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The Calamity

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zen, Dec 5, 2014.

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  1. The Calamity

    Welcome to the United States. Population, 2 million and dropping, fast. Unfortunately the entire world is experiencing a massive population decline, but America has been hit the hardest.

    A year ago the planet was hit by something the people call The Calamity, named after the billions of people that dropped dead without warning. The entire world was thrown into pandemonium. Massive accidents occurred on the freeways, fires rampaged the cities, stores were looted, planes fell from the sky – it was absolute panic and to this day no one knows how it happened.


    As humanity grappled with the disaster, bizarre events began appearing on the news. Scattered radio reports detailed humans who shifted in and out of shadows, some were growing horns and tails; others developed gills, could see in the dark or grew extra limbs. Some humans, while still maintaining the same outward appearances developed powers. These people were called various things: witches, monsters, superheroes, sorcerers, but all agreed that they were abnormal.

    These changes proved too much for the United States military, which quickly collapsed and formed a new union in Washington, DC. Elsewhere, factions grew and died likes flies. It took two years after The Calamity for some semblance of order to be established. The United States fell apart and all that was left were the regions - the West, the East, and the Center. The only structure that held these lands together was the military; politicians were quickly shot and made examples of, as they were believed to have been the cause of the disaster. Instead mercenary groups, bounty hunters, raiders, and scavengers plagued the land and its people. Many were desperate for help, peace, and work.

    One group was trying to offer all three.

    In a bar, a hotel, in the car, or perhaps alone in your home, the radio plays this ad...

    Looking for work? Do you want to help people, but still get paid doing it? The Fallen Army are hiring and we’re looking for people with various skills. From the hardened war veteran, to the doctor, to the teacher, or former college student – we might have a place for you. We’re looking for people who are talented in what they do and have the guts to get the job done, whether that means disposing of dead bodies, taking care of a rampaging cult, or delivering medical supplies to a desperate town.

    Think you got what it takes? Head on over to Las Vegas and look for the red flag. You can’t miss us.

    How this Roleplay Works:

    You'll be given various assignments by the leader of The Fallen Army. Some of these assignments will require the entire group of players, others will be with a small group of two or three people heading off to various areas. Like the advertisement said, some of the assignments will require you to kill people or deliver packages.

    The Rules:

    1. I am looking for Adept writers. Please use proper grammar and punctuation. Be willing to work with themes, plots, and character development/relationships. I hate purple prose.

    2. Only godmod/hijack if you know how to do it right. As GM I will hijack your character from time to time, whether it be to forward the plot, or if someone has been gone for an extended period of time. I will allow players to do this as well if they have a firm understanding of other players' characters and the players are okay with this interpretation. If you do not like the interpretation of your character you may ask for the post to be edited or removed. This does not give you permission to kill off someone's character.

    3. These powers/abnormalities are not allowed: time traveling, teleporting, mind reading, changing memories, pocket dimensions, or anything game breaking. I don't have a comprehensive list, but I will ask for powers to be changed if I feel like they give your character an unfair advantage. I don't tolerate players who try to be the All Powerful Chosen One.

    4. Be able to post once a week.

    5. Please play realistically. If your character has been without water for a while, they should be dehydrated and delirious. If your character has been shot at several times, they should be bleeding out and close to death.

    6. One character per player. I'm not sure how many players I will accept, so we'll see how this goes. ONLY FILL OUT WHAT IS REQUIRED IN THE CHARACTER RESUME AND NO MORE. AND PLEASE BE BRIEF. We'll find out more about your history and personality during the roleplay.

    7. Be willing to interact with players. Don't be off in the corner trying to be cool and edgy while the players are slaying a cult leader.

    Your Resume:

    Appearance: (No anime pictures)
    Where you from?: West/East/Center
    Any... Abnormalities? Powers?: (Limit Two)
    Occupation (What does your character do for a living?):
    Skills (Either involved with their job or a hobby that they picked up):



    Example Charcter Sheet (open)

    Name: Jane Doe
    Age: 30
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Where you from: Center
    Any... Abnormalities? Powers?:

    Dark Vision - Able to see in the dark

    Burning Embers - Able to summon small balls of fire in the palm of her hands

    Occupation: Nurse
    1. All Bandaged Up - First aid training and CPR. Jane is able to do some rough patching up for those who are injured.

    2. Pharmaceuticals Specialist - Able to recognize some common names for medicines. She's good at identifying pills, not so much with herbs or common plants

    3. I've never gotten a ticket in my life - Competent driver, Jane has avoided the police thus far.

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  2. The Character List:

    Show Spoiler

    The Leader

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

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    Show Spoiler

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  3. The Assignment Board

    The Meeting

    We've received reports about a Cult residing in the Sierra Nevadas. The locals arriving here are telling us that Abnormals are taking people hostage at gun point. Rescue attempts have been made, but that's all they are, attempts. They're probably hiding in the caves, but we don't know what the hell is going on. We definitely need a task force for this job, one that knows what the fuck they're doing.

    A note is scribbled underneath: High risk mission. Take it if you're well equipped.

  4. Name: Karen Connors
    Age: 30
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Where you from?: West
    Any... Abnormalities? Powers?:

    Eagle Eyes - Able to see long distances like a hawk, The Calamity has morphed Karen's eyes. They look more hawk eye than human. Bright lights will momentarily blind her.

    Horns - They grow as fast as the nails on her fingertips.

    Occupation: Scout for The Fallen Army
    1. Sniper - She's only recently learned how to fire a .50 caliber, but maybe it has something to do with her eyes.

    2. Scouter - Her eyes enable Karren to keep watch over The Fallen Army.

    3. Thick headed - Her skull has become thick and robust, allowing Karren to bust through a door with her head.
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  5. May I join you in this?
  6. Sure. Write me up a sheet and we'll see if more join.
  7. Name: Adonna Borromeo
    Age: 29
    Appearance: --->

    Where you from?: West
    Any... Abnormalities? Powers?:

    - Color me Magenta: Eyes take on a magenta hue when tempers run high.

    - Skin Armor: Dark metal appears to cover parts or all of the body.

    Occupation: Recently fired from the Security Position at Bellvemont Hotel.
    1. Move to Diffuse: Combat skills geared towards disabling or incapacitating without inflicting severe injury.

    2. Firearm Friendly: Trained in the use of firearms, most comfortable with the 5.56mm M16 and the Beretta M9.

    3. Keep Calm And...: Life experience and conscious work towards self-restraint has lead to keeping the emotions, especially the temper, in check. Mostly.
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  8. The only thing I'd like to know is whether the metal armor just covers the character's skin, or if solidifies the entire body part. Like say her hand. Is it just the skin of her hand, or her entire hand? And is this a temporary change?

    Otherwise looks really good.
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  9. Aha~ I'm glad you asked. I was thinking it covers the skin, to make it more fair? So it's an outer layer of protection, like say Kevlar on a cop. If something that's made to bypass metal hits it, it'd go through and hit her. Also, if the force of whatever that hits her is strong enough, her actual body underneath may take on injury from the residual force.

    And yes, it's a temporary change. Perhaps brought on by will or perhaps need for protection... I'm still working that part out. I did wanna run by you if it'd be okay that she moved at her normal speed with her protection on, or if it would be more fair to have her be partially 'weighed down' and thereby slower when using the armor?

    And thank you :3
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  10. Name: Viktoria "Viktor" SaintClaire
    Age: 23 (but if you asked she'd lie)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Where you from?: East
    Any... Abnormalities? Powers?:
    Forgiveness: After Viktor has established a safe place to sit for one to ten minutes depending on the other persons injury she can then 'forgive' them. To 'forgive' them she basically re-enacts the scene as it happened in her head (So if she wasn't their you need to be pretty good at explaining) but then erases the part where they got hurt. She can't simply remove the wound from existence however so she has to deposit it on someone else, most likely the one who inflicted the wound. To use this she must know each party's face so if the enemy had hidden his or her face and nobody could describe it to her she'd have to put the wound on herself or a random person.
    Pocket-Vik: Viktor can change her height anywhere from her current height, 5'7", to one millimeter tall. But she can only change herself, not her clothes.

    Occupation: Formerly a doctor for the whitehouse
    1. She's easy to take instruction and honestly prefers it. She likes being told what to do and does it to the best of her ability.

    2. She isn't good with a gun if you're asking her to shoot but she is good with fixing them and making them. The same with bombs too. She was in a family of military men and women.

    3. She's good at sowing, this way she has clothes for her second power that will fit once she's tiny
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  11. @Kal. I think if she were to make the majority of her body metal, I think she would be weighed down. If it's just her hand or a foot, I doubt it would do much.

    @Broken_Serenity I'm only allowing three skills, so one of yours have to go. Other than that, looks good.
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  12. This reminds me of the comic Sweet Tooth. c: I might join. If so, I'll have a profile posted in a bit~
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  13. Name:
    Jacob Lure



    Where are you from?:

    - Skin secretes a toxin. The poison is non-lethal in small doses, though it can cause temporary paralysis. If enough of the toxin gets into the bloodstream or is ingested, it can indeed be fatal. Naturally, Jacob is immune to the effects.

    - His eyes are pitch black, like those of a Poison Dart Frog. While they also grant him night vision, they reflect light at night, causing them to shine and potentially give him away. This is one reason he is usually always wearing sunglasses.

    Freelancer -- Has been accepting whatever job he finds within reach for the money. Desperate to avoid resorting to drastic measures such as thievery.

    - Quite decent at moving quietly in the shadows and picking locks. The skills of a common thief.

    - Hand-to-hand combat -- Terrible with ranged weapons.

    - Adept at enduring harsh conditions and surviving on the bare minimum when necessary.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Ronnie Moreen
    Age: 25
    Appearance: A short, lithe woman dressed in scrappy rags, torn-up running trainers and a myriad of once-colourful and gaudy pop culture clothes. She constantly wears some form of bandanna or mask over her lower face, and her eyes are a vibrant neon orange instead of their once-normal hue. Not present - a messenger backpack adorned with many little badges and buttons, stuffed with things that she has found.

    Where you from?: Centre Region
    Any... Abnormalities? Powers?:
    I Like My Meat Rare: Ronnie's biological make-up has shifted to become carnivorous in nature. She the teeth of a carnivore, and the digestive system to boot; on top of that, she has a taste for human flesh - pretty much making her a cannibal.
    I Think I Broke It: Ronnie's muscle mass has increased. She's faster and stronger than a normal human, but just as mortal as the rest of them; if she was shot, it would hinder her movement like everyone else.

    Occupation (What does your character do for a living?): Unemployed, doesn't work for anyone unless she's given something in return. Will soon join the Fallen Army.

    Skills (Either involved with their job or a hobby that they picked up):
    Hunter-Gatherer-Robber: Due to the nature of Ronnie's mutations, Ronnie is well-used to sticking to herself, and after 2 years of trial and error she knows what she's looking for in the wilderness. She has absolutely no morals left in terms of stealing and mugging from people.

    2. Like A Little Monkey: Climbing and swinging around trees, buildings, cities - it all comes rather naturally to Ronnie thanks to her increased strength and speed.

    3. Habitual Liar: Ronnie lies just about as easily as she can breathe.
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  15. @Kaz Only two Abnormalities/Powers. The night vision under your Skills fit the Abnormalities/Powers category, not Skills. The other skills look fine.

    @RainyDays Looks good! Accepted.

    I'll edit my posts, and get the IC thread up today. This roleplay is still open for those that are interested and lurking.
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  16. Edited mine. Sorry 'bout that.
  17. I hope nobody here minds Ronnie's eventual childish behaviour? It'll stem from her social isolation just pushing her normal habits a bit further. Besides, I think it might add to the creep factor.
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  18. I don't think we'd mind, I know I wouldn't. I enjoy conflicts between characters.
  19. @Kaz I just realized the smoke in your char's pic spells 'hope' owo~
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  20. @Kaz Looks good.
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