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  1. "Where am I?" Benjamin stood in a large white marble room, 8 portraits sat on pure white walls. However, the portraits where made of stained glass, making up eight people. In the middle sat a sky light, with a golden book holder below it, the holder having the book of changes.

    Benjamin's last memory was being called from the void, by a warlock. Then being sealed within this body. How did I get here? Slowly Benjamin walked, His eyes focused on the the book of changes.

    Benjamin stood before the book, looking down at it's plain white cover. "How long was I here...." Finally, as if answering His question the book opened, exposing a page full of writing.

    You are in the shrine of change, You are safe. You have slept for thousands of Years, I have given more life to that body of yours Then it will ever Make on it's own. You must leave this safe heaven, and find the changing eight hero's. Only they are the ones who can defeat the evil that threatens this world, when all eight hero's are united with a Guardian Of change, i will be released from this book. Then return to my shrine.
    A loud crack ehoed though the shrine, turning, Benjamin saw the walls parting, making a doorway. Running, Benjamin made it to the door, racing up the steps the lied after it.
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  2. Sagira was walking down the streets of Lavatin, she was concealed mostly by a black cloak with a dark purple lining. The hood was up concealing her hair and partially her features. Today wasnt much different than every day for her, she was looking for an odd job as usual to pay for her food and shelter. Her talents wernt the average kind that let you work just about anywhere, no hers lied in battle, labor, and magic. Or at least thats what people call it though in reality its alchemy, yes she was an alchemist.

    Walking into a trinket shop she flips back her hood revealing her silvery white hair that was in a loose braid falling down to the middle of her back, a few loose strands framing her face. Her pale magenta eyes look around the shop curiously, she always loved finding unique and crafty little trinkets. Seeing an intriguing pocket watch with intricate designs on it she picks it up inspecting it. ​
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  3. Kussara silently walked through the small town of Lictiner to the small forest near the end. She was in need of a few plants and herbs for other spells she wanted to practice. One allowed the user to take the form of the plants and be used for a shorter mode of transportation. Unfortunately, the spell required a lot of plants and magic to work, but it was well worth it if the user had a leg injury. Her wardrobe consisted of a strapless ruby red dress that complemented her waist length, wavy red hair. Over the dress was a brilliant white robe that connected with a gray collar and sleeves. Those with keen eyes could see that underneath her robe and dress were the gray shoes she had on for jump resistance and comfort.

    She soon approached the bushes that held most of what she was looking for. The young woman began to pick at the evergreen leaves that looked more fresh and beautiful than the rest of the bushes. With each leaf she plucked, she placed it into a medium sized bag that she had brought just for them.
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  4. "Eheheheheh....."

    Sorrow's song sung loudly in her veins, as she staggered her way towards Lictiner, coated in blood of a variety of creatures, a short, nervous, tittering laughter coming from her on occasion. Her eyes darted to and fro, taking in all of her surroundings as her head twitched in a strangely bird-like manner. Behind her dragged her implement, her protection, that massive scythe that looked like it would take a very strong man to simply lift by itself. She carried it with one single hand, as if it were naught but a feather.

    Her garments were nothing but rags upon her, but at least she kept moving. And she kept the Other fed. That was the way to keep it happy, keep eating, devour everything. It stopped her from being hungry, stopped her from feeling pain. Stopped the knocking in her head. Maybe once she ate enough, it'd be all better for her? She honestly didn't know, but it was worth a shot, wasn't it? At least she wasn't eating people.
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  5. A small white wall lied at the top of the stairs, the wall hald a 8x8 Wooden door witch was a dark brown, the knob was made of sliver, giving a odd touch to the dark coloured door. Turning the knob Benjamin exposed a small trinket shop, a girl looked over a pocket watch, while a man stood behind a counter. The man seemed to be expecting a small watch, as if being pushed, Benjamin fell into the small shop His face catching His fall, the door slamming behind him.
    Elliot stood silent as he watched from behind the girl, she was picking what he guessed to be herbs. He wear a large purple overcoat, Witch was halfway unbuttoned. His pale skin almost shined. "You shouldn't travel alone...."
  6. Kon'nyu Kokai
    Untiester was a decent sized town situated nicely in a forest surrounded by all sorts of creatures, mainly nasty ones. Their calls echoed amongst the trees, their bodies concealed beneath the thick foliage. "Weak..." A small child mumbled as she sat perched atop a building, the blacksmiths to be more precise. Her face covered by the black hood she wore, her illuminated red eyes shone out from the darkness to observe the humans below her as they go about their somewhat normal lives.

    She was not impressed by this and urned for a decent fight, a joy she had not yet been graced with in this town. The calls of the beasts beyond the trees called to her, urging her to find a new and exciting battle, one that would certainly result in her death. "But what a glorious death that would be..." She finished her thoughts in words as her eyes were once again pulled to the boundaries.

    There were tall walls surrounding the town, build up with wood and reinforced with strong metal on the outside to keep... "What are they trying to keep out?" This was almost a habit for her, her mind deep in thought yet again.
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  7. "You shouldn't travel alone...."

    Icy blue eyes looked over her shoulder to see who was talking to her. He possessed the most luminous pale skin she had ever seen before. His piercing yellow eyes appeared to stare down at her, causing a slight chill to roll up her spine. His short hair appeared to contrast with the rest of his features, but the one wing on his left really stood out to her. She stood up fully and placed the herbs that she had picked into the bag, quickly tying it closed with a piece of string. Her body turned around so her back was to the beautiful herbs, now facing the stranger. Since she did not know whether to label this man friend or foe, she had to be polite until then.

    "Why is that..?" She asked him in a gentle tone.
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  8. It was outside of Lictiner, towards the rising sun, that the rain had started to fall. Rain. A being hissed from his tree, feeling the first drops on his skin. They sizzled, steaming into the open air. It was a curious sight to see, a large but relatively slender man-- well, I shouldn't say man, because that is the very opposite of what he is-- sleeping in a tree. It was sometime in the morning, he thought it to be The Day of The Sun-- Sun's Day, as the mortals called it, but the clouds rolled in like an ill omen. He hissed again, rubbed the blasted rain away from his form.

    He sat up, and checked his bag. Nothing to help him through the rain, and he could tell it was going to be worse. He looked to the left, and he saw a cart, probably filled with hay. He couldn't tell exactly what it was filled with, but it had a tarp over it. The being smiled a wicked one, his teeth stretching through his lips. Perfect. The being, neither man nor demon (but a mixture of the two) hopped from his perch, and raced to the tarp. He grabbed it, and flung it over him. It was an ugly shade of black. No where near black, but it couldn't of been any other color. He fashioned it into a hooded cloak, but with no seam on the front. He had to hold it, so that way he wouldn't feel the rain's wrath again.

    Caemises didn't take too kindly to the weather, not at all. It was muggy out, and he could feel that the winds of change weren't to come for a while. He sighed, and headed into the town. The faint thought of how he got there ran through his mind. He walked, and thought to himself.

    "My dear, your time has come," He remembered his own voice well. It was like liquid darkness being threaded into light-- soothing, but terrifying. It was his own voice, sure of that, but it was his past voice. "But, oh, I shall make it painless," He coo'd to the dying form. It was odd, seeing humans die. They were so scared, but they hardly ever knew that they work their whole lives to meet the end. "But, sir, please be humble." The women, who was to meet her appointed time, chimed in. "I am no lord, or no demon, but I am made of Earth." She continued. "I am no demon, but I am made of stars, you must take pity in a dying women. Oh, Sir Death, you must. " How foolish, Caemises was in his past. As the women talked of herself, she managed to pull an ace from her sleeve. He wasn't too sure of what had happened, but as quick as a flash-- MUCH too quick for an old women-- she had blinded him. In fear, and in pain, Caemises switched forms rapidly. A two headed lion, with a paw rubbing at both of his eyes. A green raven, cawing at the women and flying at her blindly. A large beast, lost to the earth for millions of years, and finally a human. He tried to switch from his human form back to his haunting, demonic one, but the curse stopped him in the middle. He was a beast. A monster.

    Caem growled silently. That's why he was there. He was to find the spirit that had cursed him. He looked around closely, looking for the damned spirit. He had saw it go that way, but it never left far from him. It was an endless game of cat-and-mouse, and Caem was willing to chase it to the ends of the earth. He walked from his tree, and he entered the small town of Lictiner.
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  9. Salem leaned out on the balcony of an apartment not his own. It was in sketchier outskirts of the city, far from what most envisioned when they thought about the capital, but it was easy to find quick work, or a meal, out here. The woman whose home he was currently in was relevant to both. The meal part was mostly out of convenience though. (Unfortunately she tasted more of alcohol than anything else.) Now she lay sprawled out on her stomach, snoring away after Salem got all he needed out of her. Alcohol sure had unfortunate side effects for humans- not that the Vampire was complaining, it was easier than having to tamper with her memories himself.

    "Well, thanks for everything, little lady! Even though your blood tasted like crap." Salem called to the unconscious girl from the balcony. "My client will love to hear all you had to say to me!" He gave a smile and salute before hopping up and over the railing , swinging down to the concrete four stories below. Now all that was left was the "drop-off" and payment. Information gathering was a simple job, but it kept the boredom away for at least a little while. When you're immortal, you find yourself doing almost anything to keep yourself from falling into that rut.
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  10. "All in! Let's see what you've got!" The gambling wraith called out over the table. The game down to him and a rather detestable looking demon who he doubted was playing fair. Not that it mattered. He was quite skilled on his own, and he'd been paying attention. There was no way for his opponent to cheat now. The cards were set.

    The boar faced demon grunted dismissively and laid his cards, revealing three kings on the table. A strangely toothy smile was scrawled on his porcine visage.

    It was a good hand, there was no doubt, and Malachi feigned concern as he turned over his hand. He too held a King, and an eight. A full house. He had won the game. "Honestly, did you really expect to win?" He asked with a dark grin. With outstretched arms, he took up the pile. "No hard feelings, just the way things are." He continued as he dropped the cash in his gambler's case with the rest of his stuff. He'd sort it out later. Never count your money at the table. It meant more in this case as there were other things beyond cash in the winnings. Various valuables were mixed in, including a magick ring. He was most interested in that, and kept it in his pocket rather than with the rest of the loot.

    His winnings gathered, he lifted his gaze, unfazed by the sword at his throat held by his opponent. "Come now, surely you're more civilised than that. I let you play the game your way, didn't call your fouls. You lost anyway. That's no ones fault but your own. Put the sword down before you make a mistake that will cost you more than it's worth." He said calmly, not moving from where he was. This could end badly. His eyes glanced around the room quickly. The other players had left, so it was just the two of them.

    "No! I don't know how you did it and I don't care, give me the money or I will kill you and take it!" The pig growled, eyes almost frantic in their anger. Even if Malachi did give him the prize, he would still be run through. The Wraith knew this to be the case as well.

    He smiled calmly, almost sadly. "Do you know who I am?" He asked, rhetorically, "I am Malachi Ruari, The Gambler otherwise referred to as Requiem." He let himself fade through the blade as he stood up. "And now, you poor foolish beast, you're going to learn why." That said, he pushed his hand into the boar's chest, wrapping his hand around it's heart, and then with a quick, clean, and precise motion, he pulled it out before it's owner's very eyes. There was no wound, no blood. Just the pig's still beating heart clenched in Requiem's hand.

    Requiem only smiled as the demon's eyes widened in fear and pain. "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" He asked as the beast's hands went to it's chest, the sudden extreme pain of having it's heart torn out coming into full force. Silently, it collapsed to the ground, the last sight being the Wraith's haunting smile, and the words echoing through it's head. Moments later, the breath of life was extinguished. The heart no longer beat, and Requiem placed it on the Demon's chest.

    That accomplished, he returned to his case, picked it up, and left the room. He gave a look to the owner of the establishment and gave a nod. It wasn't the first time that such an event had happened. The bartender let out a silent curse and nodded back. The gambler was an excellent customer, always paid on time, gave great tips. The only downside was that death seemed to follow him everywhere he went. In the town of Untiester, death wasn't that uncommon, but it did mean more work.
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  11. Sagira jumped slightly startled at the sudden slam of the door and audible thud on the floor, quickly turning around to see a rather handsome young man face down on the floor. Now that was interesting, perhaps he tripped while running inside? A bit concerned and wishing to help the man she walks over to him leaning down to hold her small pale hand out to him in a offer to help him up, her silvery hair falling forward slightly. "Hello are you alright? That sounded like a pretty nasty fall." Her voice is surprisingly deep and smooth despite her appearance, it had a almost seductive way to it, her tone was friendly and concerned. A small but sweet smile on her lips as her magenta eyes watch the strange man.
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  12. A small child sat upon a blacksmiths workshop, the sun was setting, and a cold rain fell from the sky. "My my....what an awful amount of power you give off demon...." The goddess stood at 5'9, a light green strapless dress sat upon her tan skin. Her hair sat in a Baird, falling to the middle of her back, the goddesses hair lied a dark brown.
    "You are a witch, your very blood will attract monsters." Elliot stood tall, His yellow eyes never leaving the girls face. "You are kussara....a chosen soul of the book of changes.... Come, there is someone who wishes to speak to you"
    Immortal, what a lovely idea for a being that was cursed to die, however everything comes with a price. The small town of lictiner only stored 8 people, in truth it wasn't even truly a town. Her ears hald a point, While her eyes where a dark red. Her skin was a rather unusual colour, being a light sade of red, while her hair lied long and black in colour. Then she saw it, the demon calling it's self caemises, it's true Name however was unknown, and she couldn't care less. The girl called out to the demon, changing her demoniac voice into a sweet and gentle tone. "Hey old Friend!" Appearance was everything, blowing it could mean the demons death.
    A blood curling scream filled the air form outside the small inn of Untiester, four Letic soldiers hald a short old women, who seemed to be fighting against them. However, a small child, who looked the Age of six stood in front of the Letic ruler, Elrick Firestone. The kings face hald a grin, While Rain poured from the sky, pounding against the cold stone that covered most of the town. Small patches of grass sat around the town, turning to mud with Every drop of rain.
    "Owww.... " Benjamin managed to stand before a maiden come to check on him, the maiden was rather short, or at least compared to him, Benjamin Stood at almost six feet. Benjamins eyes lied a shade of purple, more persist violet. He wear a black button shirt, Witch looked odd compared to His dark blue wool pants "I'm alright fair Maiden..." Benjamins voice hald sweetness, with a touch of kindness.
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  13. "You are a witch, your very blood will attract monsters."

    The mysterious man's piercing yellow eyes continued to stare down the young ruby haired woman. Her icy blue eyes did not stand a chance against his piercing yellow ones, she almost immediately felt small. She didn't know whether to label this man as friend or foe, but he was already on borderline 'foe'.

    "I am aware.." She told him, forcing herself not to stutter.

    "You are Kussara....a chosen soul of the book of changes.... Come, there is someone who wishes to speak to you."

    "Excuse me..? Who wishes to speak to me?" She asked him, wanting further information before she blindly followed some man who intimidated her.
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  14. Kon'nyu Kokai
    Lost in thought yet again, she gazed around the town, heavy clouds gathered quickly and a harsh breeze swept over the walls. Her eyes stared up at the darkening sky as small water dropplets fell, hitting her cheeks. Another storm...? It seemed to her this town was more famous for its bad weather then its weapons. Tasuke... Kon reached her hand around to her lowed back, her fingertips stroking across the hilt of the dagger. "My my....what an awful amount of power you give off demon...." The voice startled her, her hand quickly grasping Tasuke as she pulled it slowly from the sheath, the sound of its steel piercing the almost silent town. "You have no idea who you speak to mortal..." Her words were sharp and filled with her annoynce, her red eyes shone through the darkness of er covered face.

    The woman looked quite elegant as she stood there, Surely she is more then a meer human? Lowering Tasuke slightly, she spoke yet again, this time her voice was more curious then hostile. "Who are you?" How did she know i was a demon? How could she have known when Kon's back was to her, her eyes not visiable...? Something about this woman made Kon very uneasy, causing her to shift uncomfortably as if she had no control over it.
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  15. Elliot stopped in His walk, kussara was asking questions, and the only way for her to follow was for him to lead her to false hope. Turning Elliot smiled "We must meet with the goddess of Werewolfs, there's going to be someone looking for you. If where lucky we will find the others before him"
    "Haha, me a mortal? Yes long ago I was, but now, I lie one of oldest beings on Eve." The goddess swifted her weight, she now stood relaxed as more rain fell, soaking her clothing. "I sense your demonic power from here, now tell me, is that small girl your true Appearance?"
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  16. Malachi stepped out of the tavern into the rain, quickly making his way back towards the Inn he'd been staying when he heard the scream. It wasn't his nature to interfere. He really couldn't afford to let his cover be blown. On the other hand though, he couldn't really let his conscience stay clear if he didn't at least see what was going on. When he arrived, he saw a most unusual sight. A nobleman and some soldiers holding an old woman hostage, with a young boy, likely pleading for his grandmother's life.

    Finally, he decided that he couldn't let it slide. Nobility always rubbed him the wrong way, and so at the very least, he was going to try to stop what was happening, and at the most, well, Untiester had plenty of grave diggers. "Excuse me, I don't suppose you could tell me what exactly is going on here, could you?" He asked, keeping his tone polite.
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  17. Kon'nyu Kokai
    Kon narrowed her eyes yet again, her caution rising and evident on her face. She much rather be in control but in this situation it seemed that she was at the mercy of this woman. How does she know so much about me? "I choose this form..." She was older than she appeared although this form seemed to be easier for her to control. Even as she spoke her head was full with thoughts, aching from the unanswered questions she was preparing. "It seems you know more about me then i know about you..." She sheathed Tasuke, confident enought that if this woman were to attack, Zetsubo would make short work of her.

    "Where are my manners?" Her twisted smile spread over her face as she lifted her hood off to reveal her pink hair. "I am Kon'nyu Kokai, a powerful deomon kin." She curtsied politely, raising her eyes at the woman. "...And you are?"
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  18. The man's walk stopped abruptly at her question, turning around to reveal a smile to her.

    "We must meet with the goddess of Werewolfs, there's going to be someone looking for you. If where lucky we will find the others before him."

    Goddess of Werewolves? But didn't they run in pacts and would refer to their Goddess as their Alpha Female? Or did she have her information wrong? Should she trust this one winged man? She rose an eyebrow at his words, not entirely convinced by what he is saying.

    "..Is that so..? Very well then.. I will follow.." She replied with a hint of doubt lacing her voice.

    If it turned out that the man was lying, she would have to fight him. He'd have to carry her unconscious body to wherever the destination if his words were false.
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  19. Sagira blinks a bit in surprise at the boys good looks, my he was quite handsome. With a small smile she holds out her hand for him to shake blushing lightly at his "fair maiden" comment. "Good I am glad your alright, my name is Sagira. Its nice to meet you...?" Her voice is kind and soft, trailing off at the end waiting for his answer. He somehow seemed different to her, like he wasnt part of this world. It might just be her imagination playing tricks on her again though.
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  20. In the end, the pay off hadn't been as good as Salem had hoped, even for such a small job. Oh well, what did he expect from a bunch of human thugs? There was no point in starting something over it. He sighed, stopping midway down the road to lean up against a building and light a cigarette. Work had been oddly slow lately, so it was getting a little difficult to be picky. It would have been nice if he were able to snag a quality meal out of it, though.

    Salem blew out a puff of smoke, watching it dance through the air until it dissipated. What was next? He really couldn't think of anything. Everything was starting to become dull again. Maybe he'd pop back into the heart of the city to look to find a better paying job- the wealthy always seemed eager to destroy each other, but even then it's not like it was something he hadn't done plenty of rimes before. The Vampire longed for excitement, something with danger- something big! Ha, but how likely was that? Maybe he'd just been alive too long... were things always this boring?
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