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I'm Coffee! That's obviously not my real name, but that's what I'm going by. I've been roleplaying since April 20, 2018. Ignore the fact that I know the exact date, I could even tell you the exact time that I joined my first roleplaying site, but I'm not going to. I am a writer, a reader, an anime lover. My hobbies range from knitting to coding and everything in-between.

I tend to try to match the length of whatever the person I'm writing with has written. Sometimes I will fall short. If you write 1000 words, I may only write 600. It depends on how much I'm given to work with, and how much I can actually respond to.

I do not expect perfect grammar. I understand that everyone makes mistakes when writing. The only reason much of what I write seems to have excellent grammar is that I have made SpellCheck on Google Docs my best friend. However, I do expect a basic understanding of it. No text talk. Keep the person and tense consistent (preferably third person, past tense). It annoys me to no end when I see people writing things like "He takes her hand & loked into ur eyes, promising 2 alwyas luv u." And I have seen much worse than even that. It's not that hard to check what you're writing.

I understand people taking a while to respond. I myself am not always the best with replying quickly, especially if I lose all motivation to write. Sometimes it will take me a day to reply, sometimes a week, sometimes longer. It depends on the length of replies, how much spare time I have, and my mental state. If I take a long time to respond, don't hesitate to remind me about a reply; I will try my best to write you one.

I am more than happy to chat OOC. I love to talk to others about characters, plots, or even things not related roleplaying at all. I prefer to talk on Discord, simply as I am always on there. Roleplaying, however, I prefer to keep on-site, as that makes it easier to keep track of replies I need to write.

I am not going to write any pairings. Instead, here is a terrible joke (if you understand it, I will be your friend forever):

Panic! At The Disco may be Fuelled By Ramen, but I'm fuelled by coffee and loud music.

Jokes aside, the reason I am not going to list any pairings is because it would just be full of whatever I think of at the time of writing this. Which wouldn't properly represent the range of pairings I write. I have written pairings that involve demons and demon hunters, doctors and patients, assassins and their targets. I am open to trying most pairings. If you have a pairing you want to do, just message me and I'll tell you if I want to try it. (I do not do fandoms.)

For the moment, I will not put any plots here. The reason being that I do not currently have any plots in mind. Any I could put would either be clichéd, or ones that I would no longer want to do in a week's time. In the future, I may add in plots that I think of, but for now, there are none to put here.

If you're interested in roleplaying with me, please PM me :jump: :jump: :jump: