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☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・° the call of the abyss ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°

The small town of Aurora doesn't have much to offer. Boasting a dwindling population of roughly 200 people, the town is experiencing a bit of a crisis. People... Are going missing. Originally, the townsfolk assumed it was simply rebellious youth running away or something of that nature, but as the count of missing people grows larger and larger, people are growing more and more worried. ​

There have been whispers of something dark, something unnatural lurking around the edges of town, beckoning for people, but surely, that couldn't be real, right? Even if you think you saw a figure gesturing for you to jump into the well, or a gigantic mouth waiting for you at the end of your hallway in the dead of the night, those were just your mind playing tricks on you, right? ... Well, a small group of townspeople, fed up with the mayor's refusal to act and refusing to believe that their loved ones just ran away, is now banding together to unravel the mystery of the strange phenomenon affecting Aurora. Little do they know that the monster they're facing is far stronger than any of them and most definitely not ready to give up it's territory just for a few puny humans.​

RP details
Hello hello, I'm Audrey and this is my first time attempting to start a group rp. My goal is to recruit a small group, maybe around 4-5 other people to join this rp. For this reason, I really want to be picky about selecting people, since I want us to all have a similar level of writing at the very least. I will be the DM, controlling the world surrounding the rp, alongside most of the NPCs, guiding us through the mystery of the town of Aurora. Of course, I'm not against plot suggestions, since I mostly only have the main plot points figured out, so I'd love to have people who would like to make theories or suggest ideas.​

I plan on having some horror elements, as well as puzzles for the group to solve. If you are against possible gore or the possibility of your character dying, I don't think that this will be a good rp for you.​

Please let me know if you're interested here, and ask any questions if you'd like to. Have a nice day! :^)​
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