The Butterfly Gang

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  1. Welcome to the Butterfly Gang where troubled teens group up and hang out on the streets and in the school. Everyone looked out for each other, and yet despite the name even men were invited if they accepted the initiation...which was a vital beating, if you try to leave then you get a finger of your choice cut off, running away was worse...
    The queen of the Butterflies? A young and beautiful woman named Akiko Manoya, the daughter of the one who started the gang, Sarah Manoya.

    As the school assembly for drug awareness started, all the Butterflies sat together on the right side of the bleachers. Anyone in the school or who had basic street smarts knew that all the Butterflies wore all black, they were after all the biggest gang in Oreon High School.

    (This is Akiko but shes not wearing that, shes wearing a school uniform)
  2. "This is fucking boring..." Gerard muttered under his breath, leaning his head on his hands. He had been a member of the butterfly gang for a while now, though he wasn't exactly sure how long. His gaze shifted towards Akiko, staring at her, as if asking 'can we go yet?' He hated these assembly's. The lasted like, forever, and in his mind, they were all pointless. He hardly ever really listened. He spent most of his time staring out of a window, or at the ceiling. Or at some hot chick's ass, or sometimes even a guys ass. It didn't matter to him, as long as it looked good....

    He shook his head quickly, banishing those thoughts to the back of his mind. Now probably wasn't the time.

    ( image.jpg ^ Gerard.)
  3. Unfortunately Akiko was whispering to some other of her gang members, one of her smaller squads back in the city got on a gang fight and almost all of them died, thank goodness the paramedics showed up when they did.

    "Such fools," Akiko said closing her eyes and crossing her arms, "they shouldn't of attracted attention to themselves..."

    (You all can make up to three characters of you want)

    Kyle wasnt from the gang but he sat close to them, he was smart a handsome guy, not to mention stong...he worked out but not too much, he was one of the hottest guys in school and he was sitting next to Gerard.

  4. He huffed, rolling his eyes. Guess he'd have to stay. After a few more minutes, he was once again bored to death. His eyes roamed around the hall, searching for something to do. Anything. He wriggled in his seat, restless, accidentally elbowing the guy sitting next to him. He turned his head to look at Kyle, blinked, and looked away again.

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  5. "Watch yourself there little guy," the man smirked "you hate assembly's too?" He then turned to him and looked up and down at Gerard, "ahh your a member of the Butterfly..." He said, not as an insult but as a statement.
  6. He snorted, turning his attention back to the male. "Yeah. Of course." He rolled his eyes, folding his arms over his chest. His eyes roamed over this other male. Not too bad looking... Wait, what? No... He shook his head again, quickly. "And you would be...?"
  7. "Kyle..." He held his hand out with a soft smile, "my name is Kyle..."
    As he waited for the young man to shake he asked him what he likes to do after school.
    The teacher pressed on with different topics but nobody was listening as they were all on their cell phones or chatting.
  8. He shrugged as he took the hand, shaking it. "Gerard..." He thought about the question for a moment, chewing on his bottom lips. Finally he shrugged, saying; "just stuff. Nothing in perticular... Just so ling as it's something to do, I don't really care.."
  9. "Cute," he spoke softly "well if you dont mind I am going swimming, wanna come? Beats this place..."
    Before Gerard could answer he stood up and walked out of the gym then the school into the forest.
    Deep inside was a small waterfall and Kyle slowly took off his shirt revealing his perfectly sculpted body.
  10. "Su-" he blinked, the other male had already walked off. He jumped up and quickly scurried out of the hall, following him. Once at the waterfall he looked about, nodding his head. "Nice.." He murmured, though he wasn't sure whether he was saying it about the place, or the others naked upperhalf. He shrugged, slipping his own shirt off, followed by shoes, and trailed over to the waters edge, where he dipped one of his feet in, checking the temperature of the water.
  11. The water was clear and sparkling but just a little cold, Kyle splashed in causing Gerard to be completely soaked.
    With a giggle Kyle shouted, "cmon the waters fine!"
    The young man pulled the gang member in then waved his hand towards him signaling for the boy to follow him.
    Trailing off under the small waterfall there was a huge cave that sparkled on the roof like the night sky reflecting off of the was absulutely beautiful.
    Kyle sat on a smooth giant rock and took a deep breath, "beautiful isnt it?"
  12. Gerard let out a small yelp as he was pulled in, the sudden cold of the water causing him to gasp. As least he hadn't been completely dry before hand.. Thanks to someone..

    He followed Kyle slowly, climbing out of the water as they reached the cave. He looked around, his mouth opened in an 'o' shape. It was just breathtaking. "Wow..."
  13. "Whenever I would get abused by my father, I would come here after school...its my sacred always made me feel like I was important you know?" Kyle stared at Gerard with deep blie eyes.
  14. He nodded his head slowly, smiling somewhat. "Yeah.. Wish I had a place like this. It's... Awesome.. " he trailed off, eyes still gazing about he cave, entranced by its natural beauty.
  15. [​IMG]
    Drake and Ebony sat side by side, one of Ebony's legs draped across Drake's lap. These two members of the gang had a bit of a love-hate relationship; they had once been a couple, but something unknown had happened, and now they just tolerated one another. Well, tried to. Ebony was a pretty girl with ebony hair and honey coloured skin, not to mention long legs and a curvy figure. She hated assemblies, and had sort of wanted Akiko to skip so that they could too, but her wish hadn't been granted, and here she was sat with Drake doodling in black ink all the way up her left arm.

    Hope sat a little way away from Drake out of pure nerves, bouncing her knees a little as she waited in anticipation for the assembly to finish. She was a very innocent little thing, your stereo-typical 'good girl' and probably the baby of the group. She was an unlikely member, but had proved tougher than her exterior, and had been allowed to join. Most of the gang made the blonde nervous, particularly the boys, gut she made do; at least people outside of the gang rarely picked on her anymore.
  16. The Assembly was over and the lights turned on, the princaple walked over to the microphone and started talking about his final statement.
    "Are you ready to leave Akiko?" Johnathen asked crossing his arms.

    Akiko nodded and she left, everyone else in the gang followed her as well, school was over after the assembly and thats why everyone had their backpack, now it was back to the streets with these kids.
  17. A boy opened the door to the assembly. He was late. Well to be fair to him, he had only just joined the school and was still unaware of everything. He had had some trouble finding the assembly, but when he did he entered without realizing that they were in the middle of the talk. The boy stood in the door, realizing that he had just disturbed the assembly. He just stood there for a few seconds until he decided to sit. He sat near the back of the room, since he had not made friends yer he had no one to sit with. The boys blue eyes illuminated from the back of the room, and stood out very clearly. But that probably wasn't the weirdest thing about him. The fact his body was covered from the neck down in bandages was pretty strange as well.

  18. Hope's gaze flickered to the disturbance at the door, and her eyes widened a little. A boy was stood there, covered completely in bandages from the neck down. Really, she knew that she shouldn't judge, but most of these people were intimidating.
  19. The boy noticed a girl turn around and look at him. He gave a warm smile towards her. "Might as well try and make new friends" he thought to himself as he looked over at the girl.