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  1. Name: Fletcher
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Looks: He as brown small cloak. He wears a black musical shirt and pants. And he wrapped his left arm.
    Bio: He is lied back. He loves to go hunting. He lives in the forest.

    He walked out of the weapon shop. "500 gold for a bow. Never come back here again." He said to himself. He walked around the town. He looked in his bag and sighed. He saw a cafe and walked inside. He went to an empty table. A waiter came up to him and asked what he wanted. "I would like some water please?" He asked.
  2. Name: Cheyenne
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Bio: She's got a hard exterior that doesn't let many through. She was trained in several forms of combat and weapons but typically moved about with a staff that to most hunters looked like a simple walking stick. She had been raised by an Amazonian tribe so she is at home in the forest. Her tattoos and darker skin tended to keep most people in the city from bothering her because they just assumed she was part of a gang that they wanted nothing to do with.
    Looks: [​IMG]

    She'd followed him into town from the forest. It was like a big game to her. He'd never seen her but she was always there watching him, curious why a forest dweller liked coming into town so often. When he went into the weapons shop, the young girl found a spot in an alleyway across the street to become lost in the shadows. Not very long after he left and traveled down the street to a café. When he went into the café she decided to walk past the windows looking in and directly at him sitting alone at his table. "Water? Why would he go into a place like this just for water? Such odd behavior" Cheyenne was so entranced in her confusion that she didn't react quick enough when he turned his head to look outside. Their eyes locked for just a moment until she moved away from the window and down the street. Should he come outside to look for her, she was no where to be found.
  3. As he saw her leave the window he wondering how she was. He looked back at the glass of water. After awhile, he finish it and pay for the water. He walked outside and looked around. He did not see the girl any where. He shrugged and walked to the forest. He grabbed the bow he bot in town. He pulled the string back with eas. "I guess it will work for now." He said as he started to go deeper in the forest.
  4. She hadn't gone far, just out of sight remaining in the shadows while she followed him back to the forest. Reaching the edge of the clearing she took in a deep breath, glad to be home. Watching him from behind a large tree as he tested the string to his new purchase and muttered to himself, she wondered what he would use it for. There were really only two main uses for weapons... to hunt and to fight. She knew he liked to hunt but was curious if that's all he would use if for. Of course, one had to have someone to fight to use it in that regard. A twig snapped under her foot while she followed him and she quickly darted behind another tree. Her curiosity was going to get the best of her if she wasn't more careful, she thought to herself.
  5. As he was walking he herd a sound. He quickly put the bow away and climbed the nearest tree. He looked around to see what made the noise He did not see anything. "OK, what was that. Maybe I should go check it out?" He thought to himself. He started to jump form tree to tree. He jumped to a tree and the branch broke. He closed his eyes, and he hooked his legs on another branch. He opened is eye and pulled himself up. "Ouch. That hurt." He said as he looked around form that spot. "Will what ever was there probably ran off when It herd the noise I made." He said as he sat down.
  6. She watched him go from tree to tree and was idly impressed with his agility. Landing on a branch that couldn't support him was an amateur mistake but when flying through the trees in a hurry sometimes can't be helped even by the most astute of tree flyers. Still, she couldn't help but wince when he fell and then chuckled softly to herself because he was talking to himself. With him safely up in a tree, she ran off away from him but stood in a small opening between the trees just long enough for him to catch a glimpse of her before she took off for her part of the forest.
  7. He shook is head and try to force. He saw something in the corner of his eye. "OK. Is that what I am looking for?" He asked as he stood up and started to jump on other tree again. He swung and jump to a different tree. He was gaining speed as he can see her. "Is that a girl?" He thought to himself as he missed the branch her was aiming for. He quicky use his other hand to grabbed another branch. He dropped down and started to run after her. "WIAT." He yelled.
  8. He was having a rough day with the tree flying but damn if he wasn't fast. Cheyenne had lead him to a small lake area in the middle of the forest. It was the first time she'd been chased through the forest in a long time and she found it rather exhilarating. However, she heard him call out and wondered as she ran if it was time they finally met. She looked around and found a tree to climb sitting up on a branch waiting for him to catch up. She had her staff with her and used it as an extra support against the tree so she could stand where the branch and tree came together. When he stopped in the small area below the tree, she let a small pinecone drop on the ground at his feet so that he would look up. She looked at him with curiosity in her eyes but did not speak.
  9. He got to a spot as he started to breath heavy. "What did they put in the water?" He thought to himself as he saw a pinecone drop down. He looked up and saw the girl. He looked at her for awhile before he fell down on the ground. "Are you the one I saw and the cafe?" He asked ash he looked at her form the ground. "Hm. She is beautiful." He thought to himself as he smiled.
  10. She watched him as he breathed heavily and finally collapsed to the ground. He was a handsome man, well built, muscular. However, it confused her that he was so out of breath from such a short run. Mind shrugging the thought away, she tilted her head to his question, pondering if she should answer him truthfully or not. Then again, what good ever came from lying unless talking to an enemy? "Yes." She said simply and regarded him further and finally jumped down from the tree landing like a crouched tiger but on two legs with her staff out to one side horizontal to the ground, never taking her eyes off of him. Cheyenne stood once balance from the jump and looked down at him offering him a hand up as he did not look injured in any way. "You like the city. You go there often."
  11. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He watched her as she jumped down from the tree. He grabbed her hand, and she help him up. When he stood up he took another deep breath and let it out slowly. He looked at her when she asked the questions. "No, I don't like the city. And I try not to go there very often." He answered. "Why were you in the city?" He asked as he put his hands behind his head. "Oh, by the way. Don't drink the water there."
  12. Her heart skipped a beat when he asked why she was in the city. She was there following him around, but she couldn't tell him that. She kept her cool though and gave him a soft smirk. "I had someone to see." Her speech had a hint of an accent, but not anything typical like Spanish, French, or Italian. It was just.... different. She laughed at his comment about the water and simply nodded in acknowledgment. Looking over his form and eyeing his bow raising a single brow in curiosity, "What do you hunt?" Her head simply motioned to the bow.
  13. He took the bow out at pulled it back. "With this thing. A rabbit would not be scare of it. 500 gold for a piece of.." He stopped and the started to walk back and forth for a second. He remembered that the girl was there. "Oh, sorry. I started to talk to my self again. I need to stop doing that." He said as he put it back up. "And yes I like to hunt. Oh, by the way I am Fletcher. And you are?" He asked as he put his hand out.
  14. Cheyenne examined the bow as best as she could before he stowed it away on his back once more. His muttering raised an eyebrow but also gained a curl of the corner of her lip. He had an interesting personality. Much different from any of the men she had met before, which truthfully wasn't a large number as most she met in battle or eluded their grasp. "I am Cheyenne. It is... nice meet Fletcher." It was obvious that she didn't have many conversations with people. She could understand everything when listening but turning it around into speaking had never been her strong point. Raised as a warrior, in her tribe, she didn't need to speak. That was for the leaders, not the front line. "Come... better water not far." She flashed him a grin and began to lead him deeper into the forest to a fresh water well that only those that lived there new about.
  15. "Like wise." He said as he followed her. "OK. This is a little weird. And how she talk, is a little hard to understand. Now I need to stop thinking and say some thing to her." He thought to himself as he looked around to the area he has never been to. He saw other animals that was not in the area he live in. "So, ohm what is your favorite thing to do?" He asked as he scratched is head and smiled.
  16. It was a whole separate ecological system in the deep forest. A completely unique world where much went on that those in the outer forest and city were completely unaware of. No one ever traveled that deep in. There were myths that surrounded the area. Created out of fear of the survivors of those that had tried to investigate and never came back. It was the Forrest's version of the Bermuda Triangle. Truth of the matter was that most met untimely ends caught in the middle of a battle between warring tribes.

    Pulling up the water bucket from the well, Cheyenne offered Fletcher some water. "Fun? Umm, follow Fletcher?" she laughed. She had started following him while on patrol one day. It was part of her job to know the inhabitants that either lived or visited frequently and assess if they were a threat. At first she followed him in the line of duty but then came to following him on her own time. Realizing that probably came off a little wrong she added "also swim and practice".
  17. Fletcher took some water and drank it. He nearly spit out the water when Cheyenne said that. "Following me. OK I think I may what to run now." He thought to himself as he finished the water. "Thank you that was good water. And so, you like to swim, practice, and follow me? Is that right?" He asked with a worried look on his face. He tried to force a smile. "I was like some more water please?" He asked as he was wondering what is going to happen next.
  18. She could tell he was uneasy all of a sudden and gave him more water without a second thought. She sighed. He had a right to be uneasy. It was stupid of her to tell him that he was being followed like that. "I try explain." Looking around the forest, her hand that was holding the staff lifted up using the staff as a pointer and slowly moved it to show the area that was the deep forest. "I live... there. I help protect from here." She now waived her staff to gesture at the outer forest and city. "Must know.... if threat, so follow you many weeks." She hoped he understood and wasn't freaked out and ready to run. She had determined he was not a threat and with a little training perhaps, might prove a worthy ally to those of the deep forest. But she would never be able to bring him closer to her people until she knew he would not freak out or tell the other outliers about their existence. If he did so, he would be taken prisoner like some of the others that never returned and kept to do manual labor for the rest of their lives. Not to punish them, but to keep the tribes and their way of life safe. Technically, she just told him too much but she hoped, he would prove her gut right and he wouldn't say anything to anyone else.

    "Yes, swim too... in lake." She pointed towards the lake that he probably didn't know existed. "Practice..." Cheyenne took several steps back and made a few practice swings and fighting movements with her staff before planting the tip of it back in the ground, watching his reaction. She knew her speech was making things confusing to him and felt that a visual was a better way to go. She nodded to him with a small smile. "You... practice and swim too?"
  19. He scratched his head. "Wait a second. You mean that there are other people living in this forest? Mhm. OK." He said as Cheyenne point to the deep part of the forest. "What do you mean about being a threat? And how long have you been following me?" He asked as his eyes widen a little. He looked over to the lake she pointed at "There's a lake over there? I may want to explore the forest now." He said as he looked at her. He stepped back a bit as she started to swing here staff. "Nice. I have two daggers that are nice to swing when I need to." He said. He want to walked away, but he wanted to know more about Cheyenne. "So, how long have you been practice to fight?"
  20. Although hesitantly, Cheyenne nodded affirmatively to his question about the other tribes and she was suddenly worried that she'd said too much to let him leave. Her dark brown eyes studied his body language looking for signs that might be the opposite of his words. "Yes, maybe we swim sometime". She smiled but then got very serious. "You must not speak of deep forest people to others". It was probably the best stated sentence of their whole conversation but she spoke slowly and concentrated on the words to say. "I follow three or four weeks. Must know if Fletcher trusted or threat. Cheyenne trust Fletcher." She gave him a smile trying to ease any misconceptions, fears, or paranoia he may have knowing that she'd been following him around the forest and city. "I practice since very small girl. You?"
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