The Cascading Home for Special Children

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  1. Look here first!

    Have a child that you're not certain about? Do strange things happen around them that can't be explained? If so, you just may have a child of myth and legend. These children have special needs, and those needs can all be met here at the Cascading Home for Special Children. We accept all kids from 10-18 years old. Here, they will all be taken care of by a special staff that understand their needs. All you need to do is come by and sign your child or children over to us, and we'll take care of the rest! So, come visit us at 321 Generic Street!

    Your parents didn't know what they were getting into when they saw the ad for the special needs home. They only saw the opportunity for you to get the care that you needed. What they didn't realize is that the ad left out a few major parts.
    One, the staff understood your needs but didn't really care. Two, once you signed you over, you were up for genetic testing by them. And three, it's more of an asylum. The outside and entrance look all happy and good, but once you go through the metal doors... it's a madhouse. Kids are first locked up in cages that are barely big enough for them. They're tested in athletics and smarts and such until the doctors decide that they're ready for the real tests, the genetic ones. Then, they're put into a cell that is only slightly customized for them.
    They're let out at a certain time each day for lunch, the only time they can talk with others unless they're being testing with someone else. They're let out when they're eighteen, but if they tell anyone about their experiences... it's to the grave with them and the person or people they told.
    Back to the present, your parent or guardian has now gotten the idea to send you to the home. They nor you know what you're in for...

    Izoi stood with her parents in the lobby of the Cascading Home for Special Children, her mother signing papers and her father holding her shoulder to make sure she didn't try to run, or fly, away. Her mother smiled, handing over the signed papers to the clerk woman with a large smile. Her father then let go of her shoulder and the two turned, leaving the building.

    Izoi stood shyly, wearing boot-cut jeans, a white t-shirt, and plain sneaker. She held a suitcase with her most valued belongings, looking to a guard as he walked up. He gestured and she nodded, following behind him as they went through a pair of simple white doors. She tilted her head when she saw high-security metal doors but kept close behind the guard.

    The doors opened and she went wide eyed at what she saw. A dark hallway lay in front of her, distant screams and crying filling her ears. She took a step back but was pushed forward by the guard. She spread her wings to try and fly away, but her wings were grabbing and restrained by the guard. She was then pushed forward by her wings, the dimly lit hall filling her with fear.

    As she and the guard reached an intersection, two more guards came from the intersecting hall. One grabbed her suitcase and the other her arm, the original guard folding and putting a bind on her wings. It was then that she let out a scream, earning a slap from one of the guards. She whimpered and was dragged down the hall as the original guard and the guard with her suitcase took their separate ways. She was taken down the hall until they got to a heavily locked door, the guard using a security pass and opening it. She was dragged into the room and thrown into a cage that she could just barely fit in.

    The guard locked the cage and left, leaving her to curl up and cry in her shock and sadness...
  2. Brock waited in the lobby of the home with a smile on his face. He looked at his dad, his mom, then his younger brother. His younger brother, Pete, didn't want to see him go. A tear rolled down the little boy's face, as Brock looked at him. He then knelt down and gave him a huge hug. "It's okay lil bro." he said. "I'll be back soon." he looked at his dad as he looked back down at him. "Sport, you'll finally be able to get better with those abilities of yours," he said with a smile. "You got 'em sport." Brock smiled as he said so. He couldn't wait to see what this home had to offer. These two people walked up to Brock. The last thing he heard was "Love you" from his mother, but the minute the door was closed, all hell broke lose. Two guards tackled Brock, but then a chunk of earth came up from under Brock and it crushed one guard as soon as Brock was able to get free. He used that same rock to bust open a nearby water fountain. He used the water from that to blow over the guard infront of him. He immediately froze him, then ran around the icicle/guard to the door. Then immediately a guard appeared in front of him and punched him in the face. He fell to the ground, falling in and out of consciousness. He woke up and noticed he was being dragged with chains on his hands and ankles. He tried to use his powers, but they were being restricted by some force, then he coughed up a little fire hoping he could get himself free, but as soon as he even thought of that, an asylum mask was put over his face. That also felt restricting. He was thrown into a cell, and right before losing consciousness again, he noticed a winged girl in a cell next to him. He tried to call her, but the asylum mask restricted even sound. He fell unconscious once again.
  3. Alistair stood with his mother, trying to keep from crying, in the lobby of the place. He was trying not to cry because although he knew that it was probably for the best, with his epilepsy and the scales on his forearms, he wanted things to remain as they always had, with just him and his mother. As he was escorted through the door, the first thing he noticed was the screaming. The second thing he noticed was the guards. As the two tried to grab him by the arms, he slipped out of their grasp, his thin form only helping him in that operation.

    As soon as he tried to run, back to the door, the worst pain he had ever felt coursed through his body, and he fell to the ground. Only able to glance up for a moment before his eyes blacked out, he saw one of the guards holding a taser. His body shaking from the shock still, he tried to get it under control, hoping that he wouldn't go into a seizure along with it.

    Numbly, as if he was underwater, he felt the guards pulling him to his feet, leading him to one of the cages. Struggling weakly as they forced him inside it, he was able to see a girl with wings and a boy, who looked normal except for the chains and asylum mask. His vision slowly coming back to him, he tried to remember what every doctor he'd ever seen had told him. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Keeping his breathing steady, he tried not to cry, but it was difficult.
  4. Brock woke up fully. He panicked and tried to rip off his element restricting chains. Thanks to his flexibility he was able to take off the mask, with the tip of his two index fingers, which was bent behind him. He looked around and noticed a new boy. He tilted his head. "" he said to the boy quietly. He looked down at his scales and though 'woah,' immediately, he then looked back up at the scaled boy's face. "What's your name." he whispered hoping he would answer, he turned around to glance at the winged girl, then turned and looked back at the scaled boy. "My name's Brock." he gave a smile.
  5. Izoi suddenly looked up as a boy was dragged into the room of cages, backing further into the corner as he was placed in the cage next to her. She whimpered quietly, trying to break the restraints on her wings but failing to break the special leather binding. She watched him as he looked to her and passed out, shivering lightly. A few minutes later, another boy was brought in. This one had scales and didn't have as many restraints as the first boy. She looked between the two, scared and shivering. She took in deep breaths, trying to calm herself as she watched the two of them. She jumped a bit when the seemingly normal boy woke up, pressing into the corner. She took in shaky breaths, watching carefully as he whispered to the scaled boy.
  6. He looked at the winged girl. "Hey don't be afraid of me. I'm just as scared as you are," he whispered. He took a second look at the winged girl, and his jaw dropped. She was a beautiful angel. His jaw slightly dropped. He didn't notice how dumb he looked until he decided to speak again. "U-um...what's your name?" he asked.
  7. She jumped as he spoke to her, looking around quickly to see if there was anyone else he could be talking to. She looked back to him, nervously running a hand through her white hair. She looked down shyly, occasionally glancing up at him. She rubbed her eyes, which were bloodshot from crying. She then spoke softly, her voice shy and almost musical. "I-I'm Izoi..."
  8. Brock nodded and couldn't keep his eyes off of her. "I-I'm Brock." he whispered. He heard a noise. Sounder like a door slamming. He widened his eyes and immediately fell, and pretended l like he was sleeping. From what he could see, from keeping his eyes barely open, it looked like a guard checking in on people. Brock became afraid once again. He laid down still ignoring the fear. He swallowed.
  9. Sitting on the floor of the lobby, Kai refused to look at either of her parents. Her long silver hair fell around her in shimmering waves; it had to have grown at least mid-thigh range. Her exasberated parents just looked at her with distaste. How many times have they tried talking to her, only to be met with a cold hard stare? How could they have known that cutting her hair would make her so angry, even if it had grown back within the week. Her large, round blue eyes lazily drifted over the lobby as she swayed slightly back and forth. Bringing a petite finger to her lips, she gently traced their contours.
    The pearls glistened on her pale skin around her neck. They were a present from her brother, who had also been sent away for blathering his love for the moon. Kristoph and her had always gotten along, and it seemed they were a perfect match in personality, but their parents disapproved of anything different from themselves.
    As the papers were signed, hands were shook, and the people who gave life to her were escorted out the door, she looked at them for one final time. No remorse was shown, they didn't bother looking back. As the guards lifted her by gruffly jamming one of their arms each underneath her arms, she sniffled a bit, showing the first sign of emotion. They dragged her along as her heels skidded the ground. For a second they were worried she was going to slip out of her arms, there was something eerily…wet about her. Pieces of her light blue, ruffled dress seemed to rip off as she was dragged, but the dress length remained the same.
    Kai swore she was water, and for good reason.
  10. Izoi smiled for the first time since she had entered the 'home', blinking in surprise when he suddenly began acting like he was asleep. She looked to the door of the room and saw a guard enter, backing up in her cage and taking in deep breaths. She looked to Brock and then back to the guard as he got closer. She held her breath when he walked up to her cage, looking to him with fear. The guard opened the door to her cage, st[SIZE=2]aring [SIZE=2]intensely. [/SIZE][/SIZE] [SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]"Come along, kid. Time to test." [/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]She whimpered quietly before slowly standing and walking out of t[SIZE=2]he cage. She looked back to Brock[SIZE=2] before turning and [SIZE=2]following the guard out of the room with her head low[SIZE=2].

    [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ee82ee]Just so you people know, you don't have to explain the testing process. You just have to wait four posts.[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]
  11. Cocking her head, Kai watched Izoi being taken away. She was sitting cross-legged in her cell tapping her index fingers to a beat of her own. Her cell was close to Izoi's, Brock's, and Alistair's, but she seemed to be less chained than some of them. She still swayed back and forth as she tried to reason why she seemed to be more free.
    Her locks hung limp from her head. The red mark on her neck revealed where the pearls had been savagely ripped away. She turned to Brock's cell, studying him curiously.
    "Hey...hey...HEY!" Someone shushed her from another cell lost in the darkness. "Hey", she whispered, "What's your name?"
  12. Brock awoke, and watched Izoli being taken away. He wanted to yell, and scream for her, but he knew he couldn't, for those guards were packing heavy duty, then he heard a voice from a cage that seemed to be next to his. He turned around and saw a silver haired girl. "Brock." he said quickly, he immediately turned back to where Izoli was just taken out the door. "I feel so powerless with these restraints on...they totally restrict my....talents." He growled for a second before completely turning to the silver haired girl. "What's yours?"
  13. Felicia sat on the floor, watching quietly as her parents swiftly filled out the final forms. Her eyes flicked to them, to the man behind the desk, to the exit, then finally to the strange double doors across the room. What ever was behind those doors would be her new, wonderful home... at least that's what her parents told her. Her ears bent towards the grey doors. She heard the clang of metal, the sound of footsteps and then the faint sound of cries, all coming from behind them. She glanced back up at her parents worriedly, thinking that they heard the noises too. But, off course they didn't.
    They smiled at each other then down to Felicia.
    "You'll be happy here," they said.
    "It's where you belong," they said.
    "Don't forget that we love you..."
    Those were the last things they told her. She just looked back up at them with an emotionless face, not showing the fact that she knew all of those statements were lies and she was scared as hell. They smiled to her again. Her mother waved and her dad gave her a peck on the forehead. Then they left.

    She heard their footsteps as they walked away from the friendly looking building. One, two, three, four, fi-
    Someone came up behind her, and grabbed her arm. She quickly recoiled and crawled backwards away from them, into the arms of another man. She struggled against him as he easily picked her up and carried towards the doors. It didn't take her long to realize she would not be able to get out of his grasp. So she let her head and arms fall limp to the sides, and watched - upside - the events from there.

    The doors opened, revealing the full horror of what she had heard before. Screams, cries and angry yells echoed through grey hallways, making her ears flatten against her head. The man holding her opened a cage in the second row, above the others, and shoved her in. She sat there for a few minutes, trying to block out the screams, before lying down in a fetal position and wrapping her tail around her body.
  14. Kai forced herself to focus on the boy. She found it hard to focus on anything, but he and the others seemed to be the most interesting thing about this place. "I'm Kai!" Her voice was almost too enthusiastic for the predicament she was in. Laying on her stomach she weaved her fingers together creating a nest to rest her chin on. In a corner of her room she found a small puddle the size of her fist. "Water.." The word barely escaped her lips. Reaching her hand out she dipped her hand into the small puddle as if it was in a deep basin. She giggled as she brought it to her lips for a drink. As soon as she tried to drink though it was all gone. A frown formed on her face. She tried again to drink but the water disappeared from her hand.
    Sighing she manipulated the water to form small tendrils that rose from the surface. Within minutes all the water was gone. They had watched her and taken away the one thing that made her happy. Whimpering she sat in the middle of her cell with a scowl. She looked over at Felicia and perked up when she saw her ears and tail.
    "Hiya, are you okay?" Kai was pushing her luck talking, even though she didn't know it.
  15. Izoi had eyes even more blood-shot when she was escorted back into the cage room, tears fresh on her cheeks. She was forced into her cage and curled up. She now had metal binds on her wings and several spots of blood on her arm from where the 'doctors' had taken samples from her. She curled up in the corner, crying in sobs and shivering violently. She whispered, rocking back and forth in her curled up position. "I-I wanna go home, or to school, or anywhere but here." She took in shaky breaths as she cried, in her own little world of fear and not noticing anything around her.
  16. And the sound of someone else's voice she perked up a bit, peering over her tail. She saw a girl below her, very graceful looking and very... aquatic. Felicia tilted her head, sniffing in the new figure's direction. How could anyone be 'ok' in such a place?
    "Are you ok?" she countered.
  17. "I haven't had anything happen to me. So...yeah I am okay!" Kai smiled with a crinkle in her nose. She crossed and recrossed her legs over and over again marveling at how white her skin had become in this dry atmosphere. "So are those re-" Before she could even finish her question she felt a pair of hands grabbing her. A man gruffly pulled her up and wrapped her hair around his hand and clenched it in his fist.
    "Well...I guess it's my turn now." Kai accepted it. She marched in front of the guard waving occasionally to those caged around her.
  18. Brock rushed back to the other side of his cage, just beyond the bars Izoi's cage was now filled with her presence. "Izoi, I'm so sorry...I-I couldn't save you...I wanted to...I-I am a savior, it's what I did, all the time wh-when I lived in Queens!" A tear came to his eye due to the pain and suffering she looked like she went through. He started vigorously trying to get his restricting chains off. While doing that he tried to bust open his cage by ramming his shoulder into it. The bindings did eventually come off, but the cage he was put in restricted his powers just enough so he can't escape. He blew fire out of his mouth in rage. He put his hands on the bars and tried to melt it, then he tried freezing the bars and breaking them. He tried to use his metal manipulating techniques to get them open, but he was unsuccessful. He gave up. "I can control all the natural elements in the world, and I can't get this damn cage open." He sat down in despair.
  19. She sniffled a bit as she heard his apology, looking up and rubbing her tearful eyes. She watched him with her silver eyes, becoming a bit scared as he tore out of his binding and tried breaking the cage. She slowly crawled over towards him when he sat in his sorrow, reaching an arm out of her cage towards him. "D-don't be sorry. No one could have saved me in this situation. A-and it wasn't much... they only took some blood and a few feathers." She smiled slightly. "If you want, I can tell you why these cages can't be broken. I know the secret behind the material." She put her hand on the ground at the mid-point between their cages. "I'm the one here who should be scared, anyway. You can probably resist them more [SIZE=2]with your powers. I [SIZE=2]just have these[SIZE=2] stupid wings..."[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  20. Felicia simply closed her eyes when Kai was taken away. She didn't understand how someone could be so... happy. She turned away from the others and resting her chin on her hands. Who knew when it would be her turn.
    I guess all I can do is wait... and hope it doesn't take too long. She bit her lip. The screaming had gone down considerably, but she still had a pounding headache.