey man how's it goin?" Jonathan was already socializing as he and Marty made their way into the house. He was planning on getting, completely shitfaced, and he was halfway there. Even though Marty was being boring, Jonathan did get a couple drinks down them both. "I'm gonna go find Mike, I texted him before.." Jonathan mumbled as he slid away from Marty.

    Mike was Jonathan's best friend. As in, best buddy. Even though Jonathan mocked him notoriously for everything and managed to drag Mike into all of his trouble, he really valued him. Which was an odd thing for Johnny to do. Hell, he even showed Mike those tattoo's on his hips. Mike had mocked him for being a complete gay with them.

    Still, it was only playful. It was a shame he couldn't convince him out of dating Ivy, who was just as poisonous as the plant. She thought she could out-do Jonathan on 'bad personality award of the year.' At least, she was close. But she was no Jonathan Levi. "Mike! Hey you tool!" He had to sort of shout over the music to get his friend's attention, but once he did, Jonathan bear hugged him. His loud personality was increased more with every drink.


  2. It had been a while since they've went to a party. Mike and Ivy together that is. Ivy was always at a party. While Mike usually had some college projects to complete. As soon as Mike stepped in the house, people started greeting him. He may not be as sociable as his best friend, but he was as known as him, being his partner in crime and all. His hand was clutching Ivy's and just when he was about to speak to her, he heard Johnny's voice. Of course, it was even louder than the music.

    He chuckled as Jonathan threw himself on Mike, making him let go of Ivy's hand as he patted his buddy's back "Good to see you man. It's been a long three hours without you." He was indeed being a little sarcastic, but in a good way. He knew Jonathan was drunk already, the smell of alcohol coming out of him. But it wasn't so surprising, it was actually normal.

    "Where's Marty Johnny?" He asked his friend once he pulled out of the bear hug. He clutched his shoulders and looked at him "Where is she Jonathan? You know better than to leave your girl alone in a party like this." He almost scolded but stopped, realizing the guy will probably not even understand now.

    Mike may not be a big fan of Marty. He may feel like she is only using Jonathan, for the popularity maybe? He didn't know, but he did not feel okay about their relationship. But neverless, she was his buddy's girl, and when his buddy's shitfaced, he had to take care of her. At that, he turned to his girlfriend, who already had shrunk down two shots but stood as tall and awake as him. She wasn't a light one, it usually takes several drinks to get her drunk "Keep an eye on him please? I need to find Marty." He didn't wait for her response, knowing it would not be a pleasant one since the two of them did not get along. Instead, he let go of Jonathan who stumbled toward Ivy while he sneaked off into the house, looking around for a certain Blond girl.

    Ivy was not one to miss a party. Yes, she was a hardworker, and she was serious enough, but she took her social life seriously as well. If she was on a job or not, she was always out. Her job even required her to be in a party. And tonight, would be the first in nearly a month that she'd be going to a party with her boyfriend. And she was rather happy about it. They may not seem the best couple, but Mike usually calms her down, gets her wild side more.. peaceful. He picks her up when she's stumbling and guides her to the right path. And she owed a lot to him. While she, on the other hand, pulled him with her into a hectic, but fun, life.

    Once they were inside, and once she had heard the obnoxious sound of Mike's dumb friend Jonathan, she rolled her eyes and watched him stagger toward her boyfriend and throw himself on him. She pulled her hand away from his while he hugged his best friend back and she shook her head at the drunk guy. She may be as rebellious as him, and she may have the same popular status as him, but she did indeed hate him. And she was a bit .. wiser. Proof A; he is already drunk while she had drank two shots but knew her limit not to get drunk from the first hour.

    When Mike almost pushed Jonathan toward her, she wanted to yell, and she did "Mike! Mike don't leave me alone with-" before she could even continue, Jonathan was holding on to her to steady himself and she grimaced at him "Really? You're such an idiot you know that Jonathan?" she grumbled at him as she pushed him off of her and made him lean against the wall beside her while she shook her head at him "Why can't you be more like Mike?" She mumbled.
  3. The white blouse Marty was wearing kept getting close to being stained. Boys kept pushing past her and their drinks almost spilt down onto her top. She cursed under her breath as they noticed her. They began talking to her loudly, in a crude manner. What irritated her more was that she recognized some of these boys as football players. Why couldn't Jonathan keep these idiots in check? But, she sighed, he was their captain, not father.

    They continued to shout as Marty pushed her way through the crowds of jocks and bitchy girls until she walked right into someone, "Watch it would'ya?" She hissed before moving out, recognizing it was her boyfriends best friend, "Ah, Mike. Good to see you!" Marty remembered what she was thinking about before. She pressed her hands against his chest before leaning back out, steadying herself. That's what she was thinking. Marty looked up with a coy smile, "So, did Jonathan find you?" She smoothed down his shirt before taking her hands back. If there was the easiest way to a guy's heart, it was to flirt. Flirt your ass off.

    "Mike wait, she's just - Mike!" Jonathan whined as he practically ran off to find Marty. Great, now he was left with Poison Ivy. "Ew. No touching." Jonathan whined as he flapped his hands like an idiot, rolling his head against the wall. God, Mike couldn't just make life simple could he?

    "Be more like Mike? If I was I'd have to date someone like you..." He pretended to gag before beginning to laugh. Jonathan knew he was being rude and mean. But Ivy could take it. He knew that. Plus, he wouldn't be like this if it wasn't Mike's girlfriend. "I'd rather be more like Chris-" He pointed at one guy was passed out on the couch, "At least then I'd be too drunk to notice you were even talking.." Jonathan began to motion a yapping voice with his hand in Ivy's face before bursting into drunken laughter.

  4. Mike had been looking for over fifteen minutes. And he had encountered it all, the first time drunk girls, the drunk douchebags, the freshky broken up girls, and the sluts. And still, no sign of Marty.
    Where the hell could that girl be? He was sick of searching and wanted to go back to Ivy, and spend some time with her. Since it has been a while and all.

    For fifteen minutes, his search was accompanied with booze. One drink after another, after another, he wasn't counting, too busy searching. He didn't even know how the drinks ended up in his hands, people just kept shoving them and he kept drinking.
    And while he was busy looking around instead of infront of him, he crashed into someone and was about to apologize before her voice struck him.
    He snapped his eyes down to hers and for the first time ever, he was relieved to see her.
    He smiled at her when she expressed how relieved she was to see him as well and noticed her small, yet meaningful gesture.

    Mike nodded at Marty "Yes, he did. And he tackled me in a hug. Then I figured he was drunk enough to act upon his stupid self and let you wonder alone at a party like that, thought I could come and get you." He explained gently, his eyes following her every movement while she had her hands all over his chest. And surprisingly, he did like it. Maybe it was the booze, but he liked her touch none the less. "You alright there? Did someone bother you?" He asked, his hands clutching her elbows while she had her hands on his chest, smoothing out his shirt.

    Ivy looked over at Johnny who was acting like a stupid drunk asshole would. She rolled her eyes at his words "No touching? Should I remind you, you stumbled upon me and not the other way around." She grumbled and looked around, and as soon as someone walked past her with a drink in hand, she snatched it. The guy turned to yell at her but as soon as he recognized her, he winked and told her to enjoy.

    Ivy took a big chunk of the drink and raised an eyebrow at Johnny "You could never, land a girl like me Jonathan. I am way out of your league sweetheart." She retorted back, his words not affecting her as much as hers were now affecting his. Nobody insults Jonathan Levi like that. Except Ivy Hastings right now.

    She looked over at Chris and chuckled "I'm not the one babbling you idiot, I'm just respon- you know what? Why do I even bother? You're drunk your ass off you won't even get what I'm saying." She rolled her eyes and frowned as he shoved his hand in front of her, a yapping face mocking her. She slapped his hand away and glared "Ha ha, very funny. I don't even get what people see in you." She grimaced and leaned on the wall next to him, finishing her second drink.
  5. "Yeah like, the entire football team." Marty snorted before flipping her hair just away from her shoulders, "But Y'know, I'm used to those assholes." She chuckled again before sighing, "Oh-" Marty breathed in and the alcohol off Mike was strong. He must of been drinking before they got here, "Wow, how much have you been drinking?"

    Compared to Jonathan, Mike seemed much easier to sway, especially now he was drunk. She had seen Jonathan persuade Mike into doing a lot of stupid things, why not her? "Well, I'm getting a serious headache from the booze and the loud music-" She had to raise her voice as she pulled a face, showing stress, "I'm gonna go and seek refuge in Tanner's bedroom or bathroom or something." She began to walk away from Mike, but slowly turned around and lowered her voice, purposely, just for his ears, "Unless.. You'd like to come too?"

    The drink was hurting his head. Jonathan rolled his head against the wall, grimacing a little, "A girl like you? Yeah, only because you have to be fucking St. George to fucking slay a dragon like you." He groaned before pretending to have a sword. She was a dragon really, her breath could be literal fire and you'd feel no difference.

    "I keep trying to tell St. George over there-" He pointed in the direction Mike left off in, "That he's making a fucking mistake. You're poisonous and if you hurt him.." Jonathan shook his head, taking his back off the wall, not finishing his sentence. As somebody walked past with a beer, Jonathan yanked it out of his hand, "Mine." He shouted before chugging more down, "If you hurt him!" Jonathan began again, "I'll pull a long sword and-" He leaned forward and lightly poked between her collarbones, making an odd noise with his mouth, "I'll slay the dragon." He began laughing as the people around him gave him odd looks. ​
  6. Mike was heavily intoxicated. He chuckled at Marty "I have no idea, but by my own mouth taste and dizziness, I'd say a lot." He answered.
    He was done thinking straight And so, when Marty told him she was going to a quieter, darker and most of all, empty, room, he did not hesitate to nod at her invitation. He did not know why exactly though, but her look was seductive enough for getting him following in the dark.

    Walked upstairs, he had taken her hand in his and led the way to one of his friend's rooms. He opened the door and let Marty in before him "after you." He said, his voice huskily and drunkly seductive. If that was even possible.
    Once in the room, he closed the door behind him and looked at Marty as his eyes adjusted to the dark, not even flickering the lights on again "So.. What now?" His drunk words were out even before he could think through them, he probably sounded like a dork but right now, in his state, he did not give a fuck.

    Ivy watched every step and move Jonathan did. From rolling his eyes, to laughing, to snatching the drink away from the guy and finally, to him stepping closer and pointing where he'd have his sword on her. She rolled her eyes "First of all, If I really was a dragon, I wouldn't have most of the make population at our college wanting me now, would I?" She smirked and shook her head "You can deny it all you want, but you're just as bummed as drunk for not being able to have a girl like me. Because like I said, I am way out of your league big guy." She said, her voice as confident as her words. She wanted to irritate him, to poke him until he snaps because that was what they were best at doing to each other; drive them crazy.

    Ivy shook her head when he laughed and looked at the curious people before looking back at him "You're so stupid and childish. Why do you hate my relationship with Mike so much? Face it already, we're together and you can't stop that." She insisted, frowning at him. Jonathan may be drunk but that was when Honesty was as it's best with him, and Ivy knew full on well.
  7. Once Mike agreed and had taken her hand, Marty was sure he was got the idea. It was probably because he was drunk, but Marty wasn't sure how he felt about cheating, especially since her boyfriend was Jonathan. But, her and Jonathan weren't exactly the tightest couple. They were more like business partners and did it for the sake of convenience.

    When Mike shut the door, Marty did not hesitate. He swiftly walked up against him and pressed her lips against his, holding his face in her hands. He was taller than her, but she got on her tip toes and pressed him against the door. Marty pulled out for a second, "You tell anybody about this and I'll make sure you regret it." She hissed in an intimidating tone. She was known for her surprising about of slyness, Mike of all people would know she'd go out of her way to make him regret it. Nevertheless, she didn't hesitate to kiss him again.
    ~ ~

    Jonathan rolled his head and laughed as she spoke, too drunk to even take in her words. Other people around seemed like they were taking an interest though. An argument between Jonathan and anyone was enough to stir interest, let alone it be with Ivy. It was more in Ivy's side, because Jonathan didn't even seem to know like he was fully aware it was an argument.

    "Yeah well I will - I'm sick of your shit." Jonathan slurred, leaning back against the wall to chug down more beer, "He could of picked a nice girl who wasn't bossy and bitchy and boring like you." He kept complaining, "Because that's what you are." He stated again, not making much sense, "He's a nice guy and you're a nasty chick so-" He looked at her with an odd look before putting the beer down, "Yeah, he's better off without you..." Jonathan mumbled, leaning up off the wall again.​
  8. Mike wasn't dumb. He knew what he was doing. What going up to the room meant. But he did not know why he was doing it. Maybe because he was heavily drunk and Marty was sexy. But when Marty pressed up against him and kissed him, that was it for him. He couldn't stop.

    He didn't hesitate to kiss her back, and when she pulled away to threaten, he simply rolled his eyes and didn't reply, only pressed his lips against her again, holding her by her hips and pulling her closer. And in one move, he switched places, turning and getting her pressed against the wall while he pressed against her, things were indeed getting heated.

    - -

    Ivy laughed. She couldn't help it, he was being a complete idiot and drunk ass. She shook her head and looked at him as he took another chug of the beer, until it was done And over with.

    "Me, boring?" Ivy laughed and ignored the people's stares. She was used to it. Whenever she was in an argument, that was bound to happen, let along with Jonathan Levi. She looked at him and scoffed "It's your girlfriend who's boring Jonathan, not me." She retorted and snatched the beer from him, even though it was empty, but she did think he might get mad and chug the glass at her or anyone, he was indeed, that crazy "If I was as bossy and bitchy as you said, I wouldn't be loved by everyone at college would I? Unlike your girlfriend, who is indeed bossy and bitchy and so nobody really likes her." She spat out, staying in place, leaning against the wall, as Jonathan moved "So don't use your girlfriend's description on me asshole. And for once be honest and stop acting like an asshole." She rolled her eyes and took another chug from her own beer before it was done. She knew he wouldn't understand her words completely, since he was drunk but she couldn't not say them, she was too mad to keep them bottled up. That was what Jonathan always did, he always drove Ivy crazy.
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  9. Since Mike wasn't saying no, Marty wasn't afraid he'd tell. Plus, if he did, Marty could figure out some excuse on her part. But she didn't think it would come to that. She pressed herself up against Mike and kissed him heavily. The taste of alcohol on his mouth wasn't pleasant, but she could deal with it. She'd have to.

    When he turned the position around, Marty didn't complain. She paused for a moment before leaning up to kiss him again. Her hands wriggled over to his back and gathered the material. She leaned back and tugged the shirt over his head. Mike was pretty hot. She grinned, dropping the shirt to place her hands onto his chest. It felt almost exactly like Jonathan's. "You sure you're gonna keep your mouth shut?" She mumbled, a pang of guilt ran through her as she remembered Jonathan. But whatever, he wasn't going to help her with her career.

    Jonathan was prepared to walk away or throw something at her instead of arguing with her. Then she insulted Marty. "Hold up." He allowed the drink to be snatched from his hand, "This is between you and me." He frowned. It was a shame she was dating one of the best guys in the school, because he couldn't insult her over that.

    "Just because Marty is twice as intelligent as you doesn't make her boring. It just means she's gonna do better than you are." He slurred, his words probably merging into one string of noise. He leaned right in to Ivy's face, "You're just dumb.." He mumbled. Jonathan wasn't even sure what he was doing, like he wasn't in control. But he pressed his lips against Ivy's before leaning back out, "I gotta find... Mike..." Jonathan mumbled as he shuffled off to the stairs, unsure as to what he really was up to.​
  10. Mike was annoyed with Marty's questions so when she asked again he pulled away from her lips and looked down at her "You sure you want this?" He retorted back, his husky voice as low as one can be while he stared at her lips and his fingers moved to her shirt.

    Mike didn't wait for her answer, he pushed her against the wall and pressed his lips to her neck, biting and sucking on her lips. He wasn't sure what he was doing, he was intoxicated, but his body seemed to be moving by itself.


    Ivy was shocked. The feeling of Jonathan's lips against hers was shocking, yet.. Satisfying. Much different from Mike's, but she couldn't figure out if it's good different or bad.
    She blinked as Jonathan began to walk away and frowned, to say she was pissed was an understatement.

    Ivy followed Jonathan and clutched his elbow, turning him to face her "First, you don't know me to know if I'm smart enough. And for your information, your sweet innocent Marty gets her great by opening a lot more than books." She dared to say it, it was true and everyone knew it. And her drunken state did not let her think if Jonathan knew or not or if she should've told him "I get my grades by my own intelligence which is way higher than yours and hers, combined." She frowned at him "And second, what the hell was that all about? You don't get to kiss me and walk away or even kiss me without my permission." She knew she was challenging him, but did she care? Not at all.
  11. Jonathan was halfway up the stairs as he felt his elbow being clutched onto. Ivy was back to tear away at him again. By now, Jonathan wasn't taking a thing on board, he just pouted extravagantly as she complained. As she finished, Jonathan shrugged, "I'm drunk... You're drunk..." He slurred before leaning over to her. He pressed his lips onto hers again roughly before pulling away with a laugh, "Whoops, I did it again." He sung before pressing his lips against hers again.

    Jonathan literally had no idea what he was doing. Consequences or the aftermath didn't even occur to him as he began walking up the stairs, but tugged Ivy with him, not caring if she was trying to pull away. He didn't even know where he was going with this, but Jonathan continued.

    T I M E S K I P

    "Good morning, Marty baby!" A male voice rung through the room. Marty looked up to see Tanner looking down at her. She must of slept over. Well, her and Mike did go at it pretty hard. It was completely different to Jonathan. But, she actually liked it. Marty panicked as she looked over to the spot where Mike should be. Well, he was. But Marty had pulled the cover just over his head.

    "Did you and Jonathan get lucky in my bed, eh? He's a fuckin' beast..." Tanner chuckled before leaving, he probably got lucky, otherwise he wouldn't of been in such a good mood. As he left, Marty pulled the covers off her half-naked body, and Mike. "Get up..." She smirked a little as she patted his behind, "I don't want anybody catching me with you.. Not like it would be shameful.. Handsome.." She played on his vanity a little as she grinned.​
  12. Ivy woke up the next day, completely hungover. A huge headache was making it hurt to open her eyes.
    Yet, she felt completely comfortable. The pillow underneath her felt amazing and soft and warm. She shifted slightly and when she heard a light groan, she froze.
    Snapping her eyes open, she moved them carefully to the actual person underneath her whom she thought was her pillow.

    When her eyes adjusted on a sleeping Jonathan, Ivy gasped then shrieked, pulling herself away from his hold as they were all cuddled up "What the hell?!" She yelled as she pushed herself off the bed. But as soon as the cold air hit her skin, she looked down at herself.
    She wasn't naked, which should have reliefed her if she didn't find herself in Jonathan's shirt. She snapped her eyes at Jonathan and suddenly the event of yesterday flooded back and she groaned loudly.


    Mike was usuall a morning person. He was the one who always woke Ivy up, but when Marty woke him up, as early as it was, he groaned, not wanting to since his head hurt like hell. Hearing her words, he snapped his eyes open and looked at Marty "What do you.." He wasn't sure what Marty was talking about, but as soon as he was about to ask, he remembered.

    Mike cursed under his breath as he sat up "Shit shit shit shit! Marty, wha-why-how?!" He shrieked, but he somehow knew the answer. But did not want to admit it. He looked at Marty "That can never be told to neither Jonathan or Ivy!" He panicked slightly.
  13. The hangover was heavy as Jonathan lifted his head. Sure, he was always an idiot, but being drunk always made him regret it. "Marty?" His voice was barely audiable as he lifted his head. As he heard a shriek, Jonathan recreated it in shock, screaming too. He opened his eyes to see Ivy. Ivy. No way they slept together.

    Jonathan was in shock as he pulled the blankets up to his chest, covering his almost naked body. "Oh... I feel so violated..." Jonathan whined, he pulled a face before putting his head onto the pillow. This was awful. Not only did he cheat, he was cheating his best friend and his girlfriend. He wanted to rewind time. "So violated..." He whined again, having no memory of the previous night.

    "Woa- Do you really think I'd mention this to anybody?" She quickly snapped back. He obviously had no memory. It was a good thing she was sober, because she could remember every last detail. "As long as you keep your mouth shut, nobody will know a thing." She was just in her underwear, her clothes were placed all over the room.

    She slowly pulled herself from the bed and walked over to collect the items of clothing, not caring what he saw. Marty collected them up and paused before walking over to Mike, "Do you remember, anything?" She asked, in a quiet tone, biting her lip lightly. She wasn't sure if it would be in her favor or not, if he remembered. Marty didn't even know what her next move was. But she'd figure it out.​
  14. Ivy couldn't believe it. She shook her head as the flashbacks hit her hard. But Jonathan's words made her snap out of her thoughts "Violated ?! You?!
    If you can'can't remember clesrly dumbass, you're the one who practically dragged me here!"
    she hissed at him before looking around the room for her clothes "I am never the type who cheats Jonathan and somehow you managed to ruin that for me." She mumbled.

    She really was mad, at Jonathan but also at herself. She knew it takes two to mingle but she just couldn't understand one thinh: why?
    They both couldn'tcouldn't stand one another and yet they have slept together.
    Ivy grabbed her tank top from the floor and threw Jonathan's shirr off of her not caring if he could see her lacy black bra. It's not like he hasn't seen it before now.
    Turninh to look at him, she grabbed her high waist shorts from the floor and put them on "what should we tell Mike now?" She asked, a bit panicking.
    She might not ... love Mike, but she cared for him too much to hurt him and she indeed liked him, but just haven't reached the love stage yet.


    Mike silently watched Marty as she pullwd herself out of the bed and he silently racked his eyes down her body. He coouldn't lie to himself, she was indeed very attractive. Which was probably why he was so taken by her last night all drunk. Or was it something else?
    He quickly dismissed the thought and remembered Ivy, his girlfriend, the one he was planning on telling her he loved her on their next day.

    Well surely, now he wasn'twasn't going to. He felt too guilty.

    Mike looked up at Marty as he still layed in bed and she stood up next to him. His eyes searched hers for any guilt but found nothing. She didn't regret it. And better yet, sshe was sober. His words were out of his mouth before he could think twice "Remind me?" He wasn't sure what he meant. Physically or just telling hik the story, he himself wasn't sure what he meant. But he still left that for her to choose how she would get it. And act upon it while he sat up in bed, the sheets falling off his hard chest.
  15. "More like, what do we tell Marty?" Jonathan sat up, holding the covers to his chest, like he was hiding his body. "She's the one we need to worry about." Jonathan liked Marty a hell of a lot, more than Ivy. But, she could be scary. "You know what she's like..." He mumbled, looking at Ivy. At least she was hot, even if he found her annoying. Jonathan would of been more upset if Ivy wasn't attractive.

    As Ivy got dressed, Jonathan decided to do the same. He groaned as he rolled out of bed, picking up the shirt Ivy discarded. As he put it on, he noticed it smelt very, female. "Yeah, cannot wear this..." Jonathan looked around the room and found the closet. He opened it and stuffed the shirt in, before pulling out a black tee. "You tell a soul and I swear to God." Jonathan said as he put the shirt on, then going to find his jeans.

    As Mike spoke, Marty felt her mouth twitch into a coy smile, deviance in her eyes. One of her hands touched his shoulder, then down to his bicep. "I think you do remember..." She whispered with a giggle. As her hand ran up and down his arm, Marty pulled her eyes away from his, "You're much, stronger than Johnny, you know?" She said, not being careful. Mike was his best friend, but it was all on how he reacted to her.

    "Well. I don't mind climbing out of the window, if you want to see who else stayed the night." Marty sighed, leaning back from him. She finally tugged on her shirt before hopping into her jeans. "I mean, I'll just tell Jonathan I went home early, he'll believe me." It was unlike Marty to even go to parties, so the lie would work for her. She was worried about what lies would work for him, though.​