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  1. Hey there! :D My name is Onix!
    As you can see I'm looking for a one x one partner. :) I'm actually craving something a little modern fantasy, we can shoot ideas if that's something you'd like to do as well. ANYWAY, here's all the inffooo's of me...I think... XD FEEL FREE TO SKIM (there's a lot...sort of... ;;)

    • Modern Fantasy/Gifted
    • High School (fantasy or non, prefer fantasy type)
    • Wolves (haven't Rped in awhile...)
    • Apocalyptic world (once again, fantasy or non, prefer fantasy)
    • Magic, ancient world, Skyrim-y
    • Castle, princes, princesses - Kidnappings - anything else like that
    • DNA sort of testing-like...thing... (really really old Rp's I used to do leave good memories...)
    I like a lot more, but they're usually sub-genre's of this kind of stuff... ;; I can branch out, though! So don't be afraid to give me any of your ideas! :D

    I don't do fandoms UNLESS it's something that follows the fandom world that I like (for instance Shadow of the Colossus, or Legend of Zelda, Journey, Mass Effect but with it's own plot. (Yes, those are all video games...))
    • I don't play females
    I don't play females because I'm not very good at playing them... I may be one, but that doesn't know I know how to be one. :I
    • I don't do chat/charrie chat Rp's
    I believe those are a waste in talent and to read... They bring nothing interesting to Rp's, unless that's the specified RP... ;;

    I may decline your Rp if it's something I have found to not like (or the idea). I can't exactly list all that I do and do not like currently...

    • Male x Male
    I do MxM Rp's most of the time. I can do straight Rp's, but I doubt I'd enjoy it much....
    • Unique Rp's
    This ranges from things I've never done, to things I haven't done in a long while. Pitch ideas and I'll tell ya how I feel.
    • Mature
    Depends on how 'mature'. It's not that I can't handle it, because I can, It's just I have trouble writing it out. I'm fine with 'closed doors' and 'black screens' :p
    • Romance
    I like character relationships... :p NOT MANDATORY THOUGH!

    I believe that's it... I like people who get excited about Rp's, like me! I want to get excited about the Rp we choose, whatever it may be. ^3^

    *NOTE* I do have plots for some things, but not all. That's where the wonderful thing of brainstorming comes in!! :D Also sorry if I sound like a bitch...'cause I'm not...I swear. ;__; I LOVE ALL PEEPS.
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  2. *floats into thread* I'd love to RP with you! MxM is right down my alley, so we're all good on that. I'd love a modern fantasy roleplay, or a DNA testing roleplay. And, of course, character relationships are funnnnn. So yeah. I volunteer! :3
  3. :DD I'm glad to have caught you're attention Matthias! I'll convo you. ^^
  4. Hey there Onixx!
    It seems we like some of the same things, I to play mainly male characters, and a couple paragraphs per post is definitely something I can do!

    I've been itching for a post apocalypse RP recently, and your mention of fantasy got my brain working, what about a combination of a magical, medieval sort of world, and a apocalypse (magically based maybe?) which I think would be a neat idea to pursue. Send me a message if you're interested, or just reply to this message! I look forward to your response!
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