The Champion of Ahmra

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  1. Crappy name but whatever.

    In a pseudo-steampunk fantasy world, there exist 5 kingdoms, each which represent one of five deities and are protected by one of five Champions. The sixth deity, the Queen goddess Ahmra, presides over the holy city of the five kingdoms, and has since the dawn of time been the sole deity without a Champion. In the oldest prophecy known, it's said that when her daughter and Champion rise, the end of days will arrive, and the demon lords of old will return to reclaim the earth.

    Players will pick to play Champions, guardians, or political figures in the quest to save the world from the conquest of the demon lords.

    More on Champions & guardians
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    Guardians are extremely talented and well trained individuals who are selected at birth via prophecy to dedicate their lives to the protection of their kingdom and the Holy City. They study combat in every form, and learn about the demonic foes they will face to the day they die. Every guardian aspires to become a fully fledged Champion, the demi-gods of the world, of which there is only ever five at a time. Champions are essentially immortal (as in, they do not age), and are blessed with gifts by their patron god. Guardians who are aged 16-30 at the time of a Champions death are eligible to become the next Champion. Sometimes it's decided by age, and other times by skill or the choosing of a king or queen. Guardians who never graduate to Champion continue to serve the people and the Champions, but do not receive the gift of the gods.

    More on magic
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    Instead of having a classic soul, humans possess heart orbs, a representation of spirit/soul/personality that a person is born with. Over time, humans can collect other orbs, purposed for magic and power and strength, but they never lose their heart orb. All orbs are a combination of a physical and spiritual object; outside the body, they appear as a physical orb, but inside of the body, you cannot feel a spherical shape--it seems to simple dissipate into the body. Orbs can be forcibly removed from a person's body, and their power fades over time (with the exception of a heart orb), requiring that they be replaced.

    The use of orbs allows for people to use magic, amplify their strength, and other things. Champions and guardians tend to possess many more orbs than others due to necessity. Magic extends to elemental powers (you need to have possession of orbs for each element) and psionics. They can be placed into mechanical items and weapons.

    To extend the life of an orb, one can use crystals, which act as a supplementary power supply. They do not last forever, with the only exception being the six crystals of the gods, gifts from their own hearts that power the Champions. Every Champion's heart orb is guarded by a protective aura, generated by the holy crystal from their patron god. It is what grants their immortality and amplifies the strength of every other orb they possess. At the start of the story, these crystals have all been shattered, their fragments scattered across the earth by the demon lords.

    More on tech
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    Think industrial age. You have guns, machinery (printing presses, early assembly lines), early cars, and we might extend it to steampunk-esque automatons and aerial craft.

    More on demons
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    The world started as light and dark. The demons came from the darkness, composed completely of darkness, and they craved the light. When humans were created, with a body of darkness and an inside of light, the demons began to crave them. The orbs were a source of sustenance.

    Demons come in many different shapes and forms. Some are less intelligent, some are more intelligent. There are some who live in a hive mind, others who are literally shadows, some are sirens and then the demon lords are the strongest and smartest of the demons.

    I'm looking for players that don't mind helping to expand the world, plot, etcetera. The idea is to question morality a little bit--the demons want to reclaim the earth as theirs, the humans think they're evil, but the demons did come first and all they want is a food source, etc.

    I also typed this up at 1 AM I am SUPER TIRED to ask a ton of questions and I will answer in the morning when I'm a little bit more conscious.
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