The Cave and the Stranger (*Closed*)

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  1. He watched from a distance, pure white ears flat against his head. His tail was wrapped tightly around his waist, kind of like a belt, and his t-shirt was torn in a few places, but he didn't mind. His white hair was filthy, but he didn't care. He'd lived out here like this for a very long time, hidden in the National Park. Usually, he stays as far as possible from the people. None of them seemed to accept him and his...differences, but this time, he felt different. The pretty girl was alone, he'd seen her a few times, but never alone, and she was attempting the hardest trail here...and it was wet. He felt like he needed to watch her, protect her. He had saved a few people on this slope before, but they never saw him or knew he had saved them. As her foot slid, he stood, dashing towards the base of the wall. He heard the sickening crack as she hit the ledge and he bit his lip, hoping she was okay. Using years of practice, he easily scaled the slick, muddy rock wall up to the ledge, about halfway from the top. There she lay, half-conscious and bleeding. "It's'll be okay. I'll help you." He said softly, kneeling down. As she slipped into unconsciousness, he carefully picked her up. She was heavier than most of the things he carried, but not as heavy as the wood, so he didn't have too much difficulty climbing back down the cliff wall. He carried her to a small lake with a waterfall. Around the lake he went until he reached the small, almost invisible path that led behind the waterfall. Carrying her into his cave, he set her down on a bed of old clothes and leaves, all freshly rinsed in the waterfall. He set her down, starting a fire with the few logs he had left. Using an old medicine kit, he took the gauze and wrapped her ankle and elbow, then put a Band-Aid on her forehead where there was a small cut. He only used the kit on strangers he helped. Believing she'd sleep for a while, he went to the opposite side of the cave, hugging his knees close to his chest and resting his chin on his knees, watching her carefully. Despite it being daylight, it was dark in the cave because of the waterfall. The little light the fire provided did not reach him, making him a shadowy figure in the corner. He was not aware of this, his only fear was that she would attack him if she woke. Only a few minutes of watching her, he began to slip into sleep.
  2. Sarah's light brown eyes opened slowly, her head immediately starting to to pound and ache painfully. Her hair was in a fairly neat disarray, and her clothes had some dirt on them. It took her a second or two to realize what had happened, and collect her memories to find out where she was. Well, she remembered falling. Maybe she hit her head too, oh how it hurt.

    Her hand went to rub her head to help the pain, though it didn't help much. It was then she realized she had her ankle and elbow wrapped. Her fingers traced over the gauze, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. And she was sitting on clothes and leaves; quite comfy, but not hers. Someone had to have brought her here and helped her. Looking around, she wasn't sure where she was. A cave? She didn't even know there was one around. Her eyes scanned the area, and stopped on a silhouette it the back of the cave. She gasped in fear, not aware of their presence. She was stuck in shock. Should she say something? Run away?

    "U-uh... H-hello..?" She stuttered out with a shaky voice, it echoing slightly.
  3. His eyes shot open and he squeaked fear. He had fallen asleep! If she saw already saw him...what was he going to do?! Would she hurt him? Maybe not...she sounded in pain... " relax..." he said quietly, though he couldn't hide the fear in his voice. "T-tension just makes it worse..." He added quietly. His ears were flat against his head, the white fur blending with his shaggy white hair, and his tail was wrapped tightly around his waist, hidden by the hem of his torn shirt. His teeth were a little more pointed than normal, but not too noticeable. "H-how bad does it hurt?" He asked, shifting and crawling a little closer, yet he stayed pretty far away, the fire barely lighting up his face, covered in dirt and a scar on his right cheek. His golden eyes watched her fearfully. Was she like the others who actually saw him?
  4. She flinched when he moved, and her hand flew to her head again at his question. "What? O-oh, I'm fine." She said quickly, dropping her hand to support her statement. She faintly caught the fear in his voice, too focused on there being a stranger close but not too close to her.

    Sarah tried to focus her eyes on his barely lit face, making her head pound worse. She whimpered quietly and unknowingly to herself, and put her hand on her head again, which she was aware of. "Did you bring me here?" She asked, her voice a little hesitant.

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    He didn't move any closer, but pointed at a small bag. "Medicine in there might help..." He said quietly. His English was a little broken, and when the fire flickered, his ripped shirt could barely be seen along with his tattered jeans. He had bare feet. His ears were still flat against his head, and his tail was wrapped around his waist like a belt. "And food is in there too... M-move slow though, or the pain will be worse." He said, taking a deep breath. He couldn't seem scared, or she would be suspicious, right?
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