The Champion of Tianlu

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  1. In the region of Tianlu, China, wushu (a practice of Chinese Martial Arts) is a common sight. Several villages and towns have large fighting circles and arenas where the many wushu practitioners would compete to become the best in Tianlu. Several schools compete for this honor, sending their best students to compete in as many fights as possible. More often than not, a contract known as a death waiver would be signed, allowing the fight to be to the death if it came to it, and the winner would receive no legal ramifications. This story is about the rise of a select few of these men and women, battles to the top, and the affects the struggle had on their lives.

    The primary focus of this rp is the fighting and how it affects the lives of the fighters. So, if you're looking for a straight up romance story, it isn't for you. However, if you like a good martial arts theme, it should be right up your alley. I'm hoping for at least two people to join, so it would give some good drama between them. If you're interested just comment here. If anyone is interested, I'll go ahead and put up a sheet for the characters.
  2. From your description, and correct me if I'm wrong, I get the feeling that there will be a lot of combat in this RP. Do you intend to use dice rolls or some other system for that? Either way, I'm interested.
  3. Indeed there will be. I hadn't considered using a dice roll system to determine things, but, that is actually a pretty good idea. I'll have to consider that. Thank you. ^_^
  4. Is this still happening?
  5. Combat is fairly simple, as long as you can comprehend what the movements are. The only problem with combat is that it is very easy to make posts very short when in combat. Using the dice rolls, it'll make it far easier for landing combos and such. In that regard, it still requires a lot of improvisation and imagination both player's parts.

    So, would you two like to start setting up characters?
  6. Seems interesting enough to me, though you might want to figure out a good system for multiple hits, say if someone is landing multiple hits they're less likely to land subsequent ones, or more if say, they were targeting the gut or something to double over a opponent.
    BoxBob³ threw 6-faced die for: Total: 15 $dice $dice $dice $dice
  7. Ditto everything WishfulNemo said.
  8. Well, if we'd be using a die based combat system, what do you think about having a basic stat system too? If we do that, I could build us a system for it.
  9. I'm up for joining. Just throw me the character sheet and I'll fill it out.

    You could set the system up like the Riddle of Steel system, just sayan. ;)
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