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  1. So the other day, it was discovered that the script with all our lines in it was really just someone’s grocery list, and that’s why we talk about food so much in the cbox. I immediately set about rectifying this and wrote new roles for everyone I could, but before I could finish, Kai set the script on fire, destroying my hard work. So here, I present to you, the new Iwaku cast list! Some roles have been revised. Just find the role you are playing and play to your heart’s content.

    The Cast:

    -The former hero with a drinking problem who much be bailed out of intergalactic prison: Jinx
    -The intergalactic police officer/rock idol: Cotillion
    -The hero of our story: Malkuthe
    -The older, pacifist hero and ex intergalactic police officer: Davion
    -The former villainess with a heart of gold and hate interest of Jinx: Iliana
    - The former villainess’s protege: Hirohashi
    -The valiant train who must learn a lesson taught by a young child to be free of his metal body: Kai
    -The young child: Bellas (All Bellas are understudies to one another)
    -The brave Nekojin duo who fought valiantly against magic that attacked their lands: Cammy and Tetsuri
    -The keepers of the haunted library of myth: Asmo, Jack Shade, Tegan
    -The True Justice Wielders, intergalactic police with a higher purpose: Vay and Grumpy
    -School children who have inherited a device of great power to open interdimensional rifts and thus potentially end the world with video game consoles: Miru and Staci
    -The strict headmaster: Ozzie
    -The flustered chemistry teacher: Cerulean
    -The misguided but lovable singing Insect Emperor: Iskari
    -The mystical beauty/tea shop owner/fortune teller: Ocha
    -The owner of the sword shop one dimension over: Gibs
    -The Master of Dolls, a villain with plans for global domination: Tribs
    -The Master Dragon, an opposing villain: Kehvarl
    -Twin popstars with custom outfits in each new scene: Celestialis and Elyd
    -The celebrity sponsor of Insanity Cola: Paorou
    -Chief of the intergalactic police and part time gossip columnist: Diana
    -The honeymoon couple who get eaten by a myth beast unleashed by the library keepers: W and Amethyst
    -A seemingly innocent cat: GMK
    -A girl abandoned in an intergalactic traffic hub by her time traveling partner for no reason other than she poked something she shouldn’t: Nino
    -The crime lord with a secret: Coffee
    -His secretary: Jovian
    -The narrator: Lorelei
    -Transdimensional Crossing Guards: Anglkate, Fel, Des
    -Magical girls with superhuman abilities: Kitti, Zen, Loveless, Layne, Rory
    -The would-be hero who prefers carpentry to saving the world: October
    -The creepy Internal Affairs cop: Alan
    -The sexy private detective with ties to the occult: Juku
    -His hardass partner: Rokku
    -The Diva, owner of the the dimension’s largest broadcast corporation: Zypher
    -Invaders from another dimension: Yume, SnowLily, Zorilla
    -The sexy information trader: Myrnodyn
    -Voice of the Dimension Stalker: Orion
    -The Dimension Stalker (silent actor): Porg
    -The Dimension Stalker's attendants: Shiny and MewEla
    -Super Dimension healing tentacle gelatin monster: Dawn

    If you weren’t mentioned, I either spaced you out and do apologize or I don’t know you well enough to peg you for a role. Feel free to audition!
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  2. I wanna audition.
    I feel like Zen and I probably got dragged into something truly terrible by sheer accident.
  3. I laff'd.

    I don't know how to stalk entire dimensions.
  4. So I am an exuberant Snape? Nice! haha
  5. Maybe the magical girls can have gundam suits or machine guns.
  7. [​IMG]

    ^ This is a Sakura.

    She may have my spot on the team.

    *Jams Sakii hastily into the title sequence*
  8. If by "healing" you mean "sucking the life out of countless innocent people to heal her own papercut" then good job :D
  9. If I'm a former protege of the villainess... am I still evil or did I move up in the world?
  10. May I audition as well? X____X I don't really come off as a Magical Girl do I?

    *hides her tiara and celestial wand*
  11. I want in. :( I can be Kitti's bratty little brother?
  12. Out of all of them, that is the one that made me laugh the most, and I don't even know why! @_____@
  13. . . .
    -Looks around, hides the device.-
    - w-

  14. This how Vay and I space justice:

  15. XC, I shall think of a suitable role for you!
  16. Private detective..Awh yeah.
  17. I....uh...>>....Yeah, that's right! H-hate interest!
  18. -A seemingly innocent cat: GMK

    I luled
  19. what on earth was this for? aslo..

    Transdimensional Crossing Guard

    *blinks* PHEAR MY PANS D<
  20. It was based on silly cbox goofiness that I ran with.