The Calamity

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  1. The Calamity

    Welcome to the United States. Population, 2 million and dropping, fast. Unfortunately the entire world is experiencing a massive population decline, but America has been hit the hardest.

    A year ago the planet was hit by something the people call The Calamity, named after the billions of people that dropped dead without warning. The entire world was thrown into pandemonium. Massive accidents occurred on the freeways, fires rampaged the cities, stores were looted, planes fell from the sky – it was absolute panic and to this day no one knows how it happened.


    As humanity grappled with the disaster, bizarre events began appearing on the news. Scattered radio reports detailed humans who shifted in and out of shadows, some were growing horns and tails; others developed gills, could see in the dark or grew extra limbs. Some humans, while still maintaining the same outward appearances developed powers. These people were called various things: witches, monsters, superheroes, sorcerers, but all agreed that they were abnormal.

    These changes proved too much for the United States military, which quickly collapsed and formed a new union in Washington, DC. Elsewhere, factions grew and died likes flies. It took two years after The Calamity for some semblance of order to be established. The United States fell apart and all that was left were the regions - the West, the East, and the Center. The only structure that held these lands together was the military; politicians were quickly shot and made examples of, as they were believed to have been the cause of the disaster. Instead mercenary groups, bounty hunters, raiders, and scavengers plagued the land and its people. Many were desperate for help, peace, and work.

    One group was trying to offer all three.

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