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  1. Let's start this off by having me answer some probable questions.

    What is this, if you could describe it in a sentence? | Everything, in a different magical universe, where spirituality is the magical power.

    What year setting, or environment setting does this take place in, is it medieval, futuristic, what is it set in? | Every year setting, every environment! Haha, but no really, the lore is multi-era, not like time-traveler stuff, but rather, the 'RPers' can choose before-hand, which era they want to do, as each era is different. It starts at a sort of cave man-esque RP, with primitive-esque humans, and expands all the way up to futuristic, with futuristic humans and possibly cyborgs, through the ages as one might say.

    What types of characters are allowed in such a lore, and what would be a no-no? | It depends on the era, hence people can ask what would and wouldn't be allowed for what era, and what's appropriate. I don't generally like characters with homosexual or bisexual sexuality, but I suppose, if others are to adapt to me, I should adapt to others, and I may be able to do so.

    How would this lore treat 18+ RP, and how do you treat it? | Sexual content is usually not good for just straight off. I'm someone who likes romance in the lore, for later on, and try to include it in most RPs, unfortunately though, it gets pushed forwards as characters are sometimes a little too lusty for one another, and sometimes the RPers want something a little less gritty, so it can get explicit quick. Simply, I try to save romance, and whatever follows, till the end of the end, when all serious business has been done.

    How about a more in-depth view of this lore then? | Well, the lore is based on spirituality, and focuses around a larger picture, where-as the characters are just small pieces in a grander scenario. I think of characters as heroes, because it's no fun playing some guy, or just an ordinary soldier, just to get cut down and have the whole RP trashed just like that. I don't like killing characters, or giving them no escape unless necessary, and sometimes, death isn't even the end.

    Anything I didn't say in these questions, please ask! I am a tiny bit tired when writing this, but if you feel you have more questions, or anything vital you want me to note, let me know in the comments or in some kind of PM!

    Some things to note about me.
    • I don't like strictly-ERP(18+), because it does not last long and my interest in it goes away quickly.
    • I will take some suggestions, and some I will put aside, but don't feel intimidated by that, I am someone who likes to find new ideas, when they are comfortable and work well with what I am thinking.
    • I don't like too much gore, or too much strictly-violence, characters should be all-rounded, at least to a bit of an extent. Meaning, they should find SOME value, in all things, and shouldn't block off any certain types of characters, except people that do not agree with their ethics. Some exceptions to this may be fine.
    • I am personally religious, and so you may find some religious influence to the lore, but I can assure you, none of the religious-content will be there to influence RPers, or to suggest anything religious, but rather help with the way the story goes, hence 'Spirituality' is involved in the lore. When I say spirituality, just think... Spiritual magic, I suppose, rather than a divine connection to some sort of God.
    I think that wraps it up for now, I will be back to this post to write more most likely, and review comments! I am anticipated to see what people think of this general idea if have been making for quite some time.
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