The Calm Before the Storm

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  1. -Intro: Absolute Reunion-

    The School City.. Academia.


    It was a beautiful city, really. Large, clean, and peaceful. The place was akin to the perfect utopia, for some - providing a serene and well kempt environment, in which countless students were encouraged to learn and explore their talents and interests.

    But it hadn't always been this way.

    It'd been ten years since the Seven Days of Hot Snow incident, and the beautiful city of Academia had recovered to an incredible extent. In fact, it'd become so well off once again that some people began to believe that the incident was nothing but a myth. That the alleged 'Absolute Angels' that had been created had, in fact, never existed at all. That they had never been created in those labs, nor had an incident in said labs caused the disaster that few individuals still chatted about. Of course, with all disasters, there are bound to be people who refuse to believe, no? But perhaps this disbelief was because the main talk in the city was focused around other topics - new rumors had been going around in the peaceful city of Academia.

    But, come nightfall... Well, this particular city went from a utopia to a dystopia.

    You see, as of recent, things haven't been quite as peaceful as the place is advertised to be. Rumor has had it that students and staff alike from all over the city have been going missing. Not only that, but there's also been word that a mysterious young girl has been wandering the halls of Seian Academy when the sun had been setting. It didn't really help that shortly after this was unveiled, two women aided by odd mechanical beings and parts broke into a fight at the academy, levelling the majority of it. Since then, nothing has seemed impossible.

    Things were only getting weirder from there, though - an odd presence is lurking, and, just as bizarre, it seems that other new faces have been cropping up. It's as though the city had become sort of beacon for abnormal activity. So, naturally, many questions were at hand: Who were these new people? Were they coming to the city of their own accord, or being pulled here? And, most of all, what the heck was going on?​
  2. Gilgamesh was simply sitting on a hill, one that let him overlook the entire city below.
    He was told by an unknown source, the individual seemed to not want to give away his identity that this area would give him some sort of Intel with the Murder Games.

    Though was given no clue as to what, but he currently had no real leads to chase, and the source had an odd sense to it.
    Like he had dealt with them before, and that it could be trusted. Regardless he was here now, in a city that was apparently one Giant School where abnormal was actually normal here.

    If Gilgamesh had to hazard a guess, perhaps something was causing different universes to collide here, causing then to conflict in a manner similar to the Murder Games.
    And this seemed to be the only lead he had right now, so he decided to go to the location where the two mechanical beings had fought.​
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  3. The odd city made up of countless academies was certainly interesting, to say the very least. It's span seemed endless, like it went on for miles and miles... Which, it probably did. However, academies weren't the only things that made up the city - there were all kinds of shops, restaurants, attractions, homes, and even trolleys all over the place. Despite the fact that it was late morning and school was still going on for most academies, the city was bustling with activity, and it was probably like this for the majority of the time.. Well, until the sun set, anyways.

    In any case, there were a lot of places to explore.

    The most reasonable places to go seemed to be the remains of 69th Campus: Seian Academy, the market, or to simply take a stroll around the city if you want to scope the place out.

    As Gilgamesh made his way towards the wreckage of Seian Academy, he'd see a variety of things - two groups of people were lingering around outside of the place. One was a group of young men that seemed to be poking around the rubble while conversing about something with each other, while the other was a group of highschool girls with a dark-haired girl that seemed to be pointing things out to the rest of her group. Gilgamesh could either approach the group of girls, approach the group of boys, take a look at the rubble, himself, or go somewhere else.

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  4. Gilgamesh couldn't be bothered wasting his time with common townsfolk, so he decided to start investigating the rubble himself.​

  5. As Gilgamesh explored the rubble, he admittedly wouldn't find terribly much. While the majority of the campus was in ruins, there was still some left standing, and there was something odd about the way the demolished parts looked. It was as though large, inhuman creatures had had some sort of fight, taking parts of the place down with it. It seemed that, in any case, there had at least been no casualties.. But the only hints around the place were traces of blood, the destruction, and... The smell of vanilla? That was certainly odd...

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  6. ... Vanilla? Among a demolished site like this? With Blood?

    That was odd. Gilgamesh decided then to follow his nose for now...
    Either this lead to something to bizarre, or just a bizarre individual you cooks at the site of tragedies.​
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