The Castle of Dracula (Private)

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    Ginger was her name a stunning female in the group. she was wanted by a lot of guys but refused to date anyone. She didn't like the snobby type or the too quite type either. She was on this feildtrip to dracula's castle because they finished reading the book and now wanted a tour. watched as all the girls swooned about getting bit by a hot vampire and scowled "there are no such things as vampires" said angrily and she fallowed them into the castle.

    The castle was massive they where like ants to this place. She was amazing but still knew there was no such things as a vampire. She hears barking and watched as everyone jumped back and they all fell over. She stood there though and looked at them like they where morons "stupid morons" mutters as she looked up to see the tour guide and some other male walking over slowly. The tour guide looked fimiluar but from were ? he was handsome but she shook her head and watched her group as they stayed huddled behind her as she was the main fearless one.


    Bane sat in the castle with his large dog named Azel, he is a werewolf but Alucard saved him from dying out in the cold and ever since Bane has been his friend and fallower for over twenty years. Bane unlike his boss isn't immortal but his aging was slowed down alot so he would be around fifty and looks like he is twenty. He smiles as she watched his boss pace and sighed.

    "Just go out there and give a tour its only a group of high school students." promised smiling as he patted his head gently and then watched his large dog barked and bolted down the stairs to meet the class yipping and yapping at them from the middle of the stairs that lead upward. Bane put on a friendly smile and whistled and his dog barked and ran back up to him and looked at the group, not a lrage group of kids, but .....wait a smell. His eyes went wide as ascent he had not smelled for over ten years hit his nose. The girl that Alucard saved as a small child....she was here.​

  2. Alucard eyes fixed on the group that just arrived at his castle not long ago. "welcome to my Castle. I am Alucard the owner of this castle" Alucard slightly bowed his body and introduced himself. Alucard eyes still fixed at a girl who arrived with the group. he knew very well that she is the little girl who he saved when she had attacked by a couple of feral vampire in town. "So what's bring you to my humble resident? did you seek the legend of the vampire perhaps?" he asked them after he saw the young girl who is holding a book about the legend of Dracula.
  3. Ginger smirks "our teacher wants a tour because we finished the book on the legend of Dracula or better known as Vlad " she said slowly looking at him. Alex a jock snickered "yeah and ginger claimed that she had a dream about a vampire saving her" cackled. Ginger whirled around eyes narrowed "shut your mouth before I do it for you" she hissed angrily.

  4. "well...well... come on in. i will show you the history of this castle" Alucard invited them into the castle. when all of the group stepped inside the castle the door suddenly slammed shut, suprised the group. "don't worry.. our door is... automatic" Alucard smiled to the still calmed Bane who stood beside him. Alucard walked slowly. He led them into his library which contain nearly a thousand books from the entire country. "this is our first destination, the library of the castle. you may look for this castle history here, but i warn you. don't leave this room without me or Bane. because....." Alucard halted his warn for a second then continued with smile in his face "this castle is big and people usually tend to lost inside of it. they usually ended in a room they didn't desire. then i must please, i must asked the cook to made the dinner for us" Alucard execuse himself before the group and left from the room leaving Bane with them.
    ((i have an apointment will continue the RP after i came back to home))
  5. Alex snickered "what a vampire live here even if one did it couldn't hurt me" snickered. Ginger grinned and said to Alex.

    "Well Alex...would you like me to run thru what would happen to you if you ever ran into a true vampire, if legend tells of truth" She walked around him and said "Well it would depend on if it was a female or a male vampire....much like werewolves, the sex of the being shows its way of capturing prey. A female vampire wouldn't attack, the fairer of the two would simplely seduce its prey.." She pushed Alex against the wall, her face maybe half an inch away from hers. "She would wrap you around her little finger...twisting your words...thoughts and actions until you were begging her to take you...but by then you wouldn't really be yourself by that point..." she ran a finger down his face then she said "Now, a male vampire, that is a different story. If he were going after female prey, he would use the same method. But if he were going after a mortal of the same sex...well, that would be much more painful" She moved back and said "First, he would pin you into a dead end, no where for you to run. But to a vampire....that is a lot of places. Then you would knocked off your feet.." She suddenly ducked and kicked Alex's legs ut from under him and he landed on his back. She jumped up and landed on his chest, holding him down. "The strength of a vampire is unmatched....the blood of its prey always running thru its it immortal life..." SHe smiled and said "Then when you were trapped and had no where to go...he would strike without mercy or fear...ripping your throat out and then going after all the other major veins..." She bent down and said into his ear "And how a vampire would deal with cocky air heads like you..." She patted his cheek and stood up,
  6. Bane laughed at this grinning gently "I like her spirit " He smiles approveling and smiles looking as his pet wolf dog barked happily wagging its tail brightly before running off and got a chewed up scoccer ball and rolled it to Ginger. Ginger looked confused and tossed it and the dog ran off. The dog ran back barking happily as he had the scoccer ball. Ginger grinned "what a gpood boy" she grinned as the dog blows her over licking her face. Bane grinned gently and shook his head and leaned back.
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  7. After a while Alucard got back into the library to see his guests. "Well i see you are enjoyed bane's company" Alucard said when Bane's dog licked over Ginger face. "well ladies and gentlemen, the dinner is served please follow me into the dining room" Alucard turned back and slowly walk into the dining room. the hallway is large with many beautiful picture and statue decorated the entire hall. Alucard halted in front of a large picture. it shown a beautiful lady wearing royal clothes sat down in a chair. Alucard seems to be nostalgic when he see the picture. "this is lady Anastasia, the former lady of this castle. she was born in london 1645 and died 1670. she married with the lord when she was 25 years old" yes, she is Alucard former wife. Just after the wedding ceremony Anastasia has been killed by the townsfolk who didn't agree Anastasia married with the son of Dracula.
  8. Ginger looked at the painting blinking confused. She heard stories but stayed silent. Bane lowered his eyes in respect for the fallen girl. Bane fallowes them looking at the dinning room. Ginger smiles as it was pretty and noticed a picture of Alucard painted in the room seeing it looked identical to Alucard the tour guide. She felt uneasy slighty thinking about it all. Bane watched the kids then noticed Alex was not there and growled slightly "missing one boss" mutters to Alucard looking around at the place sniffing the air. the growled as he sensed someone enter his bed room, his land his territory in this castle . He balled up his fist in anger and to not shift infront of the kids 'someone is in my room" he said lowly.
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  9. Alucard face suddenly changed. he didn't want to make any scene but even if they are his guest they must obey to his rule. "look like one of you is missing. Bane go search for her, make sure that our guest didn't late for dinner" Bane nodded and walked through the hall, searching for the missing guest, Alex. when he already out of sight from the group he began to run as far as he can toward his room. "Don't do anything stupid, please wait for me!" he muttered to himself. Alucard rule in this castle mention that anyone who knew their secret must be silenced or turned to be one of them and Bane didn't want that. after a few minutes running through the hall he arrived at his room and his instinct is right. the door opened and Alex scent can be smelt from inside the room. he slammed the door open and shouting to whoever inside the room "Stop it! this is forbidden room, no one can enter this room!"
  10. (Banes my character no rping him)

    Bane glared around his room growling deeply but looked around spotting Alex "young man you are not allowed here" snapped. Alex shuddered as he ran out the door swiftly back to the group. Bane came back leaning on the wall.

    Ginger blinked eating slowly her eyes off in space thinking about her past. Alex didn't eat much as getting scared by bane made him.too shaky to eat.

  11. Alex came back into the dining room with a pale face. look like something happened when Bane found. "so enjoyed your walk?" Alucard asked to the newly came Alex. he just kept his silence and starring at his food without answering Alucard question. "So... let's back into the topic at hand. it's pretty rare that there are a guest coming to this castle" Alucard placed his hand on his side head and leaning to the chair. he looked at Ginger, the girl who he saved when she still a child still enjoyed her meal. He smiled gently and asked her about her story when she was child "I just remembered when he told us about you got saved by a vampire. care to tell us the story young lady?" he started to reminiscence about the past when he was still young.
  12. Ginger blinked "its just a dream. I was around five years old when three males had found me big red eyes and fangs. They tried to bite but in a flash I was saved. Some person had jumped into the frey warding off the males. I soon collasped afterwards" she said rubbing the back of her head. The class snickered at her.

  13. Alucard remembered when three feral vampire attacked her when she was a child. those day after visiting Anastasia grave Alucard met with child version of her. When rain poured down soaking his jacket there was A child cornered by Feral Vampires. he wanted to ignored the attack but somehow he ended up eliminated those vampires by his own hand. "what an interesting story young lady" the night is come after they finished their dinner. Alucard asked his butler to prepared some room for them to stay for a night in the castle "unfortunately the night has come, i am afraid i must ask you to stay inside the castle because the road to the city is dangerous at night" he snapped his finger and three maids come into the dining room "I already asked my butler to prepared some room for you to stay. please follow the maids into your room and enjoy the night" Alucard opened a bottle of Aged Wine that was prepared earlier and poured some of it into his wine glass.
  14. Ginger was not ready to sleep. As night dragged in she snuck out walking through and saw a room with candles. She peaked inside before slipping in. The room was large and red she saw a desk with papers and started shifting through them. She found several papers land deeds all in the name of Alucard and Bane more then fifty years old. She knew something was not right but that'd when she hears the door slam shut whirling around seeing Alucard standing there "I'm sorry I got lost going to the bathroom " rasped backing up keeping the desk between them.
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  15. Alucard smiled gently when he saw Ginger was inside his bedroom. He slowly walked toward the girl step by step until she was cornered to the wall. Suddenly he placed his hand on her chin and looked deeply into her eyes "that's not good young lady, you are not supposed to enter someone else bedroom without permission" His eyes are so deep look like it could stare into her inner thought and heart. After a few second Alucard released his hand and took a step back from cornered Ginger "if you searching for bathroom there is one in the end of the hall second door on the left" Alucard eyes fixed on the document on top of the desk. 'I see... so that's why' that was he though when he saw the reaction on Ginger face. "it seems that you already read the document on the desk am i right?" then he opened the drawer and pulled something from it.
  16. Ginger glared "yes I read the document and you got some explaining to do. I know that there are not five Alucard's and Banes from so long ago. So I am guessing you are him and I am guessing Bane is either a vampire or someone you just keep around like a slave" mutters gently. She watched him swiftly walking around the desk and to the door and touched the door handle and then sighed "So why did you save me so many years ago ?" she asked turning to him knowing he was the guy that saved her but she wanted to know why. Her stone green eyes looked right at his with little to no fear right now. She looked around slowly seeing the full moon was out and smirks at the thought of werewolves and nearly jumped out of her skin as a blood curling howl echoed through the castle and eyes widened "So bane is a werewolf" she mutters knowing no other wolf could make that noise. Bane trotted through the castle unseen and growled deeply at the outside castle grounds sniffing the air as he then stood there, a massive black werewolf on his hind legs eyes looking around pure green.


    Hey Boss we have a problem you'll never guess who is here he was cut off his talk as a silver net wrapped around him and yowled in pain fur bruning and hurting so much. Ginger not being that of a human to run away in fear looked at the count then said "Come on" she said bolting out of the room and stop near the trapped werewolf and saw the net "Dad why" mutters as she took out a switch blade she had and started cutting the metal off the wolf to free him . Outside a hunter was walking toward the castle his haunting green eyes shine brightly. Ginger kept cutting the ropes angrily freeing banes neck from the trap grumbling "easy bane easy" she said as she wasn't afraid of the massive werewolf that snarled slightly. She kept cutting just as the doors of the caslte slammed open, in walked a foe of alucard since his wife was killed, Van Helsing. Ginger hissed "shit" cuts more franticlly freeing more of Bane. No human before had ever done anything like this but Ginger didn't care she hated seeing people get hurt for being different.
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  17. "Gabriel..." Alucard grimaced while looking outside the windows, an experienced hunter walked in his yard. his eyes met with Alucard and for a while they starred each other. he ordered his maid and butler to guard the guests who still sleeping in their room and went to met with his sworn enemies, Van Helsing. "long time no see, Gabriel" Gabriel Van Helsing is his name, A very skilled hunter that always chase him down whenever he go. Alucard hands is itchy, he wanted to snapped his neck but when he looked at the trapped Bane he suppressed his urge because he can took away Bane's life with just one silver bullet from his gun. Ginger still tried to cut down the net who trapped Bane. Gabriel took out his gun and aimed it at those two. "Stop it Gabriel! she is a human!" Alucard shouted before Gabriel pulled the gun's trigger. But Unfortunately A silver bullet flew out from the gun toward those two or precisely aimed at Ginger body. Alucard used his super speed and tried to save her but his movement wasn't fast enough. A silver bullet penetrated his left shoulder and hit the ground. "I see you are still fond of human, Alucard Von Dracula" Gabriel sheathed his gun and walked toward the injuried Alucard.
  18. Ginger blinked and looked at the wounded vampire and grabbed a vase flung it right a Gabriel hitting his head sharply "hey bastered" she snapped angrily. Bane growled in pain as he was free and stood up fangs bared at helsing but Ginger stopped him whispering something. The wolf nods leaving then Ginger starting throwing everything at Gabriel hitting him countless times with things. She got behind him and latched onto his back and yanked his hair sharply making him stagger around "you leave these people alone" she snapped

  19. Alucard clutched his injured arm when Ginger latched into Gabriel's back. "hey stop it... it hurt" without much expression Gabriel asked the girl to stopped what she was doing. Alucard saw the chance and jumped at staggered Gabriel tried to attack him. but His sword is ready, he swing it upward toward aired Alucard to slice him into pieces. within hair breadth Alucard managed to evaded his attack and snatched the girl, Ginger who still hanging on Gabriel's back with his right hand and made a run for it and Bane who saw Alucard running also start to flee. with his vampire speed Alucard could escaped from Gabriel by went inside the forest with Ginger. but his injuries caused by silver bullet is severe, his blood didn't stop to flowing from the hole. he let Ginger down and lean back to a tree, catching his breath. "Are you Idiot!! you could be killed!" he shouted at Ginger. He remembered when Anastasia, who has been killed because she protected Alucard from him a few centuries ago. Alucard didn't those accident to happen again.
  20. Ginger didn't care "you saved me twice might as well repay it once" she said looking at the count seeing he was injured "how bad is it?" She asked. Bane shrieked to a stop looking at the count blinking his eyes at him and then at Ginger.