The Captive Princess

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    Name: Hisoka Takahashi
    History:Hisoka is a Princess, her brother rules over a vast area of Yatomi. Her father past away a few years ago fighting a war with the enemy (I am thinking maybe a dark lord, like a demon or something?). Now her brother has filled in for his father and is fighting the war. She is a kind soul, though she does have her rebellious side and can be a tad heard headed.

    Plot: Hisoka brother is away fighting the enemy and has left his little sister behind believing the thick walls of the palace will protect her and his people. How ever he is wrong and the enemy has attacked the town and the walls have fallen and now Hisoka and the town are now captives.

    I am thinking that your character might have heard gossip about Hisoka's beauty but when he see's her the rumors did not do justice. He becomes smitten and decides rather then just taking her as a pensioner of war he is going to marry her. Of course Hisoka is going to fight tooth and nail against this because well, he is her country's enemy and she has heard rumors about him as well, like how he is cruel, beats his women and has many sexual lovers and of course about his dark magic.

    P.M or message me here if interested and we can also work out any kinks or if you want to add anything!
  2. I'm interested in this if you'd like to rp with me ^^
  3. I am game! Are you fine with playing a dominate guy?
  4. I'm game for that. What kinks would you like?
  5. Sorry, kinks? Like fetishes?
  6. I was thinking a little tying up, some smacking around because well she is going to fight and then things will mellow out...
  7. Sounds real good. I'll do my cs in a bit
  8. Awesome. So we can start whenever you like
  9. Ok I will work on it while you do the CS!
  10. Sorry this took so long. I had some technical difficulties..


    Shigeta Emichigo


    During his early teen years Shigeta spent his time studying and practising black magic. When he turned 19 he became a warrior that fought to take over the lands of Yatomi. During the campaign he came to learn the name of a princess who's beauty was beyond compare. As soon as he learned her location he started hatching a plot to kidnap her and make her his bride.
  11. Very nice! Did you get the link to the rp?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.