The Caged Animal (EmyBear and Midnight Justin)

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  1. It was a warm sunny day in the city. The lingering cold of winter only reared its ugly head at night when temperatures dropped to near freezing. The corner cafe was busy, people coming and going as the work hours began for the day. A particular patron was a young looking woman sipping on her cup of tea and nibbling on a bagel.
    She had pale skin, her waist long raven hair was nearly braided down her back. Ice blue eyes that seemed to sparkle were full of depth and mystery. She wore a simple pair of jeans with black boots, and a burgundy and black crushed velvet corset top, with flowing open bell sleeves.
    With a soft sigh, she set her empty cup down, and pulled the newspaper closer to her face, ignoring the stares and whispers of the younger crowd who seemed to only poke fun at those different than themselves. If they knew the truth, they may not be so quick to make fun of her. Each day, it was harder and harder to control the anger that she tried to keep buried inside. She only hoped it would stay contained long enough until she could leave the city limits for awhile again.
  2. Justin was a person who was popular and tried to stick to be it. As much as he could but he didn't care about the fame just friendship. His family was rich and sponsors of almost everything. He was with a few friends and he was busy having his muffin and drink then his friends were talking about that girl. "Hey justin I dare you to try an be her friend if you do I want you to hang out with her for a week and I'll make a money bet it won't last" his friend said.

    Justin just flipped him off and started to grab his things and sat with the woman "uh, hello there. I'm Justin nice to meet you" he said to her trying to be nice. He knew it was only a week what could go wrong? Well many things but he didn't care.
  3. She looked up and over the newspaper, arching a brow slowly as she looked at the man who sat with her now. She had over heard his friends, but shrugged it offer and put the paper down, extending a gloved hand in greeting. "Hi, I'm Raksha," she replied, forcing a small smile on her face. "Nice meeting you, Justin."
    She glanced over at his group of friends, rolling her eyes a little at their slight immaturity, but what could go wrong, right? Besides, maybe making a new friend might help calm her nerves. "How are you doing?"
  4. Justin smiled as he shook her hand. "I know you might have over heard my friends. Though I got popular this way so I love to meet new people who I don't know" he told her and smiled. He knew she was older than him and he could tell by her maturity. Though he only tries his best to be him since he loves friends and he's a loyal and humble person.
    "I'm doing fine, thank you for asking Raksha. So tell me about yourself it might help fiver get to know eachother unless you don't want any friends" he told her and he soon. He heard rumors of his friends that she is always here but some say she's a terrible looking person. Others say she's an evil being. They all say that to make people hate each other.
  5. She raised an eyebrow again, wondering what she should tell him. She went with a half truth, she was sure spilling her guts to a stranger would make people question her sanity. She smiled, folding the paper neatly and placing it in her lap. "Well, I'm a pretty plain person. I enjoy movies, art, music, nature..." she answered with a shrug of her shoulder. "Other then that, I suppose I'm just your typical person lounging about in this slummy cafe," she added with a soft chuckle. "What about yourself?"
  6. He chuckled at the girl and looked at her to show he won't lose her attention. He knew it can be boring listening to people but he would stick through it to not be rude. He heard her question and spoke "I'm just a college kid and I just try my best making everyone happy though it comes with a side effect for me being popular, that is everyone wants me to get laid with a few people" he told her.

    He might as well ask so he spoke to her kindly "how old are you if I may ask because you seem older than me" he told her but he had other reasons to try and ask for her.
  7. "College, huh? What are you studying there?" she asked, taking the last bite of her muffin.
    After hearing his question about her age, she shook her head. She had a feeling people thought she was older, but her maturity came at a price. "Well, I'm really not that old," she said, tilting her head to one side. "Just turned twenty a few months ago. How old are you?"
    Just then, she felt a small shudder go through her body. She bit down on her lip, trying to maintain composure, just for a few more minutes at least.
  8. Justin smiled once she asked once he was going in for "Well two things actually, Chemistry and computer tech" he told her knowing they were two different things. Though she told him she was only twenty and he couldn't believe it. "well your clearly older than me, I'm nineteen and in a few months I will be twenty" he explained.

    Though he started to notice something different from her than anyone else. He couldn't tell exactly what. "Well I should get going would you want to meet back since you seem like a nice person to talk to?" He wondered while thinking of many things
  9. "Chemistry is always fun," she said, nodding her head as she remembered her days in school. "How I never blew up the school was a miracle, though." Smiling, she slowly got to her feet, leaving a small tip on the table. "Well, I am not much older than, now am I?" she teased, as she gathered up her bag and slung the strap over her shoulder.
    "And yes, I would like that... you seem decent enough of a person," she said, taking in a long deep breath. "I'm always here, but I was going out for a walk and won't be back for a few hours..." she said, her voice trailing off. She winced some, the need for the animal to let loose getting stronger. "But, it was nice meeting you Justin, I sure hope to see you soon." And with that, she turned on her heel and took off out of the cafe and down the streets, almost too fast for a normal human.
  10. Justin nodded at her response and smiled "It's simple unless you are a mad scientist" he told her. Though he was slightly teased by her about age difference but it didn't bother him. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow then" he said before she took off he went to ask for her number but she was already gone in seconds. He sighed and went with his friends again. They pushed him around a few times saying that he was talking to a freak and has to keep hanging out with her. Though all of it was his and her choice.
  11. When she managed to get out of city limits, she found herself in the more or less occupied part of the large city park. She sat down under a tree, removing the bag from her shoulder and tossing it aside. She stretched herself out, her moan slowly turning into a low growl as her bones and muscles twisted, the human body she once had now bent over on all fours. A large black panther stood there, at least 250 pounds and nearly several feet long, including the tail that whipped back and forth behind her. With another low growl, she jumped up into the tree, climbing closer to the top before settling down on a large branch, sprawling out on it and watching the sun slowly set into the horizon.