The C Word

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  1. This is a start to a role play I'd like to do.
    This is just the opening paragraph for my character, Persephone.
    If you're interested, please let me know!

    Persephone looked in her bathroom mirror. It was a sunny, beautiful day. The sky was blue, and there were no clouds in sight.
    The beach was packed with people, and the air smelled of the ocean.
    On any other day like this, Persephone would be enjoying the sunshine, in her bikini, on the beach.
    But right now, she had to go to her doctor's appointment.
    She'd just gotten out of the shower, and she was holding onto the sink for support.
    Suddenly, she'd gotten weak and dizzy, and couldn't move.
    Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she had to close her eyes for a moment.
    When she was steady again, she opened them, glad to see they were still the same emerald green they'd been her whole life.
    Sighing, she brushed her chin length black hair, put some hot pink clips in her bangs, and got dressed.
    She put on a pair of black running shorts, and a pink tank top, then a pair of black flip flops to go with it.
    On the way out the door, she grabbed her purse and keys, then left her mom a quick note.

    Mom, I went to the doctors. I'll be home later.

    She walked out to her cherry red Mustang, and started it.
    She loved this car- it was her baby.
    She'd gotten it on her birthday last year, and ever since, she'd kept it spotless.
    Pulling away from her house, Persephone smiled to herself.
    She'd be fine. Everything was fine.

    When she pulled up to the doctors, she was dizzy again.
    She sat back and let the dizzy spell pass, then got out, locked her car, and walked into the doctors.
    The waiting room smelled like disinfectant, and paper.
    It was all white, and that made Persephone nervous.
    The receptionist typed in her name, and Persephone sat down.
    She'd been going here since she was born practically, and so it was comfortable to her, she knew all the recepionists, and
    the doctor had been her doctor since birth.
    "Perse? He'll see you now."
    Persephone stood up, and went into the doctors room.
    He smiled sadly at her.

    "Hey Perse. How are you feeling?"
    She swallowed and took a deep breath. She was nauseous.
    "I'm feeling sick to my stomach right now.. I had a few dizzy spells earlier."
    She smiled nervously.
    "Well, I have some bad news, Perse."
    She rubbed her hands together- her palms were sweaty.
    She tried to sound brave, but it came out weak and quiet.

    "Perse. You have cancer."
    Her heart stopped.
    She laughed slightly.
    "You're kidding, right?"
    He shook his head. She'd never seen him look so sad.
    "It's spreading through your body. I don't know exactly how long you've had it. But if we do something now, hopefully we can kill it."
    She nodded.
    "Okay then. Let's get to work." She said, smiling.
    "Well, we have to let your mom know. We're gonna have to do some chemo, and see if that helps. It will be painful, Perse. And you
    will lose your hair."
    "It's fine. Call her."

    He stood up and left the room.
    A few minutes later he came back.
    "Okay. We'll start next week."
    She nodded.
    "Now, go home and rest, Perse."
    Another nod.

    The c word.
    When, and how?
    She was 17. SEVENTEEN.
    Her eighteenth birthday was in eight months.
    She couldn't die before then.
    In fact, she wasn't planning to.

  2. Interesting idea. so you know, pot and its medical merits is a current way to fight the effects of chemo
  3. I didn't want her to smoke pot right away though. D:
  4. I understand just saying