The Carnival is Over!

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The Carnival is Over!


It was the early fall of 1938. I remember this event well...Of course, how couldn't I?

That was many years ago. I had enjoyed a lazy warm summer in the American west. Just wandering around the city of Boise, doing what any normal teen my age would have done.

Though there was one thing that did always haunt me….

My family had left Spain in 1936, due to the war with Franco. My father was an intellectual and knew that it was best to leave before things got worse. The United States was very unwelcoming to immigrants in those days, though we had connections to help us here.

I remember the fighting between the International Brigades and the Fascists in Madrid...I will admit that I was scared. How couldn't you be? There were bullets flying everywhere...

But that's an entirely different story. My family now lived in Boise, Idaho, just my father, grandfather, and myself. My elder sister moved to Paris, since she had the funds to do so. I am envious of her luck. I’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.


My father decided to take me out on just a father and daughter day out. We hadn’t gone on in ages.


We were going to the Travelling Carnival!

After taking a damp afternoon walk, Vikki Baez finally arrived home from school.

“Burrr….” Vikki said when she took her glove off to get her keys from her coat pocket. She then unlocked the old paint-cracked door that stood in the way of warmth and the unseasonably damp weather in this sleepy city. The first thing she did was to toss her heavy jacket onto the floor next to the carpet where her and her grandfather’s shoes were haphazardly discarded. Next she took her long boots off. Vikki had a liking of wearing her surplus Doughboy boots when the weather was dicey, like it had been for the past five days.

Vikki had just gotten home. When the phone began to ring. The telephone was still a novel concept for most people in Boise. While it was a capital city, it was never really a hub of anything important. At least not in the mind of young Vikki. It was the largest city between Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah. It was centered right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

"Vikki, please meet me by the university." It was a Friday, he never called during this time of day. "I'd like to take you to the carnival. I know that the weather isn't that great...But it can still be a fun evening for us. You know, just a father's and daughter's night out.

"Alright!" She said with glee.

It had been a long time since either her or nor father had done anything remotely fun together. While the Depression was going on, her father was a Professor at the Junior College. He taught about the literature of the Basque peoples of Spain, their native home. Boise had a large population of Spaniards, so it made sense as to why he had chosen to take up his profession here.

After slipping on her shoe, she entered into the living room. There, she wasn't surprised to find her grandfather asleep on the chair in the corner with the radio still left on. On her left was a mirror that was surrounded by a cheap brass frame.

She kissed him on the forehead.


She was now walking on the streets once again. A Ford Model 1927 truck drove by. She waved at the driver, someone she knew from the Farmer's Market. Vikki noticed that the rain had stopped. This was going to be a good day indeed!

The walk to the university generally took her about a half hour. It was located a place called St. Margaret’s Hall. Apparently the funding from the Episcopal Church had dried up, so the university was now run by the Chamber of Commerce. It only had about 600 students, though she had heard from her father that was going to change soon.

Vikki took a seat on a bench in front of the bank. It didn't seem that there was much activity going on there. Most of the local farmers didn't trust it that much. She didn't blame them. The Depression wasn't exactly kind to them. She felt a lot of commonality with them. After all, her family had been displaced by Franco's aggressions in Spain.

The bank's windows had all sorts of scenery of the carnival in it. This only made her more anxious to reach her destination.

Then, one of the posters caught her attention.


"Curious." She aloud.

The poster had a tuxedo wearing man chasing around dollars. Behind him was a ghost like being. She became drawn to it. It didn't make any sense to her. Her mind was always attracted to strange things. If she had been paying closer attention, the picture was moving. Though upon closer inspection, it was more likely that the ghosted figure was approaching her from behind. But Vikki remained too busy looking at the ghost and doesn't pay close attention to the fact that she was about to pushed into the 'mirror.'

As soon as Vikki was going to touch the window to 'feel' the poster, someone started laughing. It is human nature to rationalize something as odd as this. For her, it would have been nothing more than an eccentric little kid...However, there are some points in history that cannot be so easily rationalized.

Her heart jumped. Vikki then felt her small body get slammed into the window. Expect that she didn't feel a thing. There was no pain.

"I'm glad that I am born to die, from grief and woe my soul shall fly, and I don't care to stay here long! HAHAHA!"

"Whoever is 'singing', sure is overly enthusiastic about death... "Vikki taught.

"Bright angels shall convey me home, away to Jerusalem!"

Slowly little puffs of light began to flow all around her, just like thousands of dandelion seeds. They soon formed into a vaguely profile shape of the ghost in the jester poster. "Come hither young child! You're being called home. Come hither..."

Just when Vikki was going to approach the creature in morbid curiosity, it broke into thousands of smaller bipedal flower humanoids that began to link hands and continued to sing their bitter sweet song about going home....

Vikking jumped up scared as the figures inched ever closer to her, the world behind Vikki became smaller and smaller. Soon the sky was now level with the streets This was soon followed by cracking noise... As it surrounded her, the world around seemed to be falling apart. Breaking into thousands of shards, much like that of a mirror being smashed apart by a powerful punch... She was soon surrounded by blackness.

There was nothing but blackness.

Vikki opened her eyes once more. Wherever she was, it smelt bad. She wanted gag but was afraid to do so. Just then, she heard that same cackle from earlier! She wanted to close her eyes once again.

However, that wasn't going to be allowed. For a bright light then beamed upon her. Vikki blinked. She was in the middle of something....It was shaped...Like a ring?


"Ladies and ghouls, tonight we present to you Walrus! A Gentleman from the Great White North! And the strongest man in the world!"

The crowd then then cheered. Vikki's heart was reaching. She then felt herself being picked up....By something rather blubbery...She was now sitting upon a dumbbell!
To have a little girl suddenly appear in the middle of the show was unexpected. So no one even saw her until the walrus lifted the heavy weight above his head. He bellowed in surprise, his voice filling the ring. The weight fell from his hands and hit the ground hard, rolling towards Vikki and sending the strongest man in the world tumbling backwards. Closer it rolled as all attention turned to her!

The blubbery man landed with a thud and a foot came out of nowhere placing itself on one of the balls of the dumbbell and stopping it just before it reached the girl.

"Not bad as interferences go, needed a bit more... flare.. come one take a bow!" He took her hand and lifted her onto his shoulders and bowed before cackling and pirouetting, seemingly not too worried if she fell from her perch. "So you arrived at the right moment but not where you were meant to be doing the arriving. Nothing perfect but you did give the Walrus a scare," Lifting her from his shoulder he placed her on the massive belly of the strongman and sat down before her, still in the middle of the ring. His hand snatching her glasses and placing them on his overlarge nose.

"You are a showstopper, we'll have to start again from the top and work our way down to the bottom but now that you are here that doesn't really matter... Since this carnival is yours and it is time for you to meet your stars!"
View attachment 7720Under normal circumstances, which at a circus are about as normal as a freak show, Johnny was up last. The big bang at the end that capitalized the nights attractions. He wasn’t the main event by any means, more of an explosive end to a spectacular show, like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence. This was a good thing, because Johnny wasn’t really great at being on time. Not what you would call a team player at all. He was in it -in everything- for himself. If he could find another place that would pay him to get shot from a cannon, you can bet he would have taken the job in a heartbeat. To Johnny, the circus was not his passion, but rather an outlet for his adrenaline loving life style, and so far it had suited him well.

In a smoke filled wagon car, two cars down from where herds of excited children gathered to watch the strong man lift a side splitting amount of weight, Johnny sat at a table. His hand laid flat, palm down, fingers spread. A dagger in his other hand, eyes looking like saucers plastered to his face.

Several men were gathered around him, each with crumpled bills in their hands. It was obvious a bet was taking place. This was a common activity for circus hands and workers in their off time, just a little friendly bet.

“C’mon then!” Said a stout man in a bowlers hat cocked down over one eye

“Let’s have it! One drop of blood and you’ll be firing yourself out of a pistol instead of a cannon!”

Laughter erupted from the small group gathered around Johnny, The human cannonball.

Johnny seemed unaware of it all, looking only with excited intent at the knife clutched in his hand. He brought it down between thumb and pointer finger, it stuck in the pine table with a THONK before being lifted out and brought down again between his pointer and middle fingers. He repeated the process of this timeless game until he had completed his stabbing all the way to the outside of his little finger. After one rotation, as it was, he went back, faster, with more strength, until his hand was a furious blur. His face had contorted in concentration. THONK THONK THONK. He showed no fear. Even in the off chance that the steel blade might come down on his flesh, severing a digit, the only thing on his face was excitement.

A small commotion was heard outside the car. Commotion wasn't good, commotion might indicate something had happened. Johnny stabbed the dagger in the table then stood.

“We’ll have to finish this later, duty calls! For the life of a cannonball is never without duty!” He pulled goggles down over his eyes.

He rose and stepped outside of the caravan car to the disappointed yells from those still inside. As stated before, Johnny could not have cared less about the money. He was in it, as he was in everything, for the rush. Suckers.

As Johnny approached the show his first reaction was curiosity at all the gap jawed patrons. What the hell? His next was that of anger. They had a new girl on the main stage engaged with The Walrus in his strong man bit? What the hell, they never tell me anything, Johnny thought.
The job for the ringmaster was already done and over with, and thank hell that it was. The crowd was perfectly seduced by her high and stringy voice which was the great foundation for the rest of the show. As long as she started them off with a bang, they would finish with a bang. As far as the rest of the show was none of her concern. Her duty was done and spectating was about as all as she had to due until she introduced the show topper, Johnny the Human Cannon Ball. What a whoop that would be. Back stage, Ezra plucked at her stiff eye lash, caked with a deep dark mascara. The other makeup and hues on her face stood out in an array of colors. She was practically a rainbow, and if that's what the crowd want's that's what they get. Until they all burn in a fiery grave in their sleep.

Ezra lifted an arm above her head in a stretch. One could tell by merely looking that Ezra was skinnier than the norm, not that there was a 'norm' in the carnival. She was almost the same width as a piece of paper, and advantage and disadvantage to say the least. The crowd wasn't interested in her thinning body, but more on a gargantuan strongman.

"Ah, Walrus. Cute as a button though most likely to suffer from cardiac arrest from artery enclosure. Such a great man."Ezra jingled, leaning against the wall of the dressing room and overlooked the stage. Her hat tipped on one side of her golden-pink crinkled hair, Ezra tapped it once towards the man, paying silent respects for his future departure of life. And that's when she saw the girl.

The mental notes ensued: Human.Intelligent or half blind due to the glasses. Apparently unaware of the peril she may endure by those dumbbells and Walrus himself. Clearly confused as to where she must be. Ezra was about to kindly escort the youg lady out until the jester himself came behind her in all of his glory and magnitude of the carnival. He seemed giddy about her appearance, which only meant bad news for her. And sure enough...he gave her the carnival, just like that.

"My my. You have went from guest of honor to the main attraction. Splendid show."she cooed while she walked up to the stage, clapping at Walrus's event and the crowd followed suit, though they all were still amused by her appearance.
Sparks flew high into the air, some twirling in fast circles. While the others fell back to the soil to illuminate anything that was below. A masked figure started to appear out of the darkness as the lights came closer. There Tosha stood with her arms outstretched in front of her body. The sleeves of her multicolored kimono flowed long almost reaching her ankles. Idly swinging from the small swaying motion of her arms. Despite the show came to end she was already practicing again. The bells of her golden claws jingled with the constant flicking of her wrist, the sharp blades that covered her fingers slid across one another to send more sparks flying in any direction she currently faced. Her right black hosed leg lifted out to the side of her body into a perfect middle split. Tosha clamped both her hands together, flames burst in each palm as they separated.
Her leg lowered into a bend as she began to spin slowly. The lower hems of her dress lifted into the air. She almost had it perfect until she lost her balance. Tosha's ankle buckled and she came crashing to the ground. Her back landing hard against the dirt, the breath rushed from her lungs. She was actually grateful. The multiple curse words that filled her mind shouldn't be yelled aloud. She quickly patted her hands into the soil, killing the flames that flickered across her claws. It took her several minutes before she managed to slowly lift herself into a sitting position. A deep sigh escaped her lips, "It has to be perfect.." She whispered softly to herself. Tilting her head to one side several strands of brown hair fell from behind her demonic mask. Her lips pushed together into a grim line, as she lifted her hands. Tosha pulled off her claws to lay them in her lap. She slowly closed her hands into small fists repeatedly. Trying to stop the constant ache that shook her joints.

That is when she noticed a young girl in the ring. Was this her carnival? Several questions popped into her wondering mind, but she still refused to move from her perch. Tosha sat silently, watching from a far. Though when the ringmaster made her way over, curiosity started to eat away at her stomach. Apparently the girl was a spectacle to be had. Snatching up her gloves she lifted herself to her feet. Each foot step was slow as she made her way over to the center. Her appearance came more clear with each covered inch. She looked lost, and misplaced. Tosha lifted her free hand to remove the gold embroidered mask from her face to let it set on top of her head. Several ribbons fell across the large pink scar that stretched from scalp to her chin on the right side of her face. Tosha came to a stop standing a few inches beside the ringmaster. Her honey colored eyes sparkled with amusement. Though she stayed silent, not wanting to scare the girl further. It seemed she had already been startled enough for one day.
Unlike most little girls, Dahlia loved the dark. It was the perfect place to hide, the perfect place to think, the perfect place to 2uzueqo.pngprepare. Illuminate by a single lantern floating high above, she stood before a mirror. It wasn't very large; for a normal person it would be only useful for checking their face. But she was little, and so her little image was reflected back in full. Before Dahlia stood a tiny girl dressed in tawny colours with white frills. Her hair, though not her own, was a mess of platinum tresses; curled and styled with a single ponytail on the side. She played and posed, practising her faces in the mirror.

“Happy.” She mused, smiling into the mirror. Her eyes sparkled in the light and cheeks seemed especially plump.

“Scared.” She stepped back, drawing her fists closer to her face. Her entire body trembled and shook with terror.

“Sad” She sighed, pouting. Dahlia tilted her head down but kept her eyes, welled with tears, focused on the mirror.

“Angry.” She shouted, stepping forward and punching the mirror. A crack ran straight down the middle of the glass, splitting it in half. Her image, divided, did not look the same on both sides. Where one seemed angry the other still seemed sad. Dahlia sighed. She was having difficulties again. No one seemed to notice, no one but Dahlia anyway. She had hoped that her act would improve. For the time being, she'd be happy so long as the crowd enjoyed it.

She exited the darkness to watch the show. “Hmm. How Boring.” Dahlia thought. While she always thought Mr. Walrus was an interesting fellow, his act needed some work. It was too obvious, too basic, too plebeian. But something caught her eye this time. A new addition to his act, and possibly a new player in their circus: a girl. She sat atop his dumbbell. Dahlia thought it was a thrilling addition, but when the jester appeared it became clear there was so much more going on.

In a pinch she was in the circle with all the others. She appeared behind Vikki, lightly tapping her on the shoulder just after everyone else had introduced themselves. “Hello.” She waved. “That looked like fun. I'll have to ask Mr. Walrus if I can try sometime.” Dahlia giggled, then winked as if inferring something. On the other side she noted Ezra. A serpentine smile stretched across her face. It seemed she had been removed from her former position and replaced by the new girl.
Whether on the stage or off the stage, Riley always seemed to be surrounded by a crowd of people. Particularly young females. Even though it was Mr. Walrus taking the stage, Riley managed to make a small congregation of his own. To any other this may have been taken as a nuisance, but Riley actually liked it. Often he'd find himself craving it. But there's a limit to everything, and it wouldn't be long before he'd go off in search of a way to elude his fans. Often times he'd even go to the extreme of requesting the aids of his animal friends, and letting them run rampant while he made his escape.

"Ladies, ladies!" he said as he made the attempt to prepare for his next act. "I do appreciate the gifts, but I really must be getting ready now!" A large, high pitched, simultaneous cry came echoing out from the group. Sighs and complaints were said in every direction, to which Riley knew just how to handle the situation. "Don't fret, my Little Nightingale," he started, as he reached out to a particularly freckled young lady, "it won't be long before we meet again." At this, he took the girl's hand, and slowly went to kiss it. His soft, pink lips made contact with her slender fingers. It wasn't until he got no reaction that he realized the commotion in the ring's direction. This was to be expected, of course, but it sounded different somehow. As if something inexplicably exciting was happening. He released the young girl's hand and faced the direction where all attention was drawn.

That's when he saw, daintily perched atop a dumbbell, her. "A girl?...Here?" he silently muttered to himself. He thought, and stared. All of a sudden, as if it had finally just hit him, deep wells began to form on either side of his cheeks, as a grin stretched out across his youthful face. "If you'll excuse me," he said as he made his way out into the ring. He hadn't actually noticed the others there until he finally arrived, which is when he saw the Jester. This triggered an even greater alarm in his head. He questioned every bit of the situation. He grinned, deeply. His eyes flared. For the first time ever he was hesitant to introduce himself to a female. A new excitement had arose within him.

A little lamb has arrived at the Carnival. This should be interesting...
Questions were racing in Vikki’s head. What had just happened? Where exactly was she? Why was that over weight man wearing a walrus suit?

The young woman had no sense of balance. She wobbled back and forth while the poor Walrus beneath her started to panic.

“Cuál es el significado de esto?” She then yelled at the crowd gathering around her.

Vikki was keen enough to know that she had ended up in a strange place. That was certain enough; however, she was not panicking like many others would have been.
They all seemed to speak English. This was to her advantage. Her father had made her learn Basque, Spanish, and English. If she really felt the need, she could yell several not so nice phrases at them in French.

“Imbécil!” She then crossed her arms when the Jester stole her glasses. Vikki then attempted to slap the big clown. Her slap did little to harm the clown. It just made his over sized nose wiggle back and forth like a spring.

It didn’t really matter much though; she soon was then distracted by yet another strange figure in the crowding carnies. The first to come was a woman with a top hat. Her outfit seemed very strange; nothing like something that a person in the 1930s would have been seen in. Vikki chose not to react to this woman’s comments. It didn’t really matter, because by this point, another strange woman appeared. Her outfit was even more flamboyant.

“Eh?” She seemed to be more curious about Tosha than she did the apparent ringleader.

Vikki had Myopia, so she didn’t need her glasses to make out the details of the people that were close to her. She was honestly attracted to the Oriental styled clothing that Tosha was wearing. It was so unlike the dull clothing that Vikki was used to in the US and Europe.

Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder. A little girl with white hair was smiling at her and commented something about the stunt that Vikki had pulled earlier.

Once again Vikki pretent that she couldn’t understand English. “Qué?” Was her response to Dahlia.

At this point it was clear that the Jester wasn’t going to return her glasses anytime soon. So Vikki, then stomped her foot on the ground.

“Tío, es suficiente!” She then growled.

Vikki had decided to call the Jester, her uncle, just to see how they would react….
Tosha watched in horror as the young girl wobbled back and forth. The fear she would fall and get harmed seemed real for a few moments. Despite her clear confusion she had the ability to yell gibberish, and slap the near by clown. His large nose writhing back and forth was amusing enough. Though, it made her wonder if this lady was a rude little wench. Even if the jester stole her glasses, there was no need for such violence. Her arms lifted to cross tightly over her chest. She tried to control the annoyed tapping of her foot, but it still managed to thump against the soil. Clearly it showed that the girl's actions were unacceptable in her opinion. Yet when the girl's eyes shifted to Tosha, the look of shock spread across her face.

Every limb that moved went still while they held each others' gaze for several minutes. It honestly felt like a predator stalking prey. The need to ask what are you staring at? Crossed her mind several times until the girl shrieked several words she could not understand. Tosha wiggled her nose like a bunny. It was a bad habit that gave away she was thinking. There was a assumption brewing inside her thoughts. Everyone did look strange here, but no one else had devastating scars like she. They were either uniquely beautiful or had their own special species. At that very moment she felt self conscious, and took a few steps back. It allowed some shadows to spread across her body. Hiding what she thought was not meant to be seen.

"I don't think she understands...." Her words tumbled out into a whisper, as she reached up to pull the mask back down over her face. The golden edges stretching down on each side of her jaw. The white painted center sitting on the bridge of her nose, made her feel safe once again. It hid away the mistakes her abilities had caused on her once beautiful flesh. A sense of relief was not far off. Luckily something else grabbed Vikki's attention, and she was back to screaming words that Tosha still couldn't understand. "Can any of you make out any of this nonsense?" She couldn't help but to ask out loud, hoping one of the other carnies had a answer. How were they to help her if they had no way to communicate.
Dahlia's face scrunched together as she made an odd face. Brows furrowed, lips pressed, and nose wiggling; the small woman knew something was amiss. Her gigantic eyes focused upon Vicki, probing quizzically. As a platinum curl bounced in her vision, Dahlia wondered what their guest was up to. She spoke foreign words, foreign words that seemed to originate from different locations. A few of the words were french. Those words Dahlia could understand. But it seemed among the french were other dialects which were unfamiliar to the petite performer. Their guest was fumbling a medley of languages, perhaps trying to complicate matters for everyone else. But Dahlia was smart, smarter than she looked. So when Tosha inquired, she answered.

I do, I do!” She yelled excitedly with her hand raised. Still behind their guest, Dahlia bounced around hoping Tosha would notice. Alas, the girl before her was taller than she could reach over. So, to save time Dahlia disappeared then reappeared next to Tosha. Popping back up, she looked different. The child was dressed in a similar, but differently coloured outfit. Green instead of orange, and gold instead of white. Her hair had also changed, now bright red and braided in the back with a bow. Sometimes Dahlia would switch things up as she moved about to keep things interesting. The other carnival folk were, mostly, used to it.

I know some of the words! They're French!” She exclaimed loudly, now looking at Tosha in addition to being beside her. “But . . . uhm. I forget what they mean.” Actually, Dahlia had forgotten what she said. But it didn't matter. She did not forget the most important fact. “But she's being a poopie head! Some of those words aren't french. Or else she's making them up!” Whined the little performer to Tosha. The way Dahlia spoke was like she had just tattled on the boy who stole her doll in the playground. She clung to Tosha's leg and looked directly at Vicki. With a bratty expression she blew raspberries at the girl. Maybe she was a guest, but that was no excuse for being a big meanie.
Ezra was amused in her own show by someone who had just arrived, a human at that. Humans never ezra.jpgamused her in the least for they were a sheer bore, and boredom is poison to a carnival. This girl was more of a handful than half the members of the carnival of itself. She showed that just by whacking the Jester's nose. Ezra lifted a single, golden eye brow in amusement. Her mouth spat out a sentence and Ezra caught it between her teeth. It was Spanish, a simple language really, if one worked up enough patience to tolerate it. No one had answered the girl's question, "what is the meaning of this?" Again, the girl amused Ezra enough to make her shift positions, leaning on her right hip instead.

"You won't get them back that way, my dear. Violence is no fun in the center of the ring. People are watching you. At least make it more of a show."she said. Dahlia and Tosha were having less than fun with the new addition to the 'family', if one would call it that. As always, Miss Tosha was skeptical of revealing her features to the human girl. Why one would care to be judged by this pathetic sight, I will never know. Then again, the scars were less than attractive. Ezra's perfectly unblemished head twisted to Tosha in an owl-like manor and she bowed, crossing a leg behind her.

"Evening, mam. Everything is well, I presume?"she said. Dahlia had disappeared somewhere, probably going to change close. Change. Change. Where was Johnny? It was quite passed his time of introductions due to the bilingual rambling girl. Ezra was quite disappointed.

"I would suggest discussing the terms of the status of your bifocals somewhere elsewhere. As they say, the show must go on."she piped up, snickering at the Jester being deemed an Uncle. Family issues. Her tale should be fun.
"Oh dear ringmistress this is my show, not for her, that will come." The jester cackled and then hoisted Vikki up onto his shoulders and stepped up onto the walrus' bloated stomach. "Now if you will get back to the show I will give her one of her own and maybe she'll learn something while we're at it."

In one step he was off of the walrus and standing sideways on the pole that held up the great circus tent's roof and in another he was walking up it as if balancing on a horizontal beam.

"So you can handle yourself Vikki, that will serve you well." he said as they left the hearing range of the others. "I'm sure you're guessed this is no circus like those in your world. This one, the stakes are much higher and the show never ends. What that means is up to you because as of right now, this is your show."

They reached halfway up the pole and the jester turned around to look at the ring, the figures in it seeming no bigger than ants. "That is if you can handle every one looking down on you."

He toed the support wire and remained silent for a moment talk Vikki's glasses off of himself and handing them up to her. "Don't worry about your home or your father, they will be safe when you return, for now this is your world, and I mean that, in that it belongs to you."

He stepped out onto the wire, his feet upwards and his head down and walked upside down along it. "There are rules, different from the ones you've been taught but even when you go back the ones of this place will follow you there, so..."

Whatever was holding him upside down on the wire ceased to be and they began falling down the wind rushing past them as he slowly turned in the air and for the second time Vikki landed in the center of the ring, this time the Jester's shoulder catching her.

"Welcome to the Carnival."

The crowd clapped, the show had started once again.
[BG="black"]V I K K I [/BG]

It seemed that some of them could understand her Spanish. There would be no need to continue that act. It was worth the honest effort...

Of course, before she could speak the Jester started playing his games with her once more. He had an easy time lifting her up unto his shoulder. Vikki was a light weight. However, deep down she knew that he would have been able to lift her, even she weighed as much as her father. He stepped over the walrus. The poor man-beast seemed to be the butt monkey of the trope. Then again, it was better him than her. That's what she told herself, anyways.

"Yes I can handle myself." Vikki said in Spanish. While she could have easily spoken in English, the fact that the Jester could understand her better than the others, made it easier for her to maintain a level of 'defense.' "Uncle, I do not understand. How is this my show? Father never told me about this sort of place."

She knew that her father would never have told her that such a non-sense world could be real. Though, there was that Alice In Wonderland novel...Maybe the author was on to something?

Vikki shook her head, "If you could explai..."

He was climbing up. High. She hated heights.... Vikki closed her eyes.

"I can handle them looking at me. That's no big deal." She told herself.

Once again, the Jester mentioned that this world belonged to her. She was unsure if she liked hearing such words...

Suddenly, she felt herself free falling from the sky. Her heart began racing. However, it was over quicker than she assumed. She had landed safely on her 'uncle's' shoulders.

View attachment 8192Johnny watched the scene from the crowd, he blended in well, looking just like another eager fan of the show. He was a very unassuming man, short and slight (as most human cannon balls are), no overly distinguishing characteristics, just ordinary.

Deciding that the big commotion was just another one of Jester’s stunts, he walked round to the back of the main stage, where he would prepare for his act. Jester was always up to something, he gave Johnny the creeps. Which is weird because Johnny risked his life on a daily basis, yet the Jester actually frightened him. He was so damned unpredictable, unnervingly so. Johnny produced a comically large cigar from his pocket and bit the tip, spitting it to the ground with professional ease. He struck a match with his thumb nail and lit it up, blowing thick ribbons of smoke into the air.

“I’m ready” He exclaimed to the heavily modified cannon from which he would be launched. It sat just behind the main stage curtain, mounted on wheels, ready to be rolled out towards the end of the show.

“I’ve been ready and waiting for you, my dear.”
He pressed his free, cigar-less hand against the thick barrel. “We’re gonna give them a helluva show, aren’t we?”

It was routine for Johnny to talk to his cannon before the act, no one payed him any mind, and only a few were mildly concerned that it might answer back someday.

From behind the stage, Johnny heard the crowd cheer, this relieved him because it meant things were back on track!

It this strange world, where girls appeared from no where and Circus acts went on day and night, the Human cannon ball talked to his cannon while he got ready.
The feeling of something latched onto her leg seemed a bit distracting. Tosha dropped one hand lazily on top of Dahlia's head. Blonde curls wrapped around her pale skin. The strands soft against the pads of her fingers. She always had a soft spot for child like creatures. Though she still couldn't focus enough to respond to the small performer. Their new guest seemed to be a odd one, and the way she stared made her wonder. Tosha tilted her head to one side, her eyes glittering through the holes of her mask. She watched as the jester carried the girl into the air.

Their voices began to fade the higher they went. Once she knew her words could not be heard she began to speak, "Dahlia I'd be weary...Very weary, but I want you to do me a favor. Find out what her words mean for me, all of them. I'll make you a flower shaped firework launcher for your next show." Tosha lifted her hand from her head to twirl one curl idly between her fingertips. No one could resist a fire cracker guilt trip, no matter how hard they tried. She was so deep in thought she had almost missed ring master Ezra's acknowledgement of her presence.

Tosha looked over at the pink bobbed lass. Her skin shinned brightly, it was so smooth. No jagged scars disgraced her skin. It seemed so flawless in her mind. That was enough to cause a small blush of jealousy to grace her cheeks. Tosha was relived that her mask would cover such a emotion. "Everything is well. Other than the new arrival seems a bit rude for my taste. However, I'm sure she will make a lovely addition to her wonderful family......How about yourself?" The slight happiness in her voice took a lot of force. In all honesty she wasn't sure Vikki and herself would ever be on speaking grounds. It was hard enough to have everyone glaring at her disgraced face. The thought of another already was a burden in her mind.
[BG="black"]V I K K I [/BG]

The Jester then did a few more gestures until Ezra shouted the next scene was going to be the AMAZING HUMAN CANNON.

"Now my dearie," The Jester said, "We need to get you more acquainted with your surroundings, do we not?"

He had a large grin on his face. Vikki had never seen anything like it before. It almost reached from ear to ear. "Go out the back. There will be someone waiting for you."

"Uncle? You are leaving?" Vikki asked in Spanish. He didn't respond. Slowly part of his body began to fade away until only his dark smile remained. It was a curious site. She didn't seem that scared by it, even though such movements in the real world would have sent a entire crowd running away in a panic.

She hurried out of the main tent, hoping not to interrupt the show anymore than she had already done. Vikki stepped outside for the first time. The sky was a bright blue, unlike the rainy day back home. The smells were that of cotton candy, sweets, and all other heavenly delights. The aroma of smells was intoxicating...

There was some movement from performers that did minor acts, but overall the location was fairly quiet. Or so she thought.

Just then some people dressed in exquisite clothing came towards her. They looked vaguely North African. Speaking in what she assumed was Arabic, they grabbed her by her hands and led her towards a small tent with it's flaps shut back. One of the people spoke and there was a response back. The voice was soft sounding. The flap of the tent was then opened. However, it remained dark. Vikki could only see a faint outline....

"Hello Miss Vikki..." The creature said. It's voice was timid.

"Hello," she said in response. It spoke Spanish rather well. This was a surprise to her.

Vikki then knelt down on her knees, believing that it was a small little guy. "Don't worry. I'm not as mean as I sometimes pretend to be." Vikki said, trying to sound as friendly as possible.

"Oh, I know. I've been watching you for sometime."

Her heart raced for a brief moment. The creature did indeed come out of hiding. Much to Vikki's surprise, it was a young boy. Though he had the ears and tail of a squirrel. There was nothing remotely scary about him.


"Mr. Jester told me show you to your home, he did. I will show you now." The boy said.

Vikki smiled, "Alright."

The squirrel boy seemed friendly enough.

It was a bit unusual to be talking with a human with animal features. Or maybe, he was one of the evolved species? She had read the Mysetrious Island of Doctor Moreau...Maybe this world was made up of elements of every story she had ever read? The Jester had indeed said that she was everything was created just for her...

She shook her head when he spoke, "Since we are a travelling show, we don't have permanent housing..."

Vikki wondered what they lived in until the Squirrel boy took her around a corner.

A gypsy wagon. She blinked, for all that she knew all the Roma had been forced into Eastern Europe. It was a beautiful purple, one of her favorite colors. Vikki wanted to giggle like a little girl. However, she still don't fully trust this place...She wouldn't let too much of her true personality show just yet.


"I have the key right here." He then handed it to her. "Go on, I think that you will like it here." He smiled.

Vikki grabbed the key carefully. She climbed the wooden steps to the doorway. They squeaked with each step she took. Vikki then opened the door of the gypsy wagon. She was surprised to find that it was much more roomy than she had seen from the outside. There was golden trim all over the wagon. The bed had colorful sheets. She even had a fire place...


She then noticed that on the leather bench nearest to the bed, there were colorful clothing for her. Vikki was tempted to put them on...But she had no intention in staying here for a long time.... The were beautiful...Blacks and deep reds...A fancy headdress...

Vikki shook her head, telling herself "No."

"Do you like it, Miss Vikki?" The boy then asked. He stood in the doorway, but did not come in.

"...I do." Vikki then smiled.