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  1. "Have a good weekend, guys." Their English teacher called as the bell rang. Charlie grabbed her bag and was one of the first out the door and at her locker. She fired the necessities into her back and swung it onto her back, before heading out into the glorious sunshine. It was days like these that she wished she could take to the skies- but she needed to keep a low profile. Not give anybody any reason to suspect that she wasn't from around these parts.

    She'd been invited to a party that evening, and was already starting to think about what she was going to wear. But, first, she was meeting Dallas for a coffee. He was one of the only people from home in the town, and she was dying to see a really familiar face. She had a bunch of friends, but she didn't really know any of them, and while she did like them, a lot of their interactions felt a little false.

    She pulled off her checked shirt, revealing the printed vest top she wore underneath, and slung it over her arm as she headed into Starbucks. "Hey, can I get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a shot of caramel syrup?" She asked the barista. She paid, before taking the table by the window. A minute or so later, the barista appeared with her drink. She took a sip out of it and grinned. Maybe some parts of Earth weren't so bad.


    Jace scowled as he glanced out the window. It was sunny. If he went out with all of his skin covered, he'd draw attention to himself, which was what he was trying to avoid. And he needed to go out- the Elysians would be out of school by now, and he wanted to keep an eye on them. Try and find ways to manipulate them. So he'd have to go out showing some skin, and find somewhere sheltered, ideally in shadow, as soon as possible. He stood up, picked up his sunglasses and left the apartment.

    He felt the sun hit him as soon as he stepped outside the door of the apartment building. While everybody else seemed to enjoy it, it felt like the heat was leeching the energy from his skin, and he scowled again, pulling on his sunglasses.

    After a few minutes, he passed a Starbucks and stopped. Two Elysians in the one place, that was also inside and cool? Jackpot. He headed in and sauntered up to the counter. The female barista glanced at him, then properly looked at him. He leaned on the counter and grinned. "Hey. What do you recommend? You look like a girl of good taste." He said, smiling at her. She smiled and listed off a relatively complicated order that Jace lost track of. But he kept his grin, and when she was finished, shrugged and said, "I'll have that then." He handed her the cash and took a seat where he could keep an eye on the Elysians.
  2. Aaaahhhhh Starbucks, the place where the gods touched earth and filleth cups with the nectar of heaven that energized Dallas in such a way he couldn't help but smirk a little closer to a smile than usual. The dark haired boy strolled in not but five minutes after Charlie, pretending not to see her as he stood a few people behind her in line until his turn had finally come to place his glorious order with the cashiers that knew him all to well by now. Hell, anyone who dealt with young people in town knew the name and face of the inglorious bastard Dallas Robertson. In fact... Starbucks had him on probation since he beat the shit out of a kid in there a few weeks ago for doing something ridiculously rude. If it happened again he'd be forbid his alcoholic-like attraction to coffee, and of course that meant it would never happen.

    The girl behind the counter smiled at first until she realized it was Dallas and she adopted an expression between familiarity and disgust, couldn't really tell if she had nice feelings toward him or not but Dallas didn't care. "I'm guessing it's gonna be the usual, Dallas?" she questioned, already writing his name on the cup, "Toffee Mocha Frappuccino, heavy on the cream, light on the toffee?" She continued, raising a brow.

    "You know it sweetheart." He drawled with a smirking yet unemotional face as the two of them exchanged words about money and actual money before Dallas strode away to sit down with Charlie near the window. The way he sat down was fast and almost jockish, but for once less assholian than normal, his legs kinda flying in the air as his rump dropped onto the chair, rocking the table just a little bit but not enough to disturb anything. His face was still rather emotionless as he looked sideways at Charlie due to him sitting with his back to the window. "Sup."
  3. Aziraphel was here, on earth. He'd been on earth for over a thousand years, and had seen a great deal. Before he'd come to earth, he'd been a legendary general who's cunning was credited with bringing about a short and tentative peace. "The Skyfury" he'd been called, supposedly signifying his skill in the arts of war...Now, he was little more than a babysitter. The role itself didn't bother him, though he was a tad insulted that the youngsters had been brought to him on such short notice. He wasn't entirely sure if all of them even knew who he was...Perhaps he'd regale them with stories sometime, Aziraphel loved stories. It was time now, the kids would be getting out of school, and he was supposed to be 'tutoring' a couple of them. The angel closed his book and set it back on the shelf. He set his reading glasses into their case, which he closed and put into the left hand drawer of his desk. He grabbed his coat and hat, and left. Aziraphel's sense of dress was very old fashioned, and his outfit made that blatantly clear. He looked like someone out of the twilight zone. The walk to the school wasn't far, and it was a nice day in all. He was wary, as he'd been dealt with Alliegent a handful of times already, but upbeat. He stopped on the corner of school property. Those who were willing to learn would come, and those who were to become Alliegent would become so either way, for better or for worse. He gave off a distinct aura as an angel, and he was doing nothing to mask it. Humans just felt giddy and became suggestible, whereas other creatures merely recognized him for what he was. Aziraphel's aura was stronger than usual, and most likely could be felt for a few blocks.
  4. Ivy sat in the plush chair in her ratherly large apartment. She lived on the top floor of a 20th story building. The sun was high in the sky, lighting up the veranda. The plants seem to point themselves torward her as she stepped on the balcony. Ivy tilted her face torward the sky and breathed in the clean air. Up high, it smelled fresh and new.

    Ivy could see even from where she was that school had let out. She'd need to leave soon and meet up with the Elysians.

    Turning off from the veranda, Ivy slipping on her boots over her leggings and a coat over her gown. Tying her hair up into a pointail. Her wings felt heavy on her back, and cramping from all the time spent under her clothing. The purpose of being so high was that Ivy could dive off the balcony and allow her wings to snap free from her back. However, she had not the chance to do it. The Alligaints could easily spot her that way.

    She walked out of her apartment and began her decent to the ground floor.
  5. Charlie saw Dallas approaching and scooped up her drink before he sat down, knowing all too well that he was liable to send it flying. However, today he sat down unusually politely, and if her drink had been on the table, she probably would have only lost the cream from the top as opposed to the whole drink.


    "Sup," She replied, grinning at him. "Good to know you're sticking to your probation by not wrecking the entire Starbucks." She teased, taking a sip from her drink and flicking her hair out of her eyes. She glanced over at the counter, where she saw a guy leaning on the counter. Something about that posture made her want to scowl- but she didn't as he turned to walk away.

    "Yo, Dallas. Hottie at three o'clock." She jerked her head towards him, grinning a little. Sure, they didn't know how long they were going to be here- but that wasn't to say that they couldn't have a little fun, was it?
  6. Dallas' emotionless face suddenly became a bit more emotional mostly curiosity, as his mouth opened a bit as if to breathe out the word "what" as his eyes immediately glanced the same direction as wherever 3 o' clock was. Oh shit. Not bad, not bad, Charlie had an eye for the good ones, but Dallas insisted on being unreadable as ever. "Oh he's not that hot," he piped off in a sarcastic tone and waved around his left hand in a rather gay fashion, which was supported on the table by an elbow.

    "Well he's not hot yet, should I have fun?" he asked turning to look at her already knowing he shouldn't. "Yeah, probably shouldn't, probation and all... but not like they could know what caused it..." he ran on for another minute, rambling about hot or not in a sarcastic tone until the guy sat down... uncomfortably close to where they were, and Dallas shut up without another word and turned in his seat to face Charlie and away from the guy.

    Dallas tended to be a little shy if someone was teasing him, even if he was a bit more boisterous when not. He wasn't about to give Charlie too much material to harass him with, after all he was the one who did all the harassing.

    The coffee lady brought him his frap and he snatched in hungrily with a quick thank you, manners weren't lost on him after all. He began to drink and died of happiness on the inside, just barely heating up the area around him a bit.
  7. Ivy was walking along the sidewalk, her eyes scanning the surrounding crowds. She was an Angel, but that didnt keep her from fearing the loose Alliegent. She had a hunch that there were some lurking around here, and Ivy had no intention of getting tangled up in their messes.

    Her wings were stuffed against her back and under her clothes. She wanted nothing more than to snap them free and fly away from the concrete city, but she had to mentor the Elysians or something horrible may happen to them. It was surprising even to her how her wings could be so large, but yet seem so small when she folded them up.

    The wind tugged at her, tearing a few strands of hair from her ponytail and raising the tails of her trenchcoat from her legs.

    Where were the Elysians? She could find not a single one walking down the busy sidewalks. Usually Ivy could pinpoint them as if they were litte puppies in a group of kittens, but everything seemed more dull, and she couldnt sense not a single one.
  8. Charlie laughed at Dallas's reaction, sipping at her drink. She knew that Dallas liked to play just about everything cool, and he wasn't going to give away his real opinion. It seemed like his question about "having a little fun" was rhetorical, so she just kept drinking as he discussed it with himself. Eventually, he was distracted by his coffee arriving.

    "Dallas, you're heating up again," She warned, grinning at him. Her power was, rather fortunately, not tied to her emotions, so she could easily control it. "Do I need to cool you down?"

    She was hoping that he knew she was joking, because her power was also considerably more obvious than his. A little stray heat wasn't completely beyond the norm- but somebody getting soaked from nowhere was a lot more obvious.

    "Are Aaron and Ivy coming today or nah?" She asked, glancing back outside at the sunshine.


    Jace could hear the two Elysians chatting as he took his seat. They didn't seem to be missing home all that much- and they clearly didn't recognise him or pick up on the fact that he was Allegiant. Perfect. His coffee arrived and he took a mouthful out of it. It wasn't bad, he supposed. He sat in silence, listening to them and drinking his coffee. One of them- the boy, presumably, seeing as it was the girl who appeared to be warning him- had evidently accidentally used his power. Jace smirked. He was tempted to let his own power slip and terrify everyone in the building- but decided against it. It probably wasn't such a good idea to reveal himself too soon. But he would... eventually.
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  9. "Oh shit whoops." Dallas jumped as he reigned back in his heat. He did that way too often to be safe, plus it would melt his coffee and such an act would be punishable by death, so Dallas would have to burn himself alive with hot coffee and... "Charlie I swear don't you dare." he commented, not wanting to get wet. Of course she was joking, but he wanted to comment anyway, who was a man with more words than Dallas? Nobody, absolutely nobody. There also wasn't a man out there who could out Dallas in a competition of words. Nope. Dallas would soon have them reeling in a bunch of confusion before they made any real headway, such was the life of a distraught teenager.

    "Angel baes? One is probably on their way, other is probably forgetting we can give him the slip in a crowd of people." Dallas said with an ACTUAL smile, like "omg wtf." (Get over yourselves people, he's human... err... Elysian. Whatever.) "Suits me, I can actually enjoy a nice long coffee break from the day's struggles and the night's hassles with my friend Charlie Warlie and pretend like my life doesn't completely suck. Some days training is a momentous BORE, other days it's quite fun, like that day I sat fire to that... Okay that wasn't fun you took awhile putting that out..." Dallas trailed off again, purposely trying to annoy Charlie with babble, which of course barely worked anymore since she was used to it. The fun was the trying though right?

    "So what's the hottie at my 6 o' clock doing?" Dallas asked in the middle of a ramble, sneakily inserting his curiosity into the conversation. The guy had sat right near them and that felt a little strange to Dallas that someone Charlie noticed would be so close to the two of them. Did it set off flags? Not necessarily, but it piqued some curiosity from the estranged hot head-ed elysian.
  10. Tzadkiel had woken up late, as usual, deciding to avoid the morning rush that took this town by the throat and stay in bed for a little longer. It was Friday, the brunette was supposed to keep an eye on the few Elysian's in the town, but he had been procrastinating all week. Instead, he had busied himself with getting to know the town a little more. He had never felt so many Elysian's or Angel's in one place before, what made Riversdale so special? Tzadkiel threw the covers off of his half-naked body, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and grabbing his pack of cigarettes that sat on his bedside dresser. He took a few minutes to rub the sleep from his eyes and light a smoke before he walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out the necessary attire for the day.

    He usually kept to the darker shade of the rainbow when it came to his attire; bright colors made him stand out and black made him look suspicious. Also, just because the sun itself was his mortal enemy, didn't mean he had to walk around town looking like a fashion disaster. A quick look out his bedroom window and Tzad knew the sun wouldn't be hiding behind any clouds today. With a groan, he threw on a dark grey shirt (one where the sleeves end at the elbows) and a pair of jeans that fit a bit loose. He let the cigarette hang from his lips as he pulled on a pair of shoes and slipped a dark blue bean on his head. He needed to cover up as much as possible, but not draw too much attention to himself. It was a good thing that beanies were more in style than ever.

    The young Allegiant made his way to the front door, swiping a pair of sunglasses off the table before exiting his apartment. As soon as he made it down the stairs Tzad could feel the sun seeping his energy. He took one last drag from his cigarette, tossed it into the grass, and then made his way through the streets of Riversdale. He had slept most of the day so the high school was most likely already out. "Where do young Elysian's go to hang out on a Friday?"

    As soon as school let out, Kammie went home to drop off her bulky school bag and then decided to grab a coffee. She had planned to skip out on her lesson with Aaron and Ivy today, ditching to hang out in the mall instead, but she didn't have many friends to hang out with so she decided, what the hell? Might as well get some work done and learn something new than walk the mall all lonesome. She waved to her 'parents' as she exited the house, walking the way to Starbucks rather quickly. The little establishment always got busy after school and Kammie wanted to find her own table so she could play a game on her phone in peace.

    A few minutes later, she pushed the door to the coffeehouse open and made her way in line. The young girl at the cash-register gave her a smile, most likely remembering Kammie from the other day. The young woman never stayed in the coffeehouse on most days, she usually took her coffee on the go, but she never failed to order something different. It was always: "Hey hun, Raspberry Machiato with chocolate chips, heavy on the cream?" The cashier had already grabbed a cup, scribbling the order on the side as she glanced sideways at Kammie. Kammie merely smiled and nodded, paying the usual amount before finding a small table nearby. She took a seat, not really looking around for familiar faces, instead she fished out her phone from her back pocket and booted up some new, silly game she downloaded.

    As she neared level five, the cashier from earlier brought Kammie's drink. The two exchanged a smile and proper manners before the young girl returned to her post. Kammie sipped on her drink with caution, knowing all to well that it was probably hotter than she would like.
  11. Ivy stepped stepped around the numerous potholes and large cracks in the sidewalks as she made her way down the street. The weather was nice for the season, and the sun wasnt nearly hot enough. She felt heated in her trenchcoat, but it was the only thing that hid the outline of her wings from the human eye.

    Her boots made little noise as she approached a crossroads. The traffic was noisy, and the smells from numerous fast food stands and gasoline made her eyes water. Damnit, where did the Elysians go? If an Allegiant found them first, Hell would break loose and she would never get her chance.

    Where DID Elysians go from school? Ivy didnt have the slighest clue. A fast food resteruant? Hardly. Coffee shop? Better check there, she had no other leads. Ivy thought for a moment, and the nearest one from the school was a Starbucks located a few blocks from where she was.

    Turned on her booted heel, Ivy made her way torward the nearest Starbucks, her wings itching across her back the entire way there.
  12. Charlie smirked as Dallas rambled. She laughed at his reminiscing of that particular day in training. He'd set fire to something, and she'd calmly started trying to put it out. But he'd started getting more and more flustered, making the whole thing worse and making her job a lot harder, and she'd ended up yelling at him to go away and calm the fuck down. She didn't particularly want to go training either- they'd get warned yet again about getting attached to people because they could have to leave at a moment's notice and that would cause too much disruption and make their job harder and horse manure like that. It was much more fun to just chill out and drink coffee.

    As Dallas asked her about the guy who had sit down, Charlie knocked a spoon onto the floor as cover for leaning out. It was a little strange that he'd sat down so close to them, considering that the coffee shop wasn't even that busy. As she was trying to get a look of him, he stood up and left his table. She quickly sat up, blinking a little as her head spun. "He's coming this way." She whispered, before quickly putting her coffee to her lips as he approached.

    Jace could still hear them talking, and resisted the temptation to laugh as he heard the guy talking about him. He mightn't have been able to do anything yet... But that wasn't to say he couldn't have a little fun. As he stood up from his seat, he could have sworn he saw a flash of orange from their table. He smirked- probably the girl, attempting to spy on him.

    He headed over to their table and grinned apologetically. "Hey. Sorry to interrupt, but I'm in town doing research, and I'm looking for people to interview about life here. Can you guys recommend anybody worth talking to?" He asked, glancing between them. He made the split second decision that, based on what he'd overheard, the boy would be a lot more fun to play with. He allowed his eyes to look him up and down, before grinning almost seductively at him. "Or, if you guys were interested, I could talk to you?" He could see the girl smirking at the boy, but appeared to be drinking her coffee to keep herself quiet.
  13. When Charlie went on the covert to take a glance, Dallas immediately knew SOMETHING was about to happen. He immediately went into Stoic-Dallas mode and clamped his lips into a barely-a-smirk expression of apathy. She dropped the spoon as was usually done, hastily warned him they were gonna get a visitor, and then sat back up to take a sip of coffee... leaving Dallas to be the one to talk to the man. Great Charlie, just great, throw me in the line of fire, 'cept this time it's not as literal.

    Dallas felt the man approaching via that sense everyone seems to have, and suddenly went rigid as hell. This guy was flirty. Shit. That meant Dallas either had to out do the charm. The guy spoke something about research and Dallas could immediately pick up on the fact it was just a way to talk to them, he might actually be researching, but that wasn't why he was here talking to him and Char- that fucking grin. Okay you wanna play hardball you devilish little asshole? You got it. Dallas thought before allowing some emotion in his expression.

    "What makes you think we're interested?" He asked the man, a little coy. "We were just enjoying a pleasant conversation about the enchantments of coffee when you interrupted us." Dallas explained with a little salt. Though his words were sarcastic, Dallas had a playful twinge to his smile and he made sure to open his eyes wide and keep them at an angle that accentuated his lingering boyhood, coming off a little faggish. "Though if you got some questions I would love to answer them, helpful is my middle name after all." he finished his response by pulling his head back and to the side, rearing his neck in a way to look both sarcastic and attractive.

    Dallas was gonna lead this guy through as many loops as possible.
  14. Oh, fantastic. This boy wasn't going to give in too easily. He could really have a little bit of fun with him. The girl was smirking, having taken her coffee away from her lips and folded her arms to watch the interaction between the two boys. Jace shrugged a little. "Well, talking to somebody like you would be a lot more..." He smirked a little more. "Interesting, than, say, talking to a woman who feeds the pigeons every day by that statue of that general in the town square." The girl looked like she was biting her tongue so hard that she was at risk of biting it off, her grin almost splitting her head in half.

    "And I'd never turn down a chance to talk to somebody like you." He said, leaning against the wall beside him. He knew that his shirt was showing off a little bit of his hip, but he let it, hoping that it would catch the boy's attention. "I'd also appreciate somebody to show me around the nightlife of this small town. So, what do you say? Fancy showing a guy where he can party?" The girl attempted to cover her laughter with a cough, but failed. She was clearly enjoying herself.
  15. Dallas remained stoic and salty as the guy responded, barely showing any reaction, however the moment the "nightlife" comment came rolling around, Dallas laughed sharply and loudly, a rather powerful "Ha!" that echoed with amusement and laced heavily with sarcasm. "I'd ask Charlie about nightlife before I'd ask me, most of my nightlife consists of napping and thinking of how not to ask loser questions like that one." Dallas chuckled with a little hissing noise. "But yeah sure, let's talk to me about life in this town. I probably have more knowledge about the people here than anyone else you could meet, I'm kinda infamous in some circles ya know." Dallas said, dropping any and all playfulness and becoming a bit more assaulting.

    "Ask away bruh, grab a seat, let's talk while I finish my coffee. Whatcha studying for anyway? Some doctorate? You look a little on the young side there mister, sure you don't just need me to call your mommy?" he asked. Meanwhile, Dallas has began to notice the flash of a hip and internally cringed. Ugh, why were other people so comfortable with that shit? Dallas couldn't remember the last time he had to take hs shirt off, he just knew he hated it when it wasn't for changing clothes or showering. It was just awful showing his... okay it wasn't that awful looking.
  16. Ivy was speedwalking. She couldnt very well trust that her Elysians were alone. They were like mice and they were the owls, waiting to be picked off whenever the opportunity came. Her head was bowed as she braved her way past the small but intimidating crowd. She occassionally bumped shoulders, muttering small apologies. What if an Allegiant had found them already? Maybe an Allegiant wasnt even in town. Maybe Ivy would get lucky this time. Maybe-

    She bumped shoulders with a man that was atleast two heads taller than her, and her bones seemed to vibrate. It was as if somebody poured ice water down her spinal cord, droplets trickling from vertibrea to vertibrae, chilling her on the inside out. She wanted to collapse, but only managed to keep her knees from buckling. What in Gods name...?

    She bit her tongue as she muttered an apology. Christ, she was so exhausted now. There was no way that could be a human. Humans didnt make her body turn to ice to make her joints refuse to work. Ivy stood in the street for a few moments as the man walked away in the opposite direction. Shit.

    When Ivy made it to the Starbucks, she knew the Elysians were there, she could see they also had another person whom she didnt recognize.

    The man she ran into earlier was there with them. Damnit. Fear made her heart pump faster. How the hell did he get there before her? He was going in the opposite direction. Damn, this wasnt good. He had beaten her, and whatever he was wasnt good, and no doubt whatever he was saying to them was anything worth while, either. She couldnt very walk in there now, or else she would live to regret it. She could already feel herself weaken, her body light and cold.

    Cursing under her breath, she grit her teeth as she paced. How was she going to get that damned Allegiant out of there without him noticing her? It was nearly impossible. Unless...

    She swallowed. Doing something that risky would probably make the Allegiant notice her, but atleast the Elysians would get away and stop talking to that damned man.

    Swallowing, Ivy breathed in.

    And walked straight into an oncoming car, directly in the view of the Elysians.
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  17. Charlie watched the hottie and Dallas interact, smirking all the time. She knew Dallas, and she knew that Dallas was just trying to play it cool. As Dallas invited him to sit down, she looked at her phone and grinned up at the two of them. "Sorry, boys, I'm heading to a party tonight, but the fosters are only letting me go if I have all my homework done. Let me know how you two get on." She winked at them, picked up her half empty coffee cup and headed out, still smirking. She paused for a minute outside the coffee shop and texted Dallas. enjoy xx ;)

    As she hit send, something caught her eye. A woman, heading straight into traffic. Before Charlie could even react, a car slammed into her. Most of the time, Charlie was a cool, calm person. This was not one of those times. She screamed, but even as she was screaming, she was running over to the woman. As she reached her, she recgonised her. Ivy. "For fuck's sake, Ivy, you gave me a heart attack. Play along." She muttered to her mentor.

    "Infamous? Really? How so?" Jace asked, smirking. It was at that point that the girl excused herself and left. Jace slid into her seat and pulled out a notebook. "The name's Jason Hurley, but you can call me Jace." He leaned back in his seat a little, smiling seductively at the other boy. "I'm studying psychology and sociology, and, being a city boy through and through, decided to come to this small town to study your minds." He shrugged off his jacket, baring his arms, and spread his arms along the back of the couch, watching the boy all the time.

    However, the air was soon broken by a scream. Jace really could have cared less about the suffering of humans, but his curiosity was piqued- and, besides he needed to act as normal as possible. He leaned forward to look out the window, where a streak of orange was running for a woman who was lying in the street. The driver of the car had gotten out and appeared to be freaking out. The girl was kneeling beside the woman and seeing to her. Out of the corner of his eye, Jace was watching the boy for a reaction while trying to figure out how he himself was going to react.
  18. Ivy
    Ivy felt the car hit her across her waist, and spots exploded in her eyes. Normally, Angels didnt really feel pain, they could manually shut off those feelings, but in this case, she needed her reaction to be genuine to being hit. A muffled scream hit her lungs and forced out of her throat, ripping the lining of her layrnx. Gods, being a human must be horrible. It was so easy to be in pain.

    After the impact, Ivy stopped feeling it. She knew some of her bones were broken, but atleast her wings remained untouched. Regardless of being able to mute the pain, her wings were always the source of what she could feel. She could always feel the pain of her wings.

    One of her students, Charlie, leaned over her, eyes brimming with unshed tears and checking over her body. A flash of recognition covered her eyes, and she could tell she was worried about Ivy. She hadnt meant to scare them like this, but she had no choice. Ivy had needed to get them away from that cold man.