The Camping Trip

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  1. [​IMG] The light beeming through the bedroom window made Drew groan in annoyance and toss the covers back. It was still early but he had to get up and pack the things he needed for the camping trip he was going on. He rubbed his eyes and then reluctantly crawled out of bed to stare at the clock. Drew had 2 hours before he had to leave. The throught of crawling back into bed crossed his mind but he sighed and then started the shower. After spending most of his sweet time relaxing under the water that he was soon going to miss, Drew dried off and then wrapped hsi towel aroud his waist as he opened up the drawers and pulled out clothes.

    Opening up his duffle bag, Drew placed a few pairs of jeans and shorts as well as long sleve and short sleeve shirts, underwea, tank tops, hats, sun glasses, bug spray, flashlights plus batteries, first aid kit, 2 books, and anything else he could get his hands on. Once he finished packing his two duffle bags Drew threw on a shit and pair of tattered jeans and boots as well as his beenie.

    He headed into the kitchen and then made himself a quick breakfast. Before he could even leave the house he had to make sure he brought some snacks because more then anything Drew had to eat. It still was an amazement that he was in good shape and stayed fit. After he finished his breakfast he placed both of his bags in the car and then pulled out his phone to call his friend that he was supposed to pick up.

  2. [​IMG]

    She had been up for a while, and definitely didn't want to have to wait around much longer. Unfortunately, Samantha knew very well that her good friend Drew was a huge fan of his sleep, and would no doubt take a while to get going. Still, there was still stuff to do. Sam showered, the water that cascaded over her body was almost too hot, and damn nice to feel. It would likely be the last proper chance to be clean for a while, so the girl spent a good long while in there, just enjoying the sensation of the piping hot water droplets that would unfortunately have to end very soon.

    Once this was done, she set about dressing in what could only be described as a conservative manner. She wore jeans and a tanktop, a light jacket thrown over the top. Rather than the high heels many girls were fond of, Samantha chose some wonderfully practical boots. They weren't exactly waterproof, but they would do for any untoward terrain on the trip. Most of the clothes she had packed the night before were in this vein, shorts and jeans and various tops, all perfectly thought out for comfort and practicality.

    The rest of the space in the duffle was taken up by various toiletries and practical supplies. Also chocolate. You couldn't go camping without chocolate, or marshmallows for that matter. It was a right of passage that all young people that went out roughing it just had to go through. No doubt, Drew would be consuming most of the food, but for now he was lucky enough not to put on an ounce of weight. Still, Samantha would probably be able to keep up, she wasn't known for being shy around her food, or around anything for that matter. She was a confident person, though not overly so.

    Just as she was wolfing down a breakfast of cereal, her phone rang. "Fancy hearing from you, and this early in the morning." She said without missing a beat, following on to make the final arrangements before heading outside to wait for her good friend. When he arrived, Sam hopped into the car, smiling over at Drew as she threw her bag into the back.
  3. [​IMG]From what Drew could see, the sun was just hitting the peaks of the trees. It was perfect timing to go on the camping trip. Drew had a thing for nature and mostly because he was wild and unpredictable like most of the things out in the woods. As he drove to Samantha's house he chuckled at her remark through the phone. " Yeah well its better then waking up to start the camping trip late in the evening", When he pulled up Drew unlocked the door to the car so Sam could get in. A smiled formed on his lips and he shook his head. " Alright then, I already got the easy tent and other equiptment so lets do this".

    Drew drove up through the marking trail. He figured it would be best to set up camp where they could look out onto everything else. Eventually the only thing he was looking at was trees and more trees. " Alright Sam were here". He spoke while getting out the car and grabbing the tent equipment. Thank god this one was an easy three step method because last time he was tangled up and fighting the tent as opposed to putting it up. Once the tent was up he smiled in satisfaction since it was bigger than it looked.

    Grabbing the rest of the bags from the car he placed once od his duffle bags inside the tent and then decided that it was best to leave one in the back of the car. Drew walked up behing Sam and grabbed her waist. " Rawr!". He laughed and then looked around for a hiking stick which he found immeditally. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a strip of beef jerky. " Okay noww im officially ready to begin this camping trip".
  4. The journey went by quickly, and it wasn't long until it appeared that they were the only civilised beings for miles. As the trail became ever smaller, and the trees appeared to be crammed closer and closer together, the ride became pretty damn bumpy. It was impossible to avoid, and although it was annoying, not to mention jarring, it didn't really matter. What was important at the moment, was the fact that they were out here in the wilderness, geared up for what would probably be some of the best few days of their young lives. They were both suckers for a bit of adventure, and so this little trip was just what they needed to ensure their closeness and general happiness.

    Once the car stopped, Samantha hopped out of the car as quickly as she could, eager to get down to enjoying their time out here. She did what she could to help with the bags and the tent, but really the best she could do was to stay well out of Drew's way. Sam was a clumsy girl, and it was well known that if she attempted to assemble a tent - well, they'd probably end up with a mangled sheet and a few poles somewhere in a tree. It sounded a bit farfetched, but she was definitely capable of it, if left to her own devices. But thankfully, Drew was skilled in this area, and so they did find themselves with a beautiful specimen of a tent.

    "Is that your Bigfoot impression?" Sam asked as Drew grabbed her waist, smirking ever so slightly. When Drew had found himself his sturdy stick, and produced his jerky, Samantha couldn't help but laugh ever so slightly. "You do realise you look like some kind of caveman, right? Just beat your chest a little and you'll fit right in with the stone age, you modern man you." Still, it didn't stop her also finding herself a sizeable stick, though she chose to jab hers at her friend, rather than using it properly. Sticks were for playing swords, whatever your age, it just had to be done.
  5. [​IMG]Drew laughed and then beat on his chest. " Well yes i am, A hungry caveman". Just when he turned his head, he felt his body being poked. Looking over his shoulder he grinned when he realized it was Sam poking his sides with a stick of her own. " Oh i see if its a fight your looking for then it's a fight your gonna get". Using his stick he poked her back a few times before sprinting off. He made sure he didn't go too ar for the simple fact that there was so many damn trees he knew that he;d get lost in less than five minutes.

    Pressing his back againt a tree, Drew peeked his head out to see Samantha looking for him. He was ready to attack. Taking a bite out of his beef jerky he placed the rest into his pocket and then closed his eyes and counted in his head. Drew opened his eyes immeditally when he felt something on his shoe. At first he thought it was just a tree branch but when he looked down it was a snake. Not the big one but it sure as hell looked like it was going to curl its body around his leg.

    " Holy shit!". Drew kicked the snake and sent it a few feet away. Now he was looking at the ground around him. The last thing he needed was something else showing up. Backing away from the tree he realized that he gave away where he was at. Looking over at Sam he kept a cool face and then adjusted his hat. " There was a snake on my damn shoe". He shook his head and then walked over to Sam. " Hey theres a stream nearby, we can go check it out if you want, plus i wanna try my caveman skills and catch a fish". Drew smiled and then started up the hill. He haden't been down by the stream in a long time. It lead to a nice river that was suprisingly clear.
  6. "You're always hungry." Sam chided, though there was little time to say anything else, as of course Drew took it upon herself to run off and hide. With good humour, Samantha headed off to try and find him, stumbling over a few tree roots that had the discourtesy to grow over the path she was attempting to traverse. Unfortunately, nature was nature and would do whatever it pleased. Fortunately, Sam managed to catch herself on another tree before she ended up falling face first in the dirt. It was at this point that she heard Drew, immediately heading towards him.

    At first she was a little worried, but soon found him, and was given the explanation. "You sure it wasn't a worm? They can look damn scary." She couldn't help but tease, it was just something they did to eachother, far more often than most friends would have allowed, but it seemed they were both of a carefree disposition, and as they didn't take life too seriously, there was no reason to do so to themselves either.

    At the mention of the river, Sam grinned. She had always liked water, in fact she had even considered joining the swim team, though it had proved a bit too much like hard work. She didn't see the point in training so hard, she just wanted to have fun. So, this was much more up her street. She'd go for a dip, and Drew could do his level best to spear a fish. "You will fall in you know. It's practically written in the stars." But, she wasn't going to stop him trying, the sight would be far too amusing to keep from happening.
  7. [​IMG]" Im sure, it was a snake and it was trying to curl up on my leg". Drew chuckled just saying it. He was fine with snakes as long as they were far as hell away from him. Now he was egar to catch a fish. His grandpa used to take him fishing when he was younger but it never seemed to work out since he was busy sticking his head in the water to get a better view of the fish or toss the bait in the water. Using the stick Drew marked the trees so they knew their way back. It was deffinitally easy to get lost but he knew there was no way in hell he'd forget how to get back to his precious car.

    Once they reached the stream Drew nodded in approval. The water was clear and he could see the bottom and most importantly the fish. Not waisting any time, Drew took off his shoes and socks. Using the rocks as a sturdy support he crouched down and stared into the water. " Sam im a nature guy, I wont fall it should be you who should be worried about the water and hope a giant fish dosent try to eat you". Drew smiled at Sam and then looked back down in the water.

    When he throught he had a chance at catching a fish, Drew used his stick and plughed it into the water only to come up empty. It continued to happen a few more times and then Drew jsut decided to do like the cavemmen and get the fish by hands. Stepping off the rocks Drew pulled off his shirt and then his pants placing them where he could keep and eye on them. In an instant he made his way into the water and took a deep breath. For the fun of it he swam over to Sam and then grabbed at her legs. " So how much you wanna bet ill catch a fish".

  8. Sam went along with Drew, struggling to keep a straight face as she envisioned him falling face first in the cool water. If he didn't fall, she would no doubt push him in, which she would probably find just as amusing. It was this attitude to life, as well as her friends that would and had resulted in alot of injuries to either or both of them, but the benefits always outweighed the costs. The two almost always had fun together, and so on the very rare occassion they did have a falling out, it never lasted that long, and when they did make it up, they seemed to feel closer than before.

    Today though, they were just good friends. When they reached the running water, Samantha wasted no time in stripping down to her underwear, laying her clothes a safe distance from the river, just in case too much splashing occurred. Once that was done, she ran into the water without thinking about it, absorbing the shock of the cool, almost blindingly cold water quite well. She was submerged up to the neck, and soon began swimming about like a little fishy. "Nah, the fish should fear me. I'll destroy 'em." Well, maybe not while they were still alive and kicking, but that was beside the point.

    After a while, Sam began to tread water, watching Drew as he attempted to spear the fish. He wasn't having much luck. So, after a while he changed tack, going for an even more primitive method. When he became completely submerged, Sam lost track of him, until of course he took it upon herself to grab her legs. She went under, but of course used this to her advantage, escaping, only to appear behind Drew, leaping onto his back without warning. "You're mean. Didn't you know you're supposed to be nice to us weak little girls?" She chided, leaning her chin on his shoulder as she did so, "About the fish, might get lucky, so I'll bet your car. I'm allowed to do that, right?" No, but she was hedging her bets, being rather shrewd.
  9. [​IMG]At first Drew thought that he had a good hold on Sam's legs. It was perfect grip and everything. But just in a blink of an eye she was gone from his eyes sight and then re appeared on his back. Now standing up with only his lower area under the water he shook his head and smiled. " You know im my eyes you dont seem that helpless to me, mabey im the helpless one". It was always a fun time when he hung out with Sam. They always did wild things that some of their firends just wouldn't do. Mabey because they were both driven by excitement that they were close.

    When Sam bet the car Drew cringed. " Ah come one not my baby!, Urgg fine ill do it and ill show you i have true caveman abilities". A smirk crossed Drew's face as he leaned forward and nicked Sam's ear. Noy waisting any time Drew went under the water and looked around. As many fish were in that water they were sure as hell hard to catch. He knew he couldn't give up. His car was at stake and he loved it even more than he did beef jerky. Using his stick he attempted some more.

    After awhile of getting absolutly nowhere he walked out of the water pissed. " Look can we b-". There was a movement in his pants and it wasn't the one when he got excited. Looking down he saw his pants move and immeditally he reached in and pulled whatever it was out. Drew smiled wide and then laughed, " Ha!! I caught a fish". It sure was a weird way of catching one but as long as his car was safe and he won the bet then Drew was totally fine with it.
  10. She had of course known that he wouldn't be best pleased at the suggestion of putting his car at stake, but thankfully she was also not too mean, and certainly wouldn't hurt his baby. Sam hopped off his back at this point, swimming to the bank of the water, where she pulled herself up, sitting with her legs dangling in the cool water. While sitting there, still dripping with water, Sam watched Drew doing his caveman thing, and not managing to do anything but snag random handfuls of water that of course ran away as quickly as the fish had done. It was amusing, and also a little cringeworthy.

    Finally, he gave up. He was understandably frustrated, though as he began to speak it seemed that something changed. Sam watched him produce the fish from somewhere it really shouldn't have been, and immediately burst out laughing. "Just be glad it wasn't a biter." She managed through fits of laughs that were very nearly giggles. Eventually she did manage to regain control of herself, speaking again, "I'm not sure that counts. If anything, the poor fish should get some compensation." Obviously, she wasn't going to do anything to his car, and she would most likely concede defeat, but it was worth mentioning anyway.

    As Drew made his way out of the water, Samantha stood up, going over to where she had left her clothes, pulling her jeans back on, or at least attempting to. She ended up falling backwards with one leg in. She really wasn't the most graceful of girls, not that it bothered her. "Ow." Was all she said, pouting slightly as she continued to sit there, glaring at Drew as if it was his fault, although her expression soon changed to that of a smile. She could never maintain the appearance of a negative emotion for very long.
  11. [​IMG]" Well they always say that their is many ways to attract a fish". Drew ran his hands through his wet hair and then walked over to where his clothes were layed out. The was still plenty of time in the day and he wanted to make the first day just as exciting an adventerous as the other days to come. He put on his pants and shoes but decided to leave his shirt off. Drew's body was well toned and in shape plus it made him look like he was made to be in the woods. After a moment he realized that the fish was out of the water. Reaching over Drew picked up the fish and then placed it back in the river.

    The sound of Sam's voice made Drew turn and burst into laughter. Sam's clumsyness was deffinitally a sight to see. He knew that it would never change but he didn't want it to and for the simple fact that it entertained him everytime. He walked over and then hovererd over Sam looking dead in her eyes. " You know if you keep falling like this your gonna make me have to carry you". He watched as her frown turnned into a smile. Drew knew that the frown wouldn't have lasted anyway.

    After helping her up Drew grabbed his shirt and then his stick. There was no way he'd loose his trusty stick. " That water was nice, we can head up farther and look at the view, it's a sight to see and mabey i get to fight a squirrel". Drew smiled and then set on forward to the destination. The last time he even looked at the view was when he was eight so he knew that things must have changed since then. As they walked upward twords the view he placed some one of beef jerkey in his mouth leaving some dangling. Turning to face same he nudged her. " want some jerkey?".
  12. That was one way of thinking of it. Sam decided not to say anything though, mainly because she knew that any more talk of fish was only going to make her burst out laughing again. If you said the word fish enough times, just the mention of it started to become deliriously funny. Thankfully though, they didn't have to eat the poor little thing, and so that little chestnut was put to bed. Samantha was still on the floor, but of course when Drew helped her up, she was more than happy to take the assistance. This time she did manage to pull on her jeans without incident, though she did feel the need to use Drew as support. She also threw her tanktop back on, though she tied her jacket around her waist.

    "I was going to make you carry me anyway. It's your duty, you know." Sam said this as they set off. She was springing along quite happily, looking around her at the birds that often lighted on the tree branches, as well as noticing the patterns in the trees themselves. There were faces in many of them, mostly grotesque, twisted figures that might have given her nightmares a few years ago. Nature was a funny thing, it was both beautiful and ugly, often at the same time. All in all, it was damn unpredictable, which she supposed was part of what made it great.

    When Drew mentioned fighting a squirrel, Sam just snorted in response, "Right. Either you'd get bitten on the nose, or else you'd just tell it how cute it was - and then get bitten." There was certainly no way he'd kill the thing for sport, or even taunt it. But it didn't matter, because now there was jerkey on offer. What fun. Her answer was quite clear, she bit the end off the tail that was protruding from Drew's lips. Perhaps it wasn't the most polite way of taking him up on the offer, but it worked for her. "Thanks. Don't know what I'd do without you." She grinned, chewing on the piece she had claimed.
  13. [​IMG]Drew smiled at Sam's comment. It was true he knew that the squirrel would deffinitally the battle but only because it was small, fast and dangerous if bitten. " If i told the squirrel that it was cute the damn thing would fall inlove with me". From the look of all the tress being the same, it was kinda hard to see if they were going the right way. He was just glad that he had that good memory so he knew that they wern't lost. When Sam took a bite out of the jerky that was hanging from his mouth, Drew ate the rest and smiled. " You know you could have taken a bigger bite". He motioned while acting like he was going to kiss her.

    Once they were at the top looking over at the area Drew placed his stick down and looked onto the view and a rather macho look. He didn't know what it was but everythime he was doing something that had to do with being outdoors he found himself loving every bit of the experience. Crouching down he picked up a few rocks and then beemed them to see how fat they would do. " I swear this is the best place to be right now, besides in my bed". Drew chuckled and then tossed another rock.

    There was a slight wind but it wasn't cold. Drew put on his shirt and then walked over to Sam. Placing a hand on her waist he gave her a serious face. " Im gonna marry you right here right now". Reaching on his pocket he pulled out a small piece of string and tied it to her finger. Drew burst out laughing in the process and then went over to retrive his stick. " You know with out me you'd deffinitally wouldn't have the delicious beef jerky or my sexy body". Drew sat down in the grass and relaxed. Everything was peaceful and he wanted to enjoy every moment of it.
  14. "Of course it would. You're irresistible, your hotness transcends all species." Sam grinned, ruffling his hair without really thinking about it. She continued walking along with him as he mentioned the jerky again. "Well, I know how much you love it. I couldn't stand to part you from it." Plus, she had honestly been a little bit worried that she might have accidentally kissed him. Although she was utterly comfortable with Drew, and he was definitely her best friend, she still worried occassionally about what might happen if by some accident they ended up as more than that. She wouldn't ever risk their friendship.

    Once they reached the summit of the excellent view, Sam happily smiled over the scene. It was truly beautiful, and she was damn glad that they were here to see it. There was nothing better, and Sam most definitely agreed with Drew. "Yeah. This is awesome." She grinned, then finding that Drew had taken it upon himself to propose to her in the way only he could. "Wow. It's beautiful. Just what I've always wanted." Why he had a piece of string in his pocket, Sam didn't question, it was the sort of thing that just tended to randomly turn up in ones pocket without ever really having a purpose.

    After this, Sam also sat down, reclining in the grass, eventually just laying flat and staring up at the sky. "I think I could still get the jerky. But yes, I would be lost without your magnificent self." And honestly, it was definitely true that her life would have been significantly different had she not known Drew. He had shaped a large part of her life, and made it far more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Of course, she was still capable of having fun on her own, it just wouldn't have been quite the same.
  15. [​IMG]Everything was going how Drew thought it would be and he was glad that Sam was having as much fun as he was. Usually if he had even invited a girl out to go camping in the woods with him they would probubally go on and on about their shoes and bugs and all the other things that would keep them from going. Thats why he was glad that he had Sam. Someone who would always be down for absolutly anything and have fun no matter what. " Well im glad you like the ring it was very expensive to get, you know they dont make those rings anymore?". He laughed and then leaned back looking up at the sky.

    He didn't know why he let oppertunities slip away with him and Sam. They had been friends for so long that he couldn't really see himself being anything else but that. But there have been occasions that the thought would always slip up into his mind and it made things for the most part confusing and troublesome. Drew knew that Sam saw him only as a friend and she probubally thought that he did as well but some things were better left unspoken. He knew that he was just making excuses for not doing anything.

    Drew took it upon himself to roll in the grass. Why? He had no idea but the thought crossedhis mind so he just went along wit it. Rolling over to Sam he rested on his side and then poked her cheek andher neck. " You know if you wern't in my life i'd probubally be just like that fish that was in my shorts. Completly confused on whats going on. After sitting up again Drew looked over at the view. " You know I want to go sky diving, I dont know when but it's on by bucket list of things to do". He russled with his hair for a moment before glancing at Sam and looking away.
  16. Sam stretched her arms up above her head, arching her back slightly as she did so. She was pretty sure that stretching was one of the best things anyone could do, even if it was also one of the simplest. Whatever it was, it didn't really matter anyway. Smantha returned to her previous position, soon feeling Drew poking her. She also rolled over onto her side, poking his nose lightly as she spoke, "You do know that's very rude, right? But I'll forgive you this one time." Of course, she'd forgive him every time, not that they'd ever had a really makor falling out. They were usually pretty good at reading one another.

    "Well, the feelings mutual, buddy." Samantha smiled, although she soon deflected anything that might lead to too much closeness, by saying, "Actually, when I'm with you, you're damn confusing. You like to fight squirrels, for a start." At this point, Samantha moved to sit next to him, resting her head on his shoulder quite happily, listening to him talk about sky diving, looking out at the wonderful view, watching as a flock of birds flew by the panorama, soon disappearing into the trees once again.

    After a while, she spoke once more, "Just don't go now. You haven't got a parachute." She said, giving him a quick pat on the head. "And don't even think about taking me with you, okay?" She was terrified of heights, had always been, and probably always would be. It was one of her only weaknesses, not that it often held her back. She could still manage some rollercoasters, so long as she didn't look before she got on. She just couldn't use elevators, and would never be able to live in a highrise building.
  17. [​IMG]The wind suddenly made Drew feel slightly drowzy. Mabey it was from the fact that he was getting too comfortable. "Well i know that i wouldn't make it without a parachute but i could be like tarzan and swing from tree to tree". He laughed and then looked over as Sam rested her head on his shoulder. " If I wre to jump now I wouldn't take you with me..only because i'd want you to tell the new of how your husdand jumped down while trying to fight a squirrel who stole his beef jerky". Drew stood up and then walked closer to the edge.

    The view looking down was amazing but he knew that it wouldn't be if he were to fall so he deicded that it was best to take a few steps back. Reaching for his stick he looked around and then jogged over to a nearby tree and starred at it. His mind was full of thoughts so he decided to mark the tree with his stick and then attempt to climb it. It was almost as if nature was calling him and his inner beast was being released out into the wild. Drew laughed and then fliped off the tree almost falling. " Whew alteast i didn't break my neck".

    As the time went by he figured that it would be best to head back over to the camp. " Hey Sam lets head back over to the camp. I wanna get some more jerky". Taking Sams recent comment into consideration from earlier Drew scooped Sam up into his arms and started carrying her back twords the direction on the camp. " Its only right for me to carry you". A smiled formed on his face and then he put her down once the camp was in view. Everything was where it was before and nothing had been touched, removed , or damaged. Drew opened one of his bags and pulled out a ziplock bag of jerky, some water, and a book. " Im heading into the tent". Drew winked and then chuckled as he got comfortable and took a bite out of some of his jerky.
  18. Well, at least that would be a bizarre story for the ages. Of course, if he did actually jump, Samantha would hardly be making jokes. She didn't even want to think abouut what would happen if anything happened to Drew. He was probably the most important person in her life, and she knew that should anything ever befall him she would probably be utterly lost. Rapidly, she pushed these dark thoughts away, not wanting to sully her own mood any more than she already had. Thinking about death on a day like today was just stupid.

    Unfortunately, Drew took it upon himself to climb the tree and execute an extremely dangerous maneuvre. "Don't you dare do that again." She growled, shooting him an ever so slightly serious glare. Although Sam understood that he was only having fun, and part of her would have joined in, had she not been a coward when it came to heights, but the thought of him hurting himself just wasn't something she wanted to consider.

    Despite this, the expression soon faded, and Sam of course allowed Drew to carry her. She nestled against him happily, nodding in response. "And they say chivalry is dead." She muttered, the rest of the journey being carried out in silence. The sounds of nature were enough to fill the air, and the two were comfortable enough with eachother not ot need to feel every moment with meaningless conversation.

    Once back at the camp, Sam soon followed Drew into the tent, first retrieving her own bottle of water, along with one of the bars of chocolate she'd snagged. She crawled in, settling herself next to Drew happily, and also offering him a piece of the chocolate. "You give me jerky, I give you chocolate, only fair." She smiled, resting on her elbows as she popped a piece into her own mouth.
  19. [​IMG]Drew wondered what was going in the streets and everywhere else but only for a moment. The outer world was stressful, he wanted to be somewhre where he could be himself and not have to worry about the stuggles of the daily life. He could only imagine how many missed calls and text messages he was reciving. Drew let all other outer things slilence becuase he wanted to just spend time with Sam. Any other time he was always on his phone either taking pictures, texting, or on the phone with one of his friends.

    When Sam made her way into the tent with some chocolate, Drew almost jumped up from where he was to get some. He smiled when Sam offered a bargin, knowing how much he loved his jerky but then again he was addicted to chocolate. " Smart move, fine you can have a piece of jerky". Opening his bag he pulled out a piece and gave it to Sam as he took the chocolate and heating it in one bite. " Ahhh this is the life". Drew opened up his water and took a few gulps before retriving his book.

    When he was halfway through Drew looked up from his book and then peeked out the tent. For the most part he saw birds. The sun was going down and he knew he'd start a fire soon because what was a camping trip without a camp fire? Putting his book down Drew made himself more comfortable and then looked up at the tent before facing Sam. " Hey I know this is random but what are you intrested in a guy?". He crawled out of the tent and then opened up the trunk before taking out the two pillows. Once Drew was back in the tent he handed Sam a pillow and then he took another bite out of beef jerky.
  20. Trading the chocolate for the jerky, Samantha happily took a bite out of her new acquisition, laying quite comfortably on her back, staring up at the ceiling of the tent. She could see the shadows of the trees and various insects creeping around above them, though thankfully they were safely shielded from any creepy crawlies. Of course, having said that, Sam probably wouldn't be too bothered by anything crawling around in her hair. Insects were all around, and it was imnpossible to avoid them, so why bother being scared or disgusted by them?

    This languid pose continued for some time, as Samantha simply enjoyed watching the changing colours of the world as the sun set. It was a gradual thing, made all the more beautiful by the near silence that one only found this far out in the styx. Nature was the only thing granted to make any sound, and it really made Sam feel quite small, not that she was bothered by this, it was the way of the world. She was abruptly snatched from this peaceful solitude by Drew and his slightly odd question.

    She watched him go, and upon his return took the pillow, placing it behind her head before answering him. She held up her crudely ringed finger, "You know I only have eyes for you." She grinned, not really realising that there was more to it than she was admitting. "But seriously, not at the moment. You've set the bar too high." Throughout her teenage years, Sam had dated the odd guy, but she had never had a serious relationship. The handful of boys she'd dated had lasted from weeks to months, and Sam had never been all that upset when they broke up with her, or she herself broke it off. "What about you? Got a sexy lady on the scene yet?"