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  1. History of Cairn:
    Cairn is the only single country left, a virus wiping out everyone and everything else besides a few scarce survivors. People went crazy, killing themselves, others, and tearing everything up in their path. The leaders of the other countries also went crazy, causing a nuclear holocaust to start up over food. In the span of a two week period, billions had been infected by this virus, leaving everything and the survivors to start up on their own, finding new ways to create food, protection, even weapons. After 10 years, the survivors had to find a way to build everything again, and go on with their life.

    After the virus and nuclear holocaust, the pure blooded vampires started taking control of the cities, acting as lords of the towns. The humans don't fully know that they are vampires, but know that they will kill you if they want to and are feared immensely. Most people won't even speak about the vampires, and go out of their way to avoid the subject. Humans at this time have no idea that the vampire lords plan to hunt them to use as food sources and for slavery. Before this vampires were never heard of, having hidden themselves from the humans. The half breeds decided to take sides, some on the good, some on the bad. (the fallen angels will get involved later, as well as the angels) The werewolves are neutral, though they show dislike for vampires, and vampires feel the same way.

    [Note]: As I am the GM, I ultimately will not kill off all of my characters. With that said, I have made some exceptions with my characters, mainly only three of them. I feel that as GM I have a reason for some of my characters to be OP. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me concerning details on CS's, races, etc. Thanks!

    IC Link:
    Co-GM: D3M0NIX

    Roles you can play:
    Pure blooded vampires.
    Half breeds (half angels, vampires, fallen angels, or half and half of either)
    Angels (Leader taken)
    Fallen Angel (Leader taken)
    Human (Leader taken)
    Werewolf (Leader taken)
    There is no army for Half Breeds. Half Breeds can decide to be with the evil vampires or the good ones or the human side.
    There will be mutated animals, so watch out.
    Also: Vampires, Fallen Angels, Angels, and Half breeds can only be up to 10,000 years old. Any higher than that and you will not be accepted.
    Second: Character's history MUST have at least 8 sentences and appearance must have a picture. I'd like everyone to feel like they know your character and be able to see what the character would look like.
    If you are swamped with other things and cannot post, let everyone know in the OOC so that we can work around you.
    Angels, fallen angels, half breeds, and full blooded vampires DO have extra powers. Humans can have potions to make them stronger and faster, but they will wear off a couple hours later. They will have no powers of holiness. Keep in mind that they already have werewolves, good vampires, fallen angels, angels, and half breeds on their side. Plus, they have sunlight on their side as well.
    Werewolf CS must have a picture of human form as well as one of them when they turn into a werewolf. Werewolves will be able to be up to 10,000 years old, but remember that they are hunted more than vampires. The longer they have been alive as a werewolf, the more they will be able to turn into a werewolf at will.
    I'd prefer people to be half breeds, werewolves, humans or vampires, seeing as most of the angels wont leave their realm and i already have a lot of NPC's and characters already made for both of them.
    People who create a character and make them OP will not be accepted. People who try to go back and change their character after being accepted WILL be kicked out of the RP.Make this a note to those who think that their character needs to be invincible.

    We started off the story with Nefarious Darkhart and Luna Le Doux leaving their city, stealing a truck and blood from a blood bank. They went to their home one final time before setting off to the mountains, waiting out the virus that swept the land.
    And then we fast forwarded 10 years.
    So, Luna and Nefarious are wandering the town. They come across an inn, where Luna meets her father Daemon, who shunned her at a very early age. His best friend Aros is with him, and they soon set off to find a 'fallen angel'. Soon, a werewolf named Adam enters the town, looking for a place to rest and food. Others come to the town, including a possessed human named Gerard, a female werewolf named Katherine, a fallen angel named Isabel, and a newly arrived visitor named Nicholai Valentine. Yes, he's a pureblooded vampire ;D
    Oh, wait. Let's back this up a little bit. At the same time that everyone was entering the town, there was a meeting with two of the many pureblood lords who were discussing world domination. Dahlia and Kain. Heh.. Dahlia quickly got tired of the bossy Kain and decided to go against him, trying to convince Nicholai to betray him. Which, Nicholai did. And not because he cared what Dahlia thought, just because he hates Kain. Oh.. Did I mention that this may have some racy scenes? No, no sex scenes at all. But there is kissing in here, and if you don't like it then you really should leave the thread now :)
    Back to the story. A demon named Xamon starts towards the little town of Losland, intent on killing Gerard. So of course... what happens? A demonic army! The townspeople (along with the supernatural beings) kill off the demons, and it appears they saved the day. Gerard almost dies, causing Isabel to have to turn him into a half human, half vampire. Aros turns into his original hybrid self, his looks completely changed. And then yet ANOTHER pureblood shows up.
    Luna and Nefarious find a vampire child hiding in their room, and the father shows up a couple of days later to claim her. His wife is currently serving a sentence in hell until he can ressurect her, and Luna feels betrayed. She becomes depressed, and shortly later it is revealed that Luna is pregnant, though only her, Daemon, Nefarious, Katherine and Nicholai know.
    So, all of the characters are together, but there is a group of vampires sent to kill Luna and Nefarious. To protect them, Caleb and Kariana were sent by the group. They quickly kill the group of vampires (They are vampires too), and are invited into the inn to drink. And THAT, is where we left off.

    Currently in the roleplay:

    Yet another vampire army is attacking Losland. Luna and Nefarious had their children (Twins!!!), and quite a few of the characters are currently fighting the enemy vampires sent by Kain. Katherine expressed her love for Adam, but is having a change of thought, showing interest for Aros, who isn't single.

    Isabel learns that Gerard doesn't want to be immortal, and in turn she decides to talk to Daemon about changing Gerard back into a human.

    Katherine's sister Annabelle (she's a vampire) and her husband Christian (pureblood and very first vampire to ever exist) show up into town. It is shown that Christian is the lord over every vampire in the country of Cairn, and he is seemingly impossible to kill. Annabelle reveals that Christian had turned her into a vampire after she was attacked by Katherine to prevent Annabelle from becoming a werewolf.

    Characters currently in this roleplay:

    AbbieNoel (open)

    Luna Le Doux (open)

    Name: Luna Le Doux
    Race: Half fallen angel, half vampire
    Faction: None
    Age: 134 (vampire/angel years), looks 18.
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Skills: Shield of Wind - Creates a sheild made of wind, lasts for 3 posts.
    Amazon's Hail of Flesh - Reanimates the dead. Will not work when in fight.
    Rugged Spans - Creates big gaps in the ground. Can create a small earthquake. Character become very weak after using.
    Moves slightly faster and is slightly stronger because of being a vampire.. Could block attacks.
    Sometimes her black, burnt wings will sprout when scared or surprised.
    Inventory: Roll of fabric. A coin named JuJu. 100 coins.
    History: Her mother is a vampire, whom she has never met. Her mother abandoned her and her father found her. Her father is an angel, and Luna was brought with him to his "realm". Her father was harsh and disciplined her before and during her transition to a half vampire. She was whipped with a whip that had razors on it at a young age, and sparred with her father and his trusty scythe. She has scars, not fully transitioned into a vampire when she acquired them. The higher being did not accept her, causing her to become a half fallen angel. Some say she was thrown back to the earth, causing her to hit her head really hard on the way down. Luna is a bit out there, liking to tie bows on almost anything from the fabric she acquires.
    She has a coin that she found as a small child that she refers to as JuJu. She has never had friends, so she refers to the coin as her best friend. Luna likes to randomly find sticks and hit people on the head with them. She was previously working as a house maid, but ate the pet and was fired. She prefers to drink blood, but she can eat anything. She has small, burnt wings that she can fly with, but is not able to control them or her thirst for blood, making her crazed around human blood. She transitioned into a half vampire early, causing her to accidentally eat her fathers favorite animal. She looks at many things as food.
    Sunlight will irritate her and make her slower. It will cause her pain, but not enough to kill her.[/spolier]

    Daemon Le Doux (open)

    Name: Daemon Le Doux

    Age: 8,000 (angel years) 38 (human years)
    Daemon Le Doux was born a pure angel, his mother and father both pure angels themselves. They live in the higher real with him, though they don't talk to him much. He never left the higher realm until he was 3569 years old. There he met a woman named Dahlia, whom he slept with. He left back to the higher realm. Nine months later he received word that the woman was a pure vampire, a species he hated the most. He returned back to kill her, only finding a newborn baby she left behind. He knew from that moment that the baby was his, taking the baby girl back to the higher realm with him. He raised her until she transitioned into a half vampire, punishing her daily to try to tame her evil side. As much as Daemon loved his daughter, part of him hated her to no extent. The higher being decided that she was not acceptable to live in the higher realm and made Daemon personally kick her out. Daemon has not talked to his daughter nor seen her since he kicked her out. He is self righteous, thinking he does no wrong. He is seven foot three, the tallest of the angels he lives with. He is the leader of the angel army, but tries not to meddle in human affairs, seeing them as the second worse things to vampires.

    Aros (open)

    • Aros​

    • Age Unknown (He never has told anyone his age)​
    • Race Angel​
    • Sex Male​
    • Weapon(s)
      Golden sword, usually not used by Aros, It has a curved edge, and appears when he needs it.​
    • Inventory
      1000 coins, horse.​
    • Abilities/powers/skills
      Dive Lightning - Creates a shock of lightning to come down from the higher realm and strike the target.
      Holy Healing - Heals minor to major wounds.​
    • Weaknesses
      Can be decapitated. Can be hurt and rendered useless.​
    When Daemon was born, Aros was living in the higher realm. It is unknown old he is,but he looks to be in his late thirties in the eyes of humans. All that is known is that his mother and father were kicked out of the higher realm, becoming fallen angels. He used to favor being alone until he became friends with Daemon. Daemon and him are best friends, and Aros is usually the one to stop people from making the wrong decisions and giving advice to those who need it. He listens to everyones problems. He is the general of the angel army, the right hand man of Daemon. He is referred to by everyone as "the guardian angel", and most of the time calls himself that as well. He cares solely for others, and rarely of himself. He loves to spar with people, and thinks humans are the best thing for the world, unlike his best friend Daemon. He believes that if humans were to become extinct, that he would have no reason to serve as an angel anymore. He despises pure blooded vampires, knowing that they have no souls, although he is okay with half breeds. He believes that half breeds have part of a soul left, and wishes to help them save what soul they have left. No one can tell you exactly where Aros is from, or how he came to be an angel, but there are many rumors about him in the higher realm.​

    Dahlia De La Croix (open)

    Dahlia De La Croix
    7,666 (vampire years) 35 (human years)
    Pure Vampire
    Dahlia was born a pure blooded vampire, both her mother and her father pure blooded vampires. When born, she was different than the rest. She had black hair and red eyes, and they have stayed that way since she was born. She was raised in a coven, her mother and father the lords. She fully transitioned into a vampire at the age of 16, being the youngest in her coven to transition. She slowly fought her way up in the rankings, killing anyone who got in her way. Her mother and father had other plans though, deciding that she did not fit in with their coven. Dahlia got so enraged at her mother and father that she killed them both, taking control of the coven. She slept with an angel named Daemon, thinking he was a human. She had a daughter named Luna at the age of 3,532, and was disgusted with the child. She abandoned her and left back to the coven, not caring what happened to the poor child. When the virus and war hit, she and her coven waited in their big home in Erimere, having taken humans alive for themselves to feed on while waiting. After the nuclear blast, their house was the only one left standing. Dahlia took charge, becoming vampire lord of the city, showing her wrath to anyone close to her. She forced her half breed humans to build up the city, using others to do with as she pleased. She is a cruel, vicious woman who will use anyone for anything. She will kill anyone she pleases just to make herself happy. She uses men for sex, and will kill them shortly afterward, after she has used them for whatever she can. She is highly feared in Erimere, making her ruler of her coven for more than 3000 years and the ruler of the city for the past 10 years. She hates humans and wants to use them for food and labor. She has plans of taking over the world someday with the other vampire lords.
    Giant bladed sword. (Refer to picture)

    Coins, Necklace from deceased mother.
    Shadow Form- Able to transform into a shadow. Meant to conceal and hide from prey.
    Trance- Able to hypnotize to put targets into trance like state (Only for use with NPCs)
    Faster and Stronger because of being a vampire.
    Also skilled in the use of blades.
    Will die in sunlight.
    Will die of decapitation
    Will die from killing the heart
    Can hurt really badly from holy water.

    Hope Sharpe (open)

    Hope Sharpe

    Age: 4
    Race: Pureblood Vampire

    *Wears amulet around neck to prevent her from catching fire in sun.
    *She can drink blood and has extra strength and speed
    *Has not yet developed her powers.
    Nicholai Valentine (open)

    • Nicholai Valentine

    • Age 7000 (looks 22 in human years)​
    • Race Pure Blooded Vampire​
    • Sex Male​

    • Weapon(s)
      Vampire Fangs, has a sword that was passed down from his family.​
    • Inventory
    • Abilities/powers/skills
      Increased Strength and Speed
      Increased sight and reflexes
      Has the ability to manipulate emotions (not in fight)
      Has the ability to read minds.
    • History
      Nicholai Valentine came to be the vampire lord of Westwind by "accident", not really knowing that if he killed the previous head of his coven that he would become Lord. After he became lord, he thought nothing but to destroy the humans, fearing that they and half breeds would try to overthrow the pure bloods. He is terrified of sunlight, causing him to sleep all day and only wake up at night. He likes to travel, usually spending his time walking all over the land during the night and returning two hours before sunlight, fearing that one day he will not make it back to a safe place in time before the sun rises. He only drinks human blood.​

    Ruby Von Vulgaris (open)

    Ruby von Vulgaris
    7000(vampire years), looks 21.
    pure blooded vampire
    Ruby was born a pureblooded vampire, living as the head of the clan after her father and mother died during a vampire riot shortly after the nuclear war. She is the second oldest of the clan. She is devious and very tricky, always having her hair in pigtails. Ruby is the kind of person to get revenge when necessary, stepping over anyone she can in the process. When she was a young one, her father and mother warned her not to go spend time with a man who was a halfbreed. They encountered a group of werewolves (also known as Lycans in their time). The young man known as Rhyalto stabbed her in the spine with a knife, causing temporary paralysis. She was left there, imprisoned with the Lycans for some time. Her mother and father rescued her, and soon after she tortured and killed Rhyalto. Her mother and father also had another child, Ruby's older brother Alan. He disowned the family, and it was rumored that he had recently been hunted and killed. Her parents had one last child, her sister Cretia. Cretia is currently imprisoned in the vampire prison for treason against the vampires (falling in love with a Lycan was against all vampire rules, especially if you were in a clan). Ruby has now risen to her rightful duty as Lord of Taramena. She is very dangerous at times, which oddly enough attracks most pureblooded males.
    - Knife that Rhyalto used to paralyze her
    - Master of Streetfighting
    Mental Disrupt - Blocks people from reading her mind and/or changing her mood.
    Weapon of Ethereal Darkness - Shadow sword. The more righteous the person, the more damage it inflicts.
    Master of Streetfighting
    Carnage Transformation - Character temporarily transforms into attackers/opponents most feared thing. Can attack. Lasts for 3 posts.
    Ritual of Transportation - Character claps her hands and instantly travels to where she wants to go. Will stop 10 miles before destination, causing energy to lower and the traveler to walk the rest of the 10 miles.

    Moves slightly faster and is slightly stronger because of being a vampire.. Could block attacks.
    Sunlight, decapitation, etc will kill her.

    Elizabeth Lockhart (open)

    Elizabeth Lockhart

    Hybrid Form:
    Unknown at this moment.
    Hybrid like Aros. Unknown exactly what she is.
    Elizabeth can't even tell you how long she has walked the land, but she can tell you that it's likely most of it was spent as a fighter or a prisoner in her parents castle. She was a fiesty child, and it later was the downfall for her family. She is the only member of her family to have one black eye and one bright red eye. She is also the only one to be a hybrid, and that too was another downfall for her family. The vampires and other races didn't believe in hybrids, and attacked the castle. Elizabeth and her family were overrun by these creatures, resulting in the death of her father. Her mother became hysterical and fled, and it is unknown where she might be to this day. Elizabeth took control of the castle that sat in the town of Edgeton, living there for centuries upon centuries, finally investing in money as she inherited the fortune that her father had earned. The castle had alway been dark and depressing, flooding with water from time time. She hired help to take care of her castle, and decided to pack up her bags one day to go on an adventure. She was taken hostage by vampires not long after starting her adventure, and she was tortured, hung on racks for days at a time. Fortunately for her, she was a hybrid and the pain really didn't bother her, and a couple of months after her capture she escaped, taking revenge on everyone who had hurt her. Elizabeth later met a man named Trenton, and they fell in love, journeying the lands together. He was a human, and died fatally from the attack of a werewolf. She tried to kill the werewolf, but was unsucessful. Now she travels by herself, planning to return to her castle when the time is right. As the war began to happen, Elizabeth found shelter in a home that resided in the forest, owned by an elderly couple. It reminded her of Trenton and herself, and she became enraged, accidentally blowing up the house. She ran out into the nuclear holocaust, killing as many infected people as she could. Because of chemical burns, she began to wrap bandages around her body until they healed, and set out on her adventure once more, this time not as enthused as before. She finally reached the outskirts of the town Losland as the demon war stuck out, and she fought, making her way through the town as she did so.
    - Master of Martial Arts
    - Skilled Swordswoman

    coins, consisting of gold siver and bronze. (Though her fortune at her castle is much more than that)
    Drake's Anger - A power that can cause explosions or fire to start and spread at an immense speed whenever the caster feels necessary. Only works on NPCs and houses or grass or other things that are not played by other players.
    Negate Thought - The attacker or adversary immediately forgets what they were going to do, or what they were thinking.
    Sadistic Satanist's Exorcism of Innocence - Character/Attacker is possessed; User can fully do what they want. Only works on NPC's, etc. Lasts for 4 posts.

    The Grail Of Wolves - User is able to summon wolves from within themself. Character is also able to transform into: (A)Shadow figures, (B) Animals, (C) Water and fire.
    Moves slightly faster and is slightly stronger because of being a hybrid.. Could block attacks.
    The more she uses her attacks and powers, the more energy is drained from her. She suffers from night terrors on occasion and she also has migranes that are the result of being a hybrid.

    Desmond Sharpe (open)

    Desmond Sharpe
    Pure Blooded Vampire
    Desmond is very picky about many things, and one of them is his clothes. He dresses very elegant for someone of his newly reformed status, but that is solely because of who he used to be. Desmond was born and raised as a high royalty pureblood, his mother and father dominating over eighty percent of the vampire population. When he was still young for a vampire, his mother and father kicked him out after a big family feud erupted because of young Desmond. He became rich by his families royal status, and slowly gained fortune. He used his servants to build a castle of his own, and settled down on his own, traveling to different cities to build up small merchant shops in every city. While working on one of his shops, he met a young woman by the name of Selena. They dated for 500 years before finally getting married, and lived many years together. It was close to when Desmond turned 10,000 that they produced a baby girl named Hope, and the pure blood clans found it morally wrong, having a rule against children vampires at the time. So they rampaged Desmond’s home, killing his wife as he and his daughter escaped. As they fled, his daughter got separated from him and he now roams the land killing the vampires who killed his wife, and hopes to resurrect her in time. His parents were involved in the murder of his wife, and so the first ones to die were them, and he slowly made his way up into a Lord's status, his clan increasing as time went by.

    On hand: 800 coins.
    Portal Power - The user is able to cast a portal that leads to another place farther away.
    Astral Projection - Character is able to project his image to another place for a period of time.
    Serpent's Sunlight - Character is immune to the sunlight even though he is a pureblood. Very few hold this power.
    Mind Destroy - User is able to attack victims with his mind, causing them severe pain. Can be blocked if attacker/character has a high will or high mentality.
    When attacked with holy weapons or shields, the damage is more severe than normally.

    Isabel D'Leur (open)

    Isabel D'Leur


    (Lost her CS Sheet, I am currently making a new one)

    Katherine Valkyrie (open)

    Katherine Valkyrie

    3,000 Werewolf years. 20 in human years.
    Claws and fangs when in wolf form
    Amateur in martial arts
    coins that are pure gold, passed down from her grandfather
    Lycanthrope Gauntlets- Steel gloves that can form and reform in human and werewolf form.
    Super strength and speed
    Night Eye Effect- Weakness is that they only see in black and white.

    Katherine was brutally attacked by a werewolf late at night when she was walking home from a party in her village. The werewolf ended up being her close friend, who she later killed in revenge. She realized she had became a werewolf one night when she began to grow claws and transformed into a werewolf. She accidentally attacked and killed her sister, leaving her devastated. She bought her own home in the forest after coming into a fortune once her grandfather died, staying there until the war. When the war hit, she built herself a bunker in the woods, staying there until it was over. She now is able to fully control her lycan side, a power not many are able to master. Her house was demolished after the war, leaving her homeless. She now walks around the cities, sleeping in inns until she can find another place to call home.​

    Caleb Cross & Violet Black (open)

    Caleb Cross & Violet Black​
    Caleb: 5,455 vampire years. 22 human years.
    Violet: 5,000 vampire years. 21 human years.
    Race: Pureblooded vampires
    Sex: Male and Female
    Caleb: Not yet known
    Violet: Not yet known
    • Master swordsman
    • Apprentice Street fighter
    • Trained in Jujitsu
    • Master Street fighter
    • Apprentice swords-woman
    • Trained in nin-jitsu
    Caleb grew up in a small village, Violet being his best friend and neighbors for years. He dabbled here and there with fighting and strength training, his hopes to one day be better than the rest of the vampires. Unfortunately, his life turned upside down as his father was torn to shreds by wolves. They had no income to live off of, causing them to move to another village to earn money. They soon struck rich in a farming company, and they moved back to their old village. He vowed to one day destroy the werewolves that plagued the land. Caleb was devastated to learn that Violet had left to join a group of vampire trainers, and set off to find her and bring her home. At that moment Caleb realized that he was in love with her.
    Violet: Violet’s life was filled with laughter and joy was she grew up being Caleb’s only best friend, but when he left her life broke into pieces. Shortly later, she joined a vampire trainer group, setting out to kill other beings that defied the orders of the lords. She soon found herself in a horrible predicament. The group she was assigned to were ambushed, and she was badly attacked as the group left her there to die. Caleb rescued her, walking her over five thousand miles back to their village. They both joined the lords assassin group, fighting their way to the top two. They now scour the land of Cairn waiting for an opportunity to protect someone in need.​

    Tessa Carpathia (open)

    Tessa Carpathia
    Sex: Female
    Age: Unknown
    Breed: Fallen Angel Hybrid
    Tessa Carpathia was the daughter of a wealthy king of the darkness, his reign lasting until the last resistance. Tessa remembers the attack that killed her father; frequently remembering the fight he put up with the creatures. Her mother left her at a young age, desperate to leave the darkness behind. Tessa is said to be older than Aros, but noone knows for sure how old she really is. Tessa is the queen of the shadow realm, though she doesn't command any army or give orders to the colony. She frequently plays and directs the souls of the dead to the darkness, her passion to make them see what life is really like. She giggles frequently and is feared by many, her deadly grin a sign of the danger she possesses. Tessa was once engaged to Aros, though he left her for reasons unknown. Tessa holds a grudge on Aros about it, occasionally bringing up the subject to Aros whenever they meet. It is unknown how much power or abilities Tessa acquires, though some say she is a powerful warrior ready to strike at any moment's notice.

    Christian Le Roi & Annabelle Valkyrie - Le Roi (open)

    Christian Le Roi
    Age: 10,000 Vampire Years (looks 25)
    Race: Pure Blooded Vampire
    Sex: Male
    Kiss of Death

    - Has the ability to kiss someone and spread darkness into them. If it reaches their heart they will die, though he has to continue to touch them for the darkness to spread.
    Shadow Dog
    - Christian is able to transform himself into a dog, his claws enlarged and his teeth sharper than a normal dogs'. He can only transform into this when he is in darkness.
    Increased speed
    Able to manipulate his surroundings

    (Example: He is able to change the day into night, though it leaves him extremely exhausted for several hours)

    (He also has other powers since he is the first vampire)

    Able to change his appearances in dangerous situations
    Christian was brought up into the wealthy family of Le Roi, his parents teaching him well about the outside world. His parents were murdered at his country home due to a revolt in the society. His parents were humans, though he was born the very first vampire. A couple of centuries later other vampires were born, causin parents to think it had something to do with a mix of blood from different creatures. Thus, a society for vampires was built. His parents were the leaders of the vampire community, a task that was passed down to Christian after their death. Christian had hid as he watched his mother and father die in front of him, quickly taking control of the society after a suitable amount of time had surpassed. Christian was very talented in his youth, a trait his mother claimed he had recieved from her. He was able to master many forms of tasks, and is recorded to be the oldest living pure blooded vampire to date. He was on a routine hike when he spotted Annabelle attacked by a werewolf, his heart yearning for a companion in his life. He bit her and stopped the transformation from occuring, turning Annabelle into a vampire. She traveled with him after the deaths of her mother and father occured, and they became married shortly after. Annabelle was set on searching for her sister, causing another hiking trip to ensue. Though Christian believes that her sister isn't alive, he is set upon making Annabelle happy.
    Annabelle Valkyrie - Le Roi
    Age: 3,000 Vampire Years (Looks 21)
    Race: Vampire
    Sex: Female
    Whirlwind's Destruction
    - User generates a black wind that knocks foes back and entraps them in the wind for two posts.
    Night Hunter
    - Is able to generate a shadow cat when threatened. This cat does her biddings and attacks foes.
    Annabelle grew up in a family of four, her oldest sister Katherine being her only sibling. At a young age Annabelle aspired to be better than Katherine, picking beauty over work. Her mother favored Annabelle, going to balls and helping her achieve her dreams. The last thing Annabelle remembers from when she was a human was being attacked by a werewolf. As the werewolf blood began to transform her, Christain Le Roi saved her and turned her into a vampire. Later on that day Annabelle woke up to the screams of her mother and father. A werewolf pack had killed the village, killing her mother and father. She traveled with Christian after that, stopping only to bury her grandmother and grandfather a couple of years later. Annabelle married Christian after they became infatuated with eachother, vowing to find her sister. She often reads and draws in her spare time, her only passion set on creating a family for herself and her love.

    Aurora Glacia (open)


    Aurora Glacia

    Sex: Female

    Age: 2665 (Looks 22)

    Race: Vampire


    Glacial Strike - Aurora is able to create spikes of ice from her hands, which she can repeatedly throw at foes.

    Ice Crystal - Aurora will touch an enemy who isn't human, encasing them in ice. Lasts for 3 posts.

    Blizzard: Aurora will blow a strong wind of ice and snow, creating a snowfall and surrounding the area. Acts as a barrier against damage.

    She is able to control other ice and snow related abilities, as well as the cold and wind. Can summon storms by her own command.


    Long ago, Aurora was born a human child. Sadly, her father had died before she was born and her mother was left to care for her. When she was six, the King of Chrysanthia’s carriage came rumbling through the town. Aurora was not paying attention, and in turn she was hit by the carriage. She died instantly, though her mother could not and would not accept her daughter’s fate. In a rush, her grieving mother carried the now dead Aurora up the mountain. A snow storm began to arise, and her mother decided to enter the cave that was known to house a pureblood vampire. Her mother begged the vampire to help her, knowing that there would always be a price to pay. But there was no pay to be expected. The vampire bit Aurora, turning her into a vampire, though she would grow until the age of 22. Her mother thanked the vampire, asking what he needed in return. Though the vampire requested nothing, he took vengeance on the town. A giant blizzard swept through the streets, and since the town has snowed.

    Aurora grew until the age of 22, and then she stopped. Eventually, the vampire came around, instructing her to wear gloves at all times. If she were to touch a human without gloves, the human would die from the could she produced. Her mother agreed for the vampire to help teach the young Aurora what she knew, as well as how to get back at the king. They destroyed his kingdom, and for quite a while Aurora’s master became lord of the town. He would visit Aurora everyday, helping her cope with the urges and learn to use her powers.

    Her mother died at a ripe old age, and Aurora was left alone. Her trainer did not come around again, and it left sadness into the already un-dead heart of Aurora. She wanted nothing more to become human again, though she knew this was not possible. She continued to learn to use her powers, slowly becoming lord of her town. She decided to travel to Losland to find her trainer, and help with the resistance against Kain. Though her heart and body are still cold, her passion is a hot as hell.​

    D3M0NIX (open)
    Nefarious Darkhart (open)

    • Nefarious Darkhart
    • Age 200 (looks to be 20 years of age.)​
    • Race ½ Human/½ Vampire​
    • Faction N/A​
    • Sex Male​
    • Background/Origin
      Nefarious was born to a vampire father and a human mother. The mother died giving birth and the father wanted nothing to do with him. He was placed in an orphanage where he lived til he was adopted by a cruel Mistress which made him her slave. When he did something that his Mistress didn't like he was whipped, stabbed and sometimes even starved. But once he hit his transition at age 20, he killed his Mistress and drained her of her blood and drained the blood of her servants. All because he became blood hungry in his transition.
      He continued on with his life after going through that agonizing torment of being a slave and draining all the servants. After long years of traveling, he met up with a angel named Holy. Holy owned a brotherhood called "Twin Daggers Brotherhood". Nefarious ended up joining this brotherhood and fought beside his friend.
      Until a massive clan emerged and threatened the brotherhood. The brotherhood fought against the clan for many years until just two were left of the brotherhood. As both Holy and Nefarious stood up against the clan, that was named Hellfire Clan. They were offered a choice.
      The choice was to either die or join the Hellfire Clan. Holy refused and died. Nefarious joined and swore revenge. Once Nefarious rose through the ranks he became the Second-In-Command. He ended up killing the clan master. After Destroying the clan from within He traveled on.
      After Traveling for years he found a wife named Eris and had two children. One a boy, and one a girl. They lived a happy life together. Until a band of bandits attacked their home. After they subdued Nefarious they killed his wife and kids right in front of his eyes.
      Nefarious became enraged and broke his bonds and massacred the whole bandit crew in the most gruesome way. After burning the house down with the bodies inside he set out once again to find a place that he could really call home.​
    • Weapon(s)
      Black Bladed Katana​
    • Inventory
      He has nothing save for a tinderbox and a hunting knife.​
    • Abilities/powers/skills/Weaknesses
      Dark Energy Maelstrom - When used, Dark energy is gathered from every living thing to be unleashed at the opponent. Creating in the opponent's mind a nightmare that could drive them insane. But it is only temporary and drains the user making him weak.
      Detect Life - Makes the user able to see the life force of any creature or humanoid. After being used it makes the user very fatigued.
      Shadow Form - Self explanatory.
      Wolf Form - (Believe it or not there are some instances of a vampire changing into a wolf)
      Weaknesses: Being half vampire gives him some weakness in the sun. That being when he is in the sun it gives him a huge headache. and it also negates his vampiric powers.​
    • Personality
      Nefarious is a peaceful kind of person, but he is compelled to rescue people in danger. He mostly keeps to himself, but once he is befriended, you won't find anyone who is more loyal than him.​

    Kain Darkhart (open)
    Kain Darkhart (open)

    • KainDarkhart
    • Age 8000 Years (Looks 25​
    • Race Pure Vampire​
    • Sex Male​
    • Weapon(s)
      Sword Of Darkness II (Kilgorin)​
    • Inventory
    • Abilities/powers/skills
      [hider=Vampiric Abilities]
      Improved Strength: All Vampires possess super human strength.
      Improved Speed: All Vampires possess super human speed.
      Improved Sight: Make Kain able to see perfectly in the dark.
      Improved Reflexes: All Vampires have super human reflexes.[/hider]
      Master Martial Artist
      Master Swordsman
      Diplomatic Skills[/hider]
      Thrall: Makes victim vulnerable to control (NPC use only)
      Shadow Form: Able to conceal himself into the shadows by changing into a shadow
      Mist Form: Able to transform into mist making it to where he can enter small openings.[/hider]​
    • Weaknesses
      Killed by sunlight
      Can die from decapitation
      Can die from the killing of the heart
      Can be hurt immensely from Holy Artifacts (Holy Water, Holy Weapons, ECT.)​
    • History
      Kain is the bastard father of Nefarious Darkhart. Having raped Nefarious's mother brutally and then leaving her for dead. During humanity's one last war he went into hiding with his 3 most trusted comrades into a bomb shelter. For 5 years he established his supremacy within the vampire populace, taking over Lochmere he allied himself with the De La Croix coven. Now he resides in his castle making plans to eradicate the surviving humans and intending to capture a good amount of males (For feeding purposes) and females (To create more humans to feed on).​

    Jace Leviathan (open)
    Jace Leviathan (open)

    Jace Leviathan

    Age Unknown
    Race Hybrid
    Sex Male
    In his past life he had ties with the underground community that often times broke the law, in some way to express their individuality. He did it solely to survive. Before he joined up with the underground scum he lived a happy life. He lived in the big city with his mother and father and little sister. They had no clue he was a hybrid, what they did know is that he had odd talents for ice. His first instance of power was when he walking home from school when some wanna-be gang was trying to beat him up. Well, coincidently he conjured up many ice shards around himself and then he made all the ice shards shoot toward the gang members and killed them all. After that horrifying moment in his life he ran home and found to his dismay that his whole family was murdered with pin point fang marks on all their necks.
    He knew vampires killed them and used the wanna-be gangsters as a decoy to keep him occupied while they fed on his family. He swore revenge back then. Bringing us a couple of years after once he joined the underground community. Often times he had to do things he did not enjoy doing just to survive, since he had to live by himself since that fateful day when his parents were murdered. His other instance of his power was when he was surrounded by real actual gang members this time. His whole body and the little alleyway they were in was completely shrouded in shadow. The gang members could not see him or anything around them. That was when he dispatched them all easily. Afterwards the shadows vanished and all the gang members laid on the ground dead.
    After a couple more years while the virus was attacking everyone and turning them insane. He ran from the city and got away before everything went to hell. Which brings us to now, he ran to an old ruin of a house which was far from the city and in the land boundaries now called Cairn. Which he emerges into the land once again to try and survive.
    -Umbral Warding: The chaotic energies of the shadow plane protect him from ranged attacks made against him. Also he leaves no trail, and cannot be tracked by scent.
    -Ice Command: Able to control Ice
    -Mind Immunity: Immune to mind reading and/or emotion changing.[/hider]
    [hider=Activated Powers]
    -Ice Shards: User materializes Ice Shards and fires them at many opponents. (Depends on state of character's vitality, and fatigue. To how many Ice Shards he can materialize)
    -Black Lantern: User pulls on the plane of shadow to cast darkness in the area, or to remove shadows.
    -Shadow Guise: User allows the shadows to envelop him and change his appearance completely.
    -Umbral Breath: He breathes a cone of shadowy frost at his opponents attempting to deal damage and freeze them in place.
    -Blades of icy wrath: The user's blade glows bright blue and freezes anything it comes in contact with.[/hider]

    He doesn't necessarily hate the whole vampire race. He just don't trust them, he was after the one who ordered the feeding on his family. He is always a calm type of person, but often times he can be seen as a outcast. He's really a nice person, but once someone crosses him in a negative way, he will turn on them faster than someone could blink their eye.
    Jace is greatly affected by fire type powers and will cause him a great deal of damage.

    Gerard Targonne (open)
    Gerard Targonne (open)

    Gerard Targonne

    Age 25
    Race Accursed Human
    Sex Male
    During his teenage years Gerard was messing around with his drinking buddies and came around a mage. Gerard believed mages to be weak and frail. So he started harassing the mage. After messing with the mage, the mage ended up cursing Gerard. This curse caused Gerard to live with a demon soul, sharing his body with his original soul.
    Gerard scoffed at the mage, knowing his curse never worked until later that night. At this point he had a job to where he needed to patrol the village. Well, on that night a bandit raid began and Gerard and a couple of others were defending the town. The curse activated and Gerard's eyes glowed red. During the fight the demon that possessed Gerard's body slaughtered the bandits as well as the others that were defending the town.
    Gerard was devastated after he came to. So he left everything he knew behind and hopefully would find a way to control his curse.

    Justice and Peace. (Refer to Pic)
    Both blades cannot be broken except by the wielder. Justice prevents the wielder from killing innocents where as Peace prevents harm from falling on innocents. Both blades will become weighted and un-useful if tried to use on a innocent.
    Sack of potions, 50 coins, Vials of Holy Water.
    Demon Takeover Abilities​
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Moderate Fighting Skills
    • Survival Skills
    • Novice Archery Skills
    • No Control Over Demon Possession
    • All Basic Human Weaknesses
    Gerard was a prideful man before the curse. After he was devastated by the brutal killings of that night. He became distant and not at all talkative.

    Matttheman89 (open)

    Adam Franklin (open)

    Appearance: Human
    Just...ignore the fact that the character has a gun in the picture please.

    Name: Adam Franklin Age: 21 Race: Human/Werewolf Sex: Male Weapon(s): Sword in Human form. Claws and fangs in Werewolf form. Inventory: Clothing, black cloak, water canteen, food supplies Abilities/skills/powers: -Increased physical abilities during werewolf transformation far beyond human limits. -Strength -Speed -Sight -Smell -Hearing -The ability to regenerate when not in combat. -Decent swordsman Weaknesses: Human Weaknesses -Just about anything you could think of Werewolf Weaknesses -Silver -Sunlight -Loss of control during a full moon History: Adam prefers not to think of his past before the fateful night he was attacked and forever changed by a werewolf. Not that he can remember very much of it, as he was only a child when it happened. During that time, he lived with his Mother and Father in a small village out in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't much of a life, but it was all he knew, and he was happy. They didn't have much money, but his father was a farmer, so they didn't want for food. Those happy days came to an end however, when his village was attacked by a pack of vicious wolves, being led by a particularly nasty werewolf. His village was slaughtered, including his parents. Adam survived only by chance, though his wounds were deep. A passing merchant found him in the smouldering wreckage of his home, and took him to the next town over in his wagon, where that town's doctor began to treat his injuries. It was a grim case, and Adam was given a slim chance for survival. But though he remained weak, he miraculously began to recover. The doctor was baffled by this turn of events, but continued treating Adam nonetheless. Until, roughly a month after the attack, on the night of the full moon, Adam transformed for the first time in the middle of the night. Adam doesn't remember what exactly happened during that night, only bits and pieces. Screaming, blood, fire, and flashes of terrified people. When next he was lucid, the young boy was alone in the middle of a forest, hands and face covered in blood. Deathly afraid of what he had become, Adam has become a nomad in the days and years since then. Though his control over his more...feral side...has grown since then, he never remains in one area for longer than neccessary, more afraid of what he might possibly do if he lost control, then what people might do if they were to discover his secret.

    MattieLee (open)

    Kurai De Xeras & Mira De Xeras (open)

    Name: Kurai De Xeras
    Age: 10,000
    Gender: Male
    Race: Pure Vampire
    Skills: Most of his abilities are mental, dreams and illusions

    Death's Lullaby - If successful everyone nearby falls asleep (including himself, likelihood of success depends on enviornment and situation)
    Dream Hacker - Enter's someone's dream
    Dream Eater - Feed's off victim's nightmare's
    Vampiric Manipulation - He uses victim's own fears and wishes and any sort of mental instability to fuel into a nightmare
    Vampiric Illusion - Creates an illusion, brings to life one's greatest fears
    Vampire's Sacrifice - Heals an ally by basically taking their injuries upon himself, heals emotional and physical injuries (Can only be used once a fight)
    Illusionary Fifth Sense - His senses become highly tuned for 2 posts

    Name: Mira De Xeras
    Age: 9,500
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vampire, Angel Half Breed

    Eterna Blanche - Covers herself in a white veil of energy, this protects and acts as a shield while healing slowly for 3 posts (Healing only heals minor injuries)

    Miracle Light - Creates bright ball of white light to use in any number of ways from a simple light to an attack
    Miracle Paint - Produces light of a random color, effects vary according to color, weather, and so on
    Mirabelle - Calls upon some of the strength of her angelic ancestors, more powerful attack can only be used once a fight
    Miracle Light - Hands become covered in white Essence, basic healing
    Vampiress's Scream - Literally she screams just a way of interrupting an attack, almost like a banshee scream 50-50% chance of success rarely used of fear of breaking voice.

    Extra Info: Half brother and sister, different mother.
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    Show Spoiler

    Name: Kalar Polleo

    Age: 9,632

    Race: Fallen Angel

    Sex: Male

    Weapon(s): Shadow swords

    Sōhi and Hien are what the swords look like. (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)

    Inventory: A onyx gem set into a necklace

    Master swordsman
    Excellent Reflexes
    Shadow step (step from a shadow to another shadow in a matter of moments; can only move within a 5 meter radius in a hurry (battle); is learning in how to move farther distances, but this takes more energy and more prepartaion.)
    Handle sunlight
    Affinity with shadow (form bits of shadow into a messenger animal [will take some of his energy; discuss with me if you want to take advantage of this to make sure it sounds awesome] or shadow step; that is it)

    Seals that can bind angels (if there are any; sounds like a good idea)
    Divine weapons


    Light shown forth from the darkness. A point of mass fell into the planet, causing the earth to shudder.

    Kalar woke up from his sleep with none of his memories. He wandered around, no motive to do anything. He continued this lifestyle for a long amount of time. He felt no need to know his past, as he felt no compulsion to. He just traveled around, enchanted by the forest around him. He saw many animals around, but none came near him. He would simply shrug and move on.

    After 300 years, he eventually left the woods, bored from his many travels in it. He walked out and saw a sun that glared into his eyes, as if cursing him. Kalar paid no heed to this and simply moved on, looking for new things to interest him.

    That is when he saw smoke, rising in the distance. He could smell the blood of man spilled into the ground, making some kind of feeling of restlessness to rise. He seemed to just be there in a moment of seconds. He looked around and saw bodies of women and children all spread across. In the corner of his eyes, he saw men, sitting around a fire, with a fire between them. In their hands, they had pieces of meat. However, screams were heard behind a building.

    Kalar heard these as if they were right next to him. His head rolled from side to side, not able to handle the pain. To stop the pain, he said the words
    "Appareo, meus ensis."

    Swords seem to appear into his hands, glowing with an aura. He charged at the crowd, not stopping to see what he had done. He simply slashed and cut them all down. By the time he was done, more blood had been spilled. Kalar traveled on, his swords disappearing back into the shadows.

    Since his travels, he had traveled down that road, until he hit a city, where he met Daemon and Aros, whom captured him and put him on trial for his transgression. Daemon left the scene with Aros trailing behind him. With him left alone, he suffered in silence, fighting the thing inside of him. For it was the reason. He had sacrificed himself for his friend, a angel by the name of Cynthia.
    After laying there in the cell, he heard a crack before looking up. Before him was a white-dressed blonde figure before him. Kalar felt his heart jump as he looked upon his oldest, if not only, friend. Cynthia looked at him wth disdain before turning to the cell door and pulling out a key. She unlocked it and whispered to him that he would be freed from his burden. With the door unlocked, she pulled it open, before calling her spear to her and proceeded to stab him. What she did not know was that the cell was keeping his powers in check when the spear made contact with him.

    A light appeared out from him, a harsh black that laughed while it ascended to the ceiling. Cynthia looked up at it before looking down at Kalar. In that moment, Kalar called out his swords. His hands seemed to disappear for a second into the shadows that came from the light and brought forth his blades. With his left hand, he stabbed into the chest of Cynthia, not wanting the demon to gain another host. Her face looked from the sky and into his own. A look of suprise and betrayal was written all over it, screaming to him that he would be cursed. Briefly looking into her face, that moment that seemed to stretch for a eternity, he slowly retireved his sword from her body and willed his sword to begone. He reached down for the spear that was on the ground and called forth the power of it, of the holiness that burned all darkness, and consumed the demon. However, the price was that of banishment once again into the world below and the knowledge of his past.
    Now, he wonders the land, looking for redemption and vengeance for those that have made his life a living nightmare.

    I am changing the name of his friend, as the name of Sylva was not to my liking now. Also, I wanted to stop the amnesia thing that started from the very beginning of the rp last time, as that took way too much time to get through. In the history it is all explained.
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