The Centennial War

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  1. The year is 2586 AS. The tournament to decide the ruler of Aldin for the next hundred years is about to begin.

    Kyy leans against a small hut with his arms crossed. "I better be getting some girl's numbers for this." He laughs, pulling out his pocket watch and looking at the time.
  2. "I better be getting some girl's numbers for this."

    Sephira rolled her large silver eyes at the statement, only Kyysucara would be worrying about obtaining the numbers of anonymous women. She was more off to the side away from him, her hands clasped together in front of her as she looked around their location "aimlessly". Of course, what she was really looking out for was other wind users and wind masters. It was no secret that she was considered the biggest joke of the wind user population. This was the reason why she stood off so far away from the other, so he would not get mocked for being around her. She was considered the laughing stock among wind users. It has gotten to the point where a common phrase from masters to students were "You do not want to be like Sephira, do you?". Not only was this an embarrassment, but it hurt her. At first it only hurt her emotionally, she would only shake it off and practice harder. However, the ridicules became worse and worse. It was (and currently is) at the point where it hurt Sephira not just emotionally, but mentally as well. The silver eyed girl had become terribly discouraged to practice, but proving them wrong was the only motivation that kept her going. Yes she had cried to herself when the ridicules worsened, because who could she possibly cry to? Crying was a sign of weakness, and she absolutely refused to show any type of weakness.

    The long haired girl continued to look about, ready to hide anywhere in case wind users came into view.
  3. A young woman walked slowly down the walkway in the mixed outpost. Listening to sounds and smiling when she could here the distant worrying of the young man in charge of looking after her. It wasn't nice to tease but she did enjoy these little strolls on her own from time to time.

    "Ah miss Elysia!"

    darn it he had spotted her already a bit to soon if she had a say in this.
    She continued walking and sighed hearing him catch up next to her. Judging from his breathing he had been running around a bit while looking for her. It made her show a faint smile. He always worried so.

    The Man took a few breaths
    - "Miss Elysia you know im supposed to look after you in case something happens please at least let me follow on a distance or your father will be angry again"

    - "Oh Arthur you don't have to observe me constantly like that even if father tells you to. Im fully capable of taking care of my self and im just taking a stroll."
    Elysia smiled gently and slowed down turning her blank eyes in Arthurs direction.
    - "Besides he doesn't have to know that i go for strolls alone either."

    The man sighed slowing down to.
    - "well see here i know you are good with your skills but you still suffer from the same fatigue as your mother and no trained abilities will help you if that catches up. So please don't make me worry. As a friend please just bear with it until we get back home again"

    The white haired woman pouted and turned her head to the side.
    - "hmph i bet dad will try and keep this up even after this event is over. And stop being so formal all the time. My family may be rich but im not some noble lady"

    Taking a left and walking faster again Elysia senses grass under her feet.
    - "oh good Arthur is this a nice place to sit down and enjoy today's weather?"

    Answering from behind her Arthur followed.
    - "uh yes in fact it's a small hill ahead there that looks nice"

    Elysia then started walking more determined.
    - " good then go get some refreshments and i will wait there for you to return and no buts"
    Her tone took a somewhat sharper tone as she talked and she made no attempt to turn towards him while saying it. while not hearing a reply she did hear a sigh and fading steps as he walked off.
    'Stupid consider my feelings to in this im not a doll' Elysia thought to her self and sat down once feeling that she had walked far enough.
  4. "Stariandra teaches that we must serve her with all our hearts, and to do that we must be led by her prophet!"

    "But as it is written in Zeniah, 'Choose whom ye will serve.' We cannot force people to obey her doctrines! It must be done by choice!"

    "And those who choose to disobey her will receive their just punishment! Just as she destroyed Sidora for their wickedness, those who sin against Stariandra must accept their fate!"

    "The people of Sidora were a wicked, perverse people. You cannot compare our upright citizens with them!"

    "They are wicked, for they shun the goddess!"

    "They do not know the goddess!"

    "And that is exactly why they must be ruled by his Holiness!"

    Deacon was about to shout at the man again, but paused and took a deep breath first. They'd gathered quite the crowd; the tent was filled inside and people were still peeking in through the open flaps. Once he felt he was calm enough to reason, Deacon spoke again.

    "Stariandra created man and woman. She did not create Corps and Brigade. Her love is for all to share, as taught by Beshua, and it is not our place to pass judgment upon one another."

    "Then you would let criminals run free?" the preacher countered. Deacon was having a hard time dealing with the man. When he'd first heard the old coot giving a sermon, he'd stopped in to listen. But then it had turned to the evils of the Aldin Corps, and Deacon could never silently listen to that. Yet no matter how Deacon tried to use logic and scripture, the other man just screamed some complaint back at him. Even irrelevant or stupid remarks, like the one he'd just used.

    "We have laws to protect ourselves from such people. Criminals are punished according to their crime. But you would make criminals of anyone who did not do as you and your priests desired. Those who do not tithe enough, or those who did not attend one of your sermons. I will not listen to any more of your blasphemy. Goodbye and good riddance." Deacon pushed his way through the crowd and out the tent, hearing the preacher screaming accusations at him all the while. No doubt he would become one of the evils covered in the man's speech next time around, Deacon thought glumly.

    After that heated exchange, Deacon didn't want to deal with all the people in the outpost. He made his way outside to the grassy plains dotted with small hills. He started up one with the intent to just lay down on the soft grass all alone, but soon realized he could not--there was a girl there already. Her dark skin and white hair stood out from all the green, so Deacon wasn't sure how he hadn't seen her earlier; he must have been too preoccupied with that blasted little... But he would look silly if he turned and walked away now, so he kept walking until he was near to her.

    "Morning," Deacon said cordially. He flopped down onto the grass a few feet to her side, laying back and propping his head up with his hands. He let out a deep sigh, feeling comfortable for the first time that morning since he'd climbed out of bed. "It's a nice day out here," he remarked off-hand.
  5. "... What a wonderful day.." He let out a relieving sigh and threw his head backwards to look up to the sky. The weather was just perfect up here, on the tree he was resting on. He felt a chilly breeze hitting one side of his cheek while the other was lightened up and kept warm by the sunbeams. 'So peaceful.. I might even consider moving here one day.. if that would be possible.' The thought kept repeating itself. His eyes slowly started to shut as the gentle sound of birds humming and the wind blowing lulled him to sleep. It was perfect until.. all that peaceful symphony was broken by the commotion that was coming from the tent down below. He opened his eyes and looked down into the distance - more and more people were gathering around the tent as the noise increased. 'Could somebody be fighting.. ?' He thought as he wanted to break away from the position he was in but.. it wasn't really his thing to interfere. Or so he thought, it was all probably an excuse for his laziness. The noise reached its highest point when a man stormed out of the tent, but after that it started decaying to the point it was few moments ago.

    His mind was set to ease once again and he was slowly succumbing to sleep.. but it really wasn't the time for him to sleep it seemed like that as the silence was broken with a crackling sound of wood. 'Now wait a second..' His eyes shot open at the speed of light as he felt a slight bounce. 'That ain't good.' Another crack was all it took and.. ..before he knew it he was on his way of painful descent of hitting almost every branch. Luckily it made him slow down as his final blow to the ground wasn't as painful as it would have been. He let out a painful moan followed up by series of coughs that were caused from the blows to his stomach and the dirt he sniffed in from the ground. Slowly he rolled over onto his back and looked up. 'I'm alive..' He ran his hands over his chest to check for injuries but by some miracle.. he couldn't feel anything broken. "Ughh.. " He moaned once again as he sat up and slowly looked around. 'Guess nobody was around to see that.. phew.' But he failed to notice the two persons behind him that most likely were dying of laughter at this point.
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  6. Tilting her head listening as the man came closer she nodded in his direction acknowledging his presence. "good morning" She replied politely. Hearing the man sit down a bit to her left she listened curiously. He didn't sound like a big built guy to her. Probably around her age perhaps or maybe a few years older.

    "Yes it is a nice day long as people let me enjoy it"
    She finished the last in a mutter, once again grumbling over Arthur and her dads obnoxious worrying. On that note Aaron better not take to long getting those refreshments.

    "Say could you tell me what the sky is like at the moment?"
    She then asked bringing up a favourite subject of hers since this guy was coming here uninvited sitting down next to her he might as well stand for the entertainment.

    Of course at that moment she heard another sound ahead of her. Did someone just fall down a tree?
    She tilted her head again listening. Oh well at least the guy survived. "ooh that sounded painful does he look okay?" She turned her way in the direction of the sound without really looking at it.
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  7. "Hmm?" Deacon hadn't caught what she'd said under her breath, but shrugged to himself. If she'd wanted him to hear, she would have said it louder. But when she requested that he describe the sky, he was confused. Sitting up and turning to look at her, it took only a few moments for him to realize her eyes weren't focused on anything. She was blind. Deacon was caught completely by surprise, so he was late in responding.

    Thankfully she bailed him out by speaking again. Not that her words added any clarity; if anything, they confused him even more. Even following her gaze, all he could see was the crowded outpost, including one tent on the edge that he'd just stormed out of. "Umm," he began, trailing off immediately. "Sorry. Do you mind if I sit here?" It was way too late to be asking that, but Deacon's brain had just jammed and he felt incredibly self-conscious. Without even realizing it he had tensed his entire body.

    Somewhere at the back of his mind, it occurred to him that he could have walked off without looking foolish because she never would have seen him approach to begin with. Then he wondered if it was okay to think that, or if that was considered rude. But as long as he didn't say anything like that it wasn't rude, right? Then again, that would be the same as taking advantage of a disabled person. Wait, should he use the word disabled to describe her? Should he say blind? Or is it vision impaired? He was panicking slightly, a little bit of sweat beginning to gather at his hairline. Thank goodness she couldn't notice that. Wait, that's not right, either. Or is it?
  8. Kyy starts wandering around, leaving his partner to her own devices. He spots Elysia and smiles. "She's a cutie." He walks up to her. "Hello miss."
  9. Noticing Kyy had begun exploring, Sephira stayed where she was, keeping to herself. Besides the crowd of people wandering about, it was calm, even Sephira felt a little relaxed by the constant level of activity going on around her. Her silver eyes scouted the area around her, before her eyes met with all too familiar white ones.

    It was them.

    They were the prestigious group of the wind users, the best of the best. They all possessed white hair, but their skin tones ranged. The tallest, burliest one had a light tan on him, and his eyes were a icy bluish white. The other man next to him was not as tall as him, but he was one of the quickest within the Wind user population, he was the palest and possessed blue eyes. The last one possessed the darkest tan and gray eyes, he was overall balanced within his abilities. He was someone no one wanted to infuriate. And they were coming her way.

    The long haired girl began to walk away from that spot, her walk brisk and quick. She dared not look behind her, she knew they were following and were walking just as quick. Sephira pushed and shoved the people who were slowing her down, her heart was pounding against her chest. Why couldn't they just leave her alone? She wasn't a threat of any kind to them, physically or mentally, so why did they seek such amusement from the ongoing problem? The footsteps behind her appeared to be growing louder and louder as she walked faster. The crunch of the dirt beneath their feet growing louder and louder.

    Crunch crunch crunch Crunch Crunch

    Sephira broke into a full on sprint, and the footsteps soon followed. With a wave of her palm, she summoned the winds to increase her very speed. The wind making her appear to be gliding through the crowd, cutting through and running to the direction of the forest in hopes of losing them there. With her wind abilities, she sling shotted herself into the trees, her feet rolling off each branch as she made a dash from one branch to the next.

    This was her fatal mistake.

    The men had split apart, each going their own directions. One to the left, one to the right, and one right behind Sephira to keep her from turning around. The two that flanked her left and right were almost a blur within the branches and twigs, the trees doing wonders to disguise the two men chasing the purple haired girl. Sephira frantically looked both ways, having lost the two within the trees. Her heart thumped rapidly, she could have sworn her heart would break through her chest. She glanced over her shoulder and saw the other man had disappeared as well. Large silver eyes widened at the disappearance of the other. When she turned her head forward, she was greated with a harsh punch to her cheek, causing her flee to come to a abrupt halt. Them men carelessly allowed Sephira to fall from the trees to the ground with a loud THUD.


    Sephira laid on her side, one stream of tears rolling over the bridge of her nose and the other rolling down the side of her scraped face to soak into the muddy dirt beneath her. The beating was finally over, and Sephira almost couldn't see straight. She had been lying there for who knew how long, tossed and beaten. The tender pink flesh around her right eye stung in protest to the salty tears, the silver eyed girl knowing exactly that a bruise as dark as her hair would form. Multiple scrapes were evident on her cheeks, some on her forehead, and present on her chin. This was from when the burliest man shoved her face in the dirt, telling her "Scum did not belong within the Wind". Blood had flowed through her mouth, still fresh. This was from them kicking her abdomen so harshly, perhaps she was internally bleeding. Her bruised and scraped muscles ached from the brutality she received from the people who were supposed to treat her like family. She quivered as the tears flowed from her eyes, the watery substance the only thing to comfort her during times like this. Her white robe was filthy from trying to get away, they had thrown her back to the ground when she managed to get back on her feet.

    Silver eyes only looked ahead of her to the forest, they were no longer lively or shining, they appeared dead as she mindlessly looked ahead of her. Sephira could very well pass off for a dead person if she really tried to feign it at the moment. The only proof of life was her breathing and blinking every now and then. She felt pathetic, disgusting to the vision... The list could go on. Once again, she could not defend herself against those monsters. Why couldn't she? Because she was weak. Weak... A term often used to describe her. Something she can not go a day without hearing. Something all wind users made sure she heard at least five times a day, a painful reminder of what she really was. Her hand clenched into a fist, trapping some dirt within her palm and fingers. The words of the others ringing through her mind.

    'Weak, pathetic, scum of the Wind, you're better off dead.'

    They were right. She could not deny it.

    Sephira attempted to stand on her feet, but the pain overwhelmed her. She fell back down to the ground, more tears spilled through her eyes as the sting of a crash landing embraced her injured body.

    She was weak. Pathetic. Scum. Worthless.

    Weak. Pathetic... Scum... Worthless... Hope.

    Hope. There was hope.

    A fire burned within Sephira and her eyebrows furrowed into the look of determination. Why should she have to stand around and take the insults? Why should she have to take the brutality by the "most proper and sophisticated of the element users"? Who were they to treat her like this? She was just like them! She used the same abilities, used the same fighting style, wore the same robe. It was time she was treated like an equal than just some filth. Never again will they call her pathetic. Never again will they beat her into the bloody and bruised mess she was now. Never again will they call her weak. Sephira tried again, the aching pain stung and protested her movements, but she didn't care. She pushed herself up from the ground muddy from her tears. She used her robe's white sleeve to wipe away her tears of pity for herself, she wiped the dirt off her cheek. She could not walk upright due to her abdomin injuries, her legs quaked and threatened to collapse, but Sephira kept herself standing. She cringed in pain, but the determination that burned within kept her standing. She will not give up until every wind user knew Sephira Celestra Authrelago was NOT weak. And she will do this without the help of any Wind masters.

    'Never again. Never again!' was what screamed within her mind as she trudged back to the town she was in before the men chased her down.
  10. Grace had found a small clearing within the outpost that nobody was occupying, so she had set herself there and begun to play her violin. She'd started with one of her own pieces, a cheerful tune that was likely to send people away whistling. A small crowd had gathered around her by the time she finished, so she asked someone in the front row what song he would like to hear. He requested a popular bar song, so she began to play. After a few bars she began to sing as well.

    My lass has gone and left me!
    She packed her bags and ran.
    "I cannot stand the smell," said she
    And joined a circus band!

    Oh hidey hidey ho!
    Oh hidey hidey ho!
    My lovely May just ran away!
    Oh no oh no oh no!

    My girl just met my best friend
    Yesterday at two.
    Tomorrow they're getting married.
    What am I to do?

    Oh hidey hidey ho!
    Oh hidey hidey ho!
    My darling Tess in a wedding dress!
    Oh no oh no oh no!

    Grace had the whole crowd joining her on the chorus. The people were smilng and laughing, and a few little children had begun dancing beside Grace. She was about to start into the third verse, but ended the song abruptly when she saw someone staggering into the outpost, beaten black and blue. The crowd wasn't happy, but she pushed her way through to reach the poor girl, tying her violin to her side as she went. A few noticed what she was doing and followed, similarly concerned.

    "Get a healer! You two, find a stretcher!" Grace shouted at them. She reached the purple-haired girl's side and tried to support her. Grace was worried about touching anywhere, though; it was a miracle the girl could even stand. "Lie down. Moving around any more is just going to aggravate it." Grace tried to guide her to the side of the path, into a shady patch of grass between two tents.
  11. Sephira trudged through the dirty paths that was the forest, the broken branches above her was evidence that she had been in a heart pounding, adrenaline rushed chase. Unfortunately, the chase did not last long before the three men caught up to her. Each step was like lifting a heavy boulder on each foot. Pain stung through her legs, her body demanding she sit down and rest, but her mind would not comply. She felt light headed and slightly dizzy, the blood from her mouth was caked to her chin. Some was fresh from her previous cough fits, the rest was dried from the previous beating. She leaned against the trees for support until the time came to enter the town again, only one thought passed through her mind.

    'How am I going to explain this to Kyysucara?'

    She had explained the ridicules to her faction partner, but she made it sound like it wasn't that bad. She never explained to him what was really going on. The emotional pain turning physical. But now... She would have to be presented in this manner. What a joke.

    How would she explain to him she had been keeping the secret of this brutality for one year?

    Putting the thought to the side, she made her way to the outpost. She followed the music of a violin and the voice with the perfect, harmonious melody to match the musicality in the expert playing the instrument. Her large eyes appeared a dullish dark silver in contrast to her lively ones before Kyysucara had left to go exploring. In comparison to the cheerful girl she was not too long ago, Sephira was dead on the inside. It seems one too many forms of ridicule and assault had finally gotten to her. The purple haired girl found her way to the harmony that was music, but unfortunately, it came to an abrupt halt. Her dead gaze met one pair of concerned eyes, those eyes coming closer and closer to her. Then, one pair of eyes became many, all holding the same amount of concern for the girl who arrived half dead to this performance. Sephira looked to the floor, her abdomen inwardly throbbing in pain.

    "Get a healer! You two, find a stretcher!"

    A small look of hope shone on Sephira's face, 'Kindness. Support. Concern. Was it really evident within this small girl? Was she really willing to help? Or was it...'

    Sephira's face darkened again, 'Pity. Pity is what the green girl felt, that's why she wanted to help the bruised and beaten girl. That was it.'

    The beaten girl turned her unlively gaze to the other, the result of the Wind prodigies' brutality looking at her.

    "No matter...How much healing...I go through, the pain will always be there...Pity...Pity only the pain." Sephira's hoarse, inaudibly low voice spoke to the other.
  12. "Pity?" Grace asked in confusion. "Pity for what? You're hurt! You're-" Her words ceased and her blood froze. Just what had happened to this girl? "This," she started, then stopped. She could hardly get the words out. "Was this a man? Did he-" Grace could feel a rage boiling inside her. Her blood was raging through her body. She was ready to dismember someone. But the sight of the girl before her forced her to bite it down. She needed help first.

    "You're going to get a healer, and then we're going to hunt us down a piece of filth. I'm not going to pity you, so don't you dare pity yourself either!" A girl could lose herself like that. She needed healed, and then she needed to act.
  13. "You're going to get a healer, and then we're going to hunt us down a piece of filth. I'm not going to pity you, so don't you dare pity yourself either!"

    At these words, a gleamer of hope shone on Sephira's dead eyes. A slight tug on the corner of her lips formed a small smile, tears glimmered as they fell down her eyes. She had been wrong, this was not pity from the performer. It was genuine kindness, something she was never used to. But could the reason for such kindness be that the green girl didn't know exactly who Sephira was; The joke of the Winds and the scum of their existence? Or was it just from the goodness of her heart? The beaten girl guessed it was the second one, but introductions later will have to tell if this girl's kindness was unconditioned. She was going to tell the other that the wounds had come from not just one man, but three. Three prestigious and well respected men. And if they had absolutely no morals by beating Sephira to the mess she was now, then they'd have no problem lying about it too. For now though, she needed to rest, she needed to heal. She would have to thank this girl and explain everything once she could speak without the ache of her jaw protesting it.
  14. Grace laid the girl down in the grass. The healer arrived first, a light magic user well versed in healing. He set to work quickly; by the time the two people with the stretcher came, the healer had done as much as he could. It was enough that they could move Grace safely, but the healer stated that she still needed to rest. "We'll take her to my tent. This way." Grace ordered. The two men lifted the stretcher and she led them through the outpost. They soon left it, crossing a small gap to the Star Brigade's encampment.

    I really hope Elysia doesn't mind, Grace thought as they moved Sephira onto Grace's bed. She hadn't seen her roommate since last night, but Grace was pretty sure Elysia wouldn't have any objection. Looking back at the girl, Grace could see that most of her injuries were healed. That didn't mean she looked good; there was still blood caked around her mouth, mud covering her clothes, and other forms of grime clinging to her.

    "I'll be right back," Grace said. She grabbed the pitcher sitting on her bedside and ran out to fill it with water. She came back, filled the washbowl with it, dipped a white cloth into the cool water, and started wiping the muck from the girl's fair skin beginning at the top. When Grace had it all wiped away from her head, she gave a cheerful smile. "That's better. You have a pretty face."
  15. Sephira almost slipped unconscious at first contact with the grass, but she fought it. Now was not the time, not yet. When the healer arrived, Sephira thanked her lucky stars. Her muscles throbbed in pain and her abdomen was killing her, the healer was the one she wanted the most. The medical work that caressed her aching wounds made Sephira sigh in bliss, finally the brutality that she had endured was being erased from her skin. Well, as much that could be erased any way. Sephira closed her eyes for a long moment, the pure moment of bliss. When she revealed her silver eyes again, the sky was moving. No, the sky wasn't move, she was moving. She held a mask of passive calmness, but she confused as to where they were going.

    She looked around the camp she was entering. It was not familiar, but it was welcoming her presence. Where in the world was she? Suddenly, she was moved again, and her muscles ached during the movement. However, the muscles were silenced when the embrace of something cushiony made her relax, much better than the grass. Sephira almost cried at the kindness she received, who knew that such traits still existed? Genuine kindness...Compassion...Those words were so foreign to her... She had used them once before, but not on Kyysucara. Not that he was a bad guy, but he seemed to see her more as a faction partner than a friend. She had no objection to that though, she had to fight alongside him, getting too close would have a huge impact on the other if one were to die. A damp, cool cloth interrupted her thoughts as the green girl wiped at the blood and dirt on her face. She embrace the coolness, felt the wetness wipe away the blood and mud from her face. Sephira glanced over to the other girl and saw her cheerful smile.

    "That's better. You have a pretty face."

    Sephira couldn't fight the smile that spread along her face. Kindness. Compassion... She embraced it, she adored it.

    "Thank you...Where are we?" Her voice was still hoarse from the blows to her stomach, but it was better than before.
  16. "This is my tent, in the Star Brigade's tournament outpost," Grace answered. She paused in her work to fill a glass with water to help the girl's voice. "My name is Grace. What is yours?"
  17. "This is my tent, in the Star Brigade's tournament outpost," The girl began to fill a glass of water, most likely for the hoarse voice,"My name is Grace, What is yours?"

    Sephira hesitated, but went ahead and spoke,"S-Sephira..Sephira Celestra Authrelago..."

    The purple haired girl tried her luck, hoping the girl didn't know about her, and if she did, didn't mind. Her name was known as the joke of the Wind, she just hoped the girl's kindness would not disappear because of who she was.
  18. "Sephira. That's a beautiful name; it's like a jewel." A soft smile filled Grace's face as she propped Sephira's head up and pressed the glass to her lips, helping her sip the water. In the back of her mind the name seemed somewhat familiar, like something she'd heard on accident while walking in a crowd. But that could hardly matter to Grace. "Are you here to watch the tournament?"
  19. "Sephira. That's a beautiful name; it's like a jewel."

    Silver eyes widened a bit at the girl's statement, she could not believe what she just heard. Did Grace not know who she was, or did she not care? Sephira helped the girl help her by lifting her head to take a drink of the water pressed to her lips. She took a small sip and coughed, before Grace could pull the cup away took one last sip.

    "Are you here to watch the tournament?"

    Sephira looked at the girl,"I'm supposed to be participating in the tournament actually.. But due to nearly being incapacitated today, I'm not so sure if I should anymore."

    The purple haired girl smiled and rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment. Her voice had returned to its usual softness due to the water. Sephira gave a light cough in the other direction before looking back at the other.
  20. "You're a fighter? Then-" Grace had to stop herself. She was about ready to burst wondering what had happened and who to murder, but she couldn't hurt the girl by making her relive that. "Then I guess it's really important we get you back on your feet soon. Right?" A fighter should be able to protect herself. Unless it was a stronger fighter, or a group. The idea almost made Grace shudder, but she held it. "Do you use magic or a weapon?"
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