The Chain Photoshop Tennis of Iwaku!

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Okay, so I want to start up a chain photoshop tennis here. I've already got an image ready to serve and start with.
What is photoshop tennis, you ask? It goes like this: One person takes an image and edits it, and sends it to another person. That person edits the image some more, possibly adding in another image, and sends it back, and the original person edits the image again, and so on until the end. It doesn't have to be edited in photoshop, and the one important rule is that the image used in the previous round is in the present one.

Now, by "chain" I mean the tennis is to be done with not just two people. I'll put my image up that we'll start with, and then the second person puts up the edited image (round 2), and the next person puts up the next image, and so on, all in this thread. Preferably post a sized-down image with a link to a full-size copy of the image.

So, here's the serve/round 1. Its title: "Berries".

Source used: A picture I took of some berries on a leaf.

(If you want to make round 2, please remember to click the image to go to the full-size one and download that!)

As for prizes, well, I can't offer them. But if some art-enthusiast staffer wants to give a prize for an especially good round, I don't mind. :)