The Charms and The Charmers

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  1. "I wish...I wish I could make a friend..."

    The belevolent times of spring were upon everyone in Japan as each individual had their daily duties to uphold; and for the religious ones had shrines, dedicated charms...God like beings that watch over the humans for thousands of years.

    "I wish..."
    A voice was whispered along the very same wind that carried the petals from the Sakura tree far, far away...all the shrines in Japan had a sudden white glow to them.
    Now even though some people might think charms weren't real...the glowing shrines proved otherwise...the most famous positive and negative charmers were stripped of most of their power and forced into these flesh-like bodies...and linked to this wish that had made them this way was a gorgeous Japanese mansion fit for all of the charms.
  2. With a stretch, Ryland was forced awake. Wait... a stretch? Aches did not exist in the charmer form. Surely one would not need to stretch? He pulled himself up, before he realised this was not his natural body. "What is going on?" he asked, no changing pitch like an ordinary voice, much more monotone, threatening and robotic. He stomped his feet, causing the ground to shake. He looked around, scanning the area that he could see. He wasn't quite sure what was going on. Maybe he was dreaming? "Rika? Colton? Akiko?" he began to call out the names of his fellow charmers, not sounding anxious but certainly feeling it. "Hunter? Akihiko? Rin? Hiromi? Miwa? Katsu?" he waited for a voice to awake. Why did it seem so dark? Why did he feel vulnerable? It was an unfamiliar feeling, one that Ryland found worrying. The wolf charmer refused to step away from the safe area he had found. This was a trap. "This isn't funny!" Or a trick. A fellow charmer, perhaps. He could feel something burning inside him. It was like his power was draining. He sighed. He couldn't win. "Why am I one of them?" He snarled at the idea of being human. It made him sick.


    Colton whistled a few times, his coppery eyes darting greedily around. He could hear Ryland somewhere calling his name. He ignored the charmer for a few moments. There was nothing he could offer the rat charm. Looking at himself, he smirked. The humans would think he was like them. Ooh, this would be fun. Time to rob them... time to steal more than their possessions, but their trust and mental state... how exciting. Maybe Rye would help him. "It's an improvement," he grinned, approaching the wolf with caution, partially because he was quite threatening when he wanted to be. He could see that Rye was not impressed at all, and that Colton was probably making the situation wrong. Great, he could steal the charmer's confidence. Perhaps while the others were weakened he could overthrow them. Perhaps he was too weak to do so. Perhaps it was impossible... Colton was going to have to ask. "Don't worry, this means we can blend in. More fear... more power..." He could see Rye sparking interest, before the ordinarily serious persona of the charmer returned. "We must wait for the others. We have to find them." Then, they called out names together.
  3. While these two were interacting Rika was scrunched into a corner of some sort. Earlier she had felt the change and felt miserable. She felt so afraid because it was so dark and she couldn't see anyone, whenever it'd be her favorite people in the whole world or her worst. Her tears fell to the ground as she shook violently. These sobs weren't loud and couldn't be heard unless really close. She so desperately wanted to grab a fellow charmer and hug them close but she was paralyzed. She felt intense pain and felt like she was going to throw up. Rika felt weak as her power "switched" on and thunder could be heard but it was only in the room because she couldn't handle anything else wondering why, but too upset to care. Then she felt like something stabbed her and she finally realized. She'd been humanized. No. No! She kept shaking and couldn't muster enough energy to speak. Instead she listened to the familiar pit pats of rain as she continued her sobs. She just wanted her fellow charmers to find her before she was deep in insanity.
  4. Hunter had was in a deep sleep, but was suddenly woken up by a sudden pain. He began to feel his body shift and his bones crack. This was worst pain he had ever felt as he began to throw up. "Why is this happening?" He yelled as the pain began to die down. "He held his paw in front of his face, but it was no longer a paw but a human hand. " no no no!! This can't be happening. He finally fell as he realized he was on a bed, landing with a loud this.
  5. "Huh? Wha--"
    Akiko sat up and held her head before remembering a sudden flash of her transforming from her fox form into a...

    With a groan she got on all fours like she was used to and started sniffing around before she noticed her paw was a fleshy hand.

    "I wish I had a friend..."
    The little girls voice carried as a whisper in the wind making the young charmer look around, alert like a true fox.

    "Hello?" She asked before glancing down at her hand again, and with the sudden realization that she had transformed into something new all together she looked at her naked body and started hyperventilating as she grabbed at her face.

    "I don't--what?" She said finally felt her lower tail!
    The young girl screamed as she yanked the hair on top of her head.
  6. "That sounded like Akiko..."
    The young Akihiko had woken up long ago and started wandering naked inside the beautiful mansion, something about this place seemed magical...why were they brought here? In this form? Trying not to panic he decided to keep wandering, just in case anyone--
    He stopped, suddenly hearing a girl sobbing and slowly followed the sound to find Rika curled up in the hallway.
    "Rika..." He said in shock before he walked up to her, she had always been a deprecate flower despite how much she tries to hide her emotions.
    "Hey there..." He smiled warmly before sitting down next to her, he wanted to tell her that everything was alright...but he wasn't so sure himself of everything was...but he found another, another charmer and right now that was the most important thing that could ever happen to him.
  7. "I haven't found anyone else yet...but I did find ten rooms, and each one contains clothes for us...this spell was indeed big..."
    Miwa walked up to the rat and wolf in a school uniform, with Hiromi next to her in a bubblegum pink kimono.
    "I also found Hiromi," she added then pointed down a hall in a far corner, "your rooms are there, I didn't bother looking inside..." She waved off, "as a good semaritin should."

    The young pig charm sat in the corner as Miwa chatted on, her golden charm essence oozing from her.
  8. "Ohhh mama..."
    Rib woke up and heard a scream before looking at her own hand, "the heck!!" She yelped accidentally kicking Katu in the face, who just stood up and started yelling at the girl before screaming as well as cursing up a storm!!
    "Hey! Calm the heck down! Akikos already the loud one, we don't need two...what we need to do is figure out why this--" Rin gestured at her body, "happened...hey what the--?"
    Both the charmers saw Hunter curled up on the ground next to them and with a groan, Colton poked at his face to wake him up.
  9. Hunter felt someone poking him in the face and pushed himwelf up to see who it was. He immediately let himself go and hit the floor with another loud thud. "I'm not really in the mood to get up colton." He was still questioning why they had suddenly changed, but decided to get up anyway. He slowly made his way out of the room and looked around there were 10 wood doors each with a carving in the middle of each of there animal forms. He made his way to the room with the cat marking guessing it was his room.
  10. ((OoC: I think you meant Katu. I'm Colton.))

    Rye waited and waited and waited. Every time he even moved, he learnt the weaknesses of the human body. Why did he feel so much pain? The transformation was complete and he had completely slept through it. Surely it was impossible to feel this terrible, as if every joint was stiff. This consumed his thoughts till two silhouettes came towards them, revealing Miwa and Hiromi. He listened to them speak, and Colton seemed to be interested in what they were saying, because once Miwa had finished he dashed off to find himself some clothes.

    Clothing... Rye didn't see the point in wearing it, and it could be a blockage to what little power they seemed to have left. "Do you not feel trapped while wearing such garments?" His flat voice didn't show confusion, something that, for one of the first times, Ryland felt. He was the charm of fear, yet he felt the fear was cursing thoughout him.

    Colton, on the other hand, only saw this as a good thing. The humans gifted him with clothing. They wanted to give him things. Okay, so what if everyone had some. He'd probably end up taking theirs anyway. He found the room with the carving of a rat, stepping inside to find exactly what Hiwa described. A bag with clothes. He had watched the humans, and he knew how they wore these things, so he dressed himself in a school uniform, except the tie lay loose around his neck, as he was unsure how to do it. Maybe he could get the pig to help him. The two were pretty obviously crushing on one another.
  11. Rika immediately tackled Akihiko sobbing even louder. "Akihiko, I was so scared."
    Her grip tightened on him even though her grip wasn't that strong in the first place.
    She hated this sensation, she felt bound because she couldn't soar in the skies.

    No one else passed her mind as she clung to him in fear still trembling and listening to the pit pats of rain.
    She knew Akihiko was a gentlemen and must have been fine with this change being so calm, she didn't know why he was always like that. Even though she knew he could lose his composure sometimes.
    She felt exhausted and her grip loosened as she fell asleep in the duration clinging to him. As she fell asleep she muttered something about if this was all just a strange dream he participated in.
  12. "Okay! Oooookay! I can do this!!" Akiko said and wobbled as she stood up on two legs then slipped but grabbed the sink.
    With a sigh and a determined look she tried again, putting one foot before another and with a giggle she started trying to run but fell once again.

    As each charm woke up, their doors flashed their colors before fading back into a normal door.

    "Okay, so here? Hey I hear other people! Is that Miwa! Oh perfect!!" The fox charm spoke clapping her hands before she wobbled a little towards them.

    "Your room is the first one Akiko..."
    It was Hitomi and with a relieved laugh, she walked over to her room; saying thanks real loud towards her fellow charmer.
  13. "Yes Rye I do...but it seems that whoever did this to us wants us to wear actual clothing..." She pointed out before pacing, "this magic is big...even for bring down God like creatures like this? Human flesh? House? Clothes? How intriguing...I must study this, learn in detail these people and their ways..." The bat mumbled before walking towards her room once more.

    With a smile, Akihiko scooped Rika in her arms before walking around, curious about this house...
    "Hey we found another," Katu pointed out to Rin and walked towards him with a smirk; "so did you freak out? Were you crying like a wee lamb?"

    "No," Akihiko said flatly, "I was calm in the face of danger as usual...then noticed Rika crying in a corner so I picked her up...hoping to find clothes for us..."

    "We're following Hunter for the same thing, I have never worn clothes before but suddenly feel embarrassed if I don't..." Rin said and gestured for the others to follow her.

    "Grrrr your not above this as much as you THINK YOU ARE!!" Katu growled and stomped his foot with his arms crossed in frustration.
    "Yes i am, unlike you emotion dosent affect me in such a way, and be quiet...your going to wake up Rika..."
  14. "You are going to accept this?" He was bland, turning his head slightly to the side in his confusion. Why would anyone so powerful as a charmer suddenly accept these ways, if you could even call them that. "Hmm..." he hummed quietly as Hiwa made her way to her room. "I suppose you are." He took a few moments to look around, before following after till he saw his insignia. He opened the door and shivered. The normal mechanism of his voice turned more human-like. "So human..." He dragged out the word, letting it roll of his tongue in his disgust at the clothes, not embarrassed by the human body, more ashamed that he had slept through the change and had not fought to prevent it. He picked up the clothing... holding it out in front of him like it was containing some deadly disease. "Might as well die pathetically if die at all..." he sighed, before his monotonic voice returned as he composed himself. He slipped on the clothes, but was clearly uncomfortable in his form, pulling on the plain shirt and fidgeting with his fingers. Such a strange figure...

    Colton exited his room, now dressed, and saw Katu, Rika, Akihiko and Rin. He made his way over to them, now dressed and ready to get started. "Do you think we could leave this..." he pondered on which word to use. "Building?" He watched Rika for a few moments, sleeping soundly. He didn't know how any could sleep after being given a new form... still, it was more than a trade than a gift, which disappointed him. Why must he have to give to receive? Colton didn't voice such thoughts, but it was obvious that he felt that he was the one sacrificing, not the unknown sorcerer on the other end. "Perhaps we have to to get our true form back?" He felt powerful, like he usually did, and didn't seem too affected except from the occasional flinch or wince from the transformation. There was too much to think about to worry...
  15. "Maybe...just maybe..." Akiko began, walking out of her in a school uniform, "we pose as regular citizens of Japan until that is...we find out who had done--whatever this is!" The girl waved at the bodies and house, "then we make them stop the spell and go back to our eternal lives! What do you guys think?" The fox giggled as she wrapped one arm around the rat and wolf, pulling them close with a big old grin.

    "Oh...Colton...your tie..." Hiromi said softly before she walked up to him and started tying it properly before she stepped back with such a sweet innocent smile, "there you go...don't you look handsome..." She said with a little blush.
    "Oh please Hiromi, don't involve yourself with HIM, after all he's just a rat..." Miwa said walking out with a book, "anyway I have been noticing that we all have a uniform with an unsigned embedded on it, apparently they are for something called school where people our age go to learn...required to learn if I may add."
  16. I think that's a terrible idea, Rye thought to himself, crossing his arms. He forced a small smile. "If you say so, I agree... for now." He didn't see the point, but since it could advance the finding of whoever had performed such a deed, Rye agreed. Still, he wasn't going to enjoy being so close to humans. He'd much rather be causing things to happen to them rather than be around them. "Better be quick." His smile vanished as Akiko pulled him close. It felt too human for his liking, but he didn't say anything.

    Colton smiled as Hiromi fixed his tie, smirking because his crush was helping him out. "Not when I'm looking at an angel," he murmured, wondering if it was too cheesy a comment to impress Hiromi. He could feel himself going crimson, until Miwa opened her mouth. The best thing he had learnt about a human body was a scowl, and he gave one to Miwa. "Oh yay, learning! Not like I'm going to be stuck like this forever and need to study human things that don't matter..." he chuckled slightly. "Points for research."

    Rye moved an arm from behind Akiko and used it to flick Colton on the back of the head. "If we are going to be one of them, we should fit in as much as possible. That's good information, Miwa. I think we should find out about... school..." He hesitated before continuing. "Is everybody here?"
  17. "We just got here..." Akihiko said, holding Rika close; "we need clothing..." He calmly said, and Akiko so politely pointed to the rooms.
    With a nod, the dove walked over towards the room that had an Albatross engraved on the door; however when he tried to enter her room to set her down on the bed, he could not enter!
    "Hmmm..." He simply said and tried pushing through, but it wasn't of any use...
    Pressing his hand towards all the doors but his, he figured out that if its not your room...then you weren't allowed inside.

    "Rin..." He began watching as she tried entering another room that wasn't hers to no avail.
    "I need clothing...can Rika borrow some of yours?"
    The young woman nodded.
  18. Rika slowly opened her eyes.
    She didn't smile or cry, she was too tired and sleepy.
    She looked up at Akihiko with a blank look and just blinked at him.
    She tilted her head a tad bit confused on what happened then she remembered. Oh, the transformation. He lip started to tremble but she refrained from making it too noticeable. She didn't feel like walking so she went a bit closer to his chest.
    "W-What's happening?" She said quietly.
    She looked at Rin, she felt small. Now she didn't feel like relying on Akihiko but was too tired and couldn't rely on her wings. She tried to stay awake but her head kept bobbing sleepily. She also noticed her door as her lip started bleeding, now bleeding lips are not what a bird usually have and Rika now just blinked up at Akihiko looking puzzled of why her lip hurts.
  19. "We also have blood, every human has them and if we loose a lot then our human bodies die, which means we cease to please be careful with your fleshy bodies..." Miwa spoke flatly.
    "Are you alright?" Akihiko asked the albatross slowly and wiped the blood off her lip right before Rin plopped a kimono on Rika.
    The charmer placed the young girl down so she could enter her room and get dressed.
  20. She was about to answer Akihiko when the kimono was plopped on her. Rika blinked at the kimono in a look of puzzlement and surprise. Then her face became blank and then back to confused.
    With all these changes Rika couldn't regain her composure. She was burdening everyone. She quickly got up and stumbled and hit her head against her door quickly opening it up and running inside shutting the door. Her face was red as she looked around her room and slowly figured out how to put the kimono on. She took a breath in. "Relax" she told herself. Then she remembered everyone was assembled. She smiled shyly to herself. Hunter's here! Then she'd need to put on clothes she guessed. She saw all the humans wearing them and so were the others. She frowned, another change?
    She found a shiny object and looked through it.
    "Now that I think about it Akihiko looked kind of funny. So did Miwa and the rest...."
    She said to herself softly. At least they're the same and here. Wait, what...
    Rika didn't look like herself, she had black midnight hair and gray eyes. While a bird she had beautiful white wings and grayish blue eyes.
    She slowly used the mirror to reflect what the humans did based on the outfit, it looked a tad bit crooked and weird, and the sash...
    She was sure everything would turn out alright, well, at least somewhat sure. She looked at herself again. Who was she kidding, definitely not herself.

    "It's not like Hunter even notices me, but it's alright. As long as he's happy and I'm not in the way." She breathed in.
    She told herself that others probably wouldn't mind if she left them alone. Right? She looked around the room and spotted a jewelry box. She tilted her head confused as she approached the box and opened it slipping the winged hairpin in her hair. She was desperate for anything familiar to her previous charmer life before everything changed. She didn't hate the humans but she never wanted to become one of them either. She laid on her bed in defeat, she slept trying to recover her sleep before someone decided it was time to head outside for the very first time, with their new bodies they couldn't change. She didn't mind the wing hairpin pressing against her "forehead" as humans called it, it made her feel safe.
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