The Carnival

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Dunaval's Carnival is the oldest and most magical place there is. The performers (our characters) are hundreds of years old and have magical abilities and amazing appearances that they enrapture the audiences with a single movement in the spotlight.
The members have been doing this for centuries. Some members are new to the show, but they're all there for one reason. The Ringmaster saved them. The world is cruel and the Carnival is a safe haven for the gifted people. However, it may not be as safe as they thought.
There are other Carnivals like Dunaval's that are younger and not as grand, and there are reports that things are happening to them. The remains of their tents are broken and strewn around, the members gone without a trace. Two have already ended up in ruins, and the Ringmaster seems to be worried. What is happening, and will it reach them?

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