The Call of Cthulhu

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  1. Introduction (open)

    Your light is on, your bed is warmed, and your grace is now a-resting. The half-naked body you call yourself is currently being controlled by baser urges: the turned-on light illuminates a certain magazine you are enjoying, the heated bed comforts the subject (you) that lies down upon it, the resting grace remains rested (nay, more than that: your grace currently rests her eyes upon darkness, as she is covering them); and now, now you find yourself being overcome. Your hand reaches out, then reaches in....

    But something suddenly stops you. You don't know what it is. No, it is not that muscle you strained in class this morning, as that little pain was mild enough to have fully disappeared. Neither is it your parents, whom you could still hear snoring in the neighboring room. And it is definitely not one of those odd moments of anti-sexual lucidity: your mind, you think, is yet to be derailed. It's not something you can just explain away.

    You stand up, and your grace un-blinds herself. Your pants are resting on the chair nearby: after reconquering your consciousness, you stand up and zip them snugly about your legs. A deep inhalation of the cool autumn air gives clarity to the second attack. That's a sound.

    Every evening, the stage that is your room has its curtains drawn, and so you have to spend a few moments revealing it to be able to investigate your first suspect. No, the city outside, though still breathing with car-smoke and man-dust, is not the culprit, as nothing strange seems to be going on. You approach your pc next. The monitor is still pitch black, and nothing is coming out of its CPU. Next, you press your right ear against your walls. Silence for all sides.

    The lack of snoring on the fourth side intrigues you. You're not quite sure, however, of whether you should be annoyed, indifferent, or afraid. Perhaps your parents just skipped a beat, or were somewhat awakened. You press your ear upon that wall once again, this time for a whole two minutes. The boredom born of the absolute silence almost breaks your concentration; almost, as you surely deduce that they are now soundly sleeping–yet another oddity necessitating investigation.

    Once again, the keys you kept hidden in your underwear drawer prove useful. The door to your parents' room is locked, for reasons that you suspect were related to the faint moaning of 9 pm. But alas, the quest for answers often brings people to the heart of darkness (or their conception). The pleasure you felt while being in heat has now fully subsided.

    As one of your keys slowly penetrates the doorknobs keyhole, the sound hits you once again. This time, it's clearer, sounding less like a "sound" and more like an actual....something. The sound can be distinctly divided into 'syllables' now, although what those 'syllables' exactly are, and whatever they're trying to convey, is still a mystery. You remember that tabloid article you read about braces intercepting radio signals.

    The sound is succeeded by a loud bang on the door. You drop your keys in surprise.

    A shrill aria of ice then pierces your ears as your mother screams for her life. Surprise turns to horror, and you quickly scramble to unlock the door. You bend down–another bang on the door–you pick up your keys–another scream from your mother–you pick out the key for the master bedroom–the next bang is accompanied by a cracking sound–you pause. Your hurrying heart finds respite in the silence; everything else finds tension.

    Then the sound is heard again. It is now clear enough to be at the very least comprehended. What is being transmitted to you, you suppose, is some sort of announcement; however, the language it is in, and even the syllables it is composed of, are wholly alien to you. The announcement slowly dies away, and your ears return to rest.

    You rush to your room, grab your phone, and call 911.

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

    A series of gruesome murders (of a supposedly supernatural nature) have taken place in your hometown. You needn't investigate what the cause of these murders is; you never really lost someone, and you're not actual officers of the law. However, by some unusual aspect of your nature, or by the effects of some unnerving circumstance, you find yourselves compelled to do so, and it is by this compulsion that you shall be forced into the heart of darkness. Will you survive this journey with both body and mind intact, or will you lose yourself in....

    The Call of Cthulhu


    Character Sheet

    Name - ....
    General Description - This includes your character's age, gender, appearance, and a few bits on his background and personality.
    High Concept - This is the very idea of your character: a statement that sums up who and what your character is, eg the character's job, primary sense of being, or ultimate lot in life. Try to make this as something that both aids and ails your character.
    Trouble - This is your character's biggest problem in life, that great something that complicates who and what he is as a whole. This is meant to be one of the greater obstacles to your character in the story.
    Special Something - This is something (whether this is an object, a character trait, or a personal connection is up to you) that may aid or ail your character in a significant way throughout the adventure. Try detaching this from your High Concept and Trouble.
    Motivation - Why exactly is your character getting caught up in all of this? And again, your character may not be motivated because he is a police officer, or he lost someone to the murders. Again, try detaching this from both your High Concept and your Trouble (Addendum: although this time the detachment isn't as necessary)
    Skills - These are about three to six things your character is especially good at.
    Weaknesses - These are about three to six things your character is especially bad at.
    Constitution - How strong and resilient is your character in terms of his physique?
    Sanity - How mentally stable is your character?

    The Rules

    • Again, you are not a cop, and you did not lose anyone to the killings. You're caught up in all of this because of other reasons. (Addendum: By 'you did not lose anyone to the killings', I meant that you didn't lose anyone close to you, like, say, a parent or a lover, or that you weren't a direct witness to any of the killings. You may still, however, be motivated by some sort of moral obligation, or perhaps by a call to help of someone [that could be close to you] that, well, lost someone directly)
    • And you may also not be aligned with any Cthulhu cult. You may, however, be already familiar with the Old Ones and their cults.
    • Change the description of your character's Sanity and Constitution as the story progresses. If he goes totally bonkers, or if he loses, say, a leg, then say so.
    • Don't expect lore-perfection: this game may end up taking a lot of liberties with the Cthulhu Mythos.
    • The setting is an unnamed, contemporary, Mid-Atlantic American region, with a mostly urban focus. Try to keep it that way.
    • The story shall be divided into chapters. After each chapter, your character may change (subtly) anyone of his descriptors except for his Name and High Concept.
    • Fantasy elements such as magic will be greatly downplayed. Outside of evil cults and psychological imbalances, the horrors of this rp should be subtle.
    • Speaking of subtlety, action in general shall also be downplayed, except, perhaps, for each chapter's climax.
    • You must post at least once a week, or else I will take over your character.
    • Other rules and details on the setting will be released as the story progresses.
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  2. I would like to join in, if that's alright with you? I love this idea.
  3. Sorry for the late reply, I'm a bit busy with schoolwork in all. Yeah, you may participate, just post yer char sheet here sometime soon.

    Anyway, I've not yet finished my char sheet, but since I sort-of believe in the idea that an rp is like a baby, and that the first few hours of its existence are perhaps the most important ones, I'll post what I've already made right here, right now. I'll finish this over the course of the weekend; I'm a bit too busy to finish this right now.

    Also, I changed a few of the details with regards to the character sheet.

    Name - Soren Gudmundsen
    General Information - An old man, nearing retirement age. Soren'll never tire out though, and this can be easily seen in his energetic smile, his comfortable eyes, and his ever-youthful countenance. His attitude to life, meanwhile, is somewhat of this kind, but his stately energy and his silent resolve can sometimes be mistaken for melancholy.
    High Concept - He's the head writer of the Occult section in some obscure local tabloid. Obscure means not rich, of course, but writers often stick in communities: this means that even though he may sometimes lack in cash, he definitely won't lack in helpers and sources. And Occult means knowledgeable, a good thing if you're investigating phenomena like this, but also a bad thing if you don't want to be a target....
    Trouble - When he was in art school, Soren had a unfortunate experience with drugs, and this bad trip sort of unhinged his mind, made him a bit more crazy. He's prone to sudden, random, and sometimes crippling psychological breakdowns.
    Special Something -
    Motivation - Obviously, being a journalist is his primary, perhaps only motivation, though the fact that his editor's neighbor was one of the victims is a big pusher, too.
    Skills - Things that came from the job: He's good at noting important details, putting the pieces together, reading people correctly, and making profitable friendships.
    Things that came from other things: Because of art school, he's pretty good with guns (he got acquainted with the university rifle team). Also because of art school, he's pretty good with art.
    Weaknesses - Soren can't drive. Well, technically he can, but his driving is absolutely terrible. He's also pretty weak at melee combat, intimidation (or impressing himself upon people in general), and using any computers younger than Charles Babbage.
    Constitution - Soren's soft. He can resist a few punches here and there, but once hurt, he can be easily taken out.
    Sanity - Despite his Trouble, he's got a strong mind: the random attacks don't really have a permanent effect on him, and it'll take a lot of messed up things to really get him down.
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  4. Don't worry about it, I understand about schoolwork, what with being an student and all. Anyways, here you have my character sheet :3

    Character Sheet

    Name - Judith Striker

    General Description - Judith is 33 years old and is a rather short, slender woman. She has dark blond hair that she keeps in a pixie cut, finding tending to long hair too much of a hassle. She is always very well dressed, preferring to wear dark colors. She very rarely wears heels. Personality wise she is quiet and strict, striving for excellence in her work and expecting excellence in return. However she is also very kind-hearted and has never turned down a friend in need, regardless of what was needed. She is the type to be disappointed often but is still willing to grant second, third or even fourth chances. But once one loses her trust it is nigh impossible to regain it, so people would be advised to not waste the chances she gives.

    High Concept - Judith is an accomplished doctor in medicine. She loves research and is dedicated almost exclusively to it, working at the local university, where she also teaches a few classes. She has many contacts amongst the medical community and her kindness has left her with many acquaintances and friends with the disposition to help her without asking many questions, which could be useful during the adventure. She has a vast knowledge in biology, anthropology, chemistry and medicine.

    Trouble - Judith has struggled with depression since she was a teenager and is taking a treatment for it. She is very conscientious when taking her pills and it's very rare that she misses a dose. Despite the treatment she sometimes has episodes where she becomes withdrawn and almost apathetic about most things, preferring to bury herself on her jobs.

    Special Something -

    Motivation - Purely academic. She finds it terrible that there is a serial killer on the loose, and she has been following the news closely, growing more and more intrigued, with seeds of doubt forming on her mind. Her need to know increases when one of her students arrives pretty shaken up to class. One of his close friends had been a victim.
    Skills - She is scarily good at research, if it exists she will probably be able to find about it, one way or another. Being a doctor, Judith can practice medicine and treat wounds are ailments successfully if she knows what caused them. She also is able to speak three languages, Latin being one of them. Due to being a teaches she has become very apt at detecting when someone is lying to her, though this is by no means infallible. She's relatively athletic and knows self defense, having practiced Kuntao Silat for most of her life. She periodically does her katas so as to not loose her skills.

    Weaknesses - She has an intense phobia of heights, often preferring to drive long distances rather that take a flight. If she has to fly, she always chooses the aisle seat. She has terrible aim, wether it be a slingshot or a gun, or even darts. She will miss spectacularly. Her sense of direction is pretty awful too, so she gets lost very easily, almost even in a straight line.

    Constitution - She's not extraordinarily strong, but her training in self defense has left her with a bit above average endurance and strength.

    Sanity - Despite her depression, she is of sound mind. And she is able to compartmentalize, so breaking her won't be easy.
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  5. @Victoria - I suggest expanding both your weaknesses and your special something. Cooking won't really come up in this roleplay, so that weakness is kind of irrelevant. As for your special something, make it more evocative and expansive: I'm pretty sure many other characters could be or are as determined as that, Soren included. Other than that, she's good.

    EDIT: Well, cooking might, but I'll be damned if any of our characters get into a life-or-death situation where cooking is involved (xD). You can keep the cooking thing in, though, just make sure to add a bit more to your Judith's weaknesses.
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  6. Thanks for the feedback! :3 I'll start to work on it.
  7. I'll try to finish Soren's charrie sheet tonight, plus I may add a few more details to the plot, namely stuff our characters are supposed to know already.
  8. I definitely want a spot in this,I'll put up my character sheet at some point today.
  9. at the moment, i have blisters on my fingers, so i won't be able to post neatly fer a week
  10. Owww, I hope your blisters heal soon, they are awful.
  11. I freaking love Cthulhu. I even wanted to play the game. Dark corners of the earth. Count me in
  12. ~ Slyly Bumps the thread ~ I hope your blisters are healing well and that you are not in too much pain River :)