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  1. Elysium- or, as some would call it, Heaven. It isn't heaven in the typical "clouds and gold" sense. It's more of a parallel plane to ours, home to the celestial beings we could call angels. Half of it is beautiful, similar in appearance to our Earth, but entirely unspoiled by humankind. However, the other half... The other half is what is known as Asphodel, or, as some would call it... Hell. It's inhabitants are also angels, but those who have sworn allegiance to Asphodel. Asphodel is a wasteland. Nothing can grow there. The sun never pierces the heavy veil of clouds that constantly hang over the sky. Fires burn in places. Most life could never survive there. An angel could not survive there unless they were Allegiant.

    Elysium has been at peace for hundreds of years. A truce written almost a thousand years ago keeps them at peace with the Allegiant army. They have never had any reason to war with humankind- and if they did, it would result in a complete massacre of the humans. But millennia of constant warring with the Allegiant army means that a period of peace this long makes them restless. They hunger for any kind of conflict- or, at least, most do.

    And then the very thing that could cause a war. A few angels, barely into adulthood, are discovered to have abilities far beyond the norm. Their mentors realise that these abilities make them dangerous. If the Allegiant army were to discover them, they would stop at nothing to get them. And if the Allegiant army got their hands on them, there would be no stopping them. These angels would be forced to pledge allegiance to Asphodel and then used as a weapon against Elysium.

    However, they are not entirely safe in Elysium either. Some are worried that the Allegiant may invade to try and get them. Others want to turn them into perfect soldiers to use against the Allegiant. Some are convinced that they are impure, the offspring of the Allegiant and angels. For this very reason, the thought that they may not be entirely angel, they are referred to as Elysians.

    A decision is made to send the Elysians to Earth, to a small sleepy town called Riversdale on the East Coast of America, accompanied by a few of their mentors. It is provisionally a temporary measure, just until they figure out a long term solution. However, it is also entirely possible that they may have to remain on Earth forever- for their own safety and the safety of Elysium.

    Somehow, the news of this phenomenon reaches Asphodel. The Allegiant are instantly intrigued by these so called Elysians. None of their own have shown any development of new abilities like this. They decide to send some of their best soldiers to Earth as well- either to recruit them... or destroy them.

    • The Elysians appear to be in their late teens or early twenties in human years. They also have wings, similar to those of the Angels, but as they are younger, their wingspan is often up to fifteen foot. They are as strong and as fast as a fully matured Angel, and have the same level of control over their mental manipulation skills. They often also have an additional power, one that cannot contrast with their existing abilities. They can also not have shadow manipulation unless they swear allegiance to Asphodel.

      Contact with an Allegiant weakens them, but not to the same extent as an angel. It weakens the abilities they share with regular angels more than it does their unique abilities.

      The whole town was manipulated to believe that the Elysians had either been living in town for as long as they could remember or that they moved a few years ago. They were usually said to be adopted or fostered to avoid having to find parents that actually looked like the Elysians.

    • Angels are incredibly powerful beings. Not only do they have wings similar to that of an eagle or a hawk, often reaching up to twenty foot from tip to tip when fully spread, but they also have abilities that make them powerful and dangerous. They're much stronger and faster than your average human being. They can also manipulate the minds of others- from inducing hallucinations and erasing and creating memories to reading thoughts and transmitting thoughts. The telepathic communication is much stronger with their own kind, while it is much easier for them to manipulate the minds of humans.

      Contact with an Allegiant severely weakens their abilities, and prolonged contact with an Allegiant has been known to put an angel into a coma. Using their abilities for prolonged periods of times also drains them.

      The only Angels sent to Earth were the mentors of the Elysians. While they are generally assigned to a group of ten to fifteen trainees in Elysium, on Earth there is approximately one to every three Elysians due to the increased risks.

    • The Allegiant, at first, may be mistaken for angels. After all, that is what they once were. However, their wings were tainted pure black by Asphodel. Those who are newly Allegiant have grey wings, but as time passes, their wings gradually turn black. They sacrificed their ability of mental manipulation for that of shadow manipulation.

      Contact with an angel or an Elysian has no effect on them. However, sunlight has an adverse effect on them. Spending too long out in it gives them a headache, and after the headache appears, they grow gradually weaker and weaker. Artificial light, from being indoors, does not have this effect on them.

      The Allegiant ranged in ages, and so could not simply be put into foster families, especially as they did not have the ability of mental manipulation to aid them. They had to create their own reasons for being in Riversdale.

    • Humans are just that- human. However, they are relevant to our story. The Elysians need parents, friends, dates, teachers..

      Humans are often drawn to angels, Elysians and the Allegiant- whether it's sexual or romantic attraction, a desire to be friends, or an overwhelming urge to punch them in the face. Contact with any of the above has no negative effects on them. They can, however, be affected by their abilities.

    This roleplay takes place in the small town of Riversdale on the East Coast of America. Its climate is mild for most of the year. Temperatures average around 25 degrees Celsius in summer, although it's not uncommon for temperatures to reach 30 degrees or higher. The highest recorded temperature was 37 degrees Celsius in 1987. In winter, temperatures average around zero degrees, but can drop as low as -10 at times. Lowest temperature on record was -15 in 2001.

    Riversdale has a elementary school, a middle school and a high school. Their sports teams are moderately successful, as are many of their other teams. Their school is average in the rankings, as while they aren't exactly elite, they do have a relatively good standard of teaching.

    Riversdale's town centre mostly consists of a variety of shops. It also boasts a rather impressive library, a six screen cinema, a shopping mall and no less than two Starbucks. A number of multinational companies have offices or factories on the edge of town, ensuring that Riversdale is kept busy.

    This may or may not be obvious, but no godmodding or anything of the sort. Obviously humans are going to be at a bit of a disadvantage here, but that doesn't mean you can abuse that.
    Swearing? I don't honestly mind. Just don't be swearing every few words, kay?
    Romance? Absolutely! Go for it! In fact, I'm hoping for some! However, I have a few important guidelines for this.

    • If characters want to engage in sexual activities, they must be over17. I'm pretty sure anything involving characters younger than that is forbidden on Iwaku.
    • This is an LGBTQIA+ friendly roleplay. Any transphobia, homophobia or any sort of queerphobia will not be tolerated.
    • Be appropriate. If a relationship would be looked down upon in real life (e.g. Massive age difference, affairs) please portray it as such. If I feel it is inappropriate, I may ask for it to be ended.
    • Please take anything more than making out to the PM's.
    • I am also going to stress here: Teen members cannot write smut with adult members and vice versa. Even over PM's. Don't do it.
    Violence? Go for it, just don't get too graphic.
    Multiple characters are perfectly acceptable. However, I ask that if you want to make a second character, they are either human or angel. I will allow as many characters as you can handle- however, they cannot all be Elysian or Allegiant.
    Human characters must have some sort of connection to an Elysian, be it a best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or adoptive sibling.
    If you want to have any sort of relationship with a character, ask the person playing them!
    Diversity is good. Make diverse characters.
    Please use realistic pictures for your character- i.e, No anime. If in doubt, ask me! I don't bite.
    If you have any questions or ideas that you're unsure about, ask me. I'll always be happy to help!

    [font=Georgia][tabs][tab=Basics][IMGA=right]Picture goes here.[/IMGA]
    [b]Name:[/b] (Full name.)
    [b]Nicknames:[/b] (If they have any nicknames. If not, feel free to delete or just put N/A)
    [b]Age:[/b](Age they appear in the case of Angels, Allegiants and Elysians. We don't need to worry about actual ages here.)
    [b]Species:[/b] (Angel/Elysian/Allegiant/Human)
    [b]Sexuality:[/b] (There's more than just straight and gay, remember.)
    [b]Gender:[/b] (Gender they identify as. Include preferred pronouns if relevant)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (Briefly describe the character. Doesn't have to be long.)[/tab]
    [b]Additional Ability:[/b] (Only relevant to Elysians. Describe what they can do and what it's weaknesses are.)
    [b]Connection to Elysian:[/b] (Only relevant to Humans. Say what Elysian and how. Remember, if the Elysian isn't your own, just ask if they'd be okay with your character being whatever.)[/tab]
    [b]Personality:[/b] (I know that this can sometimes change when you get IC, so I'm not going to ask for an essay. 1-2 medium sized paragraphs should be okay.)
    [b]History:[/b] (This doesn't need to be detailed at all and it's optional for Humans. For angels and Elysians, I'm really just looking for the story that everyone else in town believes. For Allegiant, it's their cover story- why are they in town? 1-2 paragraphs should be okay. Include anything from their past you think is relevant.)[/tab]
    (Put anything else that's relevant here.)
    Significant relationships (e.g Adoptive siblings, best friends) also go here in the format:
    Name: | Species | Relationship
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    • Name: Charlotte Mary Blackman
      Nicknames: Charlie, Char
      Age: 18
      Species: Elysian
      Sexuality: Asexual, Heteroromantic
      Gender: Female

      Appearance: Charlie stands at an average 5'6" and is lean and slim from training. Her hair is dyed a faded orange that may look ridiculous on anybody else but that she manages to pull off. Her eyes are big and a green-brown colour, sitting on a long and narrow face. She is usually found wearing pink lipstick and simplistic eye makeup, preferring to let her hair do the talking. She adores wearing skinny jeans and printed shirts, although will never say no to an excuse to get dressed up. Her figure lacks any real curves, something that does bother her from time to time, as she's always noticed guys paying attention to the girls with bigger curves.

    • Additional Ability: Charlie has the ability to manipulate water. She can use water from any nearby source, from a nearby river to the clouds above her head, and can even create water from nothing, although this does require more energy. At the risk of dehydrating them, she can even draw water from a human body. Interestingly, she can manipulate steam, but not ice, due to the fact that she can compress the molecules in steam into a liquid, but cannot expand them out from a solid. Her control of water is limited only by her imagination and her stamina.

      However, manipulating water does require energy. Simply moving it around requires minimal energy. Giving it enough pressure to be useful in an attack requires more energy. Creating water from nowhere requires a considerable amount of energy. The amount of energy varies depending on the climate she's in. If she's in a cool environment, the energy she requires is less. If she's in a hot, dry climate, using her power requires considerably more energy. Pushing herself too far could cause her to pass out and, ironically enough, she can still drown if water gets into her lungs while she's unconscious and unable to force it out.

    • Personality: Charlie is an incredibly calm, cool person. It's rare to see her get worked up about anything. She seldom seems to get stressed and can keep her cool in a lot of situations. She can often seem a little unenthusiastic about things, because it's not in her nature to get really worked up and excited. She can always take control of a situation and steer it in the right direction, but as soon as it is facing the right direction, she'll hand control over to somebody else. While she will always play her part in a team, she doesn't take leadership unless everything is going downhill fast. Her tendency to stay calm and cool also means that she is a good negotiator or peacemaker, because she won't rush any decisions or get too flustered. She also has an amazing ability to detach.

      She mightn't get worked up about much, but that isn't to say she doesn't get angry. A lot of the time, people worry more about her getting angry than somebody who will scream and shout and even lash out. Their revenge may be rushed and hasty and mightn't be that severe as a result. But Charlie knows that revenge is a dish served cold, and will wait it out and take as long as she needs for everything to be perfect. She's a good friend, but a terrifying enemy. She holds massive grudges and will admit that it is a huge flaw for her. Her ability to stay so cool can be and is often mistaken for apathy, and she will also admit that she doesn't do much to stop that.

      History: Charlie had a relatively normal life as an Elysian- or, rather, a life that was as normal as an Elysian's life could be. She was a perfectly happy and normal kid. However, her cover story was less so. Evidently the angel who was assigned to her story had a love for drama. Her story was that of a baby, abandoned soon after birth. A homeless woman found her and brought her to the hospital, worried about the baby. She was taken into foster care and was looked after by a middle-aged woman who was an emergency foster carer for a few nights, before being taken in by a childless couple. However, after a few weeks, the woman fell ill, and Charlotte was taken back into foster care. The longest she ever stayed with a single foster family was for six months, before the husband was arrested for drug possession.

      Charlie was thirteen when she went to her current family with low hopes. The family fell in love with her almost straight away and fostered her at first. After two years, they decided to adopt her altogether, but allowed her to keep the surname that she'd picked up somewhere along the way and had decided to keep. She took a while to settle in, but eventually found her feet with them. In reality, Charlie pitched up at their door with them believing that she'd been on a school trip for the weekend and had to pretend that she'd been there for years.
    • (relationships)
  2. This is nowhere near done yet as I just realized that I have very little time. Anyway, if I may reserve a spot, I have a few questions.

    Do the angels have a particular naming scheme? Is it like the angels in Christianity whose names are only one word, no last names, and those names aren't even traditional human names, or..?

    Also, do these mentors take on many students, or would I have to choose just one student? In the latter case, will Charlotte be needing a mentor?

    Major WIP (open)

    • Name:
      Nicknames: (If they have any nicknames. If not, feel free to delete or just put N/A)
      Age:(Age they appear in the case of Angels, Allegiants and Elysians. We don't need to worry about actual ages here.)
      Species: (Angel/Elysian/Allegiant/Human)
      Sexuality: (There's more than just straight and gay, remember.)
      Gender: (Gender they identify as. Include preferred pronouns if relevant)

      Appearance: (Briefly describe the character. Doesn't have to be long.)

    • Additional Ability: (Only relevant to Elysians. Describe what they can do and what it's weaknesses are.)

      Connection to Elysian: (Only relevant to Humans. Say what Elysian and how. Remember, if the Elysian isn't your own, just ask if they'd be okay with your character being whatever.)

    • Personality: (I know that this can sometimes change when you get IC, so I'm not going to ask for an essay. 1-2 medium sized paragraphs should be okay.)

      History: (This doesn't need to be detailed at all and it's optional for Humans. For angels and Elysians, I'm really just looking for the story that everyone else in town believes. For Allegiant, it's their cover story- why are they in town? 1-2 paragraphs should be okay. Include anything from their past you think is relevant.)

    • (Put anything else that's relevant here.)

      Significant relationships (e.g Adoptive siblings, best friends) also go here in the format:
      Name: | Species | Relationship

  3. Hi there!

    No, Angels don't have any particular naming scheme. If you want to give them a first name that is found in Christianity, go for it, but I'm not going to be fussy about it.

    And in Elysium, mentors would be one to a group of ten or fifteen, but here it's one to a group of three or four.
  4. Updated some of the information and included a little bit about Riversdale!
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  6. GO FOR IT!

    (also i love that gif in your signature xD)

    • Name: Dallas R. Greywood
      Nicknames: Asshole… Oh wait that’s not a nickname.
      Age: 19
      Species: Elysian
      Sexuality: Some awkward mash of rules, easiest classification is a bisexual.
      Gender: White Cisgender Male Douchebag. (Not really, just male)

      Appearance: Dallas is almost a perfect example of the tall, dark, and handsome stereotype. Standing at around 6'2" with a creamy white complexion and a face that could melt women from a mile away. However this seems to be marred by social stereotype before someone sees him for who he actually is...

      He has naturally pitch black hair grown in an emo-style cut that hangs of his eyes. His eyes are an icy blue and can just about wreck anyone's ability to stare him down. He dresses in your standard dark colored outfits for the socially outcast. Often wearing converse or some sort of heavy boot, darkly stained jeans, a plain-dark T-Shirt and striped or leather jackets. Occasionally he's been seen dressing almost preppy.

    • Additional Ability: Energy Manipulation (Light/Heat)
      Dallas has the ability to manipulate the flow of energy in the world around him to concentrate and create high intensity light or heat, often times some combination of the two because of the way energy works. This ability isn’t inherently explosive or destructive and more passive to be honest, but it can be used in flashy manners like super heating a tank of gas or using glass to magnify an intense light into what could be a laser. It all boils down to Dallas’ level of creativity.

      The downside? His abilities are largely connected to his emotions, therefore the full extent of his powers is locked away for until something can create an emotional reaction. This also means that if he gets too bent out of shape he can lose control and do something potentially harmful. He tends to need more observation than other Elysians because of how dangerous a pissed off Dallas could be in the wrong place. (Imagine a large concentration of heat at a gas station.) Vice Versa, Dallas has little power in some states. If he’s significantly depressed enough there’s a possibility even the warmth of his breath could leave him. A controlled, apathetic Dallas would not really be able to do anything.

      Strangely, the energy Dallas concentrates and generates has no effect on people to whom Dallas harbors large amounts of love, affection, and compassion. Someone like a lover can get close to Dallas when he goes off the deep end, possibly to subdue him, and not suffer any harm because Dallas subconsciously will bend the energy around them to keep them from being harmed. It’s a strange phenomenon but kind of hard to observe when Dallas is so stand-offish and closed-off from other people.

    • Personality: Despite his dark look Dallas is far from any sort of emo-child or gothkid personality, however he does like to sit alone in a corner. He is always smiling, laughing quite obnoxiously, and doing god-knows-what. Those who judge by appearances often have trouble getting past his appearance (which is sometimes marred with black and masculine make-up) and never get to see Dallas' inner beauty. Even with appearances out of the picture it's still kinda hard to get past his first impression.

      You see, Dallas has an edge, and this has earned him his status as a legend of snark. He has a rule, and a very annoying one. "If you can't handle me at my worst, you can't handle me at my best." Meaning, when you meet him, you have a fifty fifty chance on meeting the biggest douche you've ever met in your life, he likes to keep most people at a distance so the ones who can get past that he knows are keepers.

      He does butt heads with some people who are more forthright about things, but he insists on being a mystery. His charms are also something to be wary of. When he starts putting on the flirt it's hard not to be sucked in by it, however it's often shallow. When it's not shallow, play-flirting it often means he is in love or wants to make friends.

      The last thing about Dallas, the thing that nobody notices half the time because it's so situational, is he is very, unhealthily, chaste. The kid can't even take his shirt off. Like the rest of him, he believe you have to work to get to know him (even his nips), and you just about have to marry him to finally know Dallas through and through, and in his mind, that's how it's supposed to be.

      History: Dallas had his parents split up when he was young, but it didn't affect him much. He just rolled with the punches and went on with life, growing up with his mother as a single parent he had it pretty easy, he wasn't rich, but living was more than comfy. But that all changed when the fire nation attacked... Err, so to speak.

      When he was old enough to do some more strenuous chores his mother swamped him with expectations out the wazoo. He had to make all A's, he had to cook, and clean, get a job, learn to drive, look into scholarships, go to church, mow the yard, sweep the floors, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, do the laundry, polish the tables, vacuum the rugs, feed the cat, pump the gas, take out the trash, make his bed, make her bed, do her dishes, do her errands, go the college she wanted him to, look the way she wanted him to, live the way she wanted him to... His own life was put on the back burner for her ideals.

      He... Got fed up with it. Everything he was suddenly became anti-her, to the point even he forgot himself. The result was a darkness that inked onto his personality and style, and a confusion of self. His strive for independence suppressed and released traits about himself in a near random fashion.

      Of course, in reality he’s always been a complete mess, and it wasn't because of some fake backstory angels made for him, not everyone can handle their own specialness and Dallas is one of those people. Being an Elysian is something he thinks he doesn't deserve and it’s lead to being in conflict with himself. There wasn't an overbearing mother before he got to the small town he's in now, there was nothing but his own confusion. He remembered the day vividly when he was placed into a small bedroom in the back of some woman's house and pretended to be her son waking up for school... Whose bonehead idea was it to shipwreck the trouble Elysian with an overbearing woman with a penchant for overparenting?

    • Character is open for a relationship with someone else, contact me if you’re interested!

    Not going to lie, Dallas is a character from an RP I’ve been running. He’s been with me a long time and has been in several different stories playing different roles. So no, I didn’t create him for this RP, just wanted to say that ^^ Never had to find an image for him before though
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  8. The code is a little dodgy sometimes, I'll be honest. Go to edit with BB code, and make sure that the only [font] tag is at the start of the post, and closes at the end. Image has to be a URL, just put it between the two tags.

    And while you're editing, I'd like to know if the story you've detailed is his personal story or the one that the townspeople believe. If it's the latter, there needs to be something about how he came to Riversdale- was he taken into care, was he fostered, etc. Other than that, sounds great and you're accepted!
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  10. Nah, it's fine. You're accepted! I'm on mobile at the mo, so I'll edit it in tomorrow evening.

    • Name: Aaron .Z. Raphel, which is in fact a psyuedonym for Aziraphel.
      Nicknames: N/A
      Age: By all appearances, 25.
      Species: Angel
      Sexuality: Bisexual, with a preference towards females.
      Gender: Male

      Appearance: Aaron is built like a mountain. He's an enormous tower of a man, with a neatly groomed pile of mousy brown hair at the top. Below his hair is a pair of piercing blue eyes to rival the sea out of a storm. In between them is a nose that fits nicely with the rest of him. Further down is a set of perfect teeth, and at the end of his hands and feet are meticulously groomed nails. Aaron is the picture of order and neatness. He is also a very snappy dresser, if a bit old fashioned.

    • Personality: Aaron, being an Angel, is devastatingly powerful. Surprisingly, Aaron hates all his power, and wants nothing more than to be left alone with his books. In fact, Aaron most likely prefers the company of his books to people. In dealings with others, Aaron is a touch bumbling, but to many humans his natural angelic grace covers that right up. Up front, Aaron is all for the good and moral thing, which is supposedly Elysium. However, in private, Aaron harbors his doubts, and wonders if he's on the right side.

      History: Aaron moved to earth some time ago, under leave for bravery in a previous encounter. In the years since, Aaron has sought out all sorts of knowledge to add to his personal collection of books and stories. Tucked away within his small Riversdale bookstore. The store has, so far as the town remembers, been a constant, somerging that has always been there, always managed by an enormous young man, who wears glasses to read and gives incredible advice. to those outside his enchantment, Aaron is clearly a powerful angel, one who was staked a claim here on Riversdale, and those educated in history will recall him as a skilled general.
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    EDIT: I found the specific problems- in the IMGA tag, scrap the picture goes here part. In the link, the /tab tag is being included in the link and so is throwing everything else off. Fix that and you should be good.
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  12. Fixed, thank you for the help!
  13. Awesome, accepted!

    Ideally, I'd like at least another two Elysians, around three Allegiant, and some humans as a supporting cast. I may or may not add either an Allegiant or a human, I'm not quiet sure yet.
  14. May I reserve a spot?
  15. I'm a sucker for angel-stories, so I'm interested!

    I think I'll play an Allegiant.

    I have a question, though. I'm sorry if I missed something, but are the angels (/elysians/allegiant) in Riversdale concealed by illusion, or are the townspeople simply manipulated to think the wings aren't anything unusual? Or something else, like they can make their wings disappear at will or something?