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  1. The morning sun was beginning to shine through the dimly lit house while the scrambled eggs sizzled in a pan. It was the last day of school before Spring Break. While other kids and families were making plans to travel or enjoy the Spring, the Caloways were busying themselves with jobs to pay their bills. This Spring Break would be the busiest yet. With each year, the living expenses were rising, and the child labor laws were becoming more strict.

    At only seventeen, Ana Sophia was finding it increasingly harder to find and hold a legal job. Her last job working at Jolene's Diner was cut short after the owners were caught allowing minors to serve alcohol. Now Ana was having to resort to less moral side jobs. One of which was using a fake ID in order to serve alcohol at a local club. Just this morning she was called about delivering packages without questions. As much as she wanted to set a great example for her younger siblings, she had decided to take the job. They needed the money if she planned on all of the kids graduating school.

    Being the oldest of seven, Ana had stepped up when both of their parents split. She had only been fourteen when their mom disappeared. Their dad began drinking alcohol shortly after. Within the following year, he had become unreliable for anything other than keeping Child Services away. When he stopped returning home, Ana knew the only way to keep all seven of them out of foster care was to lie. Generally being without an adult wasn't a problem, other than when a teacher wanted to speak with a parent. Thankfully, Ana looks older than her age, and she is wonderful with makeup.

    This morning, she was able to round up some bacon by asking their neighbor, Marcus, over for breakfast. Ana didn't like using people, but she knew Marcus usually had some breakfast items and she didn't have enough money this week for anything other than eggs. She thought he had agreed to join them, though she wasn't certain as she was in a hurry and rushed away when he replied. Either way, he had handed her the bacon and it was frying in a second pan. Hopefully, Marcus would join them; helping with her slight guilt.

    She glanced at the clock and hollered upstairs for the kids to wake up for school. While breakfast cooked, she grabbed paper bags and placed the pb&js and cheese sandwiches inside for lunch. It would only be a couple minutes before the twins awoke and the rest of the kids came barreling down the stairs.

    The joys of adulthood.
  2. Xander was still trying to get out of bed but it was harder today. The only motivation he had was to have a smile on his face and help keep the family together but even that was fading. He rolled over and tried to push the blankets off of him just to get some sort of momentum going. With that he crawled from his bed and went to the bathroom to wash up before getting dress. While he washed up he reminded himself that he needed to be himself again, to at least place a smile on his face. After that small pep talk he had a soft smile on his face.

    "You guys need to get up and out of bed. It's the last day before spring break and it's best to get up and get the day over with." He said upon his return. Xander got dressed leaving the two upstairs in bed. With the smell of eggs and bacon filling the downstairs made his stomach growl. "Good morning Ana." He said trying to keep his happy attitude. "Where did you get the bacon? I thought we were all out." He was a little confused. Ana usually told him when she'll stop off at a store or would ask him to do.
  3. Julius had been awake for at least thirty minutes. Staring up at the ceiling, he had been silently repeating the words like a prayer, 'Spring Break'. Hearing his sister shouting for them to wake up, rose him from his daze. He watched Xander, getting ready, "You guys need to get up and out of bed. It's the last day before spring break and it's best to get up and get the day over with."

    He watched Xander head out the room before deciding to get dressed himself. With a small sigh he rolled off the top bunk, landing on all fours, with a solid 'Whump'. Looking over at his sleeping brother, he had the irresistible urge to draw on his face. Shaking the mischievous thought from his head, Julius lightly flicked him in the forehead, "Niko, sis is yelling, wouldn't wanna' make her mad." Still sluggish after getting up, he slowly got dressed, until he noticed a distinct smell in the air. " . . . Bacon." Julius whispered the word, before breaking out into a rush to get ready. "Nevermind stay asleep, more food for me!", He called out before making his way downstairs. Getting a running start, he hopped over the stairs entirely, the jolt from landing completely waking him up. Looking up at Ana, and Xander blurted, "Niko forfeited his portion of breakfast to me, says I need it more!"
  4. Feeling a light flick on his forehead, Nikolai's eyes shot open. "Nevermind stay asleep, more food for me!" he heard Julius exclaimed before leaving their shared room. Nikolai sat up, and rubbed his eyes. "Spring break, huh..." he thought to himself. He looked around the room, noticing that he was the only one left. He could already smell the breakfast Ana was making which made his stomach rumble.

    "Let's get this day over and done, yeah." Nikolai told himself, trying to sound enthusiastic but the words came out monotonous. He got out of bed and made his way to the toilet. He combed his bed hair, trying to look presentable. He got himself dressed up and went downstairs. As he was about to enter the kitchen, he overheard what Julius told Ana and Xander. Nikolai rolled his eyes, slightly annoyed. He walked into the kitchen and ruffled Julius's hair.

    "I didn't say that, kid. And, I know I never will." Nikolai stated, looking at Julius in amusement. He added, looking towards his older siblings, "Good morning, brother, sister."
  5. Meira had been awake for a while when she heard Ana calling. She cursed as she lost her concentration. She had hoped to finish this before school to show her friends, but alas, it was not to be. She shovelled the circuits into a draw in the small desk, even though they all knew about them. It was more out of habit than anything else. She picked some clothes from a neat stack in the corner and threw them on, before heading downstairs, following the scent of frying meat. The scent she adored but was rarely granted. She muttered ' Good morning', to no one in particular, and sat down, awaiting food.

    (sorry for any bad grammer, I'm using a phone for the next few weeks, or worse, a 3DS, as I can only get time to RP when I'm meant to be revising for exams. Also means shorter posts.)
  6. As Xander stopped in the kitchen, wondering where the bacon had come from, Ana grinned. "Our lovely neighbor might join us." Before she could say more, Julius came bustling down the stairs. In reply to Niko 'forfeiting' his portion, Ana let one side of her mouth twitch into a smile and shook her head. "I doubt that."

    On cue, Nikolai came down the stairs disproving what his little brother had just said.
    "All right, guys. Every one around the table. We might be having Marcus over for breakfast, so be on good behavior." Looking to where Julius stood, "And everyone will get equal portions."

    She prepped the plates with three slices of bacon each and a large heaping of eggs to each plate. She was hoping that her new job would help pay for more eggs next week, allowing them this larger than normal breakfast. Although she wanted to know right away what jobs the kids had found for the break, she would wait until after school. They deserved a stress-free day before they would have to work to help pay the bills. A fact that would always bother Ana.

    Once all the plates had been filled and there were a few slices of bacon and a spoonful of egg left, she briskly turned to the living room where the twins were sleeping on the floor. Every morning when she awoke, Ana would bring the two little ones down with her and let them sleep in the living room just off the kitchen. It saved her time from having to go back up the stairs for them later. Considering all of the kids were now downstairs, the twins were probably awake and ready to eat.

    Walking into the living room, she found the two all ready playing. Mason and Emma. They were only thirteen-months, but they were a handful.
    "Come on, you two. Food." Mason immediately dropped the couch cushion he had in his hand and made a wobbly dash for the kitchen. Emma, on the other hand, waited to be picked up. Ana obliged and carried her into the kitchen. Pulling both highchairs up toward the table where the other kids would be sitting, she placed the twins in their seats.

    Emma sat between Nikolai and Xander. This was her spot. If anyone tried to position her elsewhere, she wouldn't have it. In the last few months, she had come to adore her two eldest brothers. Mason, however, couldn't care who was near him as long as there was food. Leaving the bacon for the older kids, the twins began to messily shovel scrambled egg into their mouths.
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  7. "Oh well then he better get here before someone eats his portion." Xander gave a light chuckle before getting to the table. He heard a thump against the floor from upstairs and knew Julius was up and it wouldn't be long for him to be downstairs. Xander looked at the time and yawn a bit, he was never a morning person like the rest of his family and as such preferred sleeping. Looking over towards the living room and saw the twins were simply playing.

    Julius raced down the stairs talking about taking Nikolai's portion and of course he knew that couldn't be true. As he sat down Nikolai came to take his portion and remind them that he wasn't going to give that up. Meira was down soon enough with her good morning and taking her seat. With everyone downstairs in their seats, some in highchairs, breakfast was served. Mason and Emma were shoveling food into their mouths making their usual mess. But he couldn't help but the love the two, in a way he spoiled them both with affection.

    Xander didn't really want to eat, some days he simply poked at his food eating nothing at all, but today he had to eat at least something. So his goal was to eat everything on his plate no matter how much didn't want to. Xander didn't want to wither away into nothing.
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  8. Sitting at the table, Julius took the first bite, marveling at the taste of the food. Hands shaking he shoveled more and more eggs into his mouth. He didn't even stop to breathe, in seconds he had hopped onto the bacon, devouring it in one bite. He reached over to his glass of orange juice taking a huge swig. He honestly hated the flavor of it, but when you're thirsty you tend to stop caring. Julius was the first one finished eating as usual. Leaning back in his chair he looked up from his plate, finally noticing his family at the table with him. He couldn't help but notice the twins making a mess as usual, with Emma sitting by her big brothers of course. He couldn't help but feel a tad bit jealous, but it wasn't a big deal, losers needed love too, the thought made him grin. Holding his stomach, he waited contentedly, humming to himself.
  9. Nikolai took his usual seat, next to Emma. He stabbed his fork into the bacon and stuffed the whole thing into his mouth. While chewing his food, he watched Julius stuff his breakfast into his mouth. Nikolai glanced over to Emma, who was making a mess. Not knowing what to say, he wiped the small piece of food that somehow landed on his cheek. He quickly finished his breakfast and got up to wash his plate. After seeing Julius drink orange juice, he felt like drinking apple juice. Walking over to fridge and opened it, searching for the carton of apple juice he bought a few days ago. He poured himself a glass and went back to his seat and waited for the rest to finish their meal.
  10. After everyone was at the table and chowing down, Ana began to clean up the kitchen. It would only be a few more years with all of them together; that is if the older boys would get into college. It was going to be near impossible without a scholarship or some full-coverage grants, but Ana could hope. As she was nearly done with the kitchen, she looked up at the table just in time to see ornery, little Emma decide she was finished. Before her eldest sister could warn Xander, Emma had tossed a handful of remaining scrambled eggs into Xander's laugh. Of course, she thought this was hilarious and began to laugh.

    The twins definitely made life interesting.
  11. Xander had spaced out completely thinking of his usual nonsense. He really needed to pay attention more while being at home and Emma kindly reminded him of that. With a wet splat, cold eggs were thrown at his face. A long time ago having food placed on his face by someone use to make up anxious and nauseous. After years of trying he only felt slightly sick to his stomach. Xander took a napkin and wiped off his face, "Thanks Emma, I needed the extra eggs." He said with a slight chuckle. Off to the kitchen he went to clean himself off, he definitely felt better with the feeling of food off of his face. "I see you haven't eaten yet." Xander said glancing over at Ana. "You should eat, I'll get the twins cleaned up so it's one less ting you have to take care of." He finished cleaning himself off and went back to the table. Emma started reaching out to him and he only kissed her head before cleaning her face and hands. Xander went to Mason and cleaned his face, he never liked it but it had to be done.
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  12. Nikolai quickly gulped the apple juice down. He got up to wash his cup again. After that, he turned and leaned against the sink, facing the whole kitchen, watching his siblings. He could only produce a small smile when Emma through eggs on Xander's face. "Everyone's so lively in the morning..." he mumbled to himself. Only seven hours of school and their vacation starts. Unlike other students, Nikolai enjoyed school, he at least learned some things useful there. Plus, he's part of the top ten students in his year, every year. Though, he knew he could be the top student if he didn't sneak out or skip class. He watched as Xander cleaned Emma and Mason, not bothering to help since he wasn't really good with babies.
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