The Changing Eight.

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  1. World showcase of Eve-
    Only seven people will be accepted. 4-8

    If Your looking to be a Gm please Pm me. 2-3

    Long ago, When the ancients walked the surface of Eve, a book sat in there protection, the book of changes.

    Vampires, witchs, Warlocks and even demons worked together to protect the book of changes, but efforts will only be in vain.

    With magic and Science at His hands, a mad Scientist will play God, making a never before seen hybrid. Using His sons warlock body, DNA of a werewolf and the Cursed Blood of a vampire the mad Scientist created His desire, a hybrid unlike no other. However, there was a price, even magic haves it's limits. His son have died while receiving the blood transplant, leaving the Scientist to use His last method, Blood magic.

    Using His magic, he summoned Wandering spirts, hoping to find one to fit His ritual. Finally, after 2 weeks of scratching the Scientist will find a soul worth connecting, Ben. The Scientist was Weak and Exhausted from keeping His creation Fresh. Ranting, the Mad Scientist said His spell, opening the Door so Ben could live once again. However, the price was much higher Then the mad Scientist thought. Quickly His organs failed, His flesh rotted.

    Shortly after the arise of Ben, he Feld, but not away, but to the book of changes. Upon entering the room, It sealed His fate. The book of changes was a powerful and still mysteryous artifact. For 4000 Years Ben lied Frozen in time, awaiting the books release, and finally it did. The year was ATF(After the God's), 230, the book transported them after the collapse of it's location, the Shrine of the God's. Now it lied on a large golden book holder, in The Shrine Of Changes. The book have awoken it's last remaining guardian, Asking for Ben to Travel across Eve to find the 8 Changing Heros.

    Eve, a large beautiful planet, witch Nature flourish, and The world is at peace. Eve contests of 50% land, and 50% water. One massive continent lied on Eve, surrounded by water. Eves water looked blue, as if you pulled it from the sky.

    Known races:


    Race description:
    Alchemist- Humans born with the ability to use alchemy.

    Demon- Demoniac Creatures that have Arose from the underworld. They only feel emotion when in human form.

    Witch/Warlock- Humans born with the ability to use magic.

    Vampire- Immortal beings that where cursed by the God's, they must drink blood to survive. Sunlight does not effect them.

    Werewolf- Humans who change on full moons, turning into large Wild wolfs.

    Others- Many races populate Eve, while many have little to few numbers, not many people know any other race Then the five above.

    Known locations:
    Lustin- Medium Town.

    Lictiner- Small Town

    Lockettic- Large City

    Untiester- Medium Town

    Lavatin- Large town

    Ticktoket- Small town

    Rockleter- Medium Town

    Town Description:

    Lustin- A average size town, lustin holds one four bedroom inn, the town holds a shrine of the vampire prince.

    Lictiner- A small town, Four houses lie here, with a small city hall sitting in the middle. The city hall is Also the post office. A shrine of the warlock prince also sits here.

    Lockettic- One of few remaining relics of the Humans, once their large booming capital, Lockettic is now the capital for The Kingdom Of Change.

    Untiester- A average Size town, Untiester sits in the middle of Moon light forest, a forest said to hold many monsters. Untiester is said to have the Best weapons, because of the metals found in moon light forest. A shrine of the Werewolf goddess sits in Moon Light forest.

    Lavatin- One of the larger towns on Eve, many shops, stores and inns sit with in Lavatin. Lavatin sits just below a large dieing tree. A shrine of the demon prince lies in lavatin.

    Ticktoket- Ticktoket holds only four buildings, 3 houses and a town hall.

    Rockleter- An average size town. Rockleter holds many citizens, with two shops.

    1. No godmoding. If so, kicked.

    2. Please, at least two sentences per post.

    3. I understand that some of us are not native English speakers/Winters so, Decent Grammar please.

    4. This to will not be done in turns, So therefore if you post and are needed, you will have two days to reply or you are kicked.

    5. I can change, add or remove rules as I see fit.

    6. No controling any ones character.

    7. Only one character per person.

    Character sheet

    Name: First and last.




    Race: Name of race. Everyone can make one up, but you must do Race Description.

    (Optional) Race Description: At least Two sentences.

    Appearance: Picture or description.


    Abilities/Spells/skills: Name and
    Description please, Max is six.

    Location: Must pick a Town from above.

    Weakness: Minimum of two.

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  2. Name: Benjamin Howster

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Race: Hybrid

    Race Description: Created by magic and Science, This hybrid retains 3 very powerful races.

    Appearance: Ben stands at 5"11. Wears black Glasses. Haves Light purple eyes.

    Sexuality: Bisexual


    Baby Fangs- Ben can grow, and hide, His small Vampire fangs.

    High Senses- Ben can hear, and see much further then a normal human.

    Fire ball- A magic spell that shoots a large blast of Fire.

    Diamond Protection- Summons pure magic in a from of a diamond. Able to with stand the strongest of spells, but can not block physical attacks.

    Stone Wall- A magic spell that raises a wall of stone.

    Location: Shrine Of Change


    Unstable Body- Ben's body is dieing, leading to random black outs.

    Blood Seal- A small blood seal lies on His neck, Tattooed in blood. If destroyed, Ben will lose all attachment to His hosting body.

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  3. Name: Kussara Desini Gatton

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Witch

    Appearance: The one on the right, stands at 5'5

    Sexuality: Bisexual


    Ability: Excellent magic control

    Ability: Quicker at healing

    *Spell name: Amplificatio Vis* Magic Enhanced strength *Expert*

    *Spell name: Aliquid Imperium* Magic allows minor control of the elements *Intermediate*

    *All I have for now*

    Location: Lictiner


    Not good at long range combat

    Overuse of magic will result in a temporary shut down of her body

    Highly dependent on magic

    No good with weapons

    (I hope this is okay. If not, I can change whatever is needed.)
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  4. What a beautiful character, anyhow I do have questions, and comments. First, could you Name ALL the spells you're character knows? Also, to be fair, You can only have one of the two magically enhanched traits. Now, the questions, Why is she more prone to going blind? I don't get that weakness at all.
  5. Thank you for the compliment of the character. Yes I can name all of the spells/abilities, I just need some time. I can do with only one magically enhanced trait, and I had originally put in "Enhanced vision" but I thought that was too much enhancement and forgot to edit out that weakness. That weakness will be traded for another one that I can think of, forgive me for the confusion.
  6. Oh alright! I can do that, but please before we start, make sure for it to be done. Also, No need to Apologize for a small confusion. I'm happy someone finally made a character.
  7. I made some alterations, but I want to see your opinion before I make anymore.
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  8. Those are great. Remember though, The spell Name is what your character will have to say to use it.
  9. Understood :3
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  10. Happy to have you! If you like the story I suggest reading the details of planet Eve.
  11. Full name: Kon'nyu Kokai
    Kon (open)
    With illuminated red eyes and strangly coloured hair, this demon, though young is powerful. Cross her and you'll regret it.
    Her top has a hood which she usually wears, covering her face and hair. The only thing visiable, her eyes.


    "Your weakness is pathetic and for that i must kill you..."

    Age: Appears 13
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon
    Race Description: Her Demon race is well known for their hatred of other races. They're bloodthrirst killers, doing it to earn the respect of their kin. Only the strongest can survive.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Abilities: She can fire a powerful blast of concerntrated energy (Zetsubo) at her prey which explodes on contact. This is usually fired from her hands, which she stretches out infront of her and says its name. Other then this she weilds a dagger called Tasuke, meaning 'help' because that's what you'll be screaming if she draws it to your throat.
    Location: Untiester
    Weakness: She never knows when to back down, often resulting in herself being severely injured or killing her prey before she is ready to do so. Zetsubo drains her energy fast and therefore she uses it as a last resort, or if her prey is weak. Oddly enough she actually has a wide range of fears and when confronted with these, she often cries.
    Inventory: Her Tasuke, which was forger in Untiester, is attached at her lower back. Its steel, as black as the blackened blood within her veins.
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  12. Oh Hey, lol. I love her. Approved.
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  13. @Rainbowwave Hello! I may or may not be stalking you. :3
    And thank you!
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  14. Name: Salem Gracely (He changes his name ever 50 or so years to keep things interesting. He can no longer remember his real name)

    Age: ??? (appears about 18)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Vampire

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Flash step- He can move short distances incredibly fast, almost looking as if he simply teleported. Though he's abnormaly fast in general, he cannot move like that over distances larger than 15 or 20 feet.
    Marksman- Salem has incredible eyesight that makes him a remarkable sharp-shooter.
    Healing- Can recover from wounds and illness at an alarming rate, a trait of his clan notable by even vampire standards.
    Mind manipulation- When he has direct eye-contact with someone he can manipulate their thoughts, even being able to erase certain memories if he chooses.(Recent memories, like if someone had overheard him say something he could either alter the memory or erase it completely if it was less than a couple hours old. He may be able to tamper with older memories based on the person, but he can't erase them.) This is not an incredibly strong ability, however, and it's effectiveness varies from person to person. It does not effect other vampires and can only be attempted on demons if they are in human form.
    Location: Lockettic
    Poor at close combat. What he has in speed and agility, Salem lacks in physical strength. He doesn't work well with magic or close-range weapons.
    He often lies and is wishy-washy when it comes to alliances. It can be difficult to know when to trust him. Despite having a cheerful and friendly demeanor it often seems like he doesn't trust other's either.
    Lack of blood causes his stamina and healing ability to decrease dramatically. Blood loss do to extreme injuries will also have the same effect.
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  15. I have questions. You said he can erase CERTAIN memorys, What kind?
  16. Reserve for me possibly? :)
  17. Recent memories, like if someone had overheard him say something he could either alter the memory or erase it completely if it was less than a couple hours old. He may be able to tamper with older memories based on the person, but he can't erase them.
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  18. Depending on the wait. how long would you like me to reserve you're spot?
  19. Ah! Sounds like a neat power, I approve. One more thing though, edit that into Your character sheet.
  20. Update:
    There are FOUR spots remaining. We have 4-8 players.

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