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  1. (1800s era)
    Charles' head laid softly on the cotton pillow.
    The sun leaking in through the window and the air filling with sounds of the farm.
    He got up and went to the bathroom, washing his face before looking in the mirror.

    His dark brown curly hair, full eyebrows, rosy cheeks that laid flat on his round baby like face, and the rosebud lips.
    He rubbed his wide brown eyes that had long lashes spilling off the edges of his eyelids.

    He put on the clothes appropriate for work and walked into the kitchen. His mom sitting on the love seat with her four year old daughter nuzzled up to her chest and stomach. They were both curled up in a ball still sleeping to the sounds of the chicken.

    He went out to the porch to see the cows and sheep all spread out across the green hills.

    In the far distance he could see a carriage. A black one with beautiful strong horses that trotted with content. They seemed to be aristocrats from London to pick up fresh produce or to persue you to bring your kid to a school.

    The black carriage with glossy finish stopped at the begging of the road that lead to his house. A man came out of the carriage walking down the road.
    Charles stepped off the porch and changed his relaxed expression to a stern one.
    "Can I help you, sir?" He said in a soft yet concerned Irish accent
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    Alice stepped out of the polished carriage, her white dress tumbling out from behind her. It was warm for April, but she didn't mind at all. Her father was a rich socialite who was always discussing politics, something that Alice could care less about. She figured since she was 16, it was about time she found a husband who could support her. Her father discussed to the boy's family about education and money. As she decided to explore the farm, she bumped into the boy who she had seen arriving on the premises. "I am sorry for being such a disturbance." She said, picking the dirt out of her golden hair. "I'm Alice Brown, and who might you be?" Alice asked as she sat down on a rock to rest.
  3. "...I'm Charles." He said giving her a look.
    He didn't know what to expect from her.
    "Do you need anything ?" He asked, being his politiest.
    Margaret walked down the way, which was the direction of the nearest town, still a ways off. She would normally stop to greet Charles and his family, but she saw the carriage and a rich looking person and his child, so she didn't bother. She was 15, and also by now was expected by other people to marry, but her parents promised her not to force her into anything. She had been lucky, and not been sent off to work in factories like other children of the middle class.
    That morning she woke up, knowing she had to go get string and miscellaneous items like that to make things for her neighbors, who would pay her up to a dollar on her projects, which was unbelievable. She dressed in some of her recently made garments and went off. Before leaving, her mom tied a piece of her hair in a pink ribbon, and kissed her goodbye. Her dad was already at work, as a construction worker.
  5. [​IMG]

    Luke stepped out of the carriage behind his sister and father. Luke was 18 years old and was not married yet, due to his extremely high standards and stubbornness. His father had tried many times to convince Luke to marry but he refused. He followed his father up the young man who worked on the farm. Luke found the scenery to be very beautiful. "I could get used to a view like this, father." Luke's father chuckled and looked back at Luke. "Maybe someday, when you marry you can live in a barn." Luke's father laughed and returned to his serious tone. Luke's father had little appreciation for the world and its natural beauty, only caring for money and politics.

    Luke's father stepped forward in front of the young man and spoke, he spoke of the up coming political campaign and whether or not the young man was going to vote or if he was educated enough to vote. After he was finished speaking with the young man, his father asked to see the mother of the home, assuming there was no father around. Luke followed his father inside. His father was a very high up political man, looking to turn every small town into a new and buzzing city. Large farms like this one were always good places to start. Luke and his Father entered the home, paying no attention to Alice. Luke's father smiled at the woman and introduced himself. "Hello ma'am My name is Sir Jamenson of Dukeland." Dukeland was a very established city, many that lived their were rich and high up in politics, or had somehow came into large sums of money somewhere. "I am here to talk to you about your farm and the advancements that can be made to it." Jamenson snapped his fingers and Luke slid his hand across the table, throwing everything to the floor and un rolling a large map across it, that had details of the city that his father wanted to build here on it. "Not only will the city flourish and the town become a new buzzing place for people rich and poor, but using your farm as a starting place will bring your family into many large sums of money. It really is a wise investment." Jamenson spoke on and on about his plans to the woman and how it could help the family and make them filthy rich. Luke figured any one would be stupid to accept, that is, if they were like his father. Luke stood behind his father at attention and listened.
  6. Charles bit his tongue as more people came out of the carriage. He stopped being polite.
    "Okay, why are you all here at my barn ? Out of all the places you guys stop here. Why are you talking to me ?" He asked stressed out by all the news.
    In the back of his mind he was getting annoyed by them. Rich people always annoyed him. They were always entitled to everything even if it's your own property.
    "Get off my property or explain why you're here." He finally said.
  7. Margaret could she that the rich people weren't wanted on his property. she was a lilttle worried that he might start something. The rich people were all talk and money. They would only talk to farmers unless they wanted to strike a deal with them, but they would still get the best deal. The reason no one messed with her farmhouse was because her dad threatened to shoot them, which amused a lot of people. She stood at the gate opening and watched.
  8. Charles let out a groan and crossed his arms.
    "I'll ask again. What do you want?"
  9. "If your looking for property I have none for sale." He stubbornly said.
    "You can't just come on my land and look for places." He scoffed.
  10. Jamenson turned and look at the young man, so did Luke. "Well, I do believe that is up to the owner of this home, not the children, now if you please this is adult business so please step outside, while I talk to your mother." Luke started at the boy, how dare he speak to his fatherthat way, no one ever had. Sure his dad had been told no before but never like that.
  11. "She's way too old and frail to negotiate with. I'm an adult and I'm in charge for the moment." He said backing him away from walking any further.
  12. Alice awoke from her rest to the sounds of bickering. She never really liked when people argued.
    " Is there something wrong, gentlemen?" she asked.
  13. "Yes, they won't get off my property." He scowled.
  14. Alice stared at the polished gentleman and said, "Sir, if this man does not want to sell his property, let him keep it."
  15. Rose sighed wiping her forehead with a piece of cloth and stood up. She tucked a lock of her long. There were always chores to be done on a farm. She was in no way complaining, they had taken her in when she was a baby, fed her, raised her, and accepted her into the family. A little farm work was nothing. She closed the cows fence and began making her way back to the house the heat of the day baring down on her.

    Commotion on the road caught her eye and her eyes slightly narrowed. Fancy cars never meant a good thing around here. They were either from the bank, looking to take their land, or some other thing that usually lead to misery for families like hers. She quickly made her way to the back door of he house and slid in quietly closing it softly behind her. Her brother Charles stood in front of a man, a boy, and a girl and he looked tense. Alice just awoke so Rose walked up next to them.

    She looked at the group of strangers a polite smile on her face... For now. "Good evening." Then she turned to Charles, her eyebrow raised in questioning. "Is everything okay here Charles?" She wanted to know if these people meant trouble, if she needed to bring him the shot gun. But if things could stay peaceful then that worked out for everyone.
  16. "They want to buy the property and they're also looking for husbands." Charles scoffed as he crossed his arms.
    "Walking all over the place."
  17. Rose gasped and took a step back. "Buy the property!? Husbands!?" A frown immediately took place on her face and she crossed her arms. They wanted to take their home and her family. One blow wasn't enough? Rich people. They never were satisfied were they? Her heart lurched at the thought of giving up her home and she felt a brief feeling of panic at the thought of her brother going away. She looked up at him and calmed when she saw he was just as displeased as her at the situation.

    She spoke clearly for their visitors to hear. "The land is not for sell and neither are we." Her voice steady and confident.
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