The Changing of Our Fate

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  1. Okay, so I watched the new Disney Pixar movie Brave, and it gave me an idea for an rp, a little rough though:

    Basically, it's a school for princes, princesses and other high class nobles. All the students have their lives planned out for them by their parents and the positions they have and will have. There are some students that want to change their fate and live their lives as they want to live them, but no one will listen to them. They try just about everything to get people to listen, but no one ever does. In order to have their fates to themselves, they each talk to a witch that helps them change their fates, but it goes terribly wrong. So the students have to fix everything now, and making a lot of new friends along the way.

    The setting is going to be a magical one, and only the students that want to change their fates will know about magic at the beginning. You can play as either one of the students that wants to change their fate, or just be a normal student or teacher, your choice. I know it's really rough, but I should be able to have the rest of it planned by tomorrow, if not sooner. Any input would be awesome, too. I hope some of you are interested.
  2. Sounds like fun, I'm definitely interested in it. Maybe now I can have an actual rebel character.
  3. Hmmm, this has intrigued me. I'm in.