The Champion, The Trainer, The Quest

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  1. Champion of the Region (open)

    Name : Crystal Azleo
    age : 23
    Rank in the pokemon world : champion of the region
    Pokemon type : all kinds, each battle is different, different pokemon all the time.
    Her travel team
    Name : Rexols
    Gender : male
    level 86
    Ability :Flash fire , If hit by fire type its fire power moves are made stronger
    Moveset : shadow pulse, flame thrower, Grass knot, calm mind
    Personality : A firey pokemon with a large heart for all pokemon but ruthless in a battle
    Name : Arceus
    Gender : male voice, no real gender
    Level 100
    Ability : mulitype : in battle he can change his type
    Moveset : Judgement, Draco Meteor , calm mind, Extreme speed
    Personality : A calm and soft pokemon though when defending someone or pokemon he will be as ruthless as a blizzard and intail judement on those who harm others.
    Name : Tylo
    Gender : female
    Level 89
    ability : Dark Terrain , when in battle the terrain will turn pitch black
    moveset : Shadow ball, dark paulse, shadow claw, calm mind
    Personality : Calm and personally a dark shady pokemon that doesn't trust many people other then her trainer.
    Name : Hyno
    gender : Male
    Level : 95
    moveset : Night Daze, Flame thrower , Scary face , Agility
    Personality : Deeply distrust for all trainers except his. Anyone who dares try harm his trainer will be brought down with a night daze
    Name : Fesl
    Gender : Male
    Level :89
    ability : Overgrow
    Movset : Leaf storm, coil , calm mind, Return (super effective)
    Personality : calm and collected pokemon, always try to be friendly but can be a snake at times and get what he wants with force
    Name : Shard
    Level : 99
    ability : Stead Fast
    moveset, Bone Rush , Fire punch , ice punch, extreme speed
    personality : gentleman to all pokemon and willing to die for those who he cares for. He is the very pokemon that Arceus thought would meake the region better, being so close to its trainer its proven to be more powerful then the legendary trio ( entei and raikou and suicune) Able to control his own extremely powerful Arua and others he is able to block any legendary attack, fire, flying or dark type. he is also very fast and ruthless in battle and well known as the Master of the Arua and Master of the kind heart. He is the champion's first pokemon and has been the closest to her making him the most powerful pokemon of the group faith and fighting and listening sense.

    Crystal was walking through the city of the fifth Pokemon gym seeing the gym leader had vanished and the report from his fellow friends where right. Crystal was a tall female with deep golden hair that was thick and plenty of sunlight going through. She came around the gym place and smiles gently and was about to lock the gym iup but saw a male coming over with his pokemon and raised eyebrow "Hello ? I am sorry to say but the gym leaders that are past this gym have gone missing and I do not think you can battle any time soon. I am sorry for that. If you come back after i come back then you can battle the gym leader is back " she said with a thin smile and looking around gently and chuckled softly.

    "I am really sorry but you can't go in and that is that" said peacefully and looked at the building and locked it up slowly and smiles gently "Should train your pokemon" said wisely and started walking away she had no pokemon out with her and kept walking and then turned toward him slightly and smiles "Have a good day" walks away slightly, he could challenge her if he so pleased.
  2. Pokemon trainer (open)

    Name David Markova
    Age 19
    Pokemon Trainer
    likes to use any pokemon
    Other His brother was the former champion before the new one. His Roserade is the offspring of his brother's Roserade, and Venusaur
    Rose lv 48
    Poison point
    Energy Ball
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb
    Rose is very strong willed and Brave. She also enjoys battling
    Draco lv 45
    Marvel Scale
    Thunder Wave
    Dragon Tail
    Aqua Tail
    Draco is usually coolheaded but when a battle gets fierce he gets agressive
    Soul lv 47
    Calm Mind
    Dazziling Gleam
    Double Team
    Soul is very protectiuve of David, and will do all she can to win a battle
    Gale lv 45
    Keen Eye
    Quick Attack
    Wing Attack
    Gale is quick in battle, and
    Slug lv 46
    Storm Drain
    Muddy Water
    Hidden Power
    Rain Dance
    Body Slam
    Slug can be a bit lazy when he isnt battling, but is kind to other pokemon
    Flame lv 45
    Flash Fire
    Flame Wheel
    Flame is very agressive in battle. Even when its about to lose it wont give up

    David smiled as he walked to the city. Today was the day he would get his fifth badge. He just got his pokemon healed. He was ready. As he walked to the gym he saw some strange woman there. She looked a little older then him....and she was cute too. David then froze at the news.

    "Are you serious? But....I have to get my next dont know how important winning the pokemon league is to me." David sighed disapointed but then noticed his pokeballs shook in his belt. "What the?" He said confused. David then looked at the girl. Did they want to battle her? "Miss.....Can we have a battle? You told me to train....then lets have a battle." David said with a smile. "Im David by the way....David Markova.." He then noticed this girl looked familiar. Where did he see her before?
  3. She stopped and looked at her and smiles gently "Sure, how many pokemon on each other, three or four pokemon each ?" asked as she had her hand on one pokemon ball she knew this pokemon was insanely good at his moves and sharply powerful and very protective and sharp tounged. She smiles peacefully and waited for his answer her golden hair swayed in the breeze as she thinks about it "each pokemon that passes out we must switch ours out, so if one of your pokemon are out, i change my pokemon and your pokemon gets to battle that one" she explained the rules very firmly to him. Her balls on her sash around her shoulder shines happily ready to go there and have a nice fight.

    "ah your the last champions brother, interesting that is for sure" she smiles peacefully as she waited for him to call forth a pokemon to battle with.
  4. David listened and decided to go with a classic format. "Three pokemon each....cant beat the classic.." He said with a determined smile. His brother always did battles like that when he wasnt being champion. Three pokemon. Which ones? Rose was a obvious choice. He wanted to train Flame up. Soul would be good too. Alright those three. "Sounds good...first person to have all three pokemonn faint loses."

    David then froze at who he was facing. The Woman that beat his brother. He remembered the broadcast like it was yesterday. The final two pokemon. His brother's Roserade, and a Lucario. The two did a Aura Sphere and Energy Ball. The collision nearly made the stadium destroyed. Afterword his brother lost. He hasnt heard from him sense. He felt fear of battling her. The person who beat his brother's strongest pokemon. David gulped down his fear and said "I..I cant believe Im battling thee Crystal Azeleo....well Im not quitting this battle...." He grabbed Soul's pokeball. He tossed it and Soul came out ready to battle. "Ready when you are." David said with a determined look.
  5. Crystal grinned and took out her legendary pokemon that was well known for its amazing effort in the battle with the champion. out of the pokemon ball was that of Lucario that roared happily eyes glowing deeply and stood ready for a fight its eyes glowed deeply ready "Hope your ready for this battle David" she smiles calmly and said "I shall allow you to have the first move" she said as the Lucario stepped one paw behind it ina ready stand hands ready to strike.

    The Lucario looked at soul and eyes glowed deeply You are powerful but young, you mind is foucased but your not expected different things in battle, your move is first my lady he said respectfully bowing gently to her in respect eyes closed.
  6. David saw it....the same pokemon that beat his brother's Roserade. He remembered watching when he was 15. Rose was a budew. She was scared seeing her mother beaten. He felt Rose's pokeball shake the most. David nods and said "Thanks....I appreciate it..." He then said "Soul use Double team." David hoped Soul would be able to trick this pokemon.

    Soul looked at the Lucario and said "Thank you sir. But I wont lose this battle...I will do all I can to help my trainer win this battle. Ive heard about you from one of my friends. She says your strong" Soul's eyes glowed for a second, and about ten of them surrounded Lucario now.
  7. The Champion smiles gently "Nice move but your going to need to try harder then that to beat this punk" she smiles as she said "Lucario, Spin and use bone rush" said smiling gently. The lucario roared and nodded and spun around sharply taking out the glowing bone of enegery and spunt it rapidly and it blew away the clones sharply and as the dirt picked up the Lucario seemed to vanish, the Lucario seemed to come out of no where behind the female pokemon using the move bonerish several times hitting her sharply kncoking her backewards sharply and then flipped over her as his hits had done massive amount of damage and he stood there looking at the pokemon sharply.

    The Lucario knew this move was very effective on the pokemon before him and looked at her Need to be quicker on your feet, you are a good stragitist . i shall give you that The Lucario said ready to fight if she decided to not faint knowing the move did large amount of damage.
  8. David hoped it would work but froze at how fast Lucario was. It looked faster then the last time he saw it. The Bone rush. Memories of the battle came to his mine. That attac collided with Roserade's poison jab. The clones vanished and Soul was hit several times. "Soul!" He froze as his pokemon fell over. He was about to grab the pokeball but the female pokemon got up panting. It looked over at him with a nod. He nods and said "Soul Use psychic."

    Soul looked at the pokemon panting. It looked like she was going to faint. 'Thank friend said you were strong......I didnt guess it would be this strong.." Before Soul could use the attack she fainted.
    David frowned and said "Soul return." the red light engulfed the pokemon Davidsmiled at the pokeball. "Good job girl..." David grabbed Flame's pokeball. "Flame come out." THe pokemon roared as it came out and looked at the oppenent. "Flame use agility." Flame was his fastest. He hoped it could keep up with Lucario.
    Flame smirked at the Lucario. "Looks like I have a real challenge. I may be a pup buddy....but Im strong...and I wont lose!" Flame howled and began moving fast now. The pokemon began running fast now
  9. "Interesting choice against a steel type thats for sure. Alrighty Lucario Bone Rush, Meeting him half way" she grinned gently as the Lucario roared and rushed right at the pokemon blasting forward with alarming speed several time his bone appearring, just as the pokemon came close it swung uts bone and slammed it into the pokemon smashing it backwards. The lucario eyes glowed deeply and used his bone several times to smack that pokemon around hitting him into the air jumping up and slamming it down sharply crashing the pup into the ground


    Do not get cocky pup, be modest . its a good lesson to learn

    "alright I am changing it up now. Lucario come back, " she smiles as the pokemon backed away and stood beside its trainer as she smiles pointing to the sky "Arceus" she hollared. From the sky opened the portal for the legendary pokemon that roared and came down and stood there before the challenger

    "greeting mortal, I am Arceus and you are challenging our team how brave. I look forward to who I have to beat" said in plain english.
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  10. Both David and Flame were surprised at Lucario's speed. The Pup smacked into a tree and stood up weakly growling at Luario. "Flame are you ok?" He asked looking at the pup. Flame growled at Lucario and wanted to keep fighting, but the pokemon fell over. 'Good job boy..." He returned the pokemon. His body froze seeing the god of all pokemon. Did he even want top battle now? "I cant believe it......tje god of all pokemon...."
    He picked up Rose's Pokeball. "Rose.....I dont know if I want to put you in danger." But Rose came out with out command. She looked at Crystal in the eyes and growled
    Your the one who defeated my mother and father..." Rose looked up at Arceus and froze now. Much like David she wasnt sure anymore. She looked at him and David looked back. The two stared at each other and said " you want to.."
    She looks in his eyes and simply nods. They knew they were going to llose, but they wanted to prove themselves.
    "Rose....use energy Ball full power!" The pokemon charged up the attack making it the strongest energy ball she fired. "Fire!" Rose shot off the attack.
  11. The godly pokemon allowed the ball to hit it though it did little to nothing to him "Arceus, Judgement" said slowlu. The godly pokemon lifted its head a ball of engery appearing and flew into the air and then it broke loose eihgt large balls of flames shine down and came forth crashing into the pokemon a sharp move that was painful. She smiles watching the group and looked at them "Your a good pokemon trainer that I can tell" the champion said with a smile.

    Arceus smiles and floated down landing on the ground and eyes glowed gently as the fainted pokemon where now fully healed once more and then nodded "Crystal is right very good trainer and your pokemon have good moves but need more training but very nobel pokemon" said smiling gently.
  12. Rose and David froze as the attack did nothing to the god pokemon. Rose froze takign the attack. "Rose!" when he ran into the smoke and picked up Rose. "Good did great...Im so Proud of you....return.." David said. He felt bad now. He shouldve returned Rose. He shouldve forfeighted. This girl was strong....stronger then anyone he met before.
    "I cant believe it.....your stronger then anyone I ever met.." He said looking at her. David smiles at her and Arceus. He bit his lip and had to ask "Let me travel with please. I want to become stronger. I want to battle more. Please." David said with a smile and determined look in his eyes
  13. "being the champion i am natrually more powerful" said slowly and smiles gently as Arceus nodded and then floated up amd away back into the portal that it came through. She smiles gently as her Lucario smiles and nodded its head happily eyes closed gently

    I belive it so as well. Good job to all your pokemon and you as a trainer. he said happily eyes glowing deeply.
  14. David stood up smiling and shook her head. "Thanks....thanks! I really appreciate it." He said with a wide smile. David then said "Umm we need to goto the pokemon center." David walked with her to the pokemon center. His pokemon were bneing treated. Rose needed the most treatment. David sat down and had to ask her something.
    "umm...Crystal....what was battling my brother like? I remember seeing the battle when I was young. It was probably the best battle I ever saw...also do you know where he is at? I havent heard from in him." David said looking over at her
  15. Crystal smiles gently "yoyr brother gave me a very good battle, He gave me a run for my money but he did lack some stragy often b=putting a bad pokemon against one of mine. It was a feeling of connection woth our pokemon close and awesome it was" She smiles as her Lucario sat beside her happily a smile on its face its eyes closed happily.

    She think s"i really don't know where your brother was last time I spoke to him he said something baout becoming stronger and rematching me one day but till then he would train alone" said slowly looking at the pokemon that where getting cared for and smiles gently.
  16. David smiled at her and said "Him and his pokemon enjoyed battling oppenents who would have slight advantages. He said he did it to prove himself, and test the strength of him and his pokemon." David then said "I remember watching him and Roselia battle a Talonflame once. I told him he shouldve used Dragonite or Milotic but he didnt listen. He managed to win but the Talonflame almost beat his Roselia. Afterword he told me why he fought at the disadvantage. I Never understood why he did that.."

    The nurse came over with Flame, who refused to go in his pokeball unless David put him back in it. He put Soul's pokeball in his belt, and Flame jumped on his lap and barked. "Hows Roserade?" "She is doing better. Im afraid she has to stay the night though." David nods at her and pets Flame.

    Flame looked at Lucario and said Once I evolve and become stronger. You wont beat me again!
  17. The champion smiles gently and nodded "understandable" smiels peacefully as his Lucario stares down at flame eyes deeply and foucased on the pup

    Even after evlving you need alot more pratice to beat me and alot of other pokemon He stated wisely looking around and back at its trainer and noddef firmly at what she said.

    "Me and my Lucario actually met when I was five years old and grew up ever since and share a unbreakble connection. We went to a speical school for Lucario's and its trainer to help it grow up better and stronger then many also praticed fighting much tougher oppenets twice our level and streanth and our connection and love for one another got us through" grinned gently
  18. David nods at her and liked her connection with her pokemon. He bit his lip and then asked her. "Umm Crystal...can I travel with you? I want to become stronger and I want to help you find the gym leaders." David smiles and looked down at Flame, who was still looking at Lucario. "I think he is still mad for Lucario beating him."
    Flame growls and said Just you wait.....Im gonna beat you.
  19. Crystal thought about it and nodded slowly "sure compnay would be great and help if we come across some very strong pokemon legendaries if they got curropt" smiles gently and looked at flame and Lucario "don't worry Lucario never snaps unless its attacked for no reason if that happens its a ruthless fight to show who is boss with the Lucario but he never goes out of control" smiles and rubbed the Lucario head that looked at her and gave her a thumbs up.

    I shall wait and see . Right now isn't the time to hold a grude against a fight
  20. David smiles at her and said " wont regret it. I can cook food for us. People alsways say I am a good cook." He was surprised they may fight legendary pokemon. He then said "Also...can you train me to become stronger?" David didnt want to sound needy to her. David then said "Sorry....Flame can get a bit agreessive sometimes. He doesnt like losing."
    Flame stopped talking, and simply nods at Lucario. It yawned and curled up against his trainer
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