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Which plots are you interested in? (choose max 3)

  1. Real Life Romance Sim: Get a date before the date!

    5 vote(s)
  2. Transform Pretty Girls: Daily life of a magical girl.

    3 vote(s)
  3. Tokyo Ghoul: Anteiku Cafe.

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  4. Ultimate Chaos: There is no plot.

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  1. A wall of warmth hits you. Whiffs of caffeine and cocoa arouse your taste-buds as you take off your woollen gloves. You begin to relax a little as you take in the room's neutral tones and soft jazz music, the familiarity of the scene welcome. Perhaps you're here to get some work done, meet a friend, or just relax. Whatever you're here for, you know there's no place you'd rather do it.

    Out Of Character
    In Character


    I love the atmosphere of cafes: they are one of my favourite places to be. Thus I would like to do an RP where the basic setting is a cafe. I don't particularly mind the plot- I have several suggestions for what the aim of the RP could be, which I'll get onto in a moment- but I think it'd be nice to do a RP encompassing the atmosphere of a cafe. Development of character relationships would be the focal point of whatever plot is chosen rather than action, so this is the RP for you if you're interested in exploring character relationships in depth. This is because that tends to be the focus of what happens within an actual cafe- you're more likely to be having a friendly chat than slaying a dragon in your local cafe (I hope).

    I'm considering having a posting system where everything posted within X period of time in real life amounts to a certain period of in game time- for example, one day in real life may equate to 2 hours in game time, and thus if the cafe is open 6am to 8pm then one real life week would be one in game day (this is just an example, I may change what equates to what). This allows for people to post as often or infrequently as they wish without it stopping the RP from moving forwards, and also (hopefully) simulates what it's like having people pop in and out of an actual cafe. Your character could be at the cafe talking to people all day, or just in for an hour or so chatting to a particular person. So you can take part in this whatever your posting speed is, and presumably new players could easily join at any point in the RP.


    So, we need a plot. I'm going to list several plot ideas (some fantasy, some not) below, and let you vote on which ones you prefer in the poll above. I'll chose the plot with the most votes unless I decide that there would be a major problem with making such a plot work, in which case I'll chose the second or third most popular. You can also suggest your own plot ideas, which I can add to this list and the poll. Without further ado, here are the plot ideas:

    1- Real Life Romance Sim: Get a date before the date!
    In X period of time the cafe is going to be holding a special Valentines day event. Your job as a singleton is to get a date (or dates) to bring to the cafe's event before the day. Pretty simple plot, puts more focus on romantic relationships than platonic. Once the Valentines day event has been reached the romances can all be tied up within the event: after this point the RP can either end, or a new event with a new goal could be set (eg. Get a group of X friends together to enter the group-cosplay contest the cafe is holding on X date).

    2- Transform Pretty Girls: Daily life of a magical girl.
    In the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew the magical girl protagonists spend a lot of their free time working at a cafe. This has inspired the idea of an RP which solely looks at the time magical girls/boy spend intermingling with civilians in a cafe. Perhaps a magical girl revealing that she was the one who saved you from that monster the other day will lead to a friendship... or perhaps a civilian will be angry you destroyed their house while fighting.

    3- Tokyo Ghoul: Anteiku Cafe.
    Tokyo Ghoul is an anime/manga about superhuman beings who live hidden amongst human society. Why are they hidden? Because most humans hate ghouls as the only food ghouls can eat is humans. Anteiku cafe is one of the rare places where ghouls and humans can intermingle in peace. This RP would look at how ghouls and humans interact in an environment without violence, exploring the struggles differences between the races brings up. You wouldn't need to have read/seen Tokyo Ghoul for this, I will provide a sufficient explanation of what ghouls are and their general relationship with humans.

    4- Ultimate Chaos: There is no plot.
    Characters just talk in a cafe. There is no ultimate aim or overarching plot. People just let their character develop relationships with others in the setting of a cafe. This would allow the most freedom, however I fear that having no aim could lead the RP easily dying. Still, if this is what everyone wants I would be happy to provide it.
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  2. This sounds really fun I'd definitely be into this! If you need any help with setting it up I'd be more than happy to help because I'd really like this to get going~

  3. Actually, that would depend on whether a dragon happens to be a patron of the café... hey, even dragons like their bacon, eggs and coffee! Or maybe pancakes/waffles? Omelets? Perhaps just a nice, big bowl of oatmeal, with brown sugar and cream? :bsmile:

    I prefer the idea of just sandboxing it. Plot would come from character interaction, open and free.
  4. I'll let you know if I need any help! If many people join this I might ask some people to help, but it depends how popular this is. Thanks for the offer! :)

    I'd like to imagine that a dragon patron would have a sweet tooth, ordering pancakes and waffles with lots of syrup on alongside a café bombón.

    I think something mostly sandbox would be good too, although I've thought of combining ideas 1 and 4. What if the cafe hosted events throughout the year which could be used as aims if one wished- for example the V-day event could lead to one setting themselves the personal goal of getting a date for the event. However one isn't obligated to pay any attention to those events in any way if they don't want to, they can just do as they wish. So while it would be at it's core a sandbox, there's also something for those who aren't sure what to do. Having those events might be a nice way to mark the progression of time too (hoping the RP stays alive long enough for that to happen).

    What do you think of the optional events then?
  5. I'm down for magical girl cafe shenanigans. I have a bishounen antagonist I haven't used in years, I'd love to dust him off. He even has blue hair.
  6. Even if the magical girl option doesn't end up being the most popular, I'm sure you could adept your character for a normal cafe setting.
  7. Of course. What kind of roleplayer would I be if I had no sense of flexibility?
  8. True, but what sort of GM would I be if I didn't try to lure players into joining my RP at any cost remind players they are welcomed!
  9. From one GM to another, you don't "lure" players in. You kidnap them.
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  10. Hm, should I use rope or handcuffs to tie them up while kidnapping them?
  11. I usually sneak up from behind, toss a sack over their head, and throw them in the back of my windowless white van with shag carpeting.
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  12. Ooh, the shag carpeting is a nice touch, I might have to try that myself.
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  13. 1. Heh... a dragon with maple-scented breath.......

    2. With a sandbox, you'd be combining all the ideas.

    3. What do I think? I think it's a fine idea

    With a sandbox, you'd be able to bring in anything from a winged squirrel to a blue-haired bishounen. Best of all worlds.
  14. Good point, I could allow some degree of fantasy without that being the focus. A magical girl could walk in after saving the city from a monster, or not. Would you guys prefer for the cafe to be in a somewhat fantastical world, or for the setting to be strictly realistic?
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  15. Hey! I'm interested in this!

    The Daily Life of a Magical Girl would be awesome! I love slice-of-life plots and magical girls.

  16. ... and the monster could walk in after being beaten, just to drown it's sorrows in a cup of straight-black coffee... or perhaps a hot-fudge sundae?
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  17. I would actually love to see that.
  18. I'd prefer a somewhat fantastical setting!

  19. Heh... we could set that up. I do happen to have a "dragon" character (actually an alien critter known as a Fyr-Fyr) who could fill the role, though it would have to all be a very big misunderstanding. And the "Magical Girl" would probably need to offer the sundae.
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  20. This sounds like it's taking shape! I might start working on the signups and OOC soon then, since I think we've found a way everyone can enjoy this. :bsmile:
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