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  1. A wall of warmth hits you. Whiffs of caffeine and cocoa arouse your taste-buds as you take off your woollen gloves. You begin to relax a little as you take in the room's neutral tones and soft jazz music, the familiarity of the scene welcome. Perhaps you're here to get some work done, meet a friend, or just relax. Whatever you're here for, you know there's no place you'd rather do it.

    Interest Check
    In Character


    Out Of Character

    This is an area for out of character chatting or for asking me any questions. Please see the sign-ups thread for more information on this role play. The currently accepted character list is below.

    Character List

    Daz 1
    Name: Eric Wood.
    Gender: Male.
    Personality: Eric is a friendly man who enjoys chatting with all of the customers. He usually takes an optimistic attitude, and is a hard worker. (I know, it's a dull description.)
    Other: Is a barista at the café.
    Daz 2
    Name: Lilac Borough.
    Gender: Female.
    Personality: Lilac is a confident yet anti-social girl. She hopes her current job is only temporary as Lilac would prefer to be expressing her creative side as an artist.
    Other: Is a barista at the café.
    Name: Julian
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: A studious and diligent young man who often comes to study at the cafe. He's a part time student, working towards a degree as a botanist. He's just, with a passion for all sorts of life. He works tirelessly day and night, and even when he's come to relax at the cafe, he's still studying his notes. He's a level-headed man with a dry sense of humor, who tends to look at little details a bit too much, rather than seeing the big picture. He tends to work himself too hard, and tends to avoid social activity in favor of studying more. His intense fixation on success stems from a neglectful childhood, and a desire to be acknowledged.
    Name: Charles
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Charles is caucasian with narrow light green eyes. He has a strong jawline and high cheekbones. He has a muscular build but leans more on the skinny side. He's 6'0 and usually sports black skinny jeans and a button up shirt with a variety of colors. He prefers to dress up rather than dress down.
    Personality: Charles is very sophisticated and hardly lets his guard down with others.
    He is quite often misunderstood as rude by others because he's very honest
    and doesn't sugarcoat things with anyone.
    Roose Hurro
    Name: Kimba, of the Bloodline Taavittik
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Those of the Bloodline Taavittik tend towards very light colored fur, Kimba being platinum blonde on his underside, on his back, a darker blonde, with that same coloration turning even darker on his mane, reaching a dark chestnut at the tips. The darker blonde fur on his backside only reaches the small of his back. Area over hips, and his tail fur, are platinum blonde, like his underside... perhaps a wee bit darker. His scales... forelimbs, hindlimbs and tail's underside... are a dark yellow. Rust colored slashes mark his muzzle (just behind his nostrils), his outer thighs and exposed genitalia (family jewels), and his tail, near the tip. As usual for a male Nism, his "hidden malehood" tattoos are black. Shroudruff feathers are pale gold with dark grey chevron markings along their lengths.
    Personality: Energetic, outgoing, intent and interested in everything, Kimba can swing from aggressive to kindhearted in a heartbeat... never hides what is in his heart, though he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve, either. He just is. Embraces life, in all its facets.
    Other: Kimba is fond of burritos and beer, likes to run and swim and climb trees. Likes playing with anything metal. Tends to wear his metalic creations (jewelry... yes, Kimba likes to make and wear and give away bits of metalic "junk"). Also tends to carry around his tools... loves to explore junkyards (only available on other worlds). Not afraid to get down and dirty.
    Name: Shinari Alan
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Shinari stands 5'7", usually wearing her fighting gear, which contains a large scythe that matches her hair color. She has freckles dotting her shoulders and an unnaturally pale complexion.
    Personality: Shinari is about as blunt of a person as you can get. A real drinker, she has had more than one night on the town and knows how seduce around her lack of coins. If you piss her off enough, she will sling everything in her arsenal, bra included, to
    get you to god darn listen to her. Though her exterior is tough, Shinari has much experience with hardships, and often feels remorse for those who fight or work day in and day out. And despite rumors
    she is able to cry, she just hates doing it.
    Other: She is fond of meat, raw or cooked, anything with sugar, and Whisky.
    Name: Blake Jones
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He looks like one of those cookie cutter business workers. He usually wears a colored ( sometimes white) shirt tucked in with a blazer over it along with dress pants and a black pair of dress pants along with black loafers. He also his hair style that is black and constantly pushed back that greatly contrasts his blue eyes and his muscular physique. He also can looks quite nice ( with a six pack) if you catch him in his work out or weekend clothes and also always wears a digital black watch. He also has a black aftershadow of a beard that is constantly there.
    Personality: He can be quite dry and sarcastic and incredibly negative about everything his life. He is quick to find flaws in others and blame others before he would take the blame himself. He also has a romantic side when it comes to girls when he can play the nice guy act when he is anything but that. He also can be demanding, but under all that is a guy who just wants to fight in.
    Other: He likes his coffee black and isn't a fan of waiting for his food.
    Name: Saen
    Appearance: Human Glamour
    True Appearance
    Personality: Saen is a quiet, shy girl who's still trying to learn more about humans so she can better pass as one. She's willing to be friendly, but has to get comfortable with people first.
    Other: She has an enchanted necklace that enables her to look like a human when she wears it
    Name: Meira (Mir-AH)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She always carries a starry umbrella, with light blonde hair and purple eyes. She looks a bit childish, her height standing at 5ft. Though she has an air of elegance surrounding her. She also carries a lavender bag with her, of course decorated with the night sky along with a 'cute' star key chain that has black eyes and a smiling mouth. (Her clothes will change, everyday she comes in I'll describe what she's wearing.)

    Personality: She's mostly calm, sometimes she gets distracted, this only happens when she's stressed. Meira gets easily amused and gets excited at the littlest things. She tends to be a bit gullible but enjoys telling and listening to stories. Although she gets kind of cold when someone says that she's younger then she really is.
    Other: DOG: Usually seen with her fluffy, white shiba dog.
    A blue, cloud collar with a star as the pendant with the dogs name.
    "Sirius" Sirius has been granted with the power to speak and
    is seen lecturing Meria most of the time.
    Name: Ca' Shunn, or Keeper
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Although he may seem like a bit of a grouch, Keeper is a quiet, curious sort. He enjoys listening to people's conversations and learning things about them, enjoying when people are happy regardless of if he knows them or not. Having little knowledge of culture outside of his forest however can make him a bit... Difficult at times. He's gullible and is likely to take everything he hears personally, but won't retaliate until someone else is hurt.
    Other: He actually can't speak a lick of Engish, although he understands it.

    Name: Morticia
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Stands at 5 feet and 7 inches, Morticia usually wears a purplish black long gown and a witch hat. There's a vodoo doll strapped around her waist and carries a walking stick wherever she goes. She has long black hair and purple eyes.

    Personality: Morticia is an enigma. She's mysterious and takes joy in frightening others, as she intentionally acts in a disconcerting manner to provoke a reaction. She likes to laugh and be mischievous. She sometimes hex or curse those atound her just for fun. She's also a bit mad.
    Extra: Morticia is usually accompanied by a skull that talks.

    Kasume Uchiha

    Name: Lila
    Gender: Female

    Personality: She's a very calm and collected woman, she's very lady like and usually doesn't respond to violence. She's quite nice and always know how to make someone smile even when their down. She's not perfect, she does have a depressing side to her. but she doesn't share that with others. She's a closed book, Very mysterious at times. She gets nervous around Men because she's scared she's going to hurt them. (later explained.) She's a strong woman and will always be there for a friend.
    Other: When Lila gets nervous around men and they try to even touch her, a blue flamezaps them and takes their energy source away. A slight succubus you would say.
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  2. do the character appearances have to be drawings?
  3. This sounds like a rather nice idea.

    Would it be possible to be one of the workers in the cafe?
  4. No, however please keep descriptions of appearances fairly brief. The aim of this roleplay is to get to know your character via player interaction, not by a CS. That said, one cannot discover appearance via conversation, so appearance can be the area of the CS you go into the most detail.
  5. I'd prefer not, sorry. I want to use the staff members to enforce cafe rules.
    Edit: Staff members may also be used to assert what is canon IC.
  6. what i meant is am i allowed to use pictures of real people for the appearance lol. sorry for the confusion.
  7. Ah! Of course you can! :bsmile:
  8. Alright, Thanks!

    I will have a CS written up by tonight! Er...Within 4 or 5 hours.
  9. Looking forward to it!
  10. Real quick, there is fantasy elements right? Just checking :3
  11. Yes there is!
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  12. In the sign up, I noted you have a two character limit, with only one at a time play... this would preclude my playing any of my couples/families, since they would be interacting as a couple, or a couple with kid(s). Just need to clarify this, so I know which of my characters I can't use. And conversely, those characters I can. Thanks.
  13. Sorry I didn't reply very quickly, long day! Hm, I guess if the two characters have some sort of important relation to one another you can use them both at once. The purpose of the rule is to make it easier for me to keep track of what everyone is doing while I get into the groove of GMing again. If the characters are involved in the activity/ies then it's a lot easier for me to keep track of them than if they were off doing separate things. So I shall add an exception to the rule wherein you may use both characters at once if they are involved in the same activities, such as a couple both talking to the same person.
  14. Welcome to the torture chamber lounge!

  15. Thanks... :cookie:

    One thing about a set-up like this is the ability to circulate characters, to bring in and "exercise" characters new and old. Or old ones you've never RPed with.
  16. I want to keep things simple to make sure it all works to begin with, but I'll probably allow more characters so people can do just that once the RP gets going.
  17. I've got some ideas for characters.
  18. Ideas?! How dare you bring such disgusting items to this respectable establishment!

    In seriousness, good luck with your ideas, I'm sure you'll create something great.
  19. It's nice to meet you all!
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