The Case of the Missing Lady

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  1. Sherlock could feel all the blood rushing to his head. It wasn’t conducive to his mental faculties, indeed quite the opposite, but it was necessary. To help relax himself he grabbed a cigarette and a lighter from the side desk and lit it. The task of smoking was surprisingly difficult but he managed to get a lung full of the beautiful, black tar. As he let out the smoke watching the wisps float downwards, or should it still be noted as upwards, he heard the door open.

    It was his landlady, Mrs Marvins, he could tell by the distinct noise her ridiculous, green heels made as they tapped on the slate floor. Sherlock winced knowing that she was already straightening hallway painting and picking up important documents.

    “Holmes,” she called out from the living area, “I have a letter for you from the curator of the local gallery. Says she wants to call in that favo-OH MY! What on earth are you doing upside down you silly man?!”

    He was right, she had a stack of his favourite men’s magazines under her left arm. Bloody woman was putting a crease in a brunette’s large bust.

    “Its an experiment,” he drawled lazily.

    Mrs Martins put the stack of pornos down on his desk and thrust a folded letter at his hands before turning away muttering about “silly fools being the death of her”. Sherlock rolled his eyes at her antics and used his teeth to rip open the letter. It must be important if Marcy was calling in her favour...

    The door banged open again and Mrs Martins called out greetings. Must be Watson, Sherlock though dismissively.
  2. Watson greets Mrs. Martins as well at the door where. Watson enters the room where Sherlock is, having gotten back to headquarters from the usual errands. Watson then notices the rope tied to the ceiling then looks to Sherlock seeing Sherlock with the letter in his hands.
  3. Sherlock put out his cigarette in the ash tray and peered up at Watson.

    "I know you are probably wondering what I'm doing reading my mail upside down and tied to the ceiling but that can wait," he explained dryly, "Watson I need you to cut me free and then get your coat. I'll inform you of the rest along the way."
  4. Watson with an eyebrow raised at Sherlock says with a nod "Okay then." Watson then goes to get a cutterblade to cut the ropes and get Sherlock down and then comes back into the room also bringing a ladder. She then positions the ladder and climbs up until she can reach Sherlock, and then cuts him free. She then goes and gets her coat and brings Sherlock his coat too when she comes back into the room.

    (I hope you don't mind that I made Watson a woman in this RP. Watson is a woman in the Elementary series and I find her character pretty cool. So I wanted to make Watson a woman here as well^^)
  5. ((All good. If anything makes the RP more interesting.))

    Sherlock fell with a thunk. As he stood he swore, rubbing the back of his head.

    "Maybe a little warning next time Watson!" he called after her retreating figure.

    Another cigarette makes its way to his lips and he breathes in the smoke hungrily. He's an addict and he knows it. Taking the coat from Watson he shrugged it on and slipped his poison sticks and lighter into the front left pocket. He then went to the fridge. A quick search revealed that not only did Watson need to go shopping for him but they had no fruit. That wouldn't do at all.

    Sherlock gave Mrs Martin a quick farewell and went to sit in the front passenger's seat of the car leaving Watson to lock up.
  6. Watson says farewell to Mrs. Martin as well while she quickly makes a list of things they need from the store, having seen Sherlock expression as he looked in the fridge just minutes before. While making the list out, Watson puts fruit on the top of the list. She then lists the other things from the store that require refridgiration underneathe fruit, and then she lists the things that don't require to be in the fridge, that they need on the list underneathe them. She then grabs the keys, locks up their head quarters, and goes and gets in the car in the driver's seat. She then starts the car and they pull out of the driveway and start making their way to their destination.
  7. Sherlock fell back in his seat as the car started. Watson probably didn't like that he was smoking in her car but Sherlock had never let that stop him before.

    "Store first, quickly no shopping, just a bag of oranges. I can't be expected to think with these low levels of glucose," he muttered.

    To be honest that last part was a lie. Glucose did nothing for the brain in the short term, something a doctor like Watson was sure to know. Actually Sherlock was simply snippy because he really wanted an orange. The sweet citrus flavors cut through the taste of smoke.

    "We have a case Watson. An old acquaintance is calling in a favour. Art theft."
  8. Watson "Art theft huh? What was stolen?" She says as she drives to the nearest grocery store on the way.
  9. Sherlock flicked the cigarette butt out of the window with a bored expression.

    "Painting," he said gruffly, "A popular one, known as 'The Fragile Woman'. No idea why. I'll have to ask Miss Jameson when we arrive."
  10. (Sorry for the late reply^^ I've been pretty busy these past few days^^)

    Watson nods and says "Okay." They get to the store about 5 minutes later. Watson puts the list in her bag and then walks with Sherlock into the store and over to the produce section.
  11. Sherlock followed Watson, not unlike a puppy though he didn't think of that particular simile. Occasionally he would make a mundane assessment of the supermarket's customers (one woman in particular took offence to him calling her daughter a baby whale). He bit into a ripe orange before they had even purchased it.

    After the supermarket Sherlock idly sat back in the car seat as he directed Watson towards the art gallery. The building was on the corner and called Darnell Gallery. It's white, gothic exterior stood out from the other red brick shopfronts. Sherlock gave Watson gesture, "This is the place. Pull over."
  12. Watson parks the car in the gallery's parking lot shortly after Sherlock gives the command to do so. She then turns the car off and gets out, closing the doors, and heading inside the Darnell Gallery with him.