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    PAX CONSTANTINA ---------------------{A Special kind of Angel.}-------------------- Fijoli

    THE FOOL ---------------------{A Horrifically comical Old Man.}--------------------- Grumpy

    THE DEVIL'S HAND ----------{The Devil's most trusted Demon.}---------- Ozzie Chanter

    BABA YAGA ------------------------------{An Evil Witch.}------------------------------ Lstorm
  2. Character Name: Karissa Lisbon

    Appearance: Karissa is about five years old. She is just under four feet tall, standing at about 3'10" (or about 1.17 m). Her face is small and round, with grayish-blue eyes, and blonde hair that extends to her mid back usually in braided pigtails. Light, porcelain skin adorns her frame, demonstrating that she was not often in the sun (or that there simply wasn't much sun where she lived).

    Her eyes belie her age, as there is an odd sense of wisdom there. Those grayish-blue hues never seem to stop considering, never seem to stop searching...

    Role: Child's Soul


    Gender: Female

    Alignment: Good

    Strengths: Steadfast Morals: Karissa possesses a strict sense of justice and of morals, and a clear cut line between good and bad.
    The Whole Truth: She respects people who are honest, and always seeks the truth rather than accepting a white lie simply because it is convenient or because it will do less harm. Karissa will always tell the truth when asked a question (or will tell whatever she believes to be true).
    Fleet-Footed: Partially thanks to her size, Karissa is (was, in her living years) quite agile. She is not a fast straight-line or long-distance runner, but is quick and nimble and changes directions easily.

    Flaws: Black and White: She views events in binaries - something either is or it is not. This is especially true with moral acts, which she perceives at face value. Karissa is unwilling to concede that "good" acts can lead to bad results, or that "bad" acts can have a good net result. If they do, she believes that something must have gone wrong.
    ...And Nothing But The Truth: Karissa is honest to a fault. She will tell the truth even if she knows that no good can come of it, and is terrible at delivering convincing lies or deceits.
    Uncompromising: Karissa is immensely stubborn and is unwilling to compromise on things she has set her mind on.

    What your character fears: Tangible:
    The dark;
    Insects that crawl and skitter;
    Monsters or anything monstrous in appearance;

    Having to lie;
    Being helpless;
    Being alone;
    Letting people down.
  3. Character Name: Ryan Heart

    Appearance: A tall figure that is scrawny in shape. His long arms stretch down his boney body. Pale like chalk. His brown, curly hair mops over his face often covering his cloudy eyes, one of which is missing and nothing but a black socket remains. His nose is short but draws out to a point, and his mouth is small and thin, appearing to be a black line across his white complexion. His face is skinny, revealing his boney cheeks. He carries prominent shoulders that thin down to a very boney abdomen. The legs that carry him are thin. Almost as if he walks on toothpicks and his feet are flat and worn.

    Role: Human Soul


    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Good

    Strengths: Despite his very thin frame, his mind and soul have been through some of the worst. Emotionally and some what physically, he finds pain much more tolerable than others do. When things are the hardest, he pulls through with indescribable strength and will power when he has something worth fighting for. Ryan's empathy and room for compassion excels most, and even when he can take the easy route he would much rather climb a mountain to help someone in need or a friend. Ryan has a hard time giving up. Broken or beaten, dying or alone, nothing could tell Ryan that all hope is lost. Not even death and being cast out of Heaven will stop him helping to reach the goals of others and his own.

    Flaws: Due to his missing eye, he's a bit less perceptive in his surroundings visually. On top of that, that area is very sensitive and a weak point for him. Though that hasn't stopped him from pursuing his quests and dreams. Ryan is self-deprecating, though it's very rare. If he feels like he failed someone close to him or hurt them in some way, he beats himself up with more force than any weapon or tool. Ryan desperately requires the encouragement of others and companionship of them. While he is determined, he simply can't do it alone and needs someone to support him. Co-dependent.

    What your character fears: Not being helpful, or not giving something his all. Losing his way or being left without a light to guide him and friends to help him. Being bound or defenseless unwillingly. Betrayal and lies. He fears for the lives of others.
  4. Character Name: Corwin Alteires

    Appearance: Corwin stands roughly 6 feet inches and strikes a sturdy figure with a muscular frame built from years of combat and training. His skin has taken on a deep tan from years under the unforgiving sun, deeply contrasting the strong line of his jaw which the rest of his face seems to follow, giving his blue eyes a sharp, appraising gaze. His chestnut brown hair falls haphazardly around his head, down just slightly past his jaw, although his bangs barely reach down to his eyebrows; all the better to keep such things out of his line of vision during battle after all, though it does serve to further frame and enhance the sharp lines of his cheekbones.

    His attire consists of a durable, white cloth shirt, although it has seen better days and what can be seen of it is covered in grime and cuts; a vest of chain mail worn over it that is in a slightly lesser state of disrepair, although not by much; a scarred, worn, and battered iron chest plate which clearly bears the memories of many a battle; tanned leather pants which are equally as mangled as his shirt, especially around his knees; a brown leather belt which has almost faded to white at this point; and a pair of thick leather boots that have gone the same way as the belt.

    Role: Human Soul

    Title: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Good

    Strengths: Valiant - “Without courage, there can be no conviction.” Of all his traits, none has helped Corwin more in his survival in purgatory more than his stalwart courage in the face of adversity. Even against the greatest of foes he has stood proudly against him in the name of his lord, brandishing shield, sword, and spear with no hesitation. If there is a ghastly wall in your path and no other will stand to the challenge, look no farther than Corwin to strike down that which would hinder your path.

    Unwavering in the face of uncertain odds - “Though they may be many, I will not falter.” Having spent most of his adult life on the fields of battle, Corwin is no stranger to fighting large groups and in less than desirable circumstances. However, his faith in himself, his lord, and his comrades has seen him through to many a victory, both on earth and in purgatory. His belief is that to expose his back is to invite death upon him, especially in this twisted realm so far from the warmth of god, therefore he almost considers retreat a non-option unless specifically commanded by a superior.

    Trustworthy - “A man's worth can be judged by his word alone.” If there is one trait that Corwin holds highest above all else, it is how trustworthy a person is; a virtue he holds himself strictly to. If Corwin gives you his word on something, you can be absolutely sure that come hell or high water, it will be done or he will die trying.

    Flaws: Willing to Commit Atrocities - “If it is in the name of the lord our god, then I shall be his fiery vengeance.” If Corwin believes wholeheartedly that doing something unspeakable will somehow benefit his lord in some way, shape, or form, he will not hesitate to take that action. From burning down huts filled with the women and children of “Heathens” to publicly executing accused traitors to the crown, there is no limit to what he can be pushed to do with the right motivations.

    Severe Alcoholism: “There are some things...some demons which can only be vanquished at the bottom of a tankard.” War is a hellish thing, no more so hellish than the crusades and Corwin was on the front lines. Even though he believed what he was doing was right, no one man could do the things he has done without regret, and so heavy was his burden that his only method of coping was to drink himself into stupors until he forgot or was too inebriated to care.

    Completely Mistrusting of Most: “Stand with your brothers without question, but always keep your shield to your back.” Towards the end of his earthly life, between his own guilt and excessive drinking, Corwin had become almost inconsolably paranoid towards anyone outside the people he fought alongside personally. If you were not a crusader or at the very least, not someone he had known for a long while, you would almost surely be met with instant suspicion and almost outright malice.

    What your character fears: - Being Trapped in Small Spaces
    - Being Bound and Tortured
    - Inanimate Objects that have the capacity to stare back at him
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