The Chanters. A fantasy of words.

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How do you like your magic?

  1. Colorful and of questionable nature

  2. Dark as the rituals you use

  3. Grey between the choices you have to make

  4. Vivid and beautiful like a rythmic verse

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. A little RP about some people that were called by the old gods to retake their former place in the world. While the religious order known as the Belief hunts them for being Chanters (users of magic). Down with the New Gods^^
    (There are magic, witch-hunts, adventure and gods)

    A classical epic fantasy. Magic and opposing factions, former gods seeking old glory.
    Would your magic grant you victory, or would it shield from harm, maybe call upon an army of your own.
    Or would you be among those that see the magical used for evil and set out to make things right.
    The world is old, but it is nonetheless alive.

    The Chanters:
    The Gods made our world, and us in their image. They gave us power, and we struck them down.
    The Chanter-Wars rendered the world beyond the brink.
    The old gods gone, the Belief stood against the chanter gods.
    They fell into silence, and thus we thought them defeated.
    Now they are but myths and legends, the belief hunting any chanters born or trained.
    But the old gods will rise again, we are their called and the days of reckoning are approaching.
    Let the Chanters sing the world to rest.
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  2. Fantasy, magic and clolours and music. Purr lolling around will be fun :D
  3. Sounds interesting!
  4. Definitely sounds like something I would partake in and I definitely prefer my magic grey between the choices I have to make, whats life without a little of both sides, can't always be sugar, spice and everything nice lol
  5. Sounds interesting.
  6. And here I thought I wasnt affected by the whole "alert-problem"...
    Hey guys, happy you want in ^^
  7. OOC in the making.

    Prepare yourselves to write some chants ^^
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