WORLD SHOWCASE The Changing Isle - Collab w/ Emi

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  1. This is where all the world building information will go for Emi & Whispering Willows One x One Plotting.
  2. I'm here, sorry, I got super distracted >.<
  3. That's okay, it happens~
    So, I'll post below all the information we have hashed out previously:

    World Type:

    On the outer edges of the island it is covered with two types of sand. One-half is a deadly quicksand that consumes anything it touches. While the other half has sand that enables anyone to build whatever they wish without water or other materials. On the inner island, it is covered with thick temperate rainforest.

    Animals that turn into humans at night







    I would really like to flesh out the inhabitants more and possibly draw them once we have brainstormed appearances.
  4. Let's start with bugs

    Things we need are bee's, mosquito's, worms, maggots
    They help with pollination, soil movement, dead clean up, and food for fishes and other small creatures.
  5. Okay so those bugs from earth are our base for expanding onto and making them our own... >:D
    BEES -
    Pollinate Flowers

    Food( ?)

    WORMS -
    Soil Movement

    Dead Clean-up

    Let's experiment and see what new buggies we can come up with that do these basic needs for our island~
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  6. Well, let's break them down and decide what the import part of each bug needs to stay.

    • Fuzzy bodies
    • Stingers
    • Hive
    Mosquitoes are just good protein and the blood sucking contributes to the protein.

    • Need to be wiggle
    • No limbs
    • Their row of teeth in a circle mouth of teeth
    • Small
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  7. For Bees they need to keep their hives and maybe the black and yellow type coloring?

    I think having no legs makes you wiggly. ;P
    These worm related bugs need to have segments for their body.

    Our maggot related bugs will definitely have a lot of teeth to break up the dead matter with.

    Now, I want all animals to change into humans at night. This includes our bugs!
    What kind of personalities will these bugs have? :D
  8. Bee's: Team players, loyal, hard working, and obedient

    Mosquitoes: I don't actually know for this one O.o

    Worms: Dumb, hard working, and dedicated

    Maggots: Hard working, opportunistic, Picky, and thick-skinned
  9. Le poke?