The chains that bind

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  1. Hey guys this is for the rp. I will post the character sheet soon and information sooner. Just give me some time, if you are curious just post that you are and add any questions you have.
  2. I'm pretty curious to what it's about :3 I would love to rp it though. The title just got me :)
  3. This reminds me of a song by Alter Bridge.

    "I tell the leash that keeps me contained and controlled,
    let me goooo,
    I want to break free,
    And find my way out of this hole,
    One last hope,
    to fight and break away,"
  4. Good to see people are interested. THough Honestly. I will have to take a little while to post everything sorry ^^" Thanks for the interest, I will notify you guys when I post everything. Sorry T.T
  5. It's no problem ^^ I'll be looking out then ^^
  6. Eeeeh I don't like waiting >.<
  7. I don't mind the wait. ^.^ Sounds really catchy.
    Is there a character sheet we could start with?
  8. Is this RP still under construction?
  9. It seems to be.I don't mind joining in the fun, though.
  10. Ok so here is the history. It is not much. But I have been needing to recollect it because I lost a lot of it.

    Christine7: I will post the character sheet soon. Possibly today if I have a chance.

    Lol oh may gawd ._. There are a lot of people interested. And Possibly considering transferring this to mature if I get enough okays. But I probably will end up not. Someone sent me a message a few days ago and I have been considering.
    Ok so first off. If you don't like magic rp's then sorry. And there are some more interesting stuff in the historyI will post up as well. Ok so here it is.

    History Part 1-

    This is a group of worlds. Connected. Bound together by their past. They all share something, they all try to keep something bound down. They all try to keep the living things on their surfaces. Safe. They control the chains. The ones that bind you down by force. Each chain represents something. Whether it is an emotion, thought, or element.
    The connection, is magic, Magic, and life. More violence, gore, and insanity spreads through out these worlds. And recently. The chains. Have surfaced. The chains are powerful gifts, and curses. They give you a great dormant power. People have no idea what the chains do anymore. They aren’t actually there, the chains that is. They are like magical spells. The chains that bind. They are powerful. No one knows the extent to which the power is.
    Before this story begins. You should now about the worlds. Yukistski, the world of snow. Elioflike, The world of life. Ambresta, the world in the winds. Inokese, the worl in light. Ikof, the flaming world. Infordel, The world of the waters. And the last one. The darkest place ever created. Where shadows are so scared of darkness they dare not tread. Kreise the black void. It is a world, yes. But it is death incarnate. Destruction, everywhere, always, and never ending.

    The history of these planets is something. They were created to seal away the worst being in all o existence. Alistross. He was a destructive man. He wanted to destroy magic. HE created his own to fight magic. It was called soulless. I is a dark magic not even found on Kreise. It eats the souls of everything. It does more than that. It eats away insanity, the insanity of the user.
    Alistross went mad. Consumed by the magic he ad created. He tortured everything. Fed off of their misery. Slowly painfully, tormentingly, drained all life from them. He began to drink the blood of darkness. He was becoming to dangerous. The magic of creation took a stand. It acted on its own. It created a champion of each magic. Dark, light, fire, water, earth, wind, and ice.
    They became powerful, they were each givena name. Ice, Yokistski. Earth, Elioflike. Wind, Ambresta. Light, Inokese. Fire, Ikof. Water, Infordel. And darkness, Kreise. These beings rose up and fought Alistross. They fought Alistross, But he proved to be too strong. Overpowering them with ease.
    They were almost completely dead. But as a last resort they held out their hands, And the chains flew. In sync, the beautiful, different collored cahins flew. Wrapping around the struggling Alistross.
    They bound him to his knees. And then the great magic descended a prison upon Alistross. A prison that would only work with him bound, He was sent to a different dimension completely.
    The group of these great warriors slowly started to die. But the great magic could not and would not allow it. I blessed them with the ability to create life. The warriors slowly became elementals, elementals that wrapped around themselves to become spheres. Worlds. That soon sprouted life.
    Thus the seven worlds were created. And tinier magic was created in those worlds. That were somehow, related to the original elements that the great magic created.
    All the worlds were bound by a magic chain. Known as the binds. They were not physical chains, but bound the worlds by their souls. These are the chains that bind.
    Within the worlds, you should know. There are reincarnations of the chains. That are heavily guarded. They are visible magic links that are on display. At the thrones. These chains actually guide the world. Gave knowledge. The worlds created them, so that they could teach. Then they were put away, for safe keeping. No longer on display. But now. Now, there are sightings of people, people with chains wrapped around one of their limbs. Just one limb. It was almost like a ghost, barely able to be seen. But lined with the element of that world.
    They could not be described because the wore robes. With the emblems of their element. They told the worlds. That they were speaking on the behalf o the worlds. They said they were choosing the bearers of the chains. They say not their name. But the chains will disappear. And when the chains vanish. It is because they have chosen. And the bearers will be born with the chain. You will not be able to tell who the bearers are. Until the chains awaken. And when the chains awaken. It is because the worlds are in danger. This is the story of the worlds.
  11. So very interesting =3=

    I cant wait for the cs, though, if this Rp is going to the mature section I won't be able to join anymore.
  12. I won't be able to join either. Also, I would like to reserve the dark element. If not, then fire or ice. One of those the. First choice, dark, second ice, third choice fire.
  13. Then for the fun, I choose Fire. If not I choose Darkness. XD Wind would be the third choice.
  14. Okay then. So mature is a no go xD Oh and I am a bit busy at the moment but I will work on the character sheet. I promise.
  15. Mhm darkness is lovely o3o
    then fire and then probably light
  16. Meh. All you are taking my thunder. I already have a character thought out and everything. >:P
  17. That's very interesting!

    I choose Ice. If not, then Darkness or Wind ^^
  18. Devil, take the Darkness, I'll take fire, Yasha ice, and Sinderi, light. How does that sound? XD
  19. :D I love you tensa *hugs*